Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 04

Big Tits

I woke up and looked around the room in the mellow light cast off by the lamp in the corner. Jann seemed to be sleeping soundly so I got up carefully, went down the hall to the bathroom and relieved my bladder. I flushed the toilet and returned to the room seeing that Jann had pulled a sheet over her. As I eased myself onto the bed, she stirred and said “I have to go too” and wrapping the sheet around her like a sloppy toga, she dragged it with her, staggering up the hall. I looked at the clock on her dresser and it said 3:15 am. We hadn’t slept too long and it wasn’t nearly enough time for Jann to sober up completely.

A few minutes later she came back to her room with a bit of a stumble and got into bed. I wrestled to get under the sheet that she had still wrapped loosely around her and she laughed as I was able to get inside with her, situate myself between her legs and against her warm skin pressing my chest against her big soft breasts. She put her arms around me and giggled.

I kissed her lightly and could tell that she had just brushed her teeth. She kissed me back and held me tighter as we began kissing deeply. I could still detect the alcohol on her breath over the light minty toothpaste scent and flavor as my tongue jousted with hers. My cock head wedged against her inner thigh as it hardened and Jann breathed deeply “Why didn’t we do this years ago?” she questioned. I just kissed her mouth again wetly and reached for her pussy. I put the palm of my hand against her mound and let my fingers drop down to her slit which was already wet…really wet.

“Oh, I love your hot cunt Jann.” I panted as I shifted my hips and guided the swollen head of my cock to her opening. I pushed gently and it sunk in all of the way “Jesus, that’s amazing!” I told her as I pressed my pelvic bone against hers. We kissed deeply as I began to pull out and then push back in. Her cunt was so wet and it got wet in seconds! I immediately settled into a somewhat fast stroke making wet smacking sounds as I pumped in and out of her soft box.

“Oh God Kev…fuck me.” she panted against my mouth as she interlocked her fingers behind my neck and rocked her hips, meeting my thrusts. From the base of my erection to about halfway to my bellybutton was wet with Jann’s pussy secretions, and as we clapped our bodies together, I felt more and more wetness on me while Jann moaned “OHH!” at every collision. I wrestled my hands under her ass immediately moving the middle finger of my right hand to her ass hole. I felt its resistance through the slippery lubricated wetness of Jann’s leaking pussy and pushed my finger inside her hot backside as she put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me tight.

I continued pumping my cock in and out of her pussy as I fucked her tight ass gently with my finger. “Oh my god Kev!” Jann groaned and held on to me desperately. I pulled my finger out of her tight, hot grip and slid my hard cock from her gaping pussy which made a wet kiss sound. I lifted her legs and looked her in her eyes as I positioned the fat, slippery head of my cock against her tight ass hole. Jann wasn’t talking or moaning any more, just breathing deeply.

As I pressed against her I kept my eyes locked on hers. She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something but just partially bared her teeth porno as the swollen, round head of my erection pushed into her hot ass. “Oh yeah…” she whispered as I felt her anus slip over the head and grip the shaft of my throbbing manhood. I slowly pulled back a little but the tight circle of her hole held the rim of the fat head firmly. I pushed in a little further and I leaned down and gave Jann’s bottom lip a soft little bite.

“That was going to be for my husband” she pouted with a breathy exhale.

“I know Jann but like I said, if you only let me fuck your ass, it will be just one guy and besides, you don’t have to tell him. I will never tell anyone.” I said compassionately, finishing with a promise.

“Ohhhhh fuck.” she moaned as I pushed in a little further. My cock was buried about halfway in her tight, hot ass and I felt like I was going to come.

“Don’t move!” I quickly warned and we lay there breathing heavily, my chest pressed hard against her big warm tits and my engorged phallus pulsed and throbbed as it was being held captive by her burning tightness. My heart was pounding in my ears as I kissed her gently and probed her mouth with my tongue while I tried to calm myself down. After a few minutes of not moving inside her, I regained my composure and I began pushing into her again.

We kissed small pecks with the occasional sloppy wet open mouth kiss and she whimpered “Ooh.” as I buried each bit of my hardness into her ass. “You’re fucking my ass.” she whimpered, every few strokes. I reached down to spread her pussy lubricant onto my cock but her pussy had everything in the general vicinity of our loins covered in a shiny, slippery coating.

I had about 3 quarters of my length buried in her hot ass, when I drew my rod out and Jann gasped a sharp inhale. “You’re in my ass.” she whined before I pushed slowly back into her. She had her hands around the back of my neck again as I slowly sawed my cock back and forth pushing through the slippery tightness of her anus. “Oh yes.” she whispered “Fuck my ass hole.” as I kept a steady in and out tempo. I leaned in hard burying myself in her as deep as I could go and as I looked in her eyes she gasped “Oh Kevin…fuck!” and I returned to the steady tempo. Her hands left my neck and went between us so I lifted up to give her some room.

Both of her hands were on her pussy, one holding her mound flesh back a bit as the other rubbed her clit furiously. As she threw her head back, she mumbled and groaned so I buried my full length into her heat again and held it firmly as her rectum flexed and squeezed in sharp convulsions on my pulsating member. “OH YES!” she shouted as she continued her feverish rubbing and her ass continued flexing on my firm rod. “OH YES!” she shouted again and I started to move tiny little strokes in her ass. “OH MY GOD!” she yelled, surrendering as she threw her arms out beside her and her head collapsed back with her mouth open, breathing hard.

I started pulling out and pushing back inside her tightness again and could still feel the occasional flex from the muscles inside her ass. Jann moaned out a grunt with every thrust as I began lengthening my stroke. I held myself in a partial pushup position and watched her ample breasts shake as I packed my cock into her so slippery, yet so tight ass hole. I put my hands behind Jann’s knees and pushed until her thighs mashed against her heaving chest while I continued pushing my full length into her.

“Here it comes Jann” I grunted as I started to come.

“Yes.” she gasped in surrender as the first pump of my orgasm let loose. The second pump hurt a little again from her tightness, so I quickly pulled out of her anus and buried my jerking rod into her soaking wet pussy. Her cunt was so hot and my cum pumped out freely into her as she kept slurring and gasping “Yes.” with every spasm. I wanted to put it into her mouth again and finish off but instead, while I was still at full hardness, I pulled out of her welcoming pussy and pushed my erection back against the heat of her tight ass hole.

Jann gasped as I sunk into her, my cock still flexing, squeezing the last few small squirts of sperm into her ass. I held still and let my heart rate and breathing come back to normal, occasionally convulsing with the intensity of my finishing orgasm. I pulled out of her ass as my penis began softening and I leaned down planting a kiss on her swollen, soaking wet pussy before getting down beside her and kissing her mouth. “I love fucking that ass Jann.” I softly said to her as she lay there splayed out on her bed. She whimpered in response and I covered her with the sheet again. She was drifting off to sleep and I was not far behind. I looked at the clock on her dresser and saw 4:11 am.

I stirred awake again and saw that it was 8:07 am. I had a wicked morning hard on and Jann was still naked beside me under the sheet. I really didn’t want to wake her after she had been so drunk last night but she was nude, I was horny and an unclothed girl was still a rare thing for me. She was still splayed right out on her back as she was when we finished last night. I kissed her nipples and she didn’t move. I pulled the sheet back and looked at her pussy. She didn’t move. I gently rubbed her pussy with a finger and stroked it slowly as I watched her face but still, she had no reaction.

My cock lurched as it strained against its own hardness and I humped it a little against Jann’s thigh as the head made a slippery wet spot on her hip. I kept slowly stroking her pussy and suddenly my finger was slippery. Then it was really slippery and moments later she was soaked! I had only lightly stroked her pussy for about 30 seconds and she was this wet while sleeping! I could hardly believe it and my cock bounced excitedly.

I continued to watch her face to see if she would wake up but as I lifted myself over her leg to get in missionary position she still hadn’t moved. I put my throbbing cock against her wet pussy and eased into her. I didn’t jam right to the hilt because I thought that maybe I could fuck her and not disturb her too much, so I went about trying to fuck her gently. I started with a smooth, steady stroke in and out of her wet cunt. God what a cunt!

My best intentions of gently fucking her were abandoned as I got too excited and reached under her with both hands grabbing her ass and slapping hard thrusts into her. “AHH AHH!” she cried out as she awoke, the wet clapping sounds of her pussy being fucked already filling the air.

“Sorry Jann.” I apologized, “I woke up and you looked so good and you turned me on so much. I just couldn’t resist.”

She lazily responded “It’s ok. I want you to do it.” She crossed her legs behind me and threw her arms around me while I slapped into her warm, wet flesh. I was absolutely covered in her juice and I pulled out of her and pushed her legs off of me. I moved up and waved my throbbing rod toward her mouth. She took it in and swirled her tongue around it while pumping the shaft with her hand.

“Oh my god Jann!” I moaned at the intense stimulation. When she took her mouth off of it about a minute later I moved down and sheathed it into her pussy again. I began pulling all of the way out of her and pausing just a moment before pushing back inside her again. Long gliding strokes accentuated the feeling of Jann’s wetness. All the way out then a wave of warm heat on the way back in with a little squish. Jann lifted her legs up and I felt her hand moving around below my cock as I pulled it out and pushed it back in.

“Yeah Kev…fuck me.” she cooed and the next time I pulled out I felt her hand take my cock and pull it down. I pushed a little and she steered it right to her ass hole. I thought to myself that I really got her on board and when I pushed again the head went in. “Oh fuck yeah.” Jann whimpered and I set about easing my wet rod into her ass again. She immediately began rubbing her pussy and moaning. I pulled myself out of her and turned her over. She was on her knees with her ass up as high as she could get it but she kept her torso down on the bed, her head to one side and her arms under her. As I lined my cock up with her ass hole and started pushing inside I could hear her loudly gasping.

Jann was rubbing her pussy furiously as I worked into her ass hole and started to stroke. I buried into her and held then pulled slowly back before burying it in again against her tight resistance. After some repetition of these deliberate strokes and Jann’s constant moaning I began fucking her hole a little harder and faster. Randomly I would just stop while buried in her and marvel at the heat and tightness as I throbbed inside her before resuming stroking again.

During one such pause, I felt her contractions start, squeezing my engorged and throbbing penis so I began fucking her little ass hole roughly. Jann’s moans were very intense and moments later, my cock was squirting. Once again the second squirt hurt a little from the pressure of her ass so I pulled my cock from her hot grip and buried it in her sloppy pussy with a loud smack. My cum flowed freely into her cunt and after 2 more squirts in her wetness I pulled out and sort of pushed her over on her side.

I moved up quickly to get my cock close to her face but a squirt of cum hit her neck as I waved my wet stick toward her panting mouth. I had to push it in past her lips but after it was against her tongue and depositing the last few small squirts of sperm, she willingly sucked and licked it until my orgasm was finished. I pulled away from her mouth and pushed her onto her back again. I slid into Jann’s warm, wet cunt as my cock ached and began to soften.

We were motionless as we breathed heavily, recovering from the intensity. I stayed there for another 15 minutes or so. It was very difficult to leave. I just wanted to fuck her forever but I eventually dressed and left her as she slept. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day – and many days after that.

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