The Interview


Since I sold my business I have been very comfortably off and my domestic arrangements really could not be better. I have had the odd moment of boredom, but life seemed pretty good free of the stresses of running a large enterprise and having enough money to live my life as I pleased. But then, one day my old personal assistant from the firm that I had sold turned up at house and asked if she could speak to me.

We went into my den and she almost immediately broke down in tears. She said that she was desperately unhappy. She could not cope with working for an impersonal big corporation. She had been used to dealing with all of my requirements for many years and now she was just treated like some completely anonymous employee number with tedious repetitive and apparently meaningless tasks. There was no individual that she was personally responsible to and she felt that nobody would notice whether she was there or not. She would have left, but living alone she had to have a job and the only reason that she had the salary that she did was because I had insisted on it when I sold the business. She had no chance of getting a job anywhere else that could maintain her house, mortgage and the support that she gave to the education of her sister’s children.

April begged me to give her a job. She was absolutely desperate to get away from the new corporation and there was nowhere at all that she could find to go. No job meant destitution, the loss of her home and, worst of all, the loss of respect from the family that she had been doing so much to support.

I was distraught. April had been an invaluable support to me for years and I thought that I had done everything I needed to ensure that she was OK She was so desperate that she shocked me. She was obviously at the end of her tether so I told her that I would think about things I contact her in a few days. I did not have any job to offer, but I couldn’t just leave April to her misery.

Like most bosses with a personal assistant I had sometimes used April for more than the requirements of my business. We sometimes had to travel and would spend a night in an hotel. On several occasions I had called her to my room to work. A few times, when we had finished with the business, I had her suck me off before I settled down to bed. It was a lot better than relieving myself by hand and April didn’t seem to mind at all. When a woman lets you come in her mouth and then swallows, you can be pretty sure that she is happy to have your dick in her mouth. At one important business exhibition we ran out of the little free gifts that we give away. Silly as it may seem, we get quite a lot of clients because of those gifts and I was annoyed that April had failed to stock up with enough of them. At the end of the day I told her to get up to my room and prepare herself for a spanking. Although that was what I wanted to do, I hadn’t really quite meant it. I was actually going to give her a good telling off.

When I got up to the room, April was standing outside with her eyes cast down to the floor and tear stained cheeks. She said ‘sorry Sir’ as I unlocked the door. When I walked in she quickly followed and said ‘where would you like me?’. It was obvious that she was expecting a proper spanking so I told her to kneel beside the bed and bend forward. To my enormous surprise, she did that immediately and then reached back to flip up her skirt and lower her panties. The last thing I expected when I said I was going to spank her was to be presented with a bare ass to do it and I really liked the look of it. I placed one hand on her back and gave her about eight good, hard smacks with my hand. Her buttocks reddened brilliantly, but she never uttered a sound or wriggled at all. Encouraged by this, I said ‘OK now that you have had a bit of a warm up here comes your punishment. Are you ready? She said ‘yes Sir’ again as I undid my belt. I gave her ten good, hard thwacks right across both cheeks with my leather belt. After about five or six she was squirming and crying, her ass was ridged with livid welts and with the last two strokes she farted as her muscles convulsed with the impact.

When I was finished I sat on the bed, cradled her head in my hands and kissed her. She said ‘thank you Sir’ and nestled her head into my lap where my prick was as stiff as a ramrod. As soon as she felt it, she turned her face in to it, kissing and nestling through my trousers. My belt was already off so I quickly unbuttoned the waistband, unzipped my fly and pushed the clothing out of the way. The passionate sucking and licking from her hot mouth had me throbbing within a minute or two and I thrust my full length into her throat before cumming a huge load into her stomach. She kept me in her mouth until I had softened completely when she licked me clean before letting my cock slip from her mouth.

I thought of all this after her visit to my house and the appeal of renewing a relationship with April grew on me. Three days after she visited, I called unannounced at April’s apartment. Escort Bayan She was obviously unprepared, but her face lit up when she saw that it was me at the door and I could tell that she was very anxious to see me. She said that she was sorry, but she wasn’t really ready for visitors although of course I was very welcome. I told her not to worry whether she was ready or not. Did she want me to come in or should I go away. She begged me to come in and as I did so she asked me whether I would like a drink or something to eat. I declined these offers and instructed her to sit down. As soon as she had done so I told her that I had no job to offer her, but because of my regard for her and her past service I was prepared to accept her services as a slave if she was willing to agree to that immediately without any knowledge of what I would require.

I told her that I would take responsibility for her financial needs and, if she accepted, she would have to serve me in any way I chose and punish her whenever and however I saw fit.

Without a moment’s hesitation she said ‘yes Sir. Please make me your slave.’

I told her to remember the commitment she was making. She must serve me in ANY way I wanted and I would punish her however I wanted. She had no right to refuse anything.

She said ‘yes Sir. I understand. Please make me your slave.’

‘Very well’ I replied. ‘In future you will refer to me only as Master. Remove all your clothing and kneel before me.’ ‘Yes Master’ she replied and hurriedly started taking off her clothes. I watched her carefully as she disrobed.

She knelt before me looking up hopefully. I told her to put her eyes to my crotch which was to be the focus of her service in future. I instructed her to hand in her notice to her employers and prepare for her new life by removing the bush of pubic hair that she was sporting. In future she must keep herself fully naked for my attention. She was to present herself naked before my desk at precisely 9am. a week on Monday after she had worked out her notice with her present employer. To remind her of her new role until that time came I went and collected a wooden spoon from her kitchen. I grasped her right nipple, pulled her breast out, and smacked it hard with the back of the spoon. She yelped and a bright red mark swelled up on the tit immediately. I took the other nipple in the same way and did the same to the other breast. As tears welled up in her eyes from the pain in her tits I dropped my trousers and underpants and turned my back to her. I instructed April to part my buttocks and push her tongue into my asshole. She did as she was told without hesitation and I explained to her that her future life would be devoted to licking my ass either literally or metaphorically for the whole of her time. She uttered a muffled ‘yes Master’ as she worked her tongue into me for all she was worth. I let her carry on licking and probing for at least ten minutes. From time to time I pulled her head harder into my ass . When I was ready, I turned round and pushed my throbbing, hard length right into her throat. She gagged a bit, but got my full length down at the second or third thrust and I shot a big load into her. I held her head tight into me until I was soft and she had licked and sucked me clean.

By the time that April presented herself, I had decided what I was going to do. Since my retirement I had an idyllic life of comparative wealth and fabulous sexual indulgence, but I had become a little bored. I decided that I would go into business again in a very small way and use the business activity to extend my sexual pleasure in the way that I had come to so enjoy.

I did a bit of research with old contacts and found that I could sell pet food and products with home delivery at a lower cost than available in the shops. I bought two vans for which I would need driver/sales people and April would build up business by telesales and leaflet distribution.

On the appointed day, April presented herself at t he front door of my house about fifteen minutes before she was required. My office is an outbuilding at my home with its own WC and locker room. You can enter the office through the main door or through the locker room. I explained to April that she would only ever be permitted to be naked in the office and that she would remove her clothing in the locker room before entering. She went off to prepare herself and when I entered at exactly nine-o-clock she was naked on her knees before my desk. I told her to stand and felt her cunt. It was perfectly smooth without any hint of stubble and it was quite wet.

There was plenty of room for both of us and I allocated her a desk with all the equipment she would need. After a brief explanation of the job and her duties, I explained that I would be taking on two people to work with us. I had already advertised on the internet for slaves with a detailed explanation of what I required.

I had thirteen replies to my advertisements. Most could be excluded quickly Bayan escort as cranks or lying about what they had to offer, but I corresponded with seven applicants for some days. Ultimately I reduced the possibilities to three Masters who were offering their slave for my use on terms that might be satisfactory to us all. All three men were in their fifties, white and not too dissimilar from myself. The women were very different.

The first was a very attractive blonde aged twenty two. She was what might be described as a trophy wife who had gone on a spending spree with his money and caused him quite a lot of unhappiness with immature and provocative behaviour until she was arrested for being drunk and abusive in the street after being thrown out of a club because of her behaviour. She was terrified of the affect a court appearance and conviction would have on her family and friends and he confronted her with the options. Either she was to submit absolutely to his control and he would sort out all of her problems or she was to get out and he would divorce her. She agreed to do whatever he said and was extremely remorseful. One of his requirements was that she would work off her debt and that was where I came in.

The second was a tiny Thai woman. She was less than five feet tall but with full breasts. She was only nineteen and she was a mail order bride who had been selected for her submissive nature and had been with her man for less than a year.

The last was probably in her late forties or early fifties. This couple had been together for more than twenty five years and she had been his totally submissive slave throughout the whole of that time. She had often been shared with his friends, but she had never worked. He had recently been made redundant from his job and was finding it hard to find new work. They had decided that she might be able to help their finances.

I had arranged for all three Masters to bring in their women at eleven. They were sent a script of what would happen during the interview and instructed to present the women naked and on a lead at the appointed time. The requirement was that I would piss in the mouth of each woman and she would be required to swallow it all. She would then lick my ass for five minutes. This would be followed by me fucking her in the ass and then throat fucking her until I came. Again she would be required to swallow. Her Master would keep her on his lead throughout. April would make notes of anything she considered relevant and then I would decide on one or two suitable slaves to take on.

When the time for the interviews came, the sight was one which I will never forget. April showed them all in and had them arranged for me when I returned at the appointed time after having a cup of coffee in the house. Three naked women on their knees beside their Masters in front of my desk and April sitting to one side with only a notepad and pen. April had provided me with a very large jug of water and a glass. I introduced myself to the Masters and asked them if they understood fully my requirements and still wished to proceed. They all agreed that they did. I wrote down the names of the three women and invited April to select one from inside a mug. The name she chose was Toya, the name given to the tiny Thai.

I drank a full tumbler of water. The last of many I had that morning and instructed Toya’s Master to put her in the corner on her knees and remind her of what was going to happen next. I allowed the others to watch. I chatted generally to the men while I drank yet another glass of water and when I was ready went over to the corner where her Master told Toya to open her mouth although she was already doing so as I approached. I unzipped and pulled my underpants aside. As my dick flipped out, she adjusted the position of her head so that her mouth was very close to the end of my prick. I looked down at her lovely brown eyes while I waited for my flow to start and I smiled a little. Toya’s face moved from apprehension to anticipation and then a strong stream of my piss shot into her mouth. She flinched a little, but managed to stay in position and when her mouth was full I stopped the flow for her to swallow. She got it down with no trouble and had her mouth open again in seconds. I gave her four good mouthfuls before zipping up and turning away. There was a look of sheer terror on the face of the blonde and the older woman looked thoughtful. I think that both Masters were wondering how their woman could compete with this Asian beauty.

Really looking forward to the rest of the interviews, I slipped off my lower clothing and knelt down on all fours in the middle of the room. I called Toya over and her Master led her crawling across to me. I parted my cheeks and waited for the wet tongue to touch my asshole. It was delicious. April called out the time at one minute intervals. At the call of ‘two’, I began to feel that Toya could work a bit harder. I said ‘in further’ and her Master grabbed the back of her head and pushed Escort it firmly into may ass. That galvanised her alright. She was frantically pushing her stiffened tongue into my ass for all she was worth. I thought to myself that he must be keeping her strictly in line at home. She carried on doing a beautiful job until April called time.

She knew the next task, and knelt in the correct position on the carpet where I had indicated at the beginning. Her lovely little brown ass was presented to me and my prick was rock hard after the glorious licking that I had just enjoyed. I slipped my dick into her cunt to get a bit of lubrication and then pressed it straight into her sphincter. There was not too much resistance and with a few thrusts I was well into her. She was an excellent ass fuck. Tight enough for plenty of stimulation, but sufficiently well used to be able to take her without too much difficulty. I took hold of her hips and gave her a good, hard pounding for a few minutes until I started to feel my orgasm coming. I pulled out of her ass and called for her mouth. She started to turn round and her Master grabbed her by the hair to speed her up. He dragged her head onto my raging dick in a second or two and I took her head from him. Grabbing the back of her hair with one hand and holding her under the chin with the other, I pushed my full length down Toya’s throat. She gagged violently and I drew my prick back to her mouth as she spluttered. I stayed within her lips and with tears running down her cheeks she sucked me as soon as she had controlled her cough. I gripped her hard and pressed back into her throat. She managed to take it the second time and I fucked her pretty little face for a couple of minutes before shooting my load down her throat. I held her face tight into my groin until the last drops had gone down and then I let her go.

Toya had mascara streaked down her cheeks and a look of exhausted relief that her task was over as she sat on the floor next to her Master. I had a limp dick and a bright circle of red lipstick on my pubic hair around its base. I put my clothing back in place and told everybody that I was going away for a twenty minute coffee break before the next interview. April picked out another slip of paper and it was Joan.

During my break I cleaned myself up and had plenty of water to drink as well as a cup of coffee. When I returned, Joan was ready on her knees in the corner with her Master, waiting for me to piss in her mouth. Joan was very different form Toya. Apart from being much older, and being a very pale skinned white woman, she had also been used very differently. There were large, heavy gold rings in each of her nipples and the letter ‘S’ was branded on the top of her left tit. As I walked towards her, opening my trousers, Joan opened her mouth and positioned herself. There was plenty in my bladder and I lost no time in emptying straight into her waiting mouth. Joan took it all without the slightest difficulty and swallowed everything without any risk of spilling a single drop.

As soon as I was finished, I took up my position for the ass licking and immediately I was in place the warm, wet tongue was up there and licking. She worked very hard at it from the first moment and she must have had a very long tongue because when she stiffened it and pushed I was feeling her getting right inside me. It was an absolutely delicious rimming that made my prick stiff again without any problem. Despite the high quality tonguing that I was getting I still decided to pull her head in a bit tighter as we got towards the end. As with Toya’s Master, Joan’s man took the lead from me and pushed her head hard into my ass. He carried on holding her in tight with only a couple of quick breath breaks until April called time.

When I positioned myself to fuck her ass I saw that she had the same large gold rings in her cunt lips as she had in her nipples and the ‘S’ brand was also on her right buttock. There were still some cane marks on the cheeks of her ass that looked as though they had been put there about a week before. I hooked her cunt rings in each of my index fingers and opened her out. The gaping, pink and glistening hole had probably been penetrated by all manner of things and pricks for well over a quarter of a century and I wondered how well it had stood up to such treatment. As before, I slipped my prick into the cunt to get a bit of lubrication and then pressed it into her ass. Unsurprisingly, I got into her with ease. She was well used to an ass fucking and accommodated me without problem. What I had not expected was that as I started to fuck her hard she worked my prick with her ass muscles. Although she was not as tight as Toya, her expertise made up for that and before very long I was being brought to my second cumming of the day by a really excellent fuck. When I pulled out and called for her mouth, Joan was round in an instant and sucked my waiting dick straight into her mouth. When I grasped her head and pushed my full length into her throat she swallowed the lot at first go. She took the face fucking as though that was the way she had a prick every day of her life and maybe it was. Quite soon I came again and I felt Joan’s throat milking my dick in a similar skill that she had used with her ass.

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