Holiday Romance

It was the middle of July and my four girlfriends and I were in Spain for my hen weekend. In less than four weeks I was going to marry the love of my life. Everything was booked and the invitations had been posted. So all I had to do for three glorious days was relax and hopefully get a nice tan for the wedding. It was our second night in Spain and we had gone out for a beautiful meal before heading to the bar for a few drinks. I was feeling quite tipsy when the girls suggested going on to a night club. I really wasn’t in the mood, I was tired and sun burnt. I just wanted to go back to our apartment and relax. I also wanted to face time my fiancé Peter. So I told the girls to carry on without me. They spent the next twenty minutes trying to persuade me to come with them. But they gave up when they saw that I wouldn’t change my mind.

So I hoped in a taxi and headed home. When I got there I slipped out of my bra because it was hurting my shoulders and put on a loose sundress. I poured myself a cold glass of white wine and sat down to face time Peter. We chatted for a while, I told him all about the holiday and he told me how work was going. As I said earlier I was feeling quite tipsy so I asked him if he wanted to see my white bits. His eyes lit up as I started to pull down the top of my dress. I showed him the mark that the bikini had left on my small breasts. He asked me if I had any other white bits, so I obliged by pulling the skirt up to my waist so he could see my white ass, I was wearing a small white lace thong, so he got a very good view.

He started to describe what he was going to do with my white bits once I got home. Hearing him describe how he was going to eat my pussy had me super turned on. He told me how he was going to “bend me over and rip that scrap of lace off my tight cunt.” I moaned at his words and I told him how wet I was and that I needed to touch myself, I needed to cum while he talked dirty to me. He told me I could only do that if I moved the phone so he could watch.

So I placed the phone on the coffee table in front of me and I slowly rubbed my hand down my toned stomach. Just as I reached my sweet spot my friend Ann stumbled through the front door. I jumped off the couch and tried to fix myself before she saw anything, but from the astonished look on her face I knew she had seen everything. I was so embarrassed I could have died.

Ann on the other hand just burst out laughing. She saw the phone on the table and knew Peter must be on line. She shouted hi to him as she walked into the kitchen. I quickly said goodbye to Peter and hung up. I followed Ann into the kitchen to apologise and beg her never to mention it again. She assured me it would be our little secret and not to worry about it. So we both got a drink and headed into the sitting room again. She told me she had lost the girls in the night club so she decided to just get a taxi home.

After some initial awkwardness , I started to relax. We both just sat around chatting for a while and everything went back to normal. We opened a second bottle and I went to get some cream for my sunburn, it was beginning to hurt so I wanted to cool it down. As I rubbed in onto my legs I thought I saw a weird look in Ann’s eyes but I just passed it off as drunkenness and continued massaging it in. When I had my arms and legs done I tried to do my back and shoulders, I normally got Peter to do these bits. As soon as I thought about him rubbing cream onto me my nipples got hard and I felt a familiar stirring down below. I pushed all thoughts of him aside as I continued trying to reach behind me.

Ann watched me struggle for a few minutes before taking the bottle off me and saying she would do it. As she began to rub it in I felt instant relief, the coolness was just what I needed. She started on my shoulders and worked her way down. When she got close to the top of my dress she asked me if I wanted her to go lower, I felt so good that bursa evi olan escort I told her yes and pulled the dress down a little. I held the front up so it was covering my boobs. when Ann noticed my shyness she laughed and pointed out that she had already seen my breasts tonight, so reluctantly I lowered my dress so she could have access to all of my back.

Ann’s hands on me felt so soft and gently that I began to relax. Sensing my relaxation she suggested she give me a back massage, at that moment I was so at ease that I agreed. She put more cream on her hands and added more pressure to her movements. It was just what I needed, apparently I was still very stressed after what Ann had walked in on earlier. I was also still horny, seen as I didn’t get to finish what Peter and I had started.

Ann’s hands began to move further down my back and I was loving it. I don’t know if it was the few glasses of wine I had or just how relaxed I was but I moaned quietly as her hands worked their magic. Suddenly I felt Ann’s breath on my neck as she leaned in close and whispered into my ear. She asked if she was doing it right and if I was enjoying it. I nodded yes in response. She told me I had beautiful skin and that she was loving touching me like this. I was slightly taken aback by her words but I just let it go, I presumed it was just the drink talking.

We started talking mindlessly again as she rubbed my back. We settled into chatting and drinking but I never pulled my dress back up and she never stopped rubbing my back. Talk soon came around to my upcoming wedding. I told her how excited I was and about all the plans we had for our honeymoon. Talk of the honeymoon soon turned into talk of sex, we had always been very open about our sex lives with each other, so I told her about the sexy outfit I had bought to surprise Peter while we were away. I described how it pushed my breasts up and pulled in my waist. As I was describing it I pushed my boobs up to show her and she said that she loved my breasts just as they were.

Her hand that had been rubbing my back snaked around my side and started to rub my breast. I gasped as she did this but she just laughed and said she wanted a little feel before I was a married woman. We both laughed and I told her maybe she should use both hands so she could check them both out. By this stage we were both pretty drunk and still laughing so when she suggested she give me a breast massage I agreed.

She grabbed the bottle of lotion off the coffee table and squirted it onto her hands. She rubbed her hands together to warm it up and she put both hands onto my breasts. The lotion felt cool on my skin so my nipples instantly hardened. As her fingers started to gently caress my skin we both stopped laughing. We just stared at each other. I had never done anything like that before but for some reason I didn’t want her to stop. I knew Ann had “experimented” with a friend she had gone to collage with but I didn’t know if she wanted to continue this. I hoped she did and as she gazed into my eyes while her hands started to move again I got my answer.

I was used to Peter’s rough touch and I loved it. But as Ann rubbed her soft thumbs over my erect nipples I felt a familiar dampness between my legs. So there I was, sitting on the couch of my holiday apartment, half naked with one of my best friends and apparently I was going to have my first lesbian experience. I knew it was wrong, I was engaged, but at that moment in time all I could think about was how my best friend kissed.

So I decided to either go big or go home as they say and I went for it. I moved in for a kiss. I moved slowly so Ann had time to back out if she wanted to but once I got half way Ann moved closer to me and together we closed the gap. Her soft lips met mine in a very gentle kiss. We started slowly but I soon felt brave enough to lick her lips as I tried to deepen the kiss. Ann altıparmak escort responded immediately, allowing me full access.

The kiss soon got very heated, one of Ann’s hands was still teasing my nipple but her other hand had found its way to the back of my head. Both my hands were around her back but I knew I wanted to touch her the way she was touching me. So I slowly moved my hand to capture her very large breast. It was only outside her top but I could still feel how hard her nipples were through the material. I wanted to feel her skin but I was still nervous, I wasn’t sure how to go about slipping my hand into her top. So you can imagine my delight when Ann pulled away from me to remove her top. I gasped as I glanced at her magnificent mounds, the white lace of her bra was straining to keep them in. I knew I wanted to do more than touch them, I wanted to feel her puckered nipples in my mouth, I wanted to make her moan as I gently nipped at her skin with my teeth.

Once I had decided what I wanted to do I wasted no time in doing it. With one hand I pulled the lace to one side and I captured one bullet like nipple in my mouth. As I lavished attention on one tit with my mouth I freed her other one and started to fondle that one with my fingers. Ann shifted on the couch to allow me better access. As she moved I pushed her gently backwards so she was now lying on the couch with me lying between her legs. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs on my stomach and with every pinch and suck she bucked slightly against me.

My appreciation of her assets continued for a few more minutes before, with a voice coated in lust, Ann asked me to kiss her again. The raspiness of her voice was a huge turn on, I loved that I could have that effect on another woman. So we began kissing again, this time we were both topless and lying side by side on the couch. As we kissed we both were exploring each others bodies. If Ann tugged on my nipples I pinched hers and it continued like that for several minutes until we were both obviously incredibly turned on and breathless.

It was then that Ann told me she loved catching me earlier. She admitted that she had seen everything and that she had an image in her head of me touching myself. I told her she could touch me there if she wanted, but only if I could do the same to her. She nodded and began kissing me as her hand reached for the hem of my dress. She raised it up to my waist line to expose my wet panties. As her hand slipped under the lace of my panties I held my breath in anticipation. Ann gasped as her fingers slid over my freshly waxed pussy. Her fingers tentatively explored my most intimate of areas. She was very gentle as she teased my clit with two fingers and then she plunged a finger deep inside me.

As Ann pumped her fingers into me, my hand slowly roamed down her stomach till I reached the waist band of her shorts. With one swift movement I undid the button and pulled down her zip. My hand reached into her shorts to find that she was going commando. Also she doesn’t wax!! She had a thick bush of hair down there and it felt so different. I was used to the feel of my own smooth mound, so the feel of so much coverage was amazing. Ann moaned as I slid my finger over her hardened clit, I knew I should pay it some attention, but I just wanted to get right to the good stuff. So I wasted no time in inserting my fingers deep into her wet hairy pussy. It felt so good to have one finger inside her that I quickly added another. She felt hot and wet and soft and I loved how she moaned as I thrust into her.

We continued like this for quite a while, Ann was playing with my pussy and I was exploring hers and we kissed passionately. I wasn’t very sure what to do so I just touched her like I liked to touch myself and it seemed to be working.

Then Ann’s mouth moved from my lips and she traveled down to my neck. She kissed and gemlik escort sucked down my neck and slowly moved down towards my breasts, she spent a few minutes on each breast and then, to my surprise she moved lower. As she headed lower I thought I would explode with anticipation, I actually needed to feel her mouth on me. I wanted to watch her eat my pussy. She moved painfully slowly towards my soft spot, even when she got close, she just kissed my inner thigh. When she did finally reach it she licked all of me once and then she began sucking and nibbling on my clit. When she pressed two fingers at my entrance I bucked my hips to let her know I wanted her to finger me as she licked me out.

As Ann finger fucked me and ate my pussy I grabbed the lotion and rubbed it into my breasts. I pinched my nipples hard as I watched a beautiful woman work her magic between my legs. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came so I pulled on her hair to stop her. As she raised her head to look at me, I could see the disappointment in her eyes. So I told her that I wanted to see how she tasted.

I had no idea I was going to say that till the words left me lips. I never imagined I would actually find myself wanting to taste another woman’s pussy. But as soon as I said it I knew that that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to lick her and taste her, I wanted to feel her juices run down my chin as I made her cum. I wanted to feel her public hair on my face as she moaned in pleasure.

So I pushed her back so she was sitting on the sofa. I made her spread wide for me, as I positioned myself between her sexy legs. I started kissing her inner thigh. Then I made my way towards her wet center. As I reached my destination I breathed in her intoxicating aroma, I couldn’t wait any longer so I plunged my tongue deep into her slit. It felt so warm and tasted so good I couldn’t believe it. It was an instant turn on, as if I wasn’t already turned on enough. I loved how with one flick of my tongue I could make her moan.

Knowing how much she was enjoying my tongue I decided to see what she would do if I inserted my fingers too. Ann arched her back as soon as my fingers came into contact with her soft moist skin, she groaned loudly as I filled her opening. I knew I must be on the right track as her hand grabbed a fistful of my hair. She positioned my head so my tongue was right on her clit. I concentrated on her little bud with my mouth and I continued to pump my fingers into her. She felt so warm and wet and she tasted so good and I was loving the fact that I could do this to another woman.

After a few more minutes of me finger fucking her and licking and sucking her clit Ann stiffened under me. She screamed my name as she came right onto my face. As she rode out her waves of pleasure I slowed my fingers and allowed her to finish. When she was finished I gave her one last lick and made my way back up her body till I captured her mouth with mine. I knew she was tired after her orgasm but I was still horny and I needed Ann to finish what she had started.

So as I kissed her I grabbed her hand and placed it between my legs, I knew I wouldn’t take long. I was so turned on by making her cum that I knew she would only have to rub me for a minute or two and I would finish. I continued to kiss her as she teased and rub my clit. When I pulled back to moan Ann’s mouth found my nipple. As she bit down on it and flicked my clit I came, hard. I writhed under her hands as I came harder than I ever had. I couldn’t believe it but I actually squirted, I had never done that before. It felt amazing and was well worth my first lesbian experience.

We both lay on the sofa for another few minutes, we were a tangle of naked arms and legs. After about twenty minutes of laying in each others arms Ann suggested we get up and get dressed. I was terrified things would be awkward between us but by the time we were both dressed and had the room straightened out we were chatting as if it had never happened.

We both agreed that it was just a bit of fun on a drunken night so nobody needed to find out. I know I did technically chest on Peter but it was my honeymoon and I knew I would never do anything like that again so what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

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