Exploring New Things Pt. 02


(This is a continuation of Exploring New Things Pt. 01 which explains the backstory)


We’ve been together a few times now and I still get nervous and embarrassed around you. I don’t know if these feelings will ever go away. We’ve been taking our time, getting to know each other’s bodies and signals before going to the next level. Tonight will be our first time fulfilling our fantasy of light domination and submission You have a friend who’s allowing us to use his playroom for the night. I’m excited to explore a new fantasy and I’ve worn something special for you.

I walk in and lock the door behind me to ensure we won’t be disturbed. You’re looking sexy in simple jeans and a t-shirt. I’m wearing an oversized shapeless dress today which is not my normal attire. You look at me like I’m nuts… until I toss off the dress. I can’t help but blush in embarrassment and have a hard time looking at you to see your response. You stand there quietly until I gather the courage to look up at you over the top of my glasses. You’re staring at me in surprise.

I’m wearing a sexy red and black bra you can see through a partially unbuttoned white shirt with a small red and black plaid skirt that fails to fully cover my ass with a bright red thong. You slowly peruse up and down my body appreciating the package. “Fuck yes!” you say, which makes me grin. “Don’t move,” you command. I’m nervous, excited, and anxious, but I stand as still as possible. You circle me, taking in every aspect.

My breath hitches as you lightly graze your fingers over my exposed skin from behind. You continue to circle around me leaving little touches here and there until your standing in front of me again. You remove my white shirt and toss it aside leaving me in my bra, thong, and skirt. You kiss me and tell me how sexy I am while grabbing my breasts and kneading them. You yank off my bra quickly, watching the bounce and movement of my boobs. You lean in and start kissing my neck and shoulders, moving down to my breasts leaving kisses and nibbles on the way. You roll one of my nipples between your fingers causing goosebumps to run through my body.

Then, you teasingly flick my nipple with your tongue before drawing it in and sucking hard. I gasp from the pleasure and hang on to your neck and shoulders. I think that if you continue, I porno could probably come just from that stimulation. You continue to alternate between sucking and feeling my breasts until I’m panting. You stop abruptly and step back from me. You remove your shirt and pants leaving the boxers on. I can definitely see how turned on you are by the tented boxers. Man, you’re sexy.

I can’t help myself and I lean towards you, running my hands all over you. You let me explore for a few minutes until I reach down for your boxers. You grab my hands, not ready for those to be removed yet. I really want to yank those boxers off to fully see what you’ve got. I restrain myself, waiting to see what you want from me. You tell me to lay on my back on the bed with my head hanging off the edge. I get into position and you stand right in front of my face. “Go ahead,” you say.

Yes! I know what you want. I grab your boxers and pull them down to your ankles. I finally get to look at you and damn, I like what I see. I tilt my head further back over the edge of the bed and lick the tip to get a small taste of you. You’re delicious. I lick all around your cock getting it good and wet before taking it into my mouth. I hollow out my cheeks to make sure my teeth don’t touch you and suck.

It’s not long before you’re thrusting into my mouth. I grab your hips, take you as deep as I can, and hold it for a few seconds before letting up. Your groans tell me how much you’re enjoying this. I continue in the same way over and over. Holding you in my throat while swallowing and letting up. You let me control your movements for a few minutes before you take the control back. “Oh God!” you exclaim. Your obvious enjoyment is a turn on, making me groan. My noises send vibrations through your dick setting off your orgasm. You shoot come into my mouth and I swallow the first jet. Then you yank out of my mouth with a pop, causing the remaining jets to spurt all over my face and chest. You have no words. You just stare at me, breathing heavily as I smile at you.

Once your body has calmed, you walk over and grab me a towel to clean up. After I’m wiped off, you grab my hand and lead me over to a chest. You push down gently on the back of my shoulders, causing me to bend over the chest face down. You tie my hands on the opposite side my legs are on. japon porno This causes my skirt to rise up showing off my lifted ass. I can’t see anything you’re doing and feel very vulnerable and nervous in this position. However, it’s extremely erotic as well.

You run your hands all over my back, ass, and thighs. You walk away for a few minutes. I don’t know if you’re just trying to raise the anticipation or if you’re getting something. You come back and again graze your hands over my body helping me to relax int your touch. After you’ve done that for a bit, you quickly spank me. I jolt and yank against the restraints from the unexpected action. It doesn’t really hurt, just caught me off guard and smarts a little. “God, that’s beautiful!” you saw in awe while admiring your pink handprint. My skin is pale, so the contrast really shows. You gently massage the area before you do it again on the other ass cheek. You continue to alternate the stinging smacks and gentle massage a few more times at irregular intervals, catching me by surprise and leaving me in anticipation of the next one.

You slowly run your fingers down between my ass cheeks to my lower lips finding me soaked with arousal. You’re pleased that I’m enjoying this. You move away again. This time when you return, you grab my thong at my waist and slowly slide it off my legs. You position your cock at my entrance and gently enter me from behind while reaching between my legs to place a vibrator at full power against my clit. I scream in ecstasy, coming immediately from the combination of you and the vibrations.

You order, “Another.” You want me to come again. You lower the settings in the vibrator and continue to tease me while thrusting softly. Every time your thighs push against my reddened skin, which is extremely sensitive, it sends pleasure through me. The arousal slowly builds until I explode again. “Ahhh!” I yell. You put the vibrator away and untie me. You help me up until I’m standing…kind of. My legs feel like jelly. You half carry, half help me to the bed. You lay me on my back as you finish removing the rest of my clothes.

You grab soft leather restraints and tie my wrists at the top of the bed. Then you use a thin rope to tie my ankles to my thighs and place my heels up against my ass, baring me completely lezbiyen porno open to you. I’m utterly at your mercy. It’s exciting but nerve wrecking as well. I’m used to control and this is an entirely new feeling. I’m nervous, anticipating what you will do to me. You start to play with my breasts again. You tease my body every way you can, finding every spot that makes me clench or gasp until I’m begging for you. I’m trembling with desire. I want to touch you, but I can’t. I need you in me. NOW!

You take your time and continue your assault. Sometimes with gentle grazes and kisses to rough grabs, sucks, and bites. You’re keeping me in a constant state of arousal without letting me come. I love it, but the building desire is becoming painful. It hurts so good. You finally spread my knees as wide as possible and thrust into me, making me take all of you at once. I yell out from the abrupt intrusion and you don’t slow. You keep going. You take me every way you want, changing the pace when it fits your mood and changing how deep you go and the angle. Right when I get to the edge, you change something. Over and over until I’m desperate for release. “Oh god it’s so good! Please let me come! Just a little more! Oh God!!” I beg. I’m pulling against the rope trying to move with you and get more stimulation, but I can’t.

I start to think you’ll never let me come. But then you grab hold of me and move as deep and fast as you can. Your cock rubs directly against my g-spot with every stroke. Over and over you thrust into me until I’m flung over the edge into my orgasm. It comes crashing over me, wringing out noises I didn’t know I could make. My body milks your cock uncontrollably until you join me in ecstasy. You yell out your release as I feel you pulsing deep within me. Damn! That was fantastic!

We’re both exhausted, sweaty, and utterly sated. Once we’ve calmed down from our exertions, you untie me and help me get the feeling back in my limbs. I feel like a wet noodle. I don’t think I could come again if I tried. You wrap your arms around me and we lie together for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow.

“I just have to say, that was amazing!” you exclaim.

“I completely concur,” I respond.

You grin at me and kiss me sweetly. We lapse into a comfortable silence. After a while, you get up and grab a warm washcloth. You take your time cleaning me up and then clean yourself as well. We both move to get dressed and get ready to go. Once we’re both presentable again, we kiss and part ways. I can’t wait to see which fantasy we’ll live out next. Till next time…

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