Convincing Me Pt. 04

I thought it was the cold wind at first and pulled my comforter closer to my body. Well I tried to, but it was not budging and in my sleep-induced state I wasn’t going to put too much effort into it. But my nipples were still feeling cold and then I felt it, a tentative lick. I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed at it before seeing a naughty Tamara looking at me innocently.

“Good morning,” she crooned.

“Oh God! You’re morning person.” I groaned.

“Haha. I think sleeping is a waste of time. Especially since we recently found out how pleasurable it is to spend on other activities,” she straddled me as she completed the sentence.

I smiled at her sadly.


“I promised myself I wouldn’t let the cynical me do this, but I can’t help it. Why me?”

“I don’t know. I’ve tried to fight it, I’ll tell you that.”

I looked at her expecting her to continue.

“What do you want to hear? It was not physical… not JUST physical.” She added with a naughty smile and kissed my forehead. “I love how you stand up for what you believe in… ” kissed my right eye “how proud you are of yourself… ” kissed my left eye “how you don’t conform to anyone’s idea of how you should look or behave… ” kissed my nose “and I love how you are not afraid of punching boys… ” She ended with a chuckle.

“No kiss?” I pouted.

She held my face in her hands and bent down to capture my lips in hers but I suddenly pushed her away. She looked positively crestfallen.

“I… haven’t brushed… ” I said sheepishly.

“And I have?” She asked incredulously. “You daft little woman… “

“Who are you calling little?”

She answered me by repeating her earlier actions, except this time I did not push her. I met her kiss with my own fierce one. Before I knew it, I was biting her lower lip and sucking it in my mouth, tasting her, morning breath and all. She tasted different, sure, I would have preferred the taste of her lip gloss but the sheer intimacy of this kiss was just too overpowering to dwell on those frivolous matters.

I kissed her lower lip with both of mine before letting go and scrapping her upper lip, while my tongue went to licking the little bridge on the bottom. I heard her gasp and clutch my head harder. Not shabby for someone who just had her first kiss yesterday!

While I was reveling in my glory, Tamara took over and started exploring my mouth while slowly moving up and down my torso. I could feel the wetness forming between her legs. Without much thought, I grabbed the two beautiful globes of perfection that was her ass cheeks and massaged them over the lacy material that partially covered them and she moaned in to my mouth. Her movements became urgent and fast, but her tongue continued in its mission to take a detailed tour of my mouth.

I couldn’t help it when my hands found their way inside her panties and started grabbing and pulling at her ass. She didn’t seem to mind, though, she was practically jumping up and down on body and pulled her mouth away from mine as she arched over me. She was so damn sexy. The sight of this perfect specimen in its most liberated condition had me oozing out of my pussy and more than anything else, I just wanted some friction there. Somehow I managed to control the need to rub my hands against my clit, because I didn’t want to disturb her trance.

Moreover, I could feel she was close. Her eyes were closed in concentration, she was still arched over me but grabbed my hand away from her ass and started licking my fingers as she enjoyed the sensations in her pussy; I was awestruck. I just wanted to watch her forever. Then she let go of my hand and urgently pulled out her big breasts from under the bra cups.

If I thought she was beautiful yesterday, I didn’t know would see in her a goddess today. I just stared at her as she kept rubbing her pussy against me, her breasts kept bouncing as the proud nipples bursa yabancı escort that were at least half an inch long dared me to suck them , her hair wild, and soft moans escaping her dry lips that she kept licking. She looked at me for a second, her eyes dilated, but also irritated with me for some reason. She aggressively grabbed both my hands and placed them on her voluptuous breasts.

I licked my lips and reverently grazed them with the tips of my fingers and Tamara growled. If I wasn’t so turned on and lost in her beauty I would have laughed. She shot me a death stare and I grabbed them violently and she groaned again; this time in pleasure. I suddenly got worried if my parents would hear her, but decided I didn’t care. All that mattered was Tamara’s pleasure and I pinched her nipples softly.

“Harder… ” she moaned and I complied, making her jerk.

“Talk to me… ” she ordered.

“About what?”

“About what you want to do.”

I looked at her, feeling inadequate

“I don’t know how.”

She stopped moving and said in the sexiest voice I have ever heard, “I can’t cum if you don’t talk sexy to me.” She bent down and kissed me. “Only you can make me cum.”

“Only me? Not Jock?”

She scoffed “He can’t even turn me on like you do.” One kiss. “Only you. Please let me cum? I beg you.” One more kiss.

This was getting me more wet than I thought possible so I told her, “I do want to see you cum. But I want you to get there slowly. You know why?”

She started gaining momentum again and shook her head.

“Because you look so damn sexy like this. I want to see you move over me like this for as long as I can.” I pinched her nipples hard.

“Aargh… ” I muffled her scream by shoving a palm in her mouth.

“Do you want to cum?”

She moved her head up and down with my hand in her mouth looking too sexy for her own good.

I pushed myself up, slid her to one of my thighs, pressed both her nipples together and bit on them, but not before saying, “Then Cum… NOW”

I felt her make one tiny movement before her juices started dripping all over my thighs and she bit on my shoulder hard. She was convulsing over me and I felt a wetness on my shoulder, I pried her weak body away from mine and sure enough, she was crying.

“Oh my God! Did I hurt you? I didn’t know… I am sorry… It’s my first time. Did I go overboard with the talk…?”

She just laid her head back against me and I started freaking out. I wanted to get away from her before I did anything else that would upset her, so I put her to bed and started getting up. She grabbed my hand with all the strength she had and pulled me next to her.

“I love you,” She said.

Of all the things I thought that could happen at that point, including her saying she never wants to see me again, this wasn’t even on the top 100. I just stared at her.

“I… ” She gave me small peck on my cheek.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I know you don’t love me… yet” She smiled.

I kissed her dimple and her smile brightened.

“I know something that might make you like me more though.” She said looming over me and caressing my face. My already wet pussy twitched in anticipation.

“Mandy… Tamara… get up guys… Or you’ll be late.” My mother’s voice came from outside the door.

I flew apart from her landing her on the floor… again!

“Ow! Why do you keep doing that?”

“I’m sorry. I got scared” I said in hushed tone.

“What’s that noise? Guys? Are you okay?”

“Yah mom! We’ll be down soon. Already awake. Just getting ready.”

“Okay… ” I heard her walk away.

Tamara had gotten up by now and pushed me to the bed.

“Didn’t you hear? We will be late.” I told her half-heartedly.

“But I need to tend to this… ” She put her palm on my soaked panty, lifted it tentatively bursa sınırsız escort to her nose and smelled it.

“Mmmm… ” You smell wonderful and dove her head between my legs, inhaling me.

I was so embarrassed I pushed head her away.

“What are you doing?”

“Trust me… You will like it.”

She looked at me for another second and I asked her, “Are you sure?”

“Yes I am. I want to taste you. I love you.”

I must have looked uncomfortable because then she asked, “Are you going to act weird every time I say I love you?”

“It’s not that. I just thought you said it because you just had an orgasm… that you didn’t… “

“Mean it? Well I do. I mean it with all my heart. And now I am going to show you.”

I felt her hand tug at the waistband of my underwear and pull it. I shimmied to help her and felt her spread my legs apart.

“I’m sorry… I haven’t shaved in a couple of days.”

She didn’t seem to hear me. She lifted her head and took me in all my naked glory. She looked mesmerized and once again she succeeded in making me feel hot.

“You are so beautiful” she gasped before running her finger over the slit between my pussy lips. I shivered.

“I wish I could take my time with you, that I didn’t have to hurry.”

She pushed the finger deeper into the cleft of my lips and ran it up and down while I tried to grind against it. She took the finger off and I gave a desperate sigh, shocking myself. I saw her licking the finger and moaning appreciatively.

“Look at how wet you are baby” My whole body tingled from the endearment. Till she said it out loud I didn’t know how badly I wanted someone to call me baby.

“And you taste soooo good.” She put the finger back in and with her saliva lingering on it, the pleasure was double fold.

“Did you get this wet from watching me?” I nodded. “Ooh that is soo damn sexy” She was rubbing my clit now and I was bucking with each brush on it. “Look at you baby… so sexy… just letting go. You never let go. I want you to let go now, okay? For me. Only I will get to see you like this. So hot.”

Her words were the incentives to my impending orgasm and I felt one build up in me. She went on, “You know how much I wanted you and for how long? I always knew you were sexy, you always were in my dreams… my wet dreams… but even in my wildest ones I couldn’t conjure up an image that would do justice to your beauty. You hide your body so well… And only I get to see it.”

I was never a fan of possessiveness but her words… God her words were turning me on to a point of no return. I was bucking and thrashing against her palm and as her tireless fingers vehemently rubbed that sweet spot over and over.

“I want to see you cum baby… Cum for me? Please? I just want to see you cum on my hand and I want to lick it all while you watch. So you know how much I love you.”

She was now squatting on the floor, licking at my pussy while rubbing hers furiously. My body vibrated and after that first tentative lick she started lapping up all the wetness there. It felt heavenly but it wasn’t enough for me to cum and I DESPERATLY needed to. I put my palm on my clit, only to be swatted away by Tamara. She took her free hand and started rubbing my clit in rhythm with hers and spoke something similar to “I’m cumming” into my pussy and I felt myself cumming. But even in my hazed state I knew something was different.

The orgasm itself was stronger than any one I have ever experienced and I have never felt this drained or ravished during one. But there was something else too but I couldn’t put my finger on it and I was too tired. I was shivering all over, but when I found the strength to look down, I saw Tamara looking at me astound and… Drained?!

“What happened?”

“You just squirted!”

“What??! Oh my god this is so embarrassing… ” I tried görükle escort to hide my face with my hand, but Tamara was there plying them away.

“Look at me.” I did. “Has it ever happened before?” I nodded no.

She tried to kiss me and I moved my face. She held it and said, “That was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life. And to think I was the first person to do that you, makes me prouder than I thought possible. You are so sexy and I love you. I will never stop trying to convince you that.”

With that, she kissed me and how could I not kiss back after that wonderful speech?

“Guys. Breakfast is ready. You guys coming down?”

“Your mother has impeccable timing” Tamara said as we pulled apart.

“Coming mom.” I shouted and to Tamara I said, “We need to hurry up. You go take a bath.”

“Care to join me? Haha… Don’t look so scandalized, I was only joking. One day, when there is enough time to lather you up and wash it away and devour you for hours on end, we will take a bath together.” She said in her sexiest voice and left me with a new batch of wetness.

She tried to tease me till we got out of my room; coming out all dripping and wet with just a towel that barely reached all the way around, rubbing her tits against me every time we pass each other, God that vixen! We did manage to get out just in time, have breakfast and leave for school. I saw an expensive car that sat outside our home and G inside it. “Is that your… mm… G?”

“Oh yah, that’s Gerard. He must have come to drop us at school.”

“Do you usually come to school in the car?”

“Not always. He must have come to make sure I am not late… Hey G!”

“Hey Tammy, I came to take you to school. Thought your slumber party must have gone wild and you got up late.”

“Something like that… ” She winked at me and I smiled self-consciously.

“Let’s go then.”

Once inside, I asked Tamara in a low voice, “Mm… I know this is not the right time, but will we be behaving like… you know… whatever… in school?”

“What’s whatever?” She sounded a little annoyed.

“I mean whatever this is?”

“What is it to you?”


“You heard me”

“Its nice. I like it.”

She seemed to get madder as I spoke.


“I mean, I wanna be with you, but could we keep it on the down low for while? Till I figure out me?”

She took a deep breath. “Sure. You deserve that much. I have been dealing with my feelings for you for a while now. And I understand that you need time.”

I smiled gratefully and we sat in silence for a while. “How long?”


“How long have you been dealing with your feelings for me?”

“Since that time in middle school when Jock called me a privileged bitch and you shut him up by pulling down his shorts… I think that is how your rivalry started … ” We both laughed.

“Huh? When did that happen?”

“See? You do so much for so many people, you don’t even remember the good things you do. That is why I fell in love with you.” I blushed under her stare and she moved close to my ear and said, “I wish I could kiss you now.” And I blushed further.

G pulled in to the school and when Tamara let go off my hand that she was holding I realized how natural a thing it was to hold your loved one’s hand and how much underrated it is. I missed it already. As we got out, I saw Jock and his friends, who were also Tamara’s friends standing close by. She looked me and I said, “You should go. I have a meeting with AV club regarding their funds. I’ll see you during lunch break in the literature section at the library.”

She nodded enthusiastically and tip-toed as she usually does before kissing me, but suddenly remembered where we were and abruptly walked away. Man, that kiss would have been nice.

As I walked away, I heard Jock say, “I see you are still with the loser.”

Tamara haughtily replied, “If you are going to disrespect her, I am not going to stay here.”

“Ok… fine… come here.” I turned around just in time to see Jock pulling her in for a rough kiss.

I walked as fast as could before someone could see the fury in my face.

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