Humiliated Hiking Thief


This all started on a warm day in August of 91′, the sky was clear and it was perfect weather for bathing.

I had just turned 18. My biggest problem was my shyness; I didn’t really have a lot of friends and hadn’t had a girlfriend yet whilst most other guys my age had had two or three already. So I mostly kept to myself.

Me and my family lived in a nice two story wooden house out in the country, it was kind of secluded with the nearest neighbors being about 1500 feet away. Our house was in the edge of a big forest, which I was very familiar with since I spent a lot of time walking exploring it.

I was in my room packing my small backpack that I always brought with me on my walks, I had a compass, a small map of the area, a knife, some rope, a wooden cup, some matches, some toilet paper, a blanket, a water bottle and today my swimming trunks and a towel.

My mom opened the door to my room and asked

-Where are you going?

-To the woods…

-Okay, just be home before 6.

-Yes, mom.

-And please be careful out there.

-As always yes.

She followed me down to the front door where she waved goodbye. I didn’t really care, I just wanted to get out into the woods.

I followed this small dirt path that lead from the road next to our house out into the woods. I called it the expressway to freedom.

The path went on for a while before eventually splitting into multiple directions, as I had planned to go bathing in one of the smaller lakes I took the road that lead North.

When out walking like this I almost never met anyone, if I did see someone I always tried to hide if possible so that I didn’t have to greet them.

When I eventually got to the lake, could hear girl’s laughter coming from the beach. I quickly took cover behind a big rock close to the shore, I got annoyed, now I had to walk over to another lake, and this was the best one in my opinion partly because there wasn’t really a road leading to it which mean that not a lot of people knew about it, but also because it had the biggest beach.

I peeked my head out to look at them, the beach was probably about 300 feet away but I could clearly see the girls. They were maybe a few years older than me, and they were really good looking wearing their bikinis playing in the water, just as I where about to walk always, another girl ran into the water. This girl had red curly shoulder long hair and was wearing a white bikini.

The thing was that I sort of a fetish for red headed girls, and this one looked almost perfect, like a girl from my dreams. I felt myself getting a boner.

I just had to see more of this girl, so I sneaked closer to them still following close to the shore.

When I was about 60 feet away I stopped, there was a perfect spot where you could see between two rocks. She was even more beautiful up close, perfect curves and nice blue eyes.

After watching them for a little while I looked over to the beach and saw that all their cloths were laying on a rock. I just had to smell sent, which would be in her cloths. So I started sneaking closer and closer to the beach, coming up from behind them.

When I eventually got onto the beach, I super nervous even shaking a bit. Trying to stay as hidden as possible I hid behind rocks and trees. When I got to the rock that the pile of cloths where on I hid behind it, I looked up and as carefully as possible moved my nose closer to the cloths still trying to keep my head behind the rock. When the sent hit me it was better than I ever could have imagined.

I just had to get more of this, so I carefully picked up the piece of clothing that was on top, and it just so happened that it was her panties.

Then suddenly I heard them starting coming out of the water, I panicked I couldn’t just leave it there. So making a quick dumb decision I put them in my pocket and quickly sneaked out of there, just in the nick of time too.

I took cover behind a big rock a bit into the woods, my heart was pounding, and I was sweating buckets. Looking at the panties I almost got scared, sure now I got them but what is she notices and calls the cops or something? I would be in so much trouble, not to mention the Alanya escort fact that it’s stealing, which I was firmly against.

No I decided I had to get them back somehow, calming myself a bit before I eventually headed back towards the beach. I again took cover a bit away and watched them, all of the five girls that I could see where out of the water now, and laying on the beach sunbathing. Crap I thought to myself, how in the world am I now going to get them back there.

I debated with myself if maybe I should keep them and they would never know, but then again it was stealing and if she reported it maybe the police could get my footprints or something, was it really worth it?

I finally decided on trying to give them back, I wasn’t a thief…

So I started creeping closer again, following the same path as I did the first time. I sat about 40 feet from them watching and trying to find a way to get them back to her pile of cloths that was still laying there on the rock.

The owner of the cloths where laying on a towel sunbathing on the beach. I thought to myself that I might as well get a nice look at her while I could.

Suddenly the red headed girl stood up said to the other girls

-I’ll go get chanced, I’ll be back soon.

-Sure thing Michelle.

What a beautiful name, Michelle, could this girl be any more perfect?

Michelle picked up her pile of cloths from the rock, and walked off towards the woods.

Now my sexual mind was racing and I started getting an erection again. I could try and get a peek at her, she would probably have such perfect breasts.

I hurried quietly after her, staying ultra-sneaky. She eventually stopped next to some bushes, and started taking her bikini off, I was disappointed to see that she was using her towel to cover herself with. Even though it was still really arousing to see. She would soon notice the panties missing now though, I had to get them there somehow.

Then a plan popped up in my head, if I placed them where she had been walking, when she walked back she would just think she dropped them. A flawless plan.

Sneaking towards the path she had just walked on I hid behind some bushes that were next to the path and made sure she couldn’t see me, then I took a last big sniff of the panties while looking at her standing there getting changed, just as I was about to move over and put the panties down I heard a loud voice behind me.

-What in the world do you think you’re doing?!

My heart must have skipped a beat, as I turned around I saw that one of the other girls had come from the beach and she was running fast towards me.

I started running too as fast my legs could go, I thought I could easily outrun them, so I turned my head and looked back to see how far behind she where. And just then, there had to be a high root or something in front of me which I stumbled on and fell towards the ground.

The fall knock the air out of me, it was over. I was going to jail. Just as I tried getting back I heard a girl’s voice saying

-It’s over, just give up.

Then I felt a hand holding me down.

-Okay, get up you pervert. We are going to have a talk with you.

She pulled me up, holding my arm firmly, I tried squirming loose, but to no avail.

-What it this?

She picked up the panties from the ground.

-And what is this huh?!

We walked back to the beach, I tried my best at trying to get out of her grip but there was no way I was getting out of there.

-What’s going on Amy?

Asked one of the girl when we came down to the beach.

-Well I just caught this pervert spying on Michelle while she was changing.

-He also had these in his hands, anyone knows who’s it is?

Amy held up the pair of panties that I stole earlier. The girls didn’t seem to recognize them.

Then Michelle, came back half running.

-What’s going on?

-I just caught this pervert spying on you while you were changing.

-He also had these. You recognize them?

Michelle looked angry

-So there’s where they went!

-I didn’t find them when I was getting dressed.

Amy gave Michelle the panties. Alanya escort bayan Then there was a moment of silence.

-We can’t just let him go right, we need to punish him somehow!

The girls all seemed to agreed. Then one of the girls walked up to me and took my backpack off. She turned it upside-down on a flat rock and began looking though the content.

I was way too scared to say anything, but I could feel that my face was red in embarrassment.

-So how should we punish him?

There was a moment of silence while the girls where thinking. Then one of the girls said

-I know, let’s embarrass him so much that he will never do anything like this ever again.

Another girl joined in

-Let’s get him naked.

All the girls giggled. I panicked, I didn’t want to get stripped by some girls!

I tried my best again to get away and almost did, but Amy was able to get a hold of me again.

-Come here and help me hold him down shouted Amy.

The other girls came up to me, I was way overpowered now. One girl started pulling off my pants when the others held me down, I tried kicking with my legs as best as I could, but it didn’t work. They also took my T-shirt, shoes and socks off. So I was only wearing my underwear.

-Here we can tie him up with this rope.

-Great idea Susan

The girl named Susan came over with the rope and they all help tie me to a birch tree on the beach. When they were done, they all stepped back looking at their work. I again tried to squirm out of the rope, but still to no avail.

-Not so cool now are you huh!

-Yeah, that’s what you get you pervert!

The girl just kept laughing at me.

-Hey I just got an idea, if he now likes panties so much, why don’t we make him try them on?

All of them seemed to think this was a great idea.

-Untie his hands girls.

They untied my hands and feet, then handed me the panties that Michelle had been wearing earlier.

-Now pervert, we will give you 30 second get changed then we’ll turn around

-Got it?

I carefully nodded.

-Okay, let’s give him some privacy girls.

They all turned around and started counting.

-One, two, three…

I quickly saw if I could get loose, but couldn’t since the knots where on the other side of the tree. So I had no choice but to do as they said. I got my underwear off and the panties on, they felt really good against my skin. I finished just in time

-Thirty, ready or not here we go.

All the girls turned around and immediately started giggling.

-Impressive, now tie his hands again. We don’t want him escaping.

I was just so embarrassed, but I also was sort of turned on by the situation, I could feel an erection coming and there was nothing I could do about it.

But I tried

-So so so sorry

I stuttered.

-Pl pl pl please let me go.

-And now why would we do that?

It didn’t take long before the girls noticed what was happening. When they did, they all busted out in laughter.

-Hahaha, really? Hahaha

I was just standing there, unable to do anything, my face must have been red as a tomato by this point.

-Oh poor pervert is actually enjoying this is he.

As the panties where too small for my penis to fit in, it soon started growing out of the panties and up along my stomach.

-Well now that you’ve showed it already why don’t we see the whole thing?

Amy walked over and pulled my panties down, my penis was now pointing strait out towards the girls, which were still laughing.

-You have never seen a girl before have you little buddy

A girl said, talking to my penis.

-Poor little thing.

Another continued.

-Let’s tease him girls!

Amy walk away from the girls, then while having her back towards us, untied her bikini bra. It made me even more turned on, then she held her hands covering her breasts and turned around facing us. The walked back and up to me. Teasing me by getting close and shaking them. She walked back and put her bra back on. Michelle did the same thing, but when coming up to me she uncovered her breasts.

I Escort Alanya almost lost it then, I was so close to Cumming right there and then. She continued by strip dancing right in front of me, it just felt so good, her body was perfect.

The other girls where cheering on, when she eventually stopped in front of me and slowly started getting down on her knees. I could feel the pressure building up. She got as close as she could with her breasts just making it through her cleavage on her way down. When she finally got down on her knees she got her mouth close to my erected penis, I was so sure she was going to suck it. But just before she touched the tip she stopped.

Then she opened her mouth and breathed on my penis, at that point I was so close to Cumming that even that little gust of hot air made me tip over the edge. The orgasm started happening, it was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had.

Just a second after sperm started flying out, Michelle wasn’t ready for it and got her whole face full, the thought of that made me have another orgasm. It was even better than the first one. Michelle tried ducking but it didn’t really work as her hair got a full load in it.

-Eww… What the hell?! That gross!

Michelle yelled.

She put her bra back on and went down to the water to try and clan it off. The other girls where just standing there laughing, while Michelle didn’t seem to think it was funny at all. Amy walked up to me and pulled up the panties, then she told me

-Now run home pervert and never spy on girls again. It’s not nice!

But before Amy could begin to untie me Michelle came back and said

-Hey, stop! I’m not done yet with this prick!

-You’re so going to regret doing that!

Amy stopped, but before she could say anything else Michelle walked up to me pulled my panties off then then told the other girls

-Help me put his cloths back on!

Without asking why, they all helped put all my cloths back on. I though they maybe were going to release me, but boy was I wrong.

Just after they put all my cloths back on, Michelle without warning started tickling me. I tried not to laugh, but it was impossible. I busted out in laughter, Michelle made a sign to the other girls to come and help her. They did, and soon I was overwhelmed by all the tickling. I was starting to feel the need to pee.

The tickling went on in what felt like an eternity before I almost couldn’t take it anymore.

-Hahaha Plll pleas hahaha ssss stop.

-I neeed hahahaha too hahaha peee.

I stuttered in laughter. But they ignored it and just kept going. Now I was getting scared, I didn’t want to pee myself. So I tried again to make them stop. But they again ignored it.

Then suddenly I could feel the pee starting to flow, and I couldn’t stop it, it didn’t take long before my underwear and pants where soaking wet with pee. When the girls finally noticed, Michelle stopped and the other girls followed her.

-Well that’s what you get you perverted prick!

Michelle yelled out, then continued

-Ha ha, pervert peed himself ha ha.

The other girls joined in, I just felt so humiliated, and I stared to cry. That made the girls stop and looked at each other, maybe they thought they’d went too far I don’t know. But without a word, Amy started to untie me while on of the other girls packed my stuff up in my backpack again.

When I was finally free, they handed me my backpack, I was still sobbing like a little kid. We all stood there for good minute before Michelle said to the girls

-Let’s get going

All of the girls packed up their stuff and without another word just walked back into the forest. I just stood there for a while trying to process everything that just happened. When I eventually snapped out of it I put my back on my back and started walking, I was still sobbing a bit. But mostly just confused about what happened.

When I eventually got back home, I sneaked up to my room without anyone noticing. Put all of my cloths in the bottom of the laundry basket after washing them with water. Then sat down in the shower and stayed there for a long while, just trying to process what had happened.

After a while there was a knock on the door

-Dinner is ready.

I heard my mom say.


Later that night I masturbated thinking of when I came on Michelle’s face. I never saw those girls out there again, despite always visiting that beach on every walk I made.

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