Sister I Didn’t Know I Had


I have always had a thing for incest stories but never thought it would happen to me. This is 100% real. First let me introduce myself.

My name is Thomas, I’m 28. All I will say is I live in the UK. I work for a big company but won’t say which one. I was brought up with 3 sisters, 2 brothers and a mother. I won’t disclose their names or ages as they don’t really have any part to play in this.

Until recently they were all the family I had. About 3 months ago I found out that my dead beat dad got another woman pregnant just after him and my mother split up. This child is now 25 years old and recently got married. She got in touch with me just before she went on her honeymoon. Needless to say as my sister I wanted to know her.

So we chatted on Facebook for a little while. The opportunity to actually meet happened a few days after we started speaking. My step dad was very ill and was given a few days left to live. So I took time off work to travel home to say good bye. While I was home I thought I might as well use this opportunity to meet her.

After telling her I was coming home we arranged a time and a place gaziantep sahibe escort bayan to meet. Needless to say I was very nervous. I had only seen pictures of her on Facebook and thought she was attractive, but nothing prepared me for the whirlwind of feelings I would have for her when we met.

It was a sunny day at the start of summer, well what we in Britain could call summer which means it wasn’t raining. She was already in the place we decided to meet. As I drove to this place I was ok, just curious if we would get along. As I parked my car and started to walk I started to get nervous. Then I saw her… WOW, this woman was a goddess.

She had long shiny brown hair, fantastic soft looking skin, dark brown eyes that felt like they were looking straight into my soul and her figure…MMMMM, easily the best figure I have ever seen on a woman.

I am pretty good at guessing a woman’s measurements and from just looking at her I guessed she was a size 10 and had 34D breasts. I would later find out my guess was correct.

We chatted for a good 2 hours at least. şahinbey escort bayan It was like we had known each other our whole lives.

While we were sat talking I had to keep moving in my seat because as soon as I stopped I could feel my eyes get drawn to her legs.

After we finished chatting I gave her a lift home then said goodbye. We exchanged phone numbers before we parted and promised to keep in contact.

Over the next few months we talked pretty much all day everyday about everything. Our lives, our interests, our jobs and even our sex lives.

Then she went on her honeymoon.

While she was away all I could think about was how she would look in a bikini lying next to the pool. These feelings were new for me and I had no idea how to deal with them. So I hid them away and kept them to myself incase I scared her away.

By this point I realised I didn’t want her in my life, I needed her. So I kept them hidden and talked like a brother should talk to his sister.

3 weeks later she got back from her honeymoon and we talked even more. Every şahinbey bayan escort time I got a message from her my heart would skip a beat and I would be constantly checking my phone incase she messaged me.

Never before have I had this desire to speak to someone let alone one of my siblings.

As the months went on we got closer and closer and realised we are literally the same person just different genders.

Then one night while we were both drunk I let slip that I find her sexually attractive. It was the longest 5 minutes of my life. I felt like my whole world had ended.

Then I heard my phone, I quickly picked it up with a feeling or dread running through me.

Then I read the best four words I could ever hope to read “I feel the same”.

Needless to say the smile on my face was massive.

We chatted about how to deal with these emotions and what could possibly happen.

We have exchanged pictures, not the kind normal siblings would exchange. She is yet to see me naked and I have only seen her in her underwear.

I am heading back up to her area next week and we are going to meet up and go for a “quiet walk” and talk about these feelings. But so far everything is looking good as she has told me she “has to see me naked”.

I will keep updating these as everything develops.


If there is anybody out there in the same situation as me, I would love to chat with you. Leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you.

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