Today Was A Slow Day


Today was a slow day.

The conference was dragging, normally enthusiastic and vibrant Jenni was feeling lethargic and sleepy.

Out side the weather was of an angry frame of mind. The wind was swirling round the tall buildings and creating eddies and whirlwinds just for fun.

No one with any sense was out there playing with the wind. So the wind was trying harder and harder to come into the hotel and join the people there.

Rain was taking a trip across the city riding on the back of the wind and revelling in the speed.

Great sheets of rain hurled themselves at the hotel screaming at the people inside to come and play.

One poor soul did venture out and wind caught him and threw him up into the air to meet the clouds and the rain.

He fell back with a grunt and scurried back into the comparative safety of the hotel.

Jenni of course saw none of this, no one in the hotel did. The double gazing and technology created by the architects and the builders saw to that.

Man has learned to keep wind and rain outside, most of the time, but wind can still summon up the terror and power to join them inside. But today wind and rain just could not summon up the energy to try. Instead they just howled and screamed in frustration while in side the people sat and listened to terminal presentations dulling the brain and extinguishing life itself.

The lights came on and Jenni crawled out of the hall jostled by the men who were in such a hurry to escape to the bar.

She hated men. Every man she had known had either hurt her or let her down. Same thing really she thought. Being let down hurt as much as being physically beaten.

Jenni winced remembering some of the more effective beatings from her ex husband.

Life then had been even darker than this. She laughed out loud, “god” she thought “I have escaped all that why am I feeling so down?”

She looked around at all the dark suited men hurrying to get drunk.

Conferences were always the same. A chance to try and show how masculine they were. A chance maybe to pull some piece of skirt and take it back to a room for some bad sex.

Jenni stopped, “what is the definition of bad sex then?” She knew that this was now going to prey on her mind. She knew the signs, all the other information being presented would now be churned up with this over arching question.

See the problem was going to be that to define bad sex you had to define good sex.

Jenni thought back over all the heaving and sweating that had been her lot over the years.

Was any of it good? Was it ever possible to have ‘good sex’?

Jenni was beginning to think so.

She started, looking around to see where she was.

The press of frantic alcoholics had thrust her into the lounge bar of the hotel.

Already some of the younger men had downed a couple of lagers and were shouting to the bar staff for more.

Representatives of suppliers were starting to gather round them the influential people who they hoped they would make friends with.

All over the bar there were people greeting long lost friends. These were delegates who attended every year she wondered if these were the only friendships they ever had.

She looked around and sighed. Her job was to network, to use her expense account to loosen tongues and make contacts and perhaps start the path to some business.

Jenni was an attractive woman and there were men beginning to drift towards her. They were unsure if she was available but hey this was a conference so chances are she was.

Jenni was aware of someone standing too close. There is a personal space that surrounds us all and this person was inside it without being invited. Jenni tingled with apprehension. Too many people had done this before and she was beginning to feel that she would scream and make such a fuss that….

A soft voice of a woman said “I know a much quieter bar than this, do you want to escape?”

Jenni turned and saw a tall woman dressed in business power suit, immaculately coiffured with the most amazing skin tone.

Bright sparkling eyes told Jenni that this person understood something about what was going on in Jenni’s head.

“High my name is Joanne. This stinks I want out, coming?”

Jenni just nodded and followed a small dumpy man in the inevitable dark suit grabbed her by the arm and started blathering on about some intensely boring detail that had been covered in one of the presentations. His voice sounded like a throttled ferret and he held her naked arm ümraniye escort with a hand that was modelled on a piece of wet cod.

Jenni took a deep breath and looked intently at the man. He smiled taking this look as indicating a shared interest in the subject.

Jenni had had enough. She snapped inside and her right knee rose as if pulled by some invisible puppeteer. The man’s eyes opened wide in surprise. No pain just yet just surprise. The pain from his groin started to flow up into his consciousness and he gurgled and his face turned red.

He didn’t speak, he could not, he didn’t lash out, he couldn’t. He just lost height. Bending from the middle his head sank down towards the floor.

Jenni watched with a detached interest. No feeling just a cold detachment as she watched him shrink.

Joanne put a hand on her shoulder and the pressure moved Jenni away from the little man.

He by this time had found a table to rest one hand on and the face had returned to its normal grey pallor and the look of total incomprehension.

Jenni and Joanne move silently and quickly out of the crush leaving the little man alone with his discomfort.

“You are a bit tight this evening” said Joanne, “I think you need to find some space and relax.”

Jenni was shivering and trying hard not to cry. Jenni had never cried; well not for as long as she could remember.

They crossed the wide entrance atrium of this ridiculous hotel. The concourse that lead to the booking desks was deserted now.

Joanne guided Jenni out of the hotel and onto the street.

Wind had got bored and had moved on to other more interesting places. Rain was despondently dripping onto the London streets turning them into mirrors that reflected the lights of the shop windows and cars making a dazzling show that should have caused the audience to gasp in wonder.

Instead everyone had heads down and was bustling to find shelter in the underground or a bus.

Jenni and Joanne were not dressed for the rain. Jenni felt the cold wet spots exploding in her face and falling intrusively down her back.

“Where are we going?” she shouted at Joanne.

“I know a quiet bar just round the corner. We will be safe there”

“Safe?” Jenni thought “what’s that when its at home”

Joanne was in charge now. Jenni was puzzled slightly by this. Jenni was normally in charge but tonight that power she used to keep the world under control had failed her.

They rounded the corner and ducked into a small doorway.

Inside there was a desk and a entrance hall that looked vaguely Victorian.

The receptionist greeted Joanne as an old friend and looked at the two of them dripping on the floor.

“Would you like some towels?” She asked.

Joanne said “Oh! Yes please. Could we maybe have one of the rooms to dry off in?”

The receptionist looked at the diary in front of her. “Well they are pretty well all booked but you are in luck. I have just had a cancellation and room 3 is available.”

Joanne smiled and asked if all the facilities were ready.

The receptionist just smiled and nodded.

“Come on” Said Joanne and lead the way up a wide flight of stairs.

“What is this place?” Asked Jenni

“It’s a private club, I am a member” said Joanne.

“Impressive” whispered Jenni “I have been coming to that hotel for years and never knew this place existed.”

“Not many people do it is very exclusive the only way to become a member here is to be invited”

“But I am not a member”

“No but you are my guest, guests are allowed as long as they don’t make too much of a fuss.”

Joanne added “And of course they are discrete and know how to keep their mouth shut.”

This last message had an edge to it. Jenni was very clear that if she did not ‘keep her moth shut’ then this woman and this club could inflict all sorts of unwelcome sanctions upon the transgressor.

Joanne had stopped by a door. The door had a brass number 3 screwed to the door.

“My favourite room” said Joanne

She opened the door and pushed Jenni through.

The room that greeted her was amazing.

The overall effect was that she had been transported to an Arabian palace. Jenni expected there to be Nubian eunuchs with palm tree fans.

In the middle of the room there was a large sunken bath that was bubbling and gurgling glowing from the lights within.

The rest of the room was lit only by candles.

Sweet fragrances assailed her senses and made her feel light headed pendik escort and faint.

All around the bath were large soft cushions not scattered sparely but piled together forming hollows in which you could sink.

Towels were draped over some of the cushions.

There seemed to be jars of sweet oils round the bath and there were other people there; beautiful women in white dresses reminiscent of Greek or Roman fashion.

Two of the women came over to Jenni and without asking permission peeled off the wet dress and clothes.

Jenni was oblivious to what was happening to Joanne as she was lead to the bath. The women lead her to the steps into the bath and walked in with her their white dresses flowing around them in the water.

The water was warm and inviting. Another woman poured from one of the jars and the oil spread over the surface the scent adding to the feeling that she was passing into some other world.

As she sank into the bath the oils spread over her body and it felt silky luxurious sensual.

The two women now were either side of her and massaging her tired body shoulders, neck arms and shoulders.

Jenni was floating into dreamland. The warm water, the fragrant oils and the touch on her skin was hypnotic.

The tensions of the day were sliding into the past and Jenni felt safe for the first time in her adult life.

After a while Jenni opened her eyes lazily and looked around. She saw Joanne laying on some of the cushions naked and with her two attendants massaging her body with oils.

Joanne was laying on her front with the two attendants working on her back. Jenni watched as the girls hands slid over her back and her legs.

Jenni’s attendants were still caressing her shoulders and neck and Jenni realised she was being supported by the women who had become her cushions.

Jenni’s head was now resting on the breasts of one of her women and she turned and buried her face into them.

She began to cry. No sound at first just an aching in the eyes and her nose that she could not ignore. The tears began to seep from her eyes then they flowed faster and she suddenly let go and her whole body shuddered as she howled.

Years of being ignored and abused had caught up with her she sobbed.

Joanne had turned over and was watching. The attendants had gathered Jenni up in their arms and carried her out of the bath.

All four of the girls were working now to dry Jenni with soft warm towels.

They wrapped her in sweet towels and held her tight while she sobbed.

Joanne came to her and held her hands.

Massaging her fingers and the palm of her hand expertly it was strangely comforting.

Jenni could not stop the sobbing. Her body was out of control. Nothing could stop the feeling in her of absolute resignation to this strange sensation of being out of control.

Joanne was taking control now

She had pulled Jenni up to her breast and was holding her very close and tight

Joanne’s arms were all round Jenni and were letting the sobs soak into her.

Time passed and the sobs subsided. Jenni began to breath deeply and a new feeling spread over her.

She relaxed and let Joanne touch her.

Joanne’ hands caressed her breast the palms just brushing her nipples. Jenni gave a gasp as Joanne moved her hand so that the palms only just touched the erect nipples.

The tingling was almost unbearable, but Jenni longed for it to go on for ever.

Joanne kissed her on the cheek. Kissed her on the neck.

Took her ear lobe in her lips and squeezed. The heat of her lips flowing round them almost caused Jenni to orgasm on the spot.

Jenni was aware that she wanted Joanne to do this, to take her on a rollercoaster of pure sex, animal, passionate and sensual.

She lay back luxuriating in the soft cushions.

Joanne continued to nibble her ears and caress her breasts. She was firmer now, her fingers rolling the hard nipples and sometimes giving a real pinch that made Jenni cry out.

Joanne’s head moved away from her ears and kissing her again on her neck and cheek she made contact with Jenni’s lips.

Jenni’s eyes were closed and she felt Joanne’s breath on her lips and the first contact lip to lip.

For a while they just embraced and let their lips touch and tingle. The Jenni touched Joanne’s lips with her tongue. She could taste Joanne. She tasted wonderful, sweet and desirable.

Joanne’s tongue touched hers and there was an electric shock between them.

Jenni bostancı escort could feel Joanne’s breasts pressed against her own.

Joanne was now laying on top of Jenni and the kisses were increasing in passion. Both women were trying to suck the life blood from the other, to extract this sex from the other and feed from it.

Joanne’s hands were working their way over Jenni’s body and exploring every part.

Inexorably they worked down her body over her belly and down to the time bomb below.

Jenni could feel her hands doing the same thing. They were on Joanne’s back and had reached her buttocks. The soft curves of Joanne’s cheeks mirrored the softness of her breasts and Jenni stroked and squeezed as Joanne’s fingers nestled into the soft hair covering her mound.

Slowly almost painfully slowly Joanne’s fingers crawled down across Jenni’s mound and then spread out and worked their way down either side of her love lips.

Jenni could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She could feel it seeping between her legs.

Joanne played with her running her fingers over and around her pussy lips but never touching the hot ready valley between.

Jenni was restless now, her body was thrusting upwards involuntarily and she was making small noise.

Whimpers as a new wave of sensation hit her.

The two women were still kissing passionately. Jenni broke the kiss and placed her moth on Joanne’s neck and bit her.

Joanne moved her fingers and slid them into the valley between Jenni’s lips.

They slid and slipped and touched the sensitive places.

Suddenly Jenni pushed at Joanne and threw her onto her back on the cushions. Jenni leapt onto Joanne and sat on her legs, her hands gripped Joanne’s breast and she squeezed hard.

She looked deep into Joanne’s eyes and fell forward kissing her belly. Her head moved down and her tongue licked a trace from Joanne’s belly to her mound.

Joanne was shaved smooth and Jenni’s tongue could not stop now.

Jenni buried her face into Joanne’s pussy.

Joanne was wet and the heat and sensation of the slippery wetness made Jenni go wild. She licked and sucked and bit.

Her tongue buried deep into Joanne and she could feel Joanne contracting around it.

Joanne’s hands were holding her hair and pushing Jenni tighter into her. Joanne was screaming now her whole body wracked with spasms.

Jenni could hardly breathe but she was in heaven.

Joanne’s body convulsed and stretched out as she arched her back and stretched out her legs.

Every muscle in her body was alight now

Nothing else existed her skin was on fire.

Her eyes closed saw only a red mist

Her mouth was open and from it escapes a scream. A primordial scream, a mixture of agony and ecstasy.

Jenni was relaxing now. Her kisses and her sucking had slowed and were softer. She could feel all that Joanne was feeling and knew how to sustain the waves of orgasm that were sweeping over her.

Jenni wanted to feel those waves, she needed to feel them her body too was alight with passion she needed someone to touch her and to light the fuse that would explode her.

Joanne was coming down from the stratosphere.

She was trying to breathe again and sucked greedily at the air.

Jenni raised her head and looked at Joanne’s face. Joanne was still lost in the fog of orgasm and her face was glowing.

Jenni slid along Joanne’s body and kissed her lips.

Joanne tasted the salty lips and hungrily kissed back.

Jenni slid her body further and placed her wet pussy over Joanne’s face and felt her tongue lap at her juices.

Felt her lips on her pussy her tongue in her and the fuse was lit.

The explosion started in her belly and spread outwards to all her body.

She felt her muscles contracting and the second explosion that came from there.

She felt Joanne push a finger into her bum and she felt the shock waves crashing into her again and again.

She was not aware of any sounds, she was not aware of any lights just wave after wave of exquisite pain.

The force of the orgasms left her unable to breathe or see. She could not hear she was totally enveloped in this thing.

She passed out and fell sideways onto the cushions. Joanne caught her up in her arms and smothered her in kisses and held her tight.

Jenni saw a dim light in the distance and saw a wonderful face filled with love gazing at her. She muttered something and her body slipped into sleep.

At some time two of the attendant girls came to the sleeping lovers and covered them with soft silk blankets.

They snuffed out the candles and arranged the cushions around the intertwined couple.

They sat and watched cuddle in each other arms as the lovers slept.

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