Making Music Cum Alive Part 3


Chapter 5: The Lady gets her wish.

Phillis, the fifty something wife of a local Detroit radio station manager, had trapped one of the young DJ’s as tightly as if she had bound his arms. She looked, dressed, talked, and fucked around like the poster woman for what would later be called a Mother I Would Love to Fuck.

As Jim stood nervously against the door frame Phillis made a simple request, “remove your shirt or lose your job”. As the young jock slowly removed his paisley shirt, revealing his broad hairy chest, Phillis again replayed her last encounter with her mother.

Reaching out to Phillis her mother had pulled her close against her. She remembered the sweet smell of her mother’s stale perfume and breath thick with booze and cigarettes. Phillis always regretted how it was not a comforting embrace.

For years after that embrace, Phillis had been attracted to younger girls, like Jackie. She was hoping that someday she would erase the memory of her mother roughly running her hands along her back, up under her breast and then pulling on her hips and ass to slowly grind against her wet panties in a heated slow dance full of passion but no emotion.

Phillis shook her head to drive off the memory of how her mother had forced her tongue into her mouth and deliberately pulled her dress open. Like a rutting dear she stepped between her daughters long shapely legs, pushing, and pulling her skirt up towards her waist. Her mother only wanted to revel in the wetness of the young teen pussy against her own naked leg. Phillis sadly recalled how during this rough assault by her mother she had focused on the pimple faced young boy who had been teasing her pussy earlier that night as she stroked his thin cock to a violent climax.

Phillis looked down today to see her ample breast, the best that money could buy, adorned by hardening nipples, teased by that long-forgotten cock teasing memory. She smiled as she recalled how she had learned to pull and tease them at an early age to draw into herself the pleasure she knew she delivered, nightly, to any boy who would give Phillis a smile and a soft kiss.

“You are nothing, but a cock tease” had been her mother’s parting words. She would die if she knew just how good of a cock tease Phillis had become.

Shaking herself again from her daydream Phillis, much to Jim’s surprised and appreciation, began to rub her hand down her neck and across her breasts, releasing the few buttons holding her blue shear blouse closed. Tossing the blouse aside she relaxed, sitting with her black lace bra holding tits high, just as her mother had instructed. Phillis spread her legs so that Jim and Jackie could both view her bare wet cunt, thick swollen lips and teased clit. She had made the young man an unspoken offer, yes? And she always delivered!

Phillis again motioned intently for Jackie, the receptionist to join them. “Close the door” she instructed.

Few knew it was Phillis, not her husband, who had hired Jackie for her visible assets and hidden talents. As Jackie closed the door and eagerly closed the gap between them Phillis said to the young jock. “We are going to show you the best tease of your life.”

Not waiting for his reply Phillis motioned for Jackie to come stand in front of her. Straddling her benefactors long shapely legs Jackie had to lean forward to hear the soft but insistent voice of the program managers sexy wife.

Looking into Jimmy’s eyes Phillis clutched Jackie’s breasts firmly to pull the girl forward and up onto her toes. She kept contact with his eye as she spoke softly into Jackie’s ear “I want you to make his cock so hard he can’t stand up without popping his zipper.”

Jackie saw that her aching breasts were now just inches from Phillis’s ample breasts that just hours earlier had smothered her face as Phillis had stroked her wet cunt and strummed her swollen clit. Reaching back, Phillis released her black transparent bra bringing her firm breasts fully into view. Jackie wished she could bend forward and take one of the firm nipples of her Lady back into her mouth and suckle like she had been taught. Knowing her own sex drive she knew one taste of a firm nipple would lead to two, then the need to suck and lick Phillis’s fat wet clit and probably on to some scissor action leaving the young man with no relief. That did not fit into the immediate plan. Phillis wanted, no she needed, this jock in her sexual debt.

Jackie was escort gaziantep olgun bayan also acutely aware of the heat from the roving fingertips of Phillis as they lightly stroked the backs of her bare legs. She bit her tongue as Phillis expertly untied her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders and on to the floor. She was intensely aware that while she leaned forward to hear her instructions her already short skirt had lifted giving the young jock a clear view of her firm bottom covered in her favorite white satin panties. Jackie did not mind; Jimmy was one of the nice ones who did not say mean things and make fun of her preference for being an older “girlfriend” to Phillis and her daughter.

Jimmy froze in his chair. He had never seen two women tease each other, least not for real, and the sexually tension between these two crackled in the air. Although he had heard the rumors that Jackie preferred to be “with woman” that did nothing to reduce his appreciation for the firm young ass and satin cover camel toe being displayed before him.

Jackie, realizing no other guidance was forth coming, bent her knees slightly, lifted fully on her toes and avoided the intent stare from Phillis as she replied “Yes my Lady, whatever you say”.

The “mmmmm” and gasp of “oh shit” that escaped Jimmy’s mouth was confirmation enough that her slight move had pulled her panties up into her cheeks revealing the soft fine red cunny hairs she had been instructed by Phills to never shave.

Turning on her pointed toes Jackie’s pirouette brought her directly in front of Jimmy. His eyes, still fixed on the point that had been her exposed ass. It was now her wet womanhood and swollen clit, hidden by the thin material of her summer skirt and her thin white satin panties.

As Jackie stepped forward the young jock instinctually backed away hitting his head with a hard “Thud” on the panel wall opposite of Phillis.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt.” Jackie cooed as she extended her arms to place her palms on the wall, trapping the young jock between them.

“Just a little” Jim replied trying to rub the back of his head and only managing to bring his forearm up and into full contact with the firm breasts nestled in a white satin and lace bra.

“Let me get comfortable” Jackie purred as she unhooked her white satin and lace bra and dropped it at Jimmy’s feet.

“MMMMM, I knew you liked me” Jackie smiled as and spoke into Jimmy’s neck in a hushed tone. She continued to trace the outline of his hard throbbing cock as she leaned into the young man, mashing her breast against his warm and hairy chest.

Watching Jackie mold herself against the teased jock she spoke. “Very good Jackie, VERY… VERY good”. As she encouraged Jackie she parted her legs further to give herself full access to her inflamed sex.

Looking back over her shoulder Jackie rubbed her soft breasts against Jim, made eye contact with Phills, and said “Yes lady, like this?

Then she stepped into the young man bringing his swelling cock into full contact just below her belly button.

Pushing her skirt down Jackie rose up on her toes to rub her satin covered clit against the clearly aroused DJ. She was pleased to see her woman friend rubbing her breasts with her right hand and pinching her clit with the other. Still watching her friend Jackie rose up and down dry humping the bewildered young man.

“More please, my Lady” she asked of Phillis confident that she would soon need to move her fingers between her long shapely legs and tend to the pussy that had to be wet by now.

“Yes, dam you, you little cock tease, MORE” barked Phills as Jackie slipped one hand inside of her bra to tease and tweak her swollen nipples.

“Yes my lady” was Jackie’s soft reply as she buried her lips into Jimmy’s neck and pressed herself with firm pressure against the thick bulge so evident now against her.

“Please” she whispered into the young man’s mouth as he looked down to her freckled covered breasts and then clamped her lips on his.

“Please cum” she growled between darting tongues “she needs to see you cum.”

Leaning down Jackie asked ” Do you like me rubbing your fat cock back and forth across my firm titties?” Jimmy tried to wrap his arms around the sexy panther that had trapped him, but she escaped his grasp and quickly dropped to her knees.

“What the fuck??” Jim complained escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan then stopped as he felt Jackie expertly ripping his button-down bell-bottom jeans open and fishing out his thick cock in one quick motion.

“Yes baby girl” Phillis coaxed the younger girl on “Let him see his cum fly baby girl”

Jimmy placed his palms against the wall and tried to not slip to the floor as Jackie roughly pulled his jeans down and began to rub his cock back and forth across her firm breasts. He attention flicked between the sight of his pre-cum trail being left across the firm extend nipples of Jackie and the sight of Phillis leaning back on the desk, legs spread wide, and her right palm rubbing her hairless pussy.

“Oh MY GAWD” barely escaped his lips as Jackie took his cock firmly between her hot wet lips and impaled him deep into her throat. She sucked him deep and he felt the suction of her hot mouth combine with the constriction motion of her throat drawing his cum directly from his blue balls.

As Jackie sucked and dunked his thick shaft Jimmy could do nothing else but hold onto her red hair and let loose a deep “UGHHHHH” each time she took him deep, while she wrapped her teasing tongue around him.

Phillis stared at the swollen cockhead popping in and out of Jackie’s sweet mouth and down into her throat. “Now Baby GIRL, do it for Mommy.”

“Plop” came the sound of Jimmy’s cock sipping from the suction of Jackie’s mouth.

Jackie licked her fingers, wrapped her hand tightly around the base of his pulsating cock and began to pump him hard as she deftly inserted her small finger up into his tight anus.

“AWWWWWWW SHIT” Jim screamed as his legs buckled and cum began to erupt from deep within his balls.

Jackie continue to stroke his ass and squeeze his balls feeling the hot cum splash on her face and breasts and into her red hair.

At the sight of the hot spunk coating her pretend daughter Phillis felt her own climax explode as clamped her legs tightly, trapping her fingers deep inside of her pulsating pussy.

She rocked back and forth and began shouting “I’m C U M I N G, baby girl, MOMMY is CUUMMMMING!”

“Mother, what the fuck is going on.. Oh.. Shit, oh my” stammered Becky, the teen daughter of Phillis, as she burst into the office.

Chapter 6: Young teen gets an education

More sexy activities continue to lead up to a memorable Detroit concert by the Four Seasons.

Becky was walking down the dark narrow back hallway of the radio station to where the executive offices were located.

“Where is everyone” she wondered aloud.

She was annoyed at being dumped by the DJ Jim and was looking for Ron, the program manager, that had promised to take her to the Four Season’s concert that night. She moved down the hall but slowed as she heard voices coming from her left.

Becky stopped outside her father’s office door and quickly recognized her mother’s voice, coming through the closed thick oak door, “Yes baby girl” then a soft moan followed by “Let him see his cum fly baby girl”.

As Becky moved towards the door she heard a loud “slap” as someone placed their palms hard against the wall.

Something then scraped against the wall towards the floor. “Mmmm…MMM” someone with a deep male voice had moaned .

“You like me rubbing your fat cock back and forth across my firm titties?” Now that was Jackie’s voice that Becky easily recognized.

Becky soon was to learn it was Jackie who had made the scraping sound as she had roughly pulled Jimmy’s jeans down to expose his thick cock and hairy balls.

As Becky pressed her ear to the door, she heard a distinct slapping and squishing sound. It reminded her of the first time she caught her Mom masturbating. Phillis had been so intent on driving her long fingers fast and deep inside her pussy she had not even noticed Becky standing in the bedroom doorway until after her climax had coated her long thin fingers.

As Becky slowly cracked open the door she could now clearly see her mother’s gaze, fixed upon the sight of Jimmy’s pre-cum spilling out from his swollen cock head to trail hot juices across Jackie’s extended nipples. Becky quickly found her gaze torn between the sight of the thick cock, that was throbbing as it was building to a climax, and the sight of Phillis leaning back in otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan her chair, legs spread wide, her right palm rubbing her hairless pussy as three fingers delved inside.

“Oh MY GAWD’ drew Becky’s attention away from her mother, lost in her heat, and back to the young couple just in time to see Jackie take his cock firmly between her hot wet lips and impale him deep into her throat.

Becky choked back a gasp as she marveled at the sight of that fat cock now lost entirely within Jackie’s mouth and throat.

Becky absentmindedly began to clench her legs together as her right hand softly caressed her left breast. She loved the feel of her own thick nipple when she rolled it between her fingers. As Jackie sucked and dunked his thick shaft Becky was transfixed as she watched the young man desperately clutch Jackie’s soft red hair.

Becky felt the moisture forming in her new red lace panties as Jimmy let loose a deep “UGHHHHH” each time Jackie took him deep while she wrapped her teasing tongue around him.

Becky could clearly see the outline of his cockhead in her cheek as Jackie expertly moved it around to be licked and teased.

Becky opened the door further so she could see her mother who had leaned forward to also stare at the swollen cockhead and pulsating vein, popping in and out of Jackie’s younger mouth.

Becky bit her tongue, so she did not cry out, and pressed her clit roughly though her soaked lace when her mother said “Now Baby GIRL, do it for Mommy.”

“Plop” came the sound of Jimmy’s cock sipping from the suction of Jackie’s mouth.

Becky slipped her fingers inside her panties just in time to see Jackie wrap her expert fingers around the base of his pulsating cock and then deftly insert her small finger into his tight anus.

“How could he NOT see me”, Becky wondered as Jimmy caught off guard from the new pleasure pressed himself hard against the wall.

“AWWWWWWW SHIT” loudly announced the eruption of a huge slug of cum that began to erupt from deep within his balls.

Becky watched her mother’s eyes roll back as her own climax began while Jackie just smiled and cooed as she continued to stroke his ass, squeeze his large balls and savor the hot cum that splashed on her face, breasts and into her red hair.

At the sight of the hot spunk coating her young protege Phillis moaned even louder and rocked as she felt her second climax explode. Had she opened her eyes she would have caught Becky shaking with the first wash of her own climax brought on by the erotic play before her and the light stimulation of her own clit.

Becky was shocked back to reality as she fell forward, knocking the door fully open, as her mother rocked back in her chair and began shouting “I’m C U M I N G, baby girl, MOMMY is CUUMMMMING!”

“Mother, what is going on.. oh.. oh my” stammered Becky as she burst into the room, her left hand still trapped inside of her soaked panties.

Jimmy nearly fell over as he cried out “DAMN” and made a vain but futile attempt to pull his pants up and over his engorged cock.

“Becky??? How long???” cried Phillis as she nearly fell out of the chair.

Her motion extracted her hand from her pussy, and she flung her hands high and wide and clamped her legs fast together with a loud “SLAP”.

Only Jackie remained kneeling on the floor, her breasts heaving with her near climax, nonplused by all the commotion.

“Hey Becky” was her soft greeting as she wiped a bit of cum clinging to her eyebrow.

“Hey yourself” replied Becky.

As her fingers passed through her long hair, became acutely aware of her own heated scent coming from her wet coated fingers. As she got her footing she wiped her fingers as she smoothed her short skirt.

“I’m so fucked” cried Jim as he held his jeans with both hands and quickly left the room.

Walking behind Jackie Becky reached around the kneeling girl, cupped both the girls breasts firmly and licked some of the hot cum from her neck.

“Mother” Becky spoke sternly to Phillis over her shoulder, “you promised you would not play without ME!!!”

Jimmy, who had stopped in the dark hallway to secure his cum covered cock was puzzled to hear all three ladies begin to laugh, as if some great joke had been shared at his expense.

“DJ” Ron called out to him from the far end of the hall. “Where, What and WHOM have you been doing.”

Turning to his friend Jimmy enjoyed the puzzled look on Ron’s face as he replied, “Having an orgy, how about you?”

Not waiting for Ron’s reply he continued with “We have got to get moving the show is in two hours.”

Ron’s voice trailed off as he hurried to catch up with his friend. “But what about Becky’s expectation of sucking a Four Seasons cock?”

To be continued.

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