It had been nearly twenty years since I had seen Rex and Dru. Actually the last time I had seen them was at my wedding. Rex had been my boss at the last firm I had worked before going out on my own. He became more than a boss, taking me under his wing…becoming a mentor and sharing his vast experience with me. I was grateful for the opportunity and became quite close to him, close enough to be my best man when I married Ellen.

A month after our wedding, the company closed down and we parted ways…heading off for new jobs and greener pastures. We kept in contact through the years, but never found the time to get together. As I was heading up there way for an extended business trip, I decided to make the time…to drop in and visit my dear friends. Of course they invited me to stay with them at their spacious house outside of Richmond. When I arrived, they greeted me warmly and within a few hours, it felt like we hadn’t been apart at all. It was a wonderful afternoon, catching up with Rex and Dru finding out how their children had turned out…and above all…how talented and brilliant their grandchildren were. I had to tease them about becoming old fogies, reminding them that they were ancient compared to my young age. Of course that got a resounding “fuck you” from both of them. Later that evening, their next door neighbors dropped by to say hello. Everyone was having such a good time, Rex and Dru decided to invite them to stay for dinner.

Charles and Carla were about the same age as Rex and Dru, with similar Southern backgrounds and pedigrees. I decided to turn on my adopted Southern charm and complimented both women…remarking how much younger they both seemed than the two old codgers. “Too late,” chirped Dru…”you already told me I was an old fogy.” She grinned and gave me a rather unladylike finger, while Carla took the compliment with a delightful blush and flashing smile. Just before dinner, we found ourselves sitting together on the sofa. She took the opportunity to thank me privately.

“Thank you, Fletcher,” she whispered, cradling my arm between her ample breasts. “It’s been a long time since anyone noticed me for something other than my cooking.” I was a bit surprised at her remark but even more surprised when she leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. She quickly pulled back when Dru called us all into dinner. I stood and offered her my hand. She took it, but made no move to get up. Instead her eyes gave me a bold once over, her eyes lingering at my crotch.. She looked up, that telltale blush on her cheeks, and stared into my eyes. “By the way, your not so bad yourself…not to mention the fact that your hands are huge.” Her face turned beet red when she realized the possible interpretation of her remark. “Oh my.” She laughed softly and shook her head. “Did I really say that? Let’s go eat,” she said laughingly.

Her remarks certainly helped my ego. I guess the daily workouts and personal trainer were worth the price. At 51, I was still in great shape, even maintaining a respectable six-pack. But poor Rex and Charles were showing the signs of rapidly becoming “dick-doo’s,” an old Southern expression for a man “who’s belly sticks out further than his dick do.” It appeared the heaviest thing they had lifted in a long time was a twelve ounce beer can. But, true to my words, Dru and Carla were both hiding their 50 plus years incredibly well.

A few small wrinkles and tiny wisps of gray hair hinted that Dru might be over forty. Her long, dark hair was gathered up into an unruly bun, the loose wisps of hair casually framing her lovely face set off her gorgeous green eyes and pouty pink lips perfectly. She had kept her petite body taut and tan, and as always, was wearing clothes to highlight that remarkable ass of hers…one that I couldn’t forget the embarrassment of smacking at a Christmas party many years ago. However, my wife, my fiancée at the time, was standing at my side during that one and only public indiscretion. And, she never let me forget. She did chalk it up to that bottle of Tequila I had managed to pretty much destroy and to this day keeps a watchful eye on me at parties.

There was a more private side to our relationship…one that lasted till the end of the company forced us to part ways. For nearly two years, Dru had been my submissive, and we had enjoyed an unbridled exploration pf the steamy world of D/S. I was grateful that our relationship had remained secrete all these years. Accept for an occasional tryst, mostly accidental encounters with wannabe submissive women met on business trips, my life was a vanilla ice cream sundae topped with whipped cream.

Those with a similar past understand the longing carefully locked away in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, my life with Ellen was wonderful, but I often wondered what it would be like if Dru and I had remained together. I could still feel and taste that wanton bitch, who, with a single command or the crack of my hand across her upturned cheeks, could morph from the shy and devoted wife of another to my insatiable whore whose Betturkey sole purpose in life was to satisfy my vile cravings. Yes…I missed her…that lifestyle…a leopard never really changes its spots. Perhaps in another life I might spend my days plowing her tight, petite body with my god given and gratefully received eleven inches; yes, my hands really are huge.

Carla, on the other hand was the consummate “big Southern blond.” Nothing about her was chiseled, sharp or hard edged. Everything was smooth, gently rounded and ripe. I could only imagine what she looked like in her twenties…a walking wet dream that produced a forest of wood where ever she was. She was tall, our eyes almost even when I looked into them. Like Dru, there were those little wrinkles and wisps of gray, but her hair was long, pulled back casually with strands of hair escaping to float gracefully about her face. Her body had a mature fullness perfectly sculpted by time.

The lushness of her body even made her simple, flowing summer dress seem erotic. When the light was right, you could see the shadowy form of her huge breasts, gently fettered by her bra…thin straps and a narrow back made it clear she wore it for modesty not for support. I was surprised she wore a thong, uncharacteristic of a woman her age. I could only envy Charles…trying to picture myself with those long, tan legs wrapped around my neck, my hands under her lush hips, as I pounded my cock in and out of her body. I was delighted to meet her, but grateful she lived in Richmond. She was far too tempting, though I had to assume her breeding made her an unlikely candidate for an affair.

The unbalanced seating arrangement placed me across from Carla. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching her graceful movements during the meal. The conversation was delightful, and by meals end, I was enchanted with this unattainable woman. Finally, like most good things, the evening came to an end. We hugged each other goodbye more like old friends than new acquaintances. Before going to bed, Rex asked if I would like to play golf the next day. Charles, Rex and two other friends were heading up to Culpepper to play a course they had heard was top shelf. I begged off, not being much of a golfer and that I would really appreciate the time to rest for my upcoming week. He understood completely, apologizing for not being able to cancel his plans, but warned me…”You are going to be stuck with the girls.” ‘Rats,’ I thought, almost laughing out loud. To think I would be stuck in the company of two lovely women instead of being out with four pot-bellied old men.

I was more tired than I had imagined. I was out the moment my head hit the pillow. When I finally managed to wake up, I felt completely refreshed. It was late. I glanced at my watch and discovered it was past 9:30. I hurriedly stepped into the bathroom to start my SSS routine and discovered a note taped to the mirror. “Be back later in the afternoon…have an emergency at the hospital that needs my attention. Carla has volunteered to babysit an will probably have breakfast ready when you get there. Just let yourself in, she is expecting you…Dru.”

It took little less than a half hour before I was walking into Carla’s kitchen. “That had better be you Fletcher, or I am in deep trouble.” She laughed, turning to look back over her shoulder, flashing me a smile before returning to the task at hand on stove. “Coffee’s to your right…pour me a cup, will you…cream and three sugars, Sugar.” She laughed lightly. “I hope you understand Southern,” she quipped. I laughed and moved towards the coffee pot which was completing its last gurgle and hiss.

“I would be delighted ma’am,” drawing out the words in my best Andy Griffith voice.

“Smart ass,” she growled, laughing as she stirred the wonderful smelling food in her frying pan. I took the moment to make sure she was as beautiful as I had thought last night. Quite a change from last night, I thought. From the back, she appeared more like a young, free spirit of the younger generation instead of a grandmother of four. She was wearing a loose tank top that ended about half way down her back. It was a bright yellow, matching one of the many colors contained in her long, floral patterned skirt than hung low on her lush hips. It was made of that swishy material that flutters around a womans body like a swarm of bees, lighting on any surface they wished to reveal. Her bare feet completed her mother earth look…a look free enough to bring back images of that time long ago.

“There,” she declared. “This can sit until I have my cup of coffee.” She turned the stove off and spun around, her skirt flaring in a wide arc. She placed her hands on her hips and raised one eyebrow and grimaced her face in a mock scowl. “It had better be ready buster…you don’t want me mad before my first cup of coffee.” She grinned and walked over, poising herself on a stool as she accepted her cup. She took a sip and purred. “I don’t know what I would do without this stuff.” She paused and grinned at me over Betturkey Giriş her cup. “Hi.” I grinned back.

“Hi. Great coffee. And by the way, you look absolutely enchanting…positively dangerous.” I paused and cocked my head slightly, curious as to her reaction. There was that blush again. She squinted her eyes a bit and shifted them away from mine.

“You’re not just saying that are you…I can tell you can be quite the charmer?” she asked, her voice almost sounding she was afraid to hear the answer. I laughed in honest amazement.

“Hardly,” I replied. “And why on earth would you ask that…you must have at least one mirror in this house?” I could tell she was pleased at my reply, but she got quiet before answering my question.

“Charles,” she replied flatly. “He thinks I’m being silly when I dress like this…that I am acting silly…too young he says.” I had to laugh again, shaking my head in dismay. I paused for a moment, thinking if I should be frank or cautious, realizing she would probably slap my face if she knew what I was thinking. “Come on,” she growled. “Out with it…I know you are thinking how to be polite and not hurt my feelings.” I could tell she was teasing somewhat, fishing perhaps…but I could sense a tiny bit of trepidation.

“I hope I don’t offend you. But, woman…if I were Charles…I wouldn’t be out banging a little white ball around the countryside at this moment.” I could hear the breath rushing into her lungs as she gasped. She bit her lip to keep from grinning, then finally gave up letting it spread across her face.


“Sure. I am starving.”

We were certainly in a strange mood as we ate our food. Teasing each other, laughing, talking politics and above all else, not daring to confront the white elephant in the room. Unfortunately, it got bigger and bigger as we sat there. After eating, I helped her clean up then waited patiently while she put the dishes into the washer. When she was done, I poured us another cup of coffee. We sat in those same stools making small talk until she started to chuckle.

“Damn you, Fletcher…you are awful,” she said laughing. “All I can think about is my husband chasing this little white ball all over the place. He is a terrible golfer, you know.” There were tears flowing down our cheeks when we finally stopped laughing. She looked at me, nervously biting her lip, her eyes smiling. “Did you mean it?” I nodded yes. She slid off her stool and moved between my knees, sliding her arms up around my shoulders, her lips a hairs breadth away from mine. “Then you’d better be worth it, buster.”

Our first kiss began with a tenderness and feeling of honest desire I hadn’t experienced in a long, long time. We were seventeen again, like Toby Keith had written, full of life and passion that nearly all of us let slip away as we grow older. There were no games, none of the coyness that defines seduction. In seconds, we were clawing each other through our clothes and our kiss grew wet and hungry as each of us fed on the others mouth. Our tongues swirled and parried, plunging and tasting as we reinvented the kiss. Suddenly she stopped and turned, grabbing my hand to take me with her. I stopped her and pulled her back into my arms.

“Where are you going?”

“I thought…didn’t you want to go to bed?” She seemed embarrassed that she had presumed too much…as if my answer could some how be no. I slid from my stool and pushed her back against the counter, staring at the confusion in her eyes and slowly unbuckling my belt.

“Only if we are gong to sleep,” I replied. Her eyes widened as I tugged my zipper down and began to push down my jeans.

“Here?” Her tone showing her disbelief. “In the kitchen?” Then she gasped. “Oh my God,” she whispered, as my cock came into view. “Oh my God,.” I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. “Oh my God.” Instinctively she turned and placed her hands on the cold granite and leaned forward. I flipped her skirt up over her hips and ripped her tiny thong panties off, tossing them onto the counter. “Oh God…Oh my God.” I moved closer, pressing my loins against her beautiful ass, letting my cock press up against her pussy. “Oh God…Oh God,” she whimpered, panting and trembling. I bent my knees slightly, finding the right spot, then shoved my hips upward. “OH…MY…GOD,” she screamed, grunting loudly as I buried every turgid inch of my cock inside her womb.

I gripped her smooth hips tightly, savoring that first penetration, the wet flesh closing around my cock like a vise, sheathing me with her cuntal walls. “You are incredible,” I growled, nuzzling the side of her neck. “You have no idea how good you’re pussy feels.” She whimpered and pushed her ass back, driving my cock even deeper into her hungry cunt, squeezing my cock even harder.

“Oh my God…Oh my God. It’s so big…oh God. Oh god….fuck me. Yesssssssssssss,” she hissed as my hips began to work back and forth, pumping in and out with slow, deliberate strokes. I looked down at her delicious bottom, loving the look of those white patches of skin hidden by her obviously modest bathing suit. My mouth watered when my eyes spotted her tiny pucker peeking out from the dark cleft between her cheeks. Just the thought of fucking her ass caused me to brutally slam my cock into her belly. “Oh yesssssssss, baby…god dammit…fuck me harder.” She groaned as I quickened the pace, furiously pounding my throbbing cock in and out, in and out. “Harder,” she screamed again and again. “Harder…harder…harder…Oh fuck…Oh God…Shit…Uh…Uh…Uhhhhhhhh. Oh God…I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.”

When her shrill, high pitched scream of ecstasy reached my ears, the only thing I could think at the moment, was thank God. I felt the first rope of cum explode from the tip of my cock into her cunt…then the next…and the next. Her body trembled and churned as her hungry cunt sucked every drop of cum from my balls. It was the most mind blowing fuck I had had in many, many years, perhaps ever. Finally, I could feel the flow of semen stop completely. I rested for a moment, then tried to push my exhausted body back.

“Please don’t,” she whispered. “Please don’t take it out yet.” I smiled and pushed back in, gently stirring her cum filled pussy, letting my hands gently caress her buttocks. She trembled and pushed back against me, whimpering softly as I squeezed and kneaded her cheeks.

“Does this mean you want me to fuck you again?” I taunted.

“God yesssssssss,” she hissed. “That’s the first time I ever came that way…you know, with it inside me…he finishes me with his fingers.”

I felt a bit uncomfortable with her rather candid confession, but it made me realize, somewhat, why this outwardly prim and proper woman decided to fuck a man she had known less that 24 hours. She was starved for the passion and affection that was lacking at home. The word “ever” made it clear their sex life had never been anything to rave about…the fire hadn’t waned so that sex had simply become nothing more than a component of their routine…it never existed. She had never truly been fucked…until this day, and her decision to stray was made in desperation to finally enjoy what she desired before life passed her by. I had to make sure she hadn’t been wrong in selecting me for that honor.

“Do you really think we can find some time before you leave…to do it again?” she asked. I grinned to myself, realizing that based on her experience, we were through for the day. There was no need to embarrass her…I simply pushed my cock in deeper. She grunted, surprised by the hardness of my cock and squealed when I slapped her playfully on the ass. “My goodness,” she gasped. “You hit me.” She squealed again as the second slap stung her ass crisply. I watched her flesh quiver as the telltale imprint of my hand began to appear…her ass subtly moving back rather than away from me. “Why?” she whispered.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “I shouldn’t, but I did.”

“Then that’s reason enough.” I smacked her again. “Now, my sweet little whore, I want to see you naked.” I pushed her away and spun her around. You could see a flash of anger in her eyes. Obviously she wasn’t used to a firm hand on her ass or the strong tone in my voice.

“Don’t talk to me that way. I am not a whore, and I am beginning to think that this was a big mistake. You are hardly a gentleman.”

“I said…get naked. Now.” She was nervous now…but her trembling hands moved to the bottom of her shirt. Slowly, she pulled it up, revealing her huge tits in tiny vignettes, until she tugged it quickly over her head and dropped it on the floor. She lifted her hands to cover herself. “I said naked…take off the skirt.” She bit her lip, her glaring eyes never leaving mine, but her shaking hands slowly moved down and unfastened the one button that held her skirt together. Once opened, her skirt swished down her hips and onto the floor around her feet. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

There had been no bra holding her trembling, pear shaped breasts. Their milky whiteness contrasted sharply with the deep tan of her body. Me eyes moved up and down her body, taking in every detail of her lush form as I slowly removed my own clothing. Finally, we stood before each other, completely naked, staring into each other’s eyes. She refused to look down at my cock.

“Look at it, Carla,” I commanded. “Take a good look at what you do to me.” She glanced down but quickly moved her eyes back to mine. “I said look at it, or are you afraid to know what you do to a man…afraid to know how incredibly beautiful you are.” Her eyes moved slowly, but finally lighted on my throbbing cock. This time her eyes didn’t move away. I reached down and gripped it firmly, wrapping my fingers around its girth and pumping it slowly. She gasped at the sight of it and began to lick her lips. “See, Carla…this is what YOU do to a man. And this man won’t be happy until I fuck you again…and again…and again, in every hole. They are going to be raw and sore…your body is going to ache, exhausted from the fucking you are going to get.” She was whimpering, almost frightened as her emotions began to surge. Her breath grew shallow and tears began to run down her cheeks.

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