Daddy’s Sex Ed – Day 08


That night Kate was so exhausted that she slept like a rock. I don’t think anything short of an explosion could have woken her.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I felt a slight breeze on my lower body, as if someone had lifted the sheet covering me. Becoming partly awake, I looked down.

What I saw was so fantastic that my dick became hard within seconds. Eve was dressed in her transparent yellow nightie, and was kneeling on the floor beside my bed. She was lifting the sheet to look at my crotch, but when I had moved, she turned her face toward me. One hand was buried in her crotch, pleasuring herself. She brought the index finger of her other hand to her lips and made a “shushing” motion.

I turned around to make sure that Kate was still asleep. Then I turned back to Eve and smiled. I pulled the sheet all the way back so that she could have access to my dick. “Do you want to suck your Daddy?” I whispered.

She bit her lip and nodded her head, a pleading, plaintive expression on her face. She needed Daddy Cock.

“Suck me,” I ordered.

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered back.

Eve bent over the bed and slurped my hardening cock into her mouth. I twisted my head around and looked at Kate, who was still deeply asleep. Then I put my hand on the back of my stepdaughter’s lovely blonde head and gently urged her to suck me deeper into her mouth. “Good girl!” I whispered. “Daddy’s little cocksucker!”

Kate rustled in her sleep and, slightly panicked, I turned away from her, lying on my side and facing toward my kneeling stepdaughter. But Kate didn’t wake up. Instead, she rolled toward me in her sleep, spooning against me. She draped her arm around me, holding my chest as she snuggled against my ass.

When I moved, Eve took her mouth off of me, worried, as I was, that her mother was waking up. But when she saw that Kate was still sleeping and in fact was snuggling up against me, her eyes brightened with merriment. Her eyes met mine she had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from giggling.

I pointed my finger toward my crotch and mouthed the words, “Suck me!”

Eve whispered softly, almost inaudibly, “Yes, Daddy. I love you, Daddy.” Then, still smiling at the fact that she was cuckolding her mother who was lying right there, she went back to sucking her Daddy.

We lay like that for ten minutes, then fifteen minutes, then longer. Eve knelt by the bed, her ass resting against her calves and fingering herself as she sucked me dutifully. I was afraid that if I I might wake up my wife. But even though I tried to control myself, I couldn’t help thrusting my pelvis into my step daughter’s wet, inviting mouth. Kate was so tired, though, that she slept through it all. And when I bucked my hips into my lovely stepdaughter’s lovely face, Kate unconsciously mimicked my thrusts, undulating her body in synch with mine. Her hand stroked my chest.

Together we fucked her daughter’s mouth.

With my free hand I held my stepdaughter’s head to my crotch and fed her my cock. I remembered Evie’s statement a couple of days earlier that she wanted to be able to sneak into our bedroom and suck me off with her mother lying next to me in bed. And here we were! My wife was sound asleep as she pushed her body against mine, pressing her breasts against my back and moving her hips in tandem with mine as I fucked her daughter’s mouth. While she did that, she nestled her head against me and, still sleeping, mewled softly as she kissed and licked my neck. Meanwhile, the sounds of my stepdaughter’s eager slurping filled the room.

When I came I bit my lip to keep from crying out. I thrust harder into my stepdaughter’s mouth and gripped her blonde hair more tightly, pulling her face deeper onto my hard dick. The feeling of force feeding her my cock was incredible!

Eve gagged when my cock went deeper down her throat. Her eyes bugged out in surprise as she struggled to swallow. Luckily, my cock was so deep in her mouth and throat that she was unable to make much noise as my sperm filled her mouth and her gullet.

“Take it!” I whispered urgently. “Drink your Daddy’s cum!” When I looked into her face, her eyes were wide open with shock mixed with eager acceptance of her Daddy’s cream.

A couple of seconds later, I relaxed my grip on her hair and Eve fell back, her hands bracing herself against the carpet as she collapsed backwards. Despite her effort to keep quiet, she coughed and sputtered as my cum spewed out of her mouth and dripped onto her big tits.

Her eyes were glittering with pleasure as she looked up at me. Cum was spattered around her mouth and was dripping off her chin onto her huge breasts. She was panting from the effort of trying to deep throat me.

She brought her index finger up to her face and delicately scooped fingerfuls of cum, spooning them into her mouth. She sucked on her finger and savored the taste. “Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered, smiling, as she tenderly kissed the tip of my cock, the kilis escort source of her pleasure. Then she quietly got up from the floor and went to the door to go back to bed.

Kate, oblivious and yet somehow, even in her dreams, part of what had just happened, hugged me from behind and licked my ear. “Daddy’s girls,” she whispered.

The next morning, Kate was nowhere to be seen. When I finished my shower and entered the kitchen, I saw a note on the kitchen table in her handwriting, saying she had left early for work and might be late coming home that evening. I suspected that she had trouble coming to terms with what had happened that weekend, and “working late” was simply a way to avoid looking either Eve or me in the eye after everything that had happened.

As I sat down with a cup of coffee, Eve came prancing into the room. I suspected that she had already seen the note from her mother. She was dressed in her pornstar pleated green plaid schoolgirl outfit, the one that barely came down to the bottom of her ass cheeks, and I could see that she wore no underwear. She was bare breasted, and her tits bounced fantastically with every step. In her ears, she had a pair of small ear buds and she was dancing and nodding her head to a rhythm that only she could hear. As she entered the room dancing and shaking her shoulders back and forth, making her tits sway, she met my eyes and smiled.

I watched her for the next couple of minutes while she danced for me. She pretended to be puttering about the kitchen, checking the cabinets and pulling out the cereal box and so on, but she didn’t actually fix herself breakfast or anything. Instead, she used the kitchen as her performance space, raising her arms over her head and swaying to the music in her head, sashaying her hips and putting her lithe, flexible body on display for me. Every movement was meant to arouse me, and she knew exactly how to please me.

I smiled and sipped my coffee as I watched her dance. Sometimes she met my eyes and cupped her tits, presenting her body to me. Other times, she looked away, pretending to bend over and check the pots and pans as she danced, as if she were oblivious to my staring at her, and were merely dancing for her own pleasure. At those moments, her looking off to the side was like an invitation, saying to me that I could stare all I wanted because she wasn’t monitoring me. But even when she was looking away from me and engrossed in the music, I could tell that she was only dancing for me. I was the center of her world.

Her body was so gorgeous! She was more beautiful by far than any other woman I had ever even touched, much less kissed or fucked. Her tiny little skirt was so short that it hardly covered anything and instead simply drew attention to her round ass and her blonde pussy. It was almost like a dancer’s tutu, showing off her swaying hips and her incredible figure. The little skirt emphasized how small her waist was, and how huge her tits were, swelling like cantaloupes on her teenage chest.

While she danced, she grabbed a couple of hair ties off of the kitchen counter. Nodding her head to the music and grinning at the fact that she knew I was watching, she raised her hands up to her head, making her huge breasts rise up and look even more prominent. She tied her platinum blonde hair up in two matching pigtails that emphasized her girlishness and made her even sexier. I wanted to grab her by her pigtails with both hands and face fuck her.

She took out the ear plugs and sat on my lap, straddling me and thrusting her tits in my face. “Do you like my tits, Daddy?” she asked me in a sweet, little-girl voice.

“I love your big tits, sweetie,” I said. My hands went straight to her bare tits and I started kneading them. I began kissing one of her nipples.

“They’re bigger than my mom’s, aren’t they?”

I switched to the other breast and began kissing it. “So huge! Your tits are so much bigger than your mom’s!” Her breasts filled my hands to overflowing. I was smothered in delicious tit flesh.

“Tell me you like my tits better.”

I couldn’t stop kissing her tits if I tried. “I love your tits. They’re better than your mom’s!” I repeated.

“You like the fact that I’m younger than her.”

“I love your teenage body! Your mom is way older than you. ” I said. I shouldn’t have been saying such things, but I was falling deeper and deeper into a trance of lust for her body.

Eve reached down and untied my belt, fishing my hard cock out of my pants. She began stroking my cock while she sat on my lap, bouncing up and down giddily and pushing her tits in my face. My hands drifted down to her ass. I slipped my hands under her silly little skirt and cupped her ass cheeks, urging her to bounce on my lap. My lips were sucking on her hard nipples.

“When you fuck her, you’re thinking of me, aren’t you?”


“When you fuck her, you wish you were fucking me, don’t you?”

“YES! kilis escort bayan I dream about you baby,” I told her as my hands bounced her pliant teenage body up and down on my crotch. “Every night while I screw your mother, I fantasize that I’m fucking you instead. I fuck her more and more but it isn’t enough. Because what I really want is to fuck YOU!”

With one hand she grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled my face into her cleavage. With her other hand she continued to stroke up and down the length of my rod. Her head reared back in triumph. “I’m better than my mom! I’m sexier than my mom!” she cried as she bounced up and down in a horny frenzy. “Say it! Tell me you want me more than you want my mom!”

“You’re sexier than your mom!” I cried. “I want you instead of her!”

“Good Daddy!” she cooed. “Suck my tits, Daddy!”

At that moment, I heard the unmistakable sound of the garage door opening. Kate had come home. But instead of getting up and running toward her room to put on more clothes, Eve dropped to her knees between my legs.

The sound of Kate coming in the door coincided with the sound of Eve slurping my cock into her mouth.

As she entered, Kate said, “I was halfway to work when I realized that I forgot the documents a client gave me last week. I just need to…” Her voice trailed off as she saw her daughter kneeling before me, slavishly sucking my cock.

Without even realizing it, I had instinctively grabbed Eve’s pigtails with both hands and was already using her pigtails as handlebars, pulling her face in and out on my cock.

I couldn’t help myself. Her body, her hair, her mouth — she was irresistible! I didn’t even realize I was pulling on her pigtails and forcing her to suck me until I looked down and saw my hands gripping her pigtails on either side of her head, saw my stepdaughter willingly submitting to me.

It wasn’t my fault. It was instinct. Even when I looked down at my hands pulling her mouth onto my cock, then looked up into my wife’s eyes, I still didn’t stop. My cock needed it, and Eve wanted to give it to me.

Eve looked up as if she’d had no idea that her mother was walking in on us. “Hi, Mom!” she said cheerily.

“Whuh… what are you doing?!”

“Daddy got a stiffy, and you weren’t around!” she said excitedly, as if she were describing the circus coming to town. “It happened the moment I walked in the room this morning. It always happens that way, doesn’t it? I don’t understand it. Whenever he looks at me, he starts getting harder! Anyway, he needed help — right away! And I was the only one who could take care of him!” She put my cock back in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down a couple of times. I helped her by pulling on her pigtails. I was gasping, out of control.

“You can’t do this, honey.”

“But Mom, I have to!” she said, and licked me again. “Daddy’s got a problem, and I’m the solution!”

She looked her mother in the eye, smiling happily. Her hand held my hard cock at the base, subtly waving my rod in the air, drawing her mother’s attention to my cock. “Isn’t that why you keep calling my name in the middle of the night? So that I can help take care of Daddy’s problem?”

She rubbed the shaft of my cock against her face, joyously smearing my precum on her lips and cheeks. The sight of her, bright eyed and grinning, holding my hard meat alongside her face, was so erotic that I involuntarily bucked my hips, making my cock jerk up and down crazily. The whole scene was intensely erotic and totally taboo for her mother to be witnessing. Eve was digging the fact that she was pushing her mother’s buttons, even while she continued the pretense of being an inexperienced young daughter.

“It’s up to us, Mom! It’s up to you and me to take care of Daddy’s hard ons. And he gets so many hard ons! It seems like every time he looks at me he gets hard!” She started jacking my cock up and down while her mother stared at her movements open mouthed. She jacked me faster and faster. “I have to take care of Daddy!” she cried.

“You have to j-j-jack off your s-s-stepfather?” Kate stammered. She sounded like the shock of everything that had happened and was now happening before her eyes had drained 20 IQ points from her head. She was having trouble even acknowledging what was going on in front of her.

Eve took advantage of her mother’s dazed state and grabbed her by the wrist. “Come help me, Mom! Daddy needs it!” She pulled her mother’s wrist and Kate stumbled downward, landing on her knees beside her daughter. Her face was only inches away from my cock. She stared goggle-eyed and slack jawed at the mushroom head pointed at her mouth.

The contrast between the two beautiful women was incredible. Kate was dressed for work, with her hair pulled up in a bun on her head and dressed in a white button-down blouse and a black pencil skirt, while her daughter Eve was wearing pigtails and was bare breasted, dressed in nothing escort kilis but her minuscule pornstar skirt with no panties.

Eve grabbed her mother by the back of her head and pulled her face onto my cock. “Suck Daddy!” she ordered.

As she pushed her mother’s face up and down on my cock, she looked up into my eyes. Her mouth was open in a wide grin and she was silently laughing at what she was doing to her mother. Her hand was on the base of my cock, feeding my rod into her mother’s mouth.

“Do you like this, Daddy?” she asked. “Is this what you need? Do you need both of your women kneeling at your feet and sucking your big Daddy Dick?”

Her mother was powerless to do anything. Eve’s hand on the back of her neck was making her gag on my cock. “Gugg! Gugg! Gugg!”

“Tell us, Daddy!” Eve said excitedly. “Tell us what you need! Tell us what to do!”

“Suck me together!” I cried. “Suck your Daddy!” I put one hand on the top of my wife’s brunette head and the other on the top of my daughter’s blonde hair and urged them to lick me in tandem.

Within seconds I began to cum. The taboo feeling of having the two of them together was incredible. The fact that Kate had role played doing exactly this and yet was so deeply ambivalent about actually doing it was part of the erotic charge. And of course, Eve’s body practically oozed hormones into the air just by her presence. I couldn’t have resisted cumming if I’d tried.

I ejaculated directly into my wife’s mouth. Her eyes widened at the onslaught of my sperm, but her lips stayed clamped to the head of my dick. Eve had been licking my shaft, but now she raised her eyes and spoke. “Good Daddy!” she said soothingly. “Do you feel better now? I’m so happy that Mom and I were able to take care of your problem!”

Kate stood up shakily. She looked like she was in shock as she stumbled over to the counter and picked up a sheaf of papers. She met my eyes briefly as she walked past me toward the door to the garage, but then cast her eyes back on the floor, ashamed of what she’d done and the knowledge that she herself had set everything that was happening in motion.

As she neared the door, Eve called out to her, “Mom, are you going to be working late tonight?”

Kate had her hand on the doorknob as she turned around, a defeated look on her face. “Huh?” she asked. She stared at her daughter, who was still kneeling between my legs and holding my half hard cock in her hands.

“I was hoping that Daddy and I could watch another sex education instructional video tonight, just like you wanted me to.”

“Another sex ed video?” said Kate. There was a despairing tone in her voice.

“I’m learning so much!” said Eve cheerily. “The early videos taught me how to say ‘No’ to unwanted sexual advances. Now I’m learning to say ‘Yes’!”

“You’re learning to say ‘Yes’?” Kate was so gob smacked that her expression looked as if someone had just hit her on the head with a board.

“Uh huh. Like this!” She began jacking my cock up and down. “Yes Daddy! Yes Daddy! Yes Daddy!” she said happily. Her hands on my cock, rhythmically pounding up and down in synch with her chant, made her huge jugs bounce up and down. “Yes Daddy! Yes Daddy! Yes Daddy!”

She looked at her mother, giving a broad, innocent smile, beaming at her. “The videos are really teaching me a lot! And Daddy’s helping at every step of the way!” She jacked my cock lewdly, grinning at her mother, almost laughing in her mother’s face as she flaunted her actions in front of her overwhelmed and powerless mother.

I grabbed Eve’s pigtails and pulled her mouth onto my cock. I started pumping her face in and out on my dick. “Your daughter needs so much instruction!” I growled. “I’m doing everything I can!” Eve’s willing mouth went in and out on my cock while she stared into her mother’s eyes.

Kate looked like she was torn. Part of her wanted to get on her knees and continue sucking me. The other part of her wanted to crawl into a hole and die. “I have to go to work,” said Kate. She staggered out of the room.

As the door closed behind her, the only sound in the room was of Eve on her knees, happily gagging on my cock. “Gugg! Gugg! Gugg!”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I screamed as I heard my wife close the car door.

After she left, Evie pulled away and exclaimed, “I love it, Daddy! I can hardly believe you’re hard again!” She sat up on her haunches and nestled my cock between her tits.

“You’re not looking too good, Daddy,” Eve said. “Maybe you need to call your job and tell them you’ll be coming in late. That way your cock will belong to me for the rest of the morning. Fuck my tits, Daddy.”

“YES!” I screamed. I was powerless to refuse her, even if I’d wanted to. She pulled my phone off of the kitchen table, tapped the screen a few times, and held it up toward me.

A voice came on the phone. “McKenzie and Sons. How may I direct your call?”

Eve gave me an evil grin. She wrapped her soft tits around my hard cock and began thrusting her entire torso up and down, jacking off my cock with her huge tits.

“This is Danny,” I said haltingly. I could barely concentrate on what I was saying. “Can you tell… the boss… that I’m running a little… late… today?” I was struggling to keep from gasping audibly over the phone.

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