My Niece Eva Ch. 1


When my older brother’s wife suddenly passed away, I contacted my niece Eva by e-mail. That’s not quite as cold as it sounds. I wasn’t told until well after the funeral, her father and I only tolerate each other (I’ve always been referred derisively by him as The Kid because he’s 13 years older than me), and of his three kids (boy from

and girl/girl from Tina who just died) Eva is the only one who ever acted as if I was really a member of the family. Added to all of that is the fact that they are all back east and I’m in LA.

So, anyway, I contacted Eva and she wrote back. And I wrote again and so did she, a number of times over 4 months. Mostly it was old times that she might not remember when bursa eskort bayan I was periodically back in Toledo at some family reunion or other and she and her sister were maybe too little to remember. From Eva it was mostly her problems with her 14 year old daughter, trying to get money from her ex, problems raising Patty, trying to get her degree, and working full time. Not an uncommon story.

One day, with summer coming up and Patty probably going to Grandpa’s for a week or more at sometime, I asked Eva if she ever wanted to visit So.Cal. If so, I could stay with my lady friend and she could use my house as a base, saving a lot of money. I didn’t hear back from her for some weeks bursa merkez escort and then she e-mailed and asked if the offer was still open. IT WAS!

Eva is the next youngest of my brother’s children, at 33. She’s about 5’6″ and maybe 115. Medium bust and brunette pageboy cut hair. My brother, to give the devil his due, was a really handsome man when he was younger (upper 60’s now) and Tina was a knockout. They produced a fine pair of girls but Eva (when I last saw her 3 years ago) is gorgeous; like, almost model type beautiful. Just the thought of her sleeping in my bed made me want to get the sheets before she could wash them when she left. I’d love to be bursa sınırsız escort bayan able to say that the word incest never entered my tiny little brain until just recently, but the truth is that when she was 15 or 16 I wanted to eat her up, same when I saw her when she graduated from Ohio State, and three years ago at my Mother’s funeral, she looked like a goddess.

So. She was coming to use my house for 6 days while Patty was visiting my brother. My brain was doing tailspins trying out different cockamamy ideas. Cameras hidden in the bedroom, the bathroom, drilling holes in the walls of my house so I could sneak over at night and watch her undress and shower, and some even crazier.

When the day came for her arrival I had only done one thing in preparation. I rented her a car from Enterprise as a Welcome To California surprise. She came in on American Airlines at LAX and I was there to greet her with my Lady, Stacy. Even after a five hour flight she looked good enough to eat; so young and so sensuous.

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