Luna Launch


It was a lazy day.  A little after lunch, I forced myself to knuckle down and go through one of the online training courses my uncle had put on my plate.  I knew most of it from working for him at his plumbing business officially for the last couple of years, and unofficially for quite a bit before that.  He knew that I had it down, but I needed to complete the courses anyway to prove to anybody else that I did.It was the one demand my parents and uncle had made when I said I wanted to take a year off after graduating high school.  I’d initially thought I’d spend most of it camping, fishing, and partying, but hadn’t considered that most of my friends – and most of the girls – were going off to college.  Still, it was nice to have nothing much hanging over my head for a few months longer, and I got to skip one frozen pipe season.I had something to look forward to as well.  Once I started working full-time, all I had to do was stay on with my uncle for five years, and my college fund was mine.  Between making good money and that windfall, I would be sitting pretty just a few years down the road.With the online course out of the way, I headed next door.Like a lot of kids, I’d wanted to be an astronaut.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t cut out for all the studying.  I’d just squeaked by as a C student.  Hardly astronaut material.  I never completely got over it though.  Part of that was because I lived next door to the next best thing, a retired NASA guy who had been there for the Apollo program.Mr. Abbot was sitting on his front porch enjoying the unseasonably warm day when I walked outside.  His eyes lit up when he saw me.  “Keeps this up, it may be fishing weather soon.”I chuckled.  “I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Have a feeling the groundhog is going to put the kibosh on that.”Mr. Abbot let out a growl, shook his fist, and then said, “Ah brazzers well.  Soon enough.”“Never soon enough,” I countered.  At some point as we’d talked the previous fall, the subject had come up and he’d revealed that he hadn’t been fishing in almost twenty years.  I made plans to take him as soon as the fish were biting.“What can’t come soon enough is getting back up there,” Mr. Abbot said.  “Decades to get their heads out of their asses and head back to the moon.”“I hear that.  Still over a year away.”“I know better than most what it takes, but an old man’s got his own timetable you know?  At least we got those pictures.  Lord, I can’t imagine how amazing the ones from the surface will be.”“Never mind the pictures.  I’m waiting for video.”“I hear that.”  Mr. Abbot shivered.  “Well, it’s nice out for January, but the breeze is kicking up.  Want to come inside?  My daughter Luna sent off those old movies of mine to have them digitized, and they just came back.”There was no containing my excitement when I asked, “From when you met Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong?”He chuckled.  “Yes sir.  Some stuff I’d completely forgotten about too.”He didn’t have to ask twice.Though the videos were short, and had certainly suffered with age, they were still amazing.  He had video of him and Gene Kranz, the flight director for Apollo, as well as the astronaut videos.  Mr. Abbot added his own commentary, giving even more insight into the men behind the legends.His late wife shot most of the movies, but she was in a few as well.  He always got a little misty-eyed when she was on screen.  She was a real looker.The last of the videos was him in the pool with his three kids.  I’d met his son and youngest daughter, but Luna had only just moved back from the west coast a couple of days before.To be honest, I lost track of time as he reminisced.  cuckold porno My mom dragged me back into the present with a text reminding me that with Dad out on the road, I had dishes to take care of.“I know that look,” Mr. Abbot said as I read the text.  “Get on home.  No sense in riling up your mother.  Luna’s supposed to be stopping by shortly anyhow.”I nodded as I got up from the couch.  “It may be a ways off yet, but we should start looking into getting you geared up for when the fish start biting.”“Still have to convince my kids and that damn nurse that I’m not too old and feeble, but they’ll roll over.”“Soon as they do, we’ll head over to the bait and tackle.  See you tomorrow, Amos.”“See you tomorrow, Glen.”A car pulled up in front of Mr. Abbot’s house as I was walking up my sidewalk.  Damn, I thought as I got my first look at who I assumed was Luna.  She was around my mom’s age, but still smoking hot, and dressed like she knew it.  She had some serious mommy milkers, and she was showing them off in a yellow top that looked like it was about to burst at the seams from holding them in.The last thing I wanted to do was get caught staring, so I tore my eyes away from the sight and headed inside.  Mom had an early dinner ready to go, since she was heading in for a late shift at the hospital.  We ate, and then I took care of the dishes as promised.  Once Mom left for work, I had the place to myself.After fruitlessly scrolling through a couple of streaming services, I was about to give up and head into town with the faint hope something would be happening.  The doorbell interrupted me as I was getting up from the couch.She smiled as I opened the door and said, “I’m Mr. Abbot’s daughter, Luna.  Glen, right?”I nodded.  At that same moment, a stiff breeze caused her to shiver, so czech porno I said, “Do you want to come in?”“Thank you,” she said, and quickly stepped inside.I knew I was in trouble.  Those big tits were trying to pull my eyes into orbit.  That gravitational effect wasn’t enough to stop me from briefly checking out the rest of her, though.  She had a nice ass, which her tight jeans showed off to good effect.She said, “I only have a few minutes while Dad is with the nurse, but I wanted to say thank you.”“What for?”“Dad hasn’t been in the best of shape since Mom passed away.  Diana told me that he’d really perked up since you started coming over every day.  Hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it is another.  He’s like his old self again.”“I like hanging out with him.  He’s got great stories.”Her smile widened.  “And having someone around who hasn’t heard them all has really livened him up.  We all appreciate it.  We were worried about him.”My eyes had somehow drifted down to her cleavage, but I redirected my gaze and said, “It’s no problem – really.”“Now, about this fishing thing…  Dad doesn’t really get around all that well.”I quickly said, “The place I was going to take him, we can drive right up to the pond.  It would be a shorter walk than the mailbox.”“Really?” she responded – sounding surprised.“Oh yeah.  It’s on a friend of mine’s property.  It’s full of crappie, bass, and catfish.  It’s the laziest fishing you’ll ever do.”  I remembered something and pulled my phone out of my pocket.  “Here, I’ll show you,” I said, and then scrolled to a picture that showed me and a couple of friends at the pond with the car parked in view.Luna accepted my phone and said, “Well, you’re right.  That looks pretty easy.”“It’s not that far away, either,” I said as I stepped in closer and pointed at the picture.  “You can see the cell tower that’s just up the road.”I only realized after the fact that standing next to her where I was, I was basically staring straight down her top.She handed the phone back and said, “Okay.  You’ve convinced me.  Only after it actually gets warm though.”

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