Roomies Ch. 04

For the next few weeks Shannon and Erin could barely talk to each other… not because either of them were angry about Erin walking in on Shannon and Christie, but because they were both so embarrassed. All the conversations were rather stilted and overly polite, as if neither of them were sure how to address the other. For Erin’s part though, hidden under the excess of manners, she was still burning with curiosity and desires that she didn’t quite understand.

Christie hadn’t been back to the room since, and Erin wasn’t sure if it was to make sure that there would be no repeat event or because Shannon and Christie were through. Deep down she was hoping for the latter, although with the current state of things she didn’t really feel as though she could ask Shannon. It might seem as if she was making a judgement or something if she did, and that was certainly something she didn’t want to make Shannon feel. Things were already uncomfortable as it was!

The repercussions had been so embarrassing that Erin was even finding it hard to masturbate secretly to Shannon’s videos… after all, what if the same thing happened and Shannon came in to find her doing that! Who knows what that might do to their already somewhat strained relationship… after awhile though she started to relax. After all, neither of them seemed to be very interested in skipping class escort bayan lately… you never knew when the other one would too! Still, as time went on her curiosity and horniness overcame the fear of being caught. Shannon probably wouldn’t be skipping classes any time soon anyway, she was the one to suffer the most from the embarrassment after all. Chances were she’d learned her lesson the most thoroughly.

So Erin started watching the porn again, masturbating furiously as she also remembered the way Shannon and Christie had been set up in the room. Christie buried in Shannon’s pussy, completely oblivious to their surroundings as she licked furiously between Shannon’s thighs. The way Shannon’s breasts had been heaving below her flushed face, her hands entwined in Christie’s hair for extra support. Erin’s fingers thrummed faster on her clit as she pictured herself in Christie’s place, licking at Shannon’s slit, hearing Shannon moan for her. As the picture on the screen changed, the scenario in her head changed with it.

Now she was flat on her back with Shannon kneeling over her, the other girl’s fingers deep in her pussy and pounding her hard. Erin’s back arched as she invaded her pussy with her own fingers, imagining that they were Shannon’s, rough and questing inside her. With a lusty moan she came, her pussy clenching down as she altıparmak escort bayan thrashed on the bed, almost feeling Shannon kneeling between her thighs.

Panting, she decided that this was her best fantasy yet. Although walking in on Shannon and Christie like that had been extremely embarrassing, it definitely had some benefits, in the way of better realized sexual fantasies. Before this she could only imagine what Shannon looked like when she was having sex, now she KNEW.

Glancing at the clock she realized she was going to be late for her next class – and this was one that she definitely couldn’t afford to miss. Jumping out of bed she stuck her fingers in her mouth, sucking the juices off quickly as she grabbed her things and threw them into her school bag. Rushing to the door she quickly closed and locked it and ran down the hall. It never occurred to her that she’d forgotten to take the movie out of the VCR, or that Shannon would be back in the room before her.


When Erin came back into the room she was whistling cheerfully, somehow she felt much less awkward than she had before. Shannon was just sitting there on her bed with her back turned, it looked as though she was reading something. Closing the door Erin dropped her bag and went over to undress nilüfer eskort and grab her robe; she needed a shower after that pilates class!

“Were you watching this?” Shannon had turned to her and was holding out a very familiar looking video tape. Erin froze, her shirt off and hanging in her hand, standing in nothing but her sports bra and panties; she tried to say something, some kind of denial, but it didn’t seem as though her voice was working. Instead she just stood there with an expression of obvious guilt on her face.

Shannon stood up and walked towards her, Erin took a step back nervously and then stood her ground as her roommate got closer and closer. She didn’t look mad… so Erin had no idea what was going on. When Shannon was only a few inches away from Erin, her eyes were inspecting Erin’s face all over, they stood there for a few moments. And then Shannon leaned forward. Erin’s breath caught in her throat as Shannon’s lips came down on hers, she didn’t know what to do.

Soft, warm, gentle… incredibly gentle… Erin’s eyes sank closed and she parted her lips as Shannon’s tongue pressed into her mouth. For a moment everything was incredible… and then Shannon moved closer and their breasts pressed together.

“LESBIAN!” shrieked something in her head, an echo of the taunts from the other girls at high school. Was she? Was she?

She didn’t know and she wasn’t sure that she was ready to find out.

Erin pulled away, “I have to… I have to- I need a shower…” she gasped out, stuttering.

Grabbing her robe and towel she rushed out of the room, leaving behind a very confused and hurt-looking roommate.

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