New Years Eve Ch. 02


I went home and had a shower, I jerked off thinking about John’s cock and the load he had deposited in me. I texted him telling him if he wanted to be friends with me or something more then he had to be a better friend and not let his friends talk to me like that.

The ball was in his court now, I would not be messaging him anymore till he contacted me first. I was not about to take the word of a very drunk man, he would have to reach out if he wanted us to be friends.

It was two whole days before I heard from John, he wondered why I had not contacted him, clearly he forgot what had happened. I texted him about the entire evening, and what had happened in his driveway, I told him he would not hear from me ever again unless he apologized when he was sober.

A week went by, I got some drunk texts from John, even a late night call for me to pick him up as he was drunk and could not drive. I did not respond to any of them, as most of you know it’s very hard to cut out someone you care for so much, but he was a user.

I was busy cutting the lawn when John pulled in my driveway, I realized he had never been to my home before. John sat in his truck for quite some time, I continued to cut grass till he got out of his truck, he walked up to me standing inches from me.

He did not say a word he only stared at me, he reached in and pulled me to him.

“Billy I am so sorry for all that I have done to you over the years, I hate myself for treating you like I have. I went over to Bob’s place the guy who called üvey kız kardeş porno you names and told him I cared for you a lot and he could not talk about you like that or I would punch him out.”

“Bob and I talked, I told him I was gay, I was kidding myself thinking I was even the least bit bisexual or straight, I only have eyes for you Billy, and I should never treat you like that or let anyone treat my potential boyfriend like that.”

John pulled me in and placed his lips to my own, he and I kissed right in my front lawn, he pulled back and stared into my eyes.

“Billy would you go out on a date with me please?”

I smiled at him, he stared at me waiting for my response.

“Yes of course I will, but just come over here and I can make us a really nice intimate dinner for just me and you. Or you could just stay the rest of the day, let me finish up this grass cutting then we can sit by the pool and relax.”

John pulled me in for a kiss, I had forgotten how sweaty I was from the heat and the lawn cutting. I got John to go in and I would finish this up, grab a shower then relax by the pool. I got it all done then went in to shower, I ripped off my clothes as I walked into the shower.

I did not see John behind me taking his clothes off as well, I got in the shower and he pulled the door shut behind us. I got wet under the rain shower head, he pulled me in and pressed me to the shower wall. He and I kissed he reached in and grabbed my engorged cock.

He xnxx porno fell to his knees and took my cock into his mouth, damn this felt so good, I had fantasized about this so much, and now with my cock in his mouth I could not hold back, it took a mere few seconds and I was pumping his mouth with my seed.

I pulled him to his feet and kissed him, turned him and pressed him to the wall, I swallowed his cock in deep. I worked his cock till he blew his load in my mouth and throat, I drained him of every single drop he could give me.

He pulled me to my feet and kissed me soft and gentle, I was in heaven right now, he and I washed each other. I stayed in and cleaned out so he could give me what I really needed from him. I dried off and came out to my fantasy.

Him naked on the middle of the bed, his cock raging hard and ready to put in my tight ass. I climbed on the bed on my hands and knees, in between his legs he smiled at me as I got closer, he pulled me in and rolled on top of me.

I pulled my legs back and was ready for his big cock, I grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock and my hole. He fingered me with one, then two, he stroked my cock while he fingered me, he smiled at me as his cock pressed to my tight hole.

He pushed in but my hole resisted, he pushed harder and my hole conceded, his cock slowly disappeared inside of me. I wanted to scream, from the pain and the feeling of having my dream man’s cock inside of me.

He held his cock in place while my hole adjusted zenci porno to the intrusion, his cock started to pump in then back out. Soon his body was slapping against my own, the look on his face it was evident that he was close and his cock was about to seed me.

I had wet dreams of this, this man I was so infatuated with making love to me in my bed and about to squirt his load deep inside of me.

“Oh fuck Billy, Babe, I love you so much.”

Did he really just say he loves me? Was I hearing things I was hoping he might say to me, cause I knew a long time ago I loved this man. Once he stopped shooting he lay on top of me sweating, breathing hard, out of breath, comfortable where he was.

“I love you too John.”

There I said it, I finally said it to him, he lifted his head moved upwards so we were face to face.

“Billy I did not just say that in the heat of passion, I really do love you.”

“Loved you for years now John, just never saw us in this position ever.”

“Yes and I am sorry I was such a jerk to you, glad you made me realize how I really feel about you Billy. Again real sorry, and I am glad you slapped me in the face I deserved that, woke me up. “

John laid down on my chest, I was were I wanted to be for the rest of my life, with the man I loved and who loved me. We lay there for a good hour, John dozed off, telling me he had not gotten much sleep since that New Years eve night.

He was wracked with guilt of how he had treated me and he was worried I may never want to be near him ever again. How could he treat a guy he loved so much the way he had treated me, and let his friends talk to me the way they did.

He and I would have a nap then I would start dinner, or maybe I would just order pizza. Pizza and beer, best combination ever, maybe like him and I.

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