Jess, Me at Work Again


Hey it’s Jess again. As if thinking about the fun I used to have want enough, I’m now rekindling that sexy energy and wanting to share more recent exploits. It was only yesterday, when yet again I found myself at a loose end at work. It was one of those days with repetitive tasks, that if you knew what you were doing could be done quickly. Since cumming on my chair a few weeks back, I’ve occasionally been hit by a wave of horniness!

This was definitely one of those times. I found myself sat in the middle of a busy office and all I think about was getting off. This time I was wearing a smart knee length dress. It was dark blue which I always thought went well with my brown hair. The dress was fairly fitted, but comfortable and professional. My boobs and ass looked great in it, week I thought anyway. I’d paired it with some pantyhose and small heels. Underneath was a simple pair of black seamless lace panties and a comfy work bra.

I was sat there with my legs crossed, squeezing my thighs together as hard as I could. The pressure they could exert was nice, but it was never going to be enough. I mean it was plenty for an office, but I was never going to cum from it there and then. I knew this time there was no way I could pull my dress up to slip my hand down and finger myself. I then clocked my phone zenci gaziantep escort and remembered a friend once taking about a vibrator app as a joke. Sure enough they existed and one was quickly downloaded.

I set the vibe function to rise and fall in nice rhythmic pulses and with a quick look round to check for anyone watching, slid my phone up between my silky thighs. It took a little wiggling, which must have looked odd to anyone, but the phone nicely found its target. The length of its base nestled neatly against my lips, through my black panties. With each pulse of vibration I could push it harder against my clit by rocking forward and squeezing my thighs. No work was getting done, that’s for sure.

I could barely hear the phone at all with the noise in the office. The chair squeaking as I occasionally rocked was about the loudest thing. With the vibration setting working on my horny pussy, the rest of my body responded. I could once again feel my nipples, firm under my bra, slightly poking through my dress. I could feel my breathing deepen and I’m sure my face was red.

It was then that Dave from accounts came over. He liked a chat and continued on about an issue he was having with some in invoice. Man was I close, but gaziantep zenci escort bayan I had to keep it together. As we spoke, I placed my hands down on my lap, just to hide any outline of the phone through my dress. Though all this did was push it harder against my swollen clit. There were a couple of times where the pulses really hit the spot and I had to style out my little sighs as yawns or coughs. Dave did at one point ask if I was feeling ok, if only he knew how good I was actually feeling!

I spoke with Dave for what felt like a good twenty minutes, perched right on the edge of orgasm. I needed release and knew I had to get out. With one final check around, I managed to slide my phone out and switched off the vibration. I’m sure, Sue that sits close heard the buzz and looked up, but all she saw was me looking into my phone and quickly carried on. As I turned off the vibe function, I could see the edge they had been against me, was slightly wet and slippery with my juices.

I couldn’t hold out, stood up, pulled down my dress to straighten it, and headed straight to the bathrooms. Once in the stall I pulled my dress up at the front just enough to give my right hand access to my pussy. My panties were nice and wet as I rubbed gaziantep zenci escort then between my lips pressing my fingers firmly against my clit. I leant my bank against the wall as my hand rapidly rubbed left and right.i didn’t want a repeat of last time, so had to briefly pause to pull down my pantyhose and panties.

The cool air hit my dripping wet pussy and tingled, before I quickly set back to rubbing. It felt so good, I can’t even tell you thrill of cumming at work! I hooked my fingers inside me to stimulate my g spot, the sound of my squelching wet pussy was intense. I felt my back arch against the wall of the stall, my hips bucked banging my ass into the wall making a loud noise. I did all I could to be quiet, letting out only the occasional light moan and whimper as I came all over my hand.

My heart was racing and my breathing deep, as yet again cum pulsed out of me over my hand and onto the floor. Despite being in the moment, all I could think of was one of those slippery when wet signs! My god that felt so good, the long build up made the ending ever more intense. My whole body shivered and at the point of orgasm my knees weakened. Only the stall wall, stopped me from falling on my ass.

I quickly wiped up the streams of juice that were down my inner thighs and patted my tingling and over sensitive pussy as dry as I could. With each move, more cum would ooze out. I pulled up my panties and smoothed then over my ass and sat then nearly over my glistening lips. I then pulled up my pantyhose, straightened my dress and headed back to my desk. Full of all of the warmth, pleasure and ecstasy of another amazing orgasm. Needless to say, the rest of the day dragged on!

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