Home Sweet Home Pt. 01


Home Sweet Home Part 1 – slave girl sara

During my time spent with Sir Don and Daisy as a trainee Sir Don needed to spend a few days in London on business and Daisy took the opportunity to visit her sister in Cornwall.

I was asked what I would like to do and it was a no brainer, I would spend a few days living back home with my parents.

I left home with Sir for the ten past eight train, me to get to work and Sir for his connection to London in Leeds.

My work day flew by and I was soon back on the train home. I arrived at my father’s at quarter past five with my little overnight travel case, on four wheels. Sir bought me it for Christmas and Daisy had filled it with girly things, I loved it.

I keep quite a few clothes at my parents but need clean work stuff every day, I like to have something different on each day.

I figure if I wore the same thing every day and did something wrong I would be easily identifiable, plus I love clothes and love to mix and match.

Mum came to meet me at the door, I knew she would, I saw the curtains moving.

We hugged and kissed, I felt like the prodigal daughter arriving, and I had only seen them at church on Sunday, two days before, but hey, I never complained, I adore hugging and being hugged.

“Go shower love and father is waiting for you in the sitting room.”

Now here is the difference between living a normal life to one of Domestic Discipline şahinbey escort with a father who is the Head of House.

Normally I suppose, hang up your work clothes, knickers and bra into the wash basket, shower, dry, put on casual clothes, clean knickers, maybe no bra, jeans and a woolly jumper.

What a palaver, I put everything in the wash, saves hanging stuff up, shower, couple of finger cums, dabbed dry with a soft towel, quick nice smelly spray and downstairs as quick as I can, naked.

Which is exactly what I did on Tuesday, mum was in the kitchen sorting dinner and my Father was sat in his chair.

His eyes lit up as his youngest daughter walked naked towards him, he patted his knee and I kissed his cheek and went over.

“Hi Sir, how`s your day been?”

“Good my sweet, I see you’ve had a spanking, was it this morning?”

“Yes Sir, off Sir Don.”

He never asked why as he knows if I had known I would have said why, much like the one I was about to get, no reason, and why should there be?

I was spanked slowly but meaningfully and was soon in tears, and it was not all pain, it was so good to be over his knee again.

Not one of the spankings I ever got did me any harm at all, in fact I think I have turned out pretty well.

He rubbed my bottom and spanked again, and again.

When he began to rub the small of my back I şahinbey escort bayan knew the spanking part was over.

He let me settle then helped me up, here I would have two possible outcomes, over the settee arm for his belt, or onto his knee for a cuddle and calming.

It was his knee, I guessed as much, so I would get a bedtime belting and fucking.

He rubbed the top of my bottom with one hand as my head nestled into his shoulder, with the other hand he wiped away the tears from my eyes, cheek, tits and nipples.

“What happened her sara?” He jiggled my smaller breasts.

“It`s with running again Sir, I took a deep breath in between sobs, I lost over eight kilos and most off my booby’s Sir.”

“That’s a shame.”

He continued fondling me and I turned more outwards to give him better access.

Then he saw my small hairy runway, he traced it down to its end place, my clit, he patted my pussy.

“Whatever next, a piercing, tattoo, what?”

It was one of those questions you would be spanked for if you answered and spanked if you did not.

“Well I suppose it`s not really my concern, it`s up to Don now he has you under his wing.”

He rubbed my pussy lips just catching my clit on the upstrokes.

I felt myself pushing towards his hand, he stopped and knelt me down.

It was thankyou time.

He kept in his chair escort bayan şahinbey and I acted as the dutiful daughter and thanked him, my eyes never leaving his face to show my gratitude for his love and protection of me.

We had dinner and chatted till after nine.

“Bedtime sara, I will be up shortly, I just have to have a word with your mum.”

As I got to the landing I heard his belt cracking on her bottom and back, I had such a tingle.

I rushed for a pee and a subsequent cum and hurried to my room, put my pillows in the centre of the bed and lay over, legs apart, arms outstretched and hands clasped waiting for my father.

It did not matter how long he took, the fact he was coming was of great comfort to me, I learnt very early on in my faith how grateful I was for his care and affection, as other girls were for their father’s.

Mum’s belting had stopped by the time I had come out of the bathroom and I guessed my wait was her thanking him. I soon heard the stairs creaking as he approached.

He came in and stood by my head for me to see him, he slowly and deliberately unbuckled his wide, black leather belt, the same belt I had bought him at Christmas from a leather shop in Benidorm, I wanted, I mean, he wanted a really soft one.

He smiled down at me as he doubled it, we both knew he needed his marks on my bottom.

He stood to my right side and rubbed my bottom.

“You ready little girl?”

“Yes Sir and thank you Sir.”

It was a belting to match most I had before.

“Last five.”

I clasped my hands until my knuckles went white as the last two fell on my bottom, WWHHOOSSHH CCRRAACCKK, WWHHOOSSHH CCRRAACCKK.

Then, WWWWHHHHOOOOSSSSHHHH CCCCRRRRAAAACCCCKKKK the last one diagonal across my back.


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