The Osaka Riders of Glorious Youth Pt. 01

Every spring I take the ferry from Osaka to Tokushima to let loose my Ducati Hyperstrada on the winding mountain roads of Shikoku. I look forward to this trip all year. It’s pure me time. The roads of Shikoku are kept in excellent condition as a way to support rural communities, even though very few cars use them. The scenery they travel through is stunningly beautiful, steep pine covered mountains and snow fed lakes. Spring adds the extra element of wild cherry trees in full blossom thickly clustered on mountainsides. Every turn brings another beautiful view. It’s difficult not stopping every kilometer to takes pictures.

There are more trucks hauling logs than cars, and a few other bikers, but it’s not uncommon to ride for half an hour without seeing another vehicle. I was in just on such a stretch, enjoying my private surroundings at a leisurely pace, probably spacing out just a little too much for safety, when I was startled back to my senses by a string of street racers whizzing past me, one by one, as if I were standing still. Challenge accepted. After the last bike passed I rolled back on the throttle, got low on my bike, and tried keeping up with them. I did the best my sensibilities would allow, but after 5 or six turns self preservation got the better part of pride and I let them go. They were up the valley and out of sight within a minute as I listened to the sound of their engines fading away.

About 30 minutes later I recognized three of the bikes parked at a road house I’d stopped at on previous journeys. It’s a great place to kick back for a while. The dining area is all tatami mats, low tables and lots of cushions. It’s never crowded and the Mama-san doesn’t mind if you take a little nap. I couldn’t forgo the opportunity to meet the riders who put me to shame, so I parked my touring machine next to these three beautiful street racers. They looked fast just standing still; there was a Suzuki Hayabusa, a Yamaha YZF, and bike that took my breath away, a stunning red Cagiva GP with a white 7 painted on the tail. I was already impressed.

Inside looked like a yard sale. There were boots, gloves, leather jackets and three attractive Japanese girls spread out all over the floor. Two of them were sound asleep; the other was propped up on a pile of cushions studying her phone. She had short, shaggy cut black hair and narrow cheeks that led into a small chin. She was the only one who had taken off her leather pants as well, leaving her dressed in a spaghetti strap t-shirt and tiny shorts made of thin fabric with bananas printed on them. She was fit, too. She could have been one of those models in a fitness magazine. I could tell this girl was formidable. The empty dishes from their lunch were still on the table. When the girl saw me she picked a cushion and quickly laid it across her legs, but not before I noticed the rainbow colored scorpion tattoo crawling out the bottom of her shorts. We exchanged greetings quietly. I sat down in the closest empty I could find.

“Which one of you owns that gorgeous Cagiva?” I asked.

“Uh, that would be sleeping beauty here.” she said, pointing to the girl with red leather pants.

“And you?”

“Mine is the Suzuki,” she said, “Are you the guy that was trying to keep up with us back there?”

“Guilty. How did I do?”

“I’ve seen better, but the problem isn’t your skill. It’s your bike. If you try keeping up on that cruiser you are going to scrape your pannies on the ground.”

“Excuse me? My panties?”

We both chuckled, but for different reasons.

“Pannies. Your saddlebags.”

The laughter woke the other girls and they sat up.

“Who’s this?” one of them asked.

“This is the guy who was on our tail a while back.”

“I’m Vincent.” I said.

“Hello,” the Cagiva rider said, “I’m Aiko. This is Chieko, and you’ve meet our fearless leader, Sakura.”

“Yes, I have,” I said, “and I am very jealous of your bike, Aiko.” She was the smallest and the cutest of the three, and I instantly decided, the one I most wanted to get naked with.

“Well, if you are nice to me maybe I will let you ride it,” she said sweetly.

“Where can I send the flowers?”

The mama-san came and took my order. I added my gear to the pile on the floor and made myself comfortable.

“Where are you from?” asked Chieko. She was dressed in form fitting black leather pants and a tight white t-shirt that forced the nipples her well formed breasts to poke through the fabric. She was more full figured than her friends.

“Osaka. And you guys?”

“Didn’t you see our jackets?” Chieko said. She grabbed the closest one and held it up. The back was emblazoned with their clubs logo, a nude girl riding a cock fashioned into a motorcycle. Did I just hit the jackpot? In a ring around the image was the club’s name, Osaka Riders of Glorious Youth. I don’t know why the acronym didn’t register at the time.

“Cool. You’re from Osaka, too,” I said. I felt stupid for stating the obvious. The mama-san brought my food and I started to eat.

“What does it take to join bursa anal yapan escort your club?”

The girls looked at each other as if to telepathically discuss whether I was O.R.G.Y. material. I suppose they decided I was worth a try.

“Well, if you prove yourself worthy you then have to pass the initiation,” Sakura said, “Why don’t you ride with us for a while. We’ll take it easy on you.”

“I hope you don’t have anyplace you need to be,” Chieko added.

“I can’t think of any. I’m tingling with anticipation,” I said. “There were about ten bikes that passed me. Where is everybody else?”

“They went ahead, but we’re going to meet them later. I’m sure they’d take great pleasure in meeting you.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well Vincent, you are just going to have to trust us,” Sakura gave me a wicked smile.

The girls got dressed and I finished eating. In five minutes we were back on the road, Sakura in the lead. I followed Aiko on the Cagiva where I could watch her lean the bike gracefully through the twisties. It was beauty in motion. Chieko was in the rear making sure I didn’t get lost. I felt as if I were being escorted into a fate unknown. We rode like that for the better part of the afternoon.

It was going to be dark soon and I knew we were still pretty far from any big towns. I’m not a fan of riding at night, but just as my concern was growing we turned off onto a side road with a canopy of trees that led to what seemed like an abandoned village. As the Japanese countryside has depopulated over the years many of these places were deserted, forgotten and left to be reclaimed by nature. I had always just passed them by. But now I got concerned for a different reason. Perhaps these girls had something not so pleasant in mind for me. In a way I was right. We pulled up in front of large house that was not nearly as overgrown as the others.

“We’re staying here tonight, with all the ghosts and the spiders?” I inquired.

Chieko passed right in front of me, “Don’t judge a book by its cover, young man. You could get into trouble.”

Sakura unlocked the padlock on the door and we stepped inside. To my amazement, she flicked on the light switch and the large living room lit up. My eyes bugged out. It was really nice. There were two large sofas facing each other across a heavy wooden table, plush chairs, cushions, cabinets and everywhere thick carpets covered the floor.

The girls laughed at my amazement.

“Make yourself at home,” Sakura said. The girls began tossing their gear on the floor. “We have electricity, there’s water, but no hot water. There is a stream out back where we wash. It’s kind of our tradition. You are welcome to join us.”

“Is it cold?”

The girls laugh. “Freezing,” Aiko warned.

“Well, why not,” I resigned myself.

The girls disappeared for a moment and returned dressed in robes with arms full of towels. They tossed me a robe as they headed out the back door and told me to join them. Two minutes later I’d changed and headed out to join them. In the darkening sky, I stumbled my way through the thick trees relying on the sound of running water to be my guide. Just when I was feeling disoriented I heard them talking, and I stepped into a clearing where there had been fashioned a small pool in the stream with stones. The girls were busy soaping their bodies and washing their hair. They seemed impervious to the cold. Even in the light of dusk I was mesmerized by how strong and beautiful their nude bodies were. Sakura even had a six-pack. One of them noticed me.

“Hey, you made it,” Chieko said, “get in.”

I untied my robe and laid it across a convenient branch. All together the girls let out a long “Ooooh,” at my nakedness then laughed to themselves. I put one foot in the water and felt my balls contract into my abdomen.

“Oh, Jesus!”

The girls laughed harder.

Sakura got serious, “The first thing you need to learn if you want to join us is to obey. And you must obey. Now get in the water.”

I steeled my resolve and waded in. How could these girls stand it? My body was shaking wildly.

“Aiko, Chieko, please wash our new friend,” Sakura ordered.

They girls came to either side of me. Aiko started soaping my body thoroughly, her hands going over every muscle and into every crease. Chieko roughly shampooed my hair and poured buckets of snow melt over my head. Despite the cold I was massively excited by the treatment and placed my hands on Chieko’s beautiful round breasts.

“Don’t do that,” Sakura snapped at me, “just stand there and let them do their work.” I obeyed.

They finished and I stared at their wonderful asses as they got out of the water, they wrapped themselves in their robes and headed back to the house.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Aiko giggled as she walked away, leaving me to find my own way back in the dark.

When I entered the house I was delighted to find it was quite warm. The girls were still in their robes stretched out across bursa eskort the sofas, each with a glass of wine and the rest of the bottle on the table.

“Is there a glass for me?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” answered Sakura, “Ladies, what do you think? Should we give our new friend a glass of wine?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t think he has earned it,” Chieko said coolly, her hair still wrapped up in a towel.

“You heard her. You have to earn it,” Sakura said.

I was amused and willing to play along, but I certainly would have reacted differently if I had known how far their game was going to go.

“What can I do to please you?” I asked

“Good. I like your attitude. Keep it up,” Sakura said while sipping her wine, “Like we said, if you want to join the Osaka Riders you have to prove yourself worthy. Tonight you have to do everything we say, and most importantly you are not allowed to cum. If you do then you’re out. Remember you are here willingly, and anytime you want to give up and leave just say the word “blueberry,” and you are free to go. Now first, lose the robe.”

I hesitated. I almost said “blueberry” right then.

“You heard me. Drop it.”

I untied the belt and let the robe fall to the floor. I was standing in front of these three girl I’d only met a few hours ago stark naked, ready to obey their commands.

“What do you think girls?” Sakura asked her friends.

“It’s okay, I suppose. It has a good heft to it,” Aiko said judgmentally, “but I think it’s a little hairy for my taste, don’t you?” The other girls agreed.

“You heard her, slave,” that was not the last time Sakura would call me that. “Shave it off, down to the skin, and be meticulous. We hate stubble.” Sakura shooed me off to the bathroom where I found shave cream and a razor and I set out to comply with my hosts. I had never shaved my cock bare before, but the expectation of hot sex with these lovely girls put me in the mindset to do just about anything they asked. I returned to the living room to a chorus of oohs and aahs of approval. I noticed a second bottle had been opened and the girls had melted into the sofa a bit more. Chieko was sitting quite casually with her legs spread. Even though her knees were covered by her robe, her inner thighs and clean shaven pussy were clearly displayed. This casual exposure had the predictable effect on me and I felt myself growing hard.

“That is much better,” Aiko said, “bring it over here.” She gestured for me to come closer. From her reclined position she reached out and cupped my ball in one hand and with the other rubbed up and down the top of my cock. I became fully erect. “Oh, that’s better. Chieko, take a look at this.”

Chieko sat up clumsily as I moved towards her. She was more drunk than she realized. She took my cock in her hands, “Very nice,” she said, and sucked the end into her mouth with a loud slurp.

“Chieko, mind your manners,” Sakura scolded her, “you know that is not allowed right now.” I was terribly disappointed to hear that and it made me wonder what proving my worthiness had in store. Chieko slapped my ass in order to scoot me over to Sakura. “I usually don’t dig cock,” she said matter-of-factly. I felt at a loss as to where to move after that statement, but Chieko gave me an out.

“I’m hungry,” she said, “slave, make us something to eat, and bring another bottle of wine.”

“What would you…” I was abruptly cut off by Sakura.

“You are not allowed to ask questions. Your only purpose is to please us.”

“I was hoping to please in other ways.”

“And no back talk,” she quickly retorted. I reached down to pick up my robe. “Don’t even think about it. The kitchen is that way.”

There wasn’t much in the refrigerator. I found some eggs, I cut the moldy part off of some cheese, there was a tomato on its last breath and frozen spinach, so I made them omelets, and brought them their plates. The sight of the well folded omelets oozing with melted cheese and veggies met with general approval.

“A slave that can cook, very promising,” Aiko said, reclining deeply into sofa, “but the table is too far away. You have to feed me.” I thought that might be fun. “I need some special flavor. Move closer and hold the plate under your cock. Let it rest on the plate, balls too. I want the whole enchilada.” She grabbed the entire package and stretched it out and laid it across the omelet. It was a little hot, but I didn’t pull away. The heat was making me hard. The other girls watched attentively while they ate. “Good boy. I want you to touch every bite to the tip of your cock before putting it in my mouth.”

I mostly succeeded to avoid scalding my penis with melted cheese. Aiko made exaggerated yummy noises after each bite. After she finished she said, “That was yummy, now I want to clean the plate.” She leaned forward, took the plate in one hand and my cock in the other. She wiped up the remaining bits of cheese and tomato with my cock and licked it off, wrapping her lips and tongue around the shaft. “Very bursa escort kızlar delicious,” she added when she was finished and resumed her recline.

“Slave, I seem to have spilled my omelet. Come here and clean it up,” I looked over and saw Chieko was leaning back with her robe open and legs spread, one foot was up on the sofa. She had strategically stuck egg and cheese to her pussy. “Get on your knees and lick this up.”

“Sure,” I said.

Sakura again snapped at me, “Call her master or madam, and that goes for all of us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, madam.” I kneeled between Chieko’s thighs and readily complied with her order. I chased bits of egg and cheese all around and inside her pussy with my tongue. In my efforts to be thorough I licked around her asshole, cleaning her taint and inner thighs. She was spotless. When I eventually looked up Sakura had gone to sit next to Aiko. They had one arm wrapped around each other and one hand rubbing other’s pussy.

“Don’t stop now,” Sakura said, “we are all enjoying this.” I returned to my task, doubling my efforts. I created a seal around Chieko clit with my lips, sucked it into my mouth and rapidly flicked my tongue across it in every direction. I could taste her juice beginning to flow. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my face deeper into pussy. She began thrusting her hips, my lips and cheeks getting smeared with her wetness.

“He seems to be doing a good job,” Aiko added, “be sure to tell us when you are going to come.” The two girls began exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.

“It’s happening. My God, it’s going to be big,” Chieko gasped out, “come her and kiss me.”

The girls jumped up. Aiko began kissing her on the mouth and Sakura took her breast into her mouth. Chieko started moaning to the contractions of her orgasm for what seemed like a minute. When she was done she collapsed into the sofa. The girls started to giggle. I was rock hard and ready to explode. I have no problem obeying, but that second thing, not cumming, was going to be a problem.

“Damn, that was good,” Chieko said exhaustedly, “you have got some talent.”

“Wow!” Aiko exclaimed, “when is it my turn?”

“I think our plaything has earned a little wine,” Sakura said. She took the dirty omelet plate from the table, put it on the floor and filled it with wine from the third bottle. “Ok puppy, you are good with your mouth, let’s see you lap it up.”

The games had gone from playful to more humiliating and I started to wonder how far it was going to go and if I would ever get to fuck them. Yet these girls were so exciting and fun I had no intention of giving up at this time, so I got down on all fours and licked up the wine as best I could and the bits of egg didn’t spoil the taste at all. The girls helped themselves to another glass and watched the show. When I was almost done they poured a little more into the dish.

During my task one of the girls held under my nose a black rubber butt plug. It may not have been so large, but instantly discerning their intentions it seemed huge. I’d never had anything bigger than a finger in my ass before. I looked back between my legs and saw Aiko kneel down behind me. “I didn’t tell you to stop licking,” Sakura scolded me. I felt Aiko rubbing lubricant on my asshole and her finger slide into my anus. That felt nice, but I was dreading what was coming next.

“Now just relax,” Aiko said like a nurse about to give an injection. I felt the end of the butt plug pushing against my asshole. I tried my hardest to relax the muscle. She twisted it gently, applying more and more pressure. Finally my sphincter gave way and let the probe enter my hole. It wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I’d thought and from there the rest was easy. She eased it in up to the hilt and stepped back to inspect her work. “There we go, pretty as a picture.” The other two came around to admire her work. They agreed it was a job well done, then they told me to wash the dishes.

It wasn’t difficult to walk with a plug up my ass, but it was definitely a unique situation. The girls followed me into the kitchen with their wine glasses in hand. While I washed the dishes with freezing cold water they took turns slapping my ass, pulling on my cock, and jiggling the butt plug in my asshole. As they chided me I began to wonder if I had made a mistake by hooking up with these girls. My expectations of a gang bang with me as the main attraction were rapidly fading.

“You have been a commendable slave so far,” Sakura said after I’d finished the dishes, “now it’s time for you to go to bed and let the big girls play.” My expectations vanished.

The girls led me to a futon in the corner of the room. “This is where you sleep,” Sakura said, “lie down.” I obeyed. I noticed a leather collar chained to the wall as she reached for it.

“Do we have to do that?” I asked, “what if I have to pee?” She reached over and grabbed an empty wine bottle.

“Don’t make a mess on the floor,” she said. She proceeded to strap me in. I was still willing to be a good sport about all this, but I almost yelled out “blueberry” when I saw what Chieko brought out next. She fastened into my genitals a male chastity device. A leather strap hooked under my balls securing in place a metal cage that fit over my cock. It was designed to prevent me from becoming erect and to limit any possibility of being touched.

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