Sex Garage Ch. 01


A few years ago, I bought a complex of buildings in my neighborhood. There is a large storefront, a garage door that leads to a large t-shaped 15 car commercial garage, another storefront and then a small, freestanding single unit with a driveway on the side. I decided to fix up the small unit first, so one early morning I arrived around 7 am with the intention of painting the whole interior that day.

As I was getting supplies out of the truck I noticed a car slow down, and then park a few spaces down the street. Feeling somewhat cautious, I stood and watched to see what would happen next. The driver’s door opened and a beefy young, light skinned black man got out. My neighborhood is very racially mixed so I assumed he was looking for someone who lived on the street. He was wearing a dress shirt and tie with loose cut microfiber pants and well shined brown slip-ons. He struck me as a teacher type and since there is a school about 5 blocks up the street, nothing seemed unusual so I turned back to unloading my truck.

He came up to me and asked, “Is this place for rent?” I told him that it wasn’t ready but soon would be and that I’d be happy to show it to him. We went into the unit which is roughly the size of a large studio apartment, with a bathroom and separate bedroom at the back. I showed him Betturkey the place and he didn’t seem in any hurry to leave, so we stood in the kitchen area, just shooting the shit about the neighborhood. The counter is L-shaped and I leaned against one side as he leaned against the other, a couple of feet away.

As we talked, on the edge of my vision, I noticed a movement in the front of his pants so I automatically glanced down. His soft dress pants were tented in the front with an obvious hardon. When he saw me looking, he flexed so that his cock jumped again in my direction. I reached over and just ran my knuckle down the length through his pants. He sighed and leaned back further, so I grabbed his hard cock and squeezed. One thing I really love is sucking a fat cock and this one felt like I wouldn’t even be able to get my hand around it, it was so thick.

There was an old folding chair nearby that I used to sit on when taking a break and a stack of old but clean sheets I intended to use as drop cloths. I went over, spread one of the sheets over the chairs and got on my knees in front of the chair, then told him to come here. He came over and stood in front of me and let me open his belt and zipper and drop his pants to the floor. Underneath, he had on loose boxers that I slowly pulled down Betturkey Giriş while he held his shirt tails back behind him. When his cock sprung free, not only was it one of the fattest I’d ever seen but it was also at least 8 inches long and uncut! His pubic hair was clipped very short so it lay perfectly flat against his belly and his big loose ballsac hung down, filled with large oval balls. His ballsac was darker than the rest of his skin and his big cock was a beautiful coffee with cream color with a big vein running down each side that actually moved with his heart beat.

I wrapped my hand around his fat shaft and pulled his foreskin back, exposing a plum shaped cock head that was a deep rose color. When I did, a perfect pearl of pre-cum formed on his piss slit. When I licked it up, it had a salty taste but was also spicy, something I’d never experienced before. My licking his cock head must have been too much because he dropped down on the chair with his perfect cock sticking straight up and his big balls spread on the seat. I started by licking and sucking his balls but I couldn’t wait to get that big dick in my mouth. I trailed my tongue up the underside of his cock and took the massive head in my mouth. He sighed like a dying man. The head was so big, it filled my mouth. I slid my mouth Betturkey Güncel Giriş down over it and it was so big, I had no trouble taking it all the way into the back of my throat without gagging. His breath was already speeding up after I’d only bobbed up and down in it a few times, so I grabbed his big balls and pulled down, thinking that would slow down his cumming.

WRONG! Apparently that was too much for him, because suddenly he was gasping, “I’m going to cum!” (Isn’t it somehow endearing how straight guys always warn you that they’re going to cum?) And my mouth was literally filled with his juice. I’ve read plenty of porno where they talk about so much cum that it overflows the cocksucker’s mouth but that was the first time I’d ever experienced it. His orgasm was so big that before I could manage to swallow, it ran down his cock shaft and around his balls. I swallowed the main load then used my tongue to clean up the overflow while he sat there shuddering. His cum, like his pre-cum, had the same subtle spicy flavor…delicious!

I said, ‘You must have been saving that up for awhile!” and he admitted it had been a long time since the last time he had gotten off. Needless to say, after he shot his load he was in a hurry to get away. He did come back one morning a few weeks later, though, and this time his cock was hard as soon as he got out of his car. Same scenario, only this time he wanted to watch me beat off and shoot my load after I sucked him off. I never saw him again but that was one of the prettiest dick I ever had the honor to suck!

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