University Years Ch. 07


The following night was Liz’s turn to sleep with me.

When we got home mid-afternoon, the girls had instigated what they now sarcastically call an orgy. Sarcastic because they are mocking my resistance to all sex being group sex and my reference to it as descending into an orgy.

We’d done the most common approach which was a top and tail; one where one sits on my cock and fucks herself cow girls style on it while the other sits on my face and I eat her out. When they’ve both had an orgasm, they swap over for another round.

If I can conveniently cum when the second girl to sit on my cock has her climax, then it’s a relatively simple affair and it finishes at that.

The practical problem is that cow girl has never been particularly effective as an orgasm position for me. A girl can ride me for ages and, unless she really grips me tightly and sets out to bring me to a climax in a quite determined way, it just doesn’t happen. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it; just that it doesn’t set me off.

By now, the girls know this, and not being all that inclined to bring me to a climax while sitting on me, after they’re finished, one presents themselves on their back to ‘take the cum shot’, as it’s now called. If I can then cum without triggering another orgasm in the cum shot taker, all well and good.

But by the time this happens, the girls are quite worked up and prone to orgasm fairly easily. If, as often happens the cum shot taker has another orgasm, then the other girl wants me to quickly refract and give her another fucking too. In theory, that cycle can go on indefinitely. Which is where it becomes an orgy.

And their recent discovery and enthusiasm for the ‘origami’ position — where they fold their knees up to their breasts and then hook their lower legs over my shoulders, massively increasing the stimulation of both their g spot and clit — has only exaggerated the issue.

On this day it was Liz’s turn to take the cum shot and when she put on a very demonstrative orgasm shortly before I came, it meant Eve dragged her wet clit across my half flaccid cock until she triggered another erection and then had me fuck her too.

It also meant that was my fourth orgasm since I’d woken that morning. With previous girlfriends, that was more than my orgasm budget for a week. Now it was pretty normal.

Come somewhat close to bed time, Liz went into the bathroom to have her shower. Eve and I decided there wasn’t anything worth watching on TV, so we both retreated to our bedrooms — earlier than normal – where I lay on the bed reading a book waiting my turn for the shower; still dressed in the pair of racing brief swimwear that was our standard house wear in the muggy climate.

Liz, expecting to be sitting watching TV while everyone else took their shower, had slipped on a fresh swimsuit after her shower and, after finding the lounge room empty, found me in my bedroom. I was briefly surprised to find her in a one piece swimsuit. We’d started with the girls wearing bikinis around the house, but that had quickly reduced to them deleting the top and just wearing bikini pants; and very small string sided ones at that. So one pieces were rarely seen.

But with all the sex that’s happening, the bikini pants get trashed fairly quickly — three can be consigned to the laundry in a day — so sometimes they have to dig deeper into their swimwear supply if the washing gets behind.

She came and lay down next to me on the bed, on her side facing me…

“How come you’re in bed?”

I had watched, with some pleasure, as she crossed the room towards me, now I put the book down and rolled to face her, about an arm’s length away from her…

“There was nothing worth watching on TV and Eve wanted to do some study.”

“I can relate to that. There’s some stuff I’m having trouble with too.”

We discussed for a while the issues that we causing difficulties. It was a topic I’d studied, so I was able to provide some useful guidance to her.

But at the same time, I became increasingly aware of being lying facing a truly beautiful and sexy woman in a minimally dressed state. I thought, after all the fucking that had already happened that day, I might have been more immune to her charms, but quickly discovered the body of a young male doesn’t work that way when confronted with a beautiful female.

What she had on might have been a one piece, but it didn’t lack in sexual attraction. Maybe multiplied it. A plain yellow, which seems to be one of her favourite colours, the back plunged down to fully expose her back — as much as wearing just bikini pants would.

The front was heavily cut out at the sides, really just being a curved sheet of tautly drawn spandex that divided into two triangles to cover her breasts and which were held there by spaghetti strings straps over her shoulders and around her back at the base of her breasts. What really defined it, and turned it from being merely revealing to outrageously sexy, was the fact that it was completely unlined. It was just gaziantep lezbiyen escort a single layer of finely woven Spandex, in a colour that inclined it to be translucent even when dry, almost moulded to her body; or at least those parts it covered

And ‘covered’ her breasts is a gross exaggeration. There was a deeply plunging cleavage at the front and a generous display of side boob too; the straps leaving the triangles tightly drawn onto and under her breasts; seductively highlighting their sexually provocative size and shape.

While we talked science, I felt my manhood swell in my speedos in a way completely inappropriate to the discussion.

It wasn’t helped by the details I noticed as my eyes increasingly focused on Liz’s body. Her nipples started to push out the thin material of her swimmers, the sexual attraction multiplied as her areola also swelled into a low set cone, pushing the nipples out further; all with their darker brown colour discernible through the highly stretched material. With her breasts relatively large for her slim figure and conically shaped with her nipples seamlessly melded into the point of the cone, the sight of them alone is cock bursting.

And as I glanced down, there was soon a fine line of her swimwear bottoms drawn into her crease where it turned the bulge of her erotically provocative mons, which progressively spread apart as she seemingly responded to my presence.

I soon had a full erection pushing above the waistband of my speedos, tightly sheathed in the spandex material and weeping pre-cum through it.

Mutual arousal in each other’s presence is just part of how our household works. With two stunningly beautiful women prancing around the house nearly naked, and often teasingly fondling me, if we had sex every time I got aroused, we be doing little else. I can’t comment on why my presence arouses them, but the evidence is it does — nearly as much.

But something was different as I lay there. It was something more than mere arousal. It might have been the suggestive cut of her swimwear, it might have been the emotional connection of helping her with a study problem she was dealing with. It was probably a combination of both.

Whatever it was, it was powerful. A throbbing desire to make love to her.

With all the sex in our household, I tend to let the girls make the first move and rarely do I feel the sort of impossible to ignore randiness that makes that a burden. Essentially their combined sexual drive is greater than mine.

But as much as I tried to stay focused on the discussion, I couldn’t ignore the skin stretching feeling of my erection demanding its placement in Liz’s body. And I do mean skin stretching. This wasn’t any normal arousal. It was like my erection was overinflated. The skin felt massively taut and stretched in a way I’d rarely been aware of before. The erection itself felt harder, as in unyieldingly rock hard. It felt thicker and longer and looked it too when I glanced down at it.

I desperately hoped she’d make the first move. Her body was displaying every sign of arousal and she was clearly distracted by the obvious projection of my erection. But her conversation was strictly work.

Two sights kept demanding the attention of my eyes. The first, and most demanding, was the cleavage line of the top where it curved graciously over her breasts, at the peak of them, her nipples, now fully jutting and pushing out the material, mere millimetres from being exposed. But when you consider how often I get to gaze at their exposed breasts, the power of that sight just didn’t make sense.

Nearly as powerful, but harder to look at surreptitiously, was the sexually inviting bulge of her mons and the now broad avenue of her crease dividing it and sucking the material of her swimmers into it.

My erection kept demanding that I surge it; tightening my pelvic floor muscles to cause it to project out and swell up, the bell expanding in a very obvious way. In theory it was something I was able to control. In practice I couldn’t. It was almost an autonomous action that started off being intermittent and became almost constant, generating an action I could see was becoming increasingly distracting for Liz.

In the end, I couldn’t deny it. The ache of sexual desire was so irresistibly insistent that I was unable to ignore it any longer. I all but threw myself at her as I closed the arm’s length gap, wrapping my arms around her as I pushed my sheathed erection firmly into her crotch.

I was only half aware that she’d reciprocated my act of passion with an arm wrapping response of her own as I started to undress her, pulling the left strap of her swimmers off her shoulder to expose her left breast and the jutting nipple at the peak of it.

I greedily sucked on the nipple as I rolled Liz on her back, letting me slide the other shoulder strap off too, releasing the whole of the bodice to be pulled down to her waist.

Liz was fumbling at my own escort gaziantep lezbiyen swimwear, trying to release my surging erection from its sheathing while it was still jammed up into her crotch; buried in her widely spread crease. Somehow, with a hand behind her back, she ripped the swimmers off my erection; momentarily pulling my erection out the back of her before she relocated it into the warmth between her legs.

We kissed, rolling from side to side as we clawed at each other’s bodies, caressing them all over, but the demands of my erection were unrelenting. The throbbing ache had to be satisfied.

I half rolled off her, pulling my erection from between her legs and letting her lift her hips so I could slide her swimmers completely off her body. I was about to roll on top of her again when Liz called out…


She forced herself into a half sitting position, bending down to strip me of my swimmers too. Then she laid back, embracing me as I mounted her and slid my yearning erection into the welcoming warm void nature intended for it.

I had hoped that her vaginal embrace of my manhood would momentarily quell my needs. I have many time luxuriated in such an embrace of my erection, willing to indulge at length in the intimacy of such a privilege and in no hurry to bring the matter to an end with a rush to a climax.

But it didn’t.

Desperately, I withdrew half a shaft length and thrust it in, hard and fast. It felt incredible, but was no cure — not even a momentary suppressive – for my needs.

Liz put her hands on my butt and pulled me in deeper; grinding and twisting her pubis against me. Then she released her grip, almost pushing my hips away, signalling I should partly withdraw again.

I withdrew and, encouraged by Liz, thrust again; harder and deeper this time. Almost immediately Liz signalled a repeat with that momentary push out and hard pull in.

I figured I had permission to really go for it; to really unleash my passion on her.

I lifted myself up on outstretched arms; letting me look down on the beautiful woman under me. She smiled at me, her face lighting up with what I almost thought was a benevolent understanding of the need she had generated in me. Her long blonde hair rested luxuriantly off to the left of her head. But what, in my aroused state, really fixated in my vision were her breasts. Those glorious breasts; still hinting at their sensual conical shape even as she rested on her back, the areola and nipple melded into the tip — both swollen, her nipples fully extended and hardened.

The sight simply increased my desires; erotic desires of the basest type.

I started thrusting, every plunge into her body releasing a shot of pure bliss into my brain. I groaned uninhibitedly with every one of them. The pleasure was multiplied by the sensation of the overstretched, drum taut, completely unyielding skin of my manhood seemingly covering an erection that was bigger than normal, filling Liz, plunging deeper into her and completely impervious to any attempt by her body to bend it or redirect it.

I hadn’t been going at it for long before Liz said…

“Wait. Can I go origami please?”

It was a reasonable request, even if it did require a partial withdrawal to get her legs up one side at a time. For me origami is just as nice as normal missionary. For the girls it’s the difference between nice and mind blowing. My needs were still strongly felt, but that mad impulsive rush to fuck her had at least had some degree of satisfaction; enough to make me compliant to her desires.

I half withdrew and rolled to my left to let her get her left leg up, then to the right to finish the positional adjustment, reaching out to the towel stack and placing one under her butt as I did so. Liz always squirts in this position and it’s best to be prepared.

As I pushed myself slowly back to full penetration, I realised the top of my cock was now pushed against her cervix. I’d always wondered if I was getting cervical contact with the extra depth this position gave. Now there was no doubt. I had thought, in my extreme arousal, my erection had felt bigger and now I felt vindicated in that suspicion.

But it raised other issues. On the one hand, I had heard of some women liking cervical stimulation. On the other I had a vague recollection that women don’t particularly like their cervixes being pounded and it can be quite uncomfortable, if not painful.

Of course, every women is different, but I had no idea where Liz was in that spectrum.

I screwed around on full penetration and elicited something between a moan and a hum of what was obviously a high degree of pleasure. Liz asked…

“It feels really funny in a really nice sort of way when you do that. Can you do it some more?”

With a slight, but gentle withdrawal and thrust to ensure I kept my own arousal at it skin bursting best, I did it again; this time significantly more prolonged. Knowing I was really gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar hitting the spot with her and having such visceral evidence of it was enough to temporally stay my need to dump a load in her. I was a rewarded with a response that seemed to come from deep within her very being…


It was almost continuous, rolling out of her like I was stirring a constantly bubbling, boiling pot of previously undiscovered pleasure in the very centre of her body that could only release itself through her moans.

Encouraged, I repeated and kept repeating the slight thrust and screwing around; trying to put as much pressure as I could on her g spot with the thrust, and then surging my cock on its contact with her cervix, as if a swollen and inflated bell might provide even more stimulation to whatever was having the effect on her; all while trying to stimulate her clit as I screwed and circled my hips around on full penetration.

Liz was quivering and squirming under me in a way I’d never seen before; especially the quivering which was incredibly intense. And yet the moans were telling me it was good. Really good, if I was interpreting it correctly.

After a few cycles of that, they started. Liz would suddenly tense, pushing her hips up into mine as her vocalisation changed to…


Then she would go back to her continuous ‘oouuu’s’ again before another round of tensing and ‘ah’s’.

I wasn’t unaffected by what was happening. There was this sense, deep down in my groin, that I had this big, hard, overinflated cock in this woman, completely filling her vagina and doing things I had never seen before. There was a satisfaction in that — yes a sexual one, and a very deeply felt one at that — that for the time being made me forget about my former anxiety to pound her. It felt fantastic in itself as her body embraced and responded to my manhood; letting me feel that the quivering that manifested itself on the outside was actually coming from deep within.

Things hit a peak when one of her tensing moments was preceded by…

“Oh god…oh god…aaahhhhh…oooohhhhhh…fuck me…fuck me….it’s time to fuck me”

Well. That was an invitation I wasn’t going to turn down. I did. Not as hard as I might have in a straight missionary position, and definitely with a view to maximising my stimulation of her g spot and clit. As for her cervix, I could still feel it on full penetration and I didn’t want to hurt it, and it probably got a bit of a tickle up each time I screwed the base of my cock against her clit. But it was no longer the focus of attention.

Her previously prolonged, deep down ‘ooouuu’s’ turned to a continuous stream of the more familiar ‘aaarrrr’s’, but louder than her normal sexual response. Whatever was happening to her built. You could feel it building in her. You could hear it too.

That wasn’t to say my own response wasn’t building — very nicely actually – but I judged hers to be well ahead of mine.

I wasn’t wrong. Squirting copiously, she came with a scream that would almost wake the dead. It was certainly going to wake Eve; and probably a few neighbours. My only consolation was that that the tone of it and the follow up noises sounded decidedly sexual rather than murderous. Or so I hoped; because as she squirmed and twisted her body under me like a woman possessed, she kept it up for quite a while.

The contractions that pummelled my cock were powerful; almost able to be described as brutal.

I just rode it out somewhat passively. It was an enjoyable ride, but now was not the time for me to cum too. Every part of the build-up to my climax suggested it should be a massive one. The insatiable desire, the rock hard, over stretched cock and the wondrous feeling of my manhood playing in her vagina. But I didn’t want it all to be lost in an orgasmic battle with her; where our bodies are fighting against each other to maximise our own experiences.

I wanted Liz to finish hers so there was clear air for mine.

As she started to calm down and showed, in her passionate embrace of me, the effect of the endorphins surging through her body from the climax, I started thrusting again. I knew it would likely prolong her climax — or give her another, I was never sure. But I hoped the extreme reactions of her body to her orgasm had run their course.

This time the thrusting was designed for my pleasure; long firm strokes in whatever way and whatever pace felt best for me. My cock was still telling me it was over inflated and stretched; that wasn’t a feeling I wanted to lose. I fine-tuned my approach until it felt like every thrust was trying to be my last; like it was a being in itself with a will that made it determined to stimulate my cock to the point of my release. Every thrust was pure pleasure and my body expressed that in the grunts and groans that I projected down at Liz as I stared down at her breasts.

What happened when I came makes the word ‘exploded’ almost seem insipid. There’s nothing I can do to describe the pleasure and mind melting ecstasy of that first pulse and rush of cum up my cock and the best part of a dozen that followed it. The grunt that bellowed from me said it all. I buried my head facing the pillow and the cascade of Liz’s hair next to her ear, trying not to deafen her with my vocalisations of what I was feeling.

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