Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 10


Melissa’s eyes grew big as saucers as she looked first at the large rubber cock that Diane was holding and then at Diane, and then at me, and then back to the cock, finally settling on Diane. Then a smile started at the corners of Melissa’s mouth and spread across her face in a flash. Melissa looked at me again and then at the dildo which Diane was rubbing seductively on her cheek, Diane’s tongue flicking out every so often to touch the circumcised head on the cock. Melissa leaned back on her hands and tossed her hair, giving Diane a sultry sort of pouting look while slowly licking first her bottom lip and then her top. Diane’s nipples were starting to harden now and her face was getting flushed. I watched as my wife slipped one hand down between her legs and started to rub on her button, her juices already flowing sufficiently to coat her hand. Melissa threw her head back and started rubbing her clit as well, her eyes closed, a look of rapture on her face.

Barry was watching this little show with a bemused smile as he toyed with his rapidly hardening cock. Soon Barry had a good boner which he was stroking gently while contemplating the wonderful things his wife was about to do to their new friend. Diane snapped out of her revelry and looked at Barry. “Barry could you help me out here please?” Diane asked handing the dildo to her husband and searching for the harness that accompanied it.

“Of course my dear, I would love to!” Barry replied enthusiastically. Diane retrieved the harness from her bag and slid the rubber plugs into place. The smaller one was positioned on the strap and went into her back door, the larger one was positioned so as to pleasure her front. Carefully Diane stepped into the harness, sliding it up her gorgeous legs, and finally pushing first the anal plug into her and finishing with the vaginal one. Diane closed her eyes sumo web tools and sucked in her breath when she finally got the two pleasure plugs into place. Barry loved watching his wife put that thing on. His cock seemed to grow hotter and harder every time he watched her wear it. “Here you go my love.” Barry handed the dildo back to Diane. Diane squirted a small bit of powder into the phallus’s opening and positioned it on the post attached to the harness.

“Oh yes!” Diane sighed as she grasped the heavy cock by the shaft and pushed it firmly down over the post that was attached to her harness. Little shivers of pleasure shot thru Diane as she held on to the dildo, stroking it like a real dick, causing the plugs inside her to rub on her walls and pleasure points. Barry stood up and took Diane’s head in his hands and pulled her face close to his. Diane was breathing fast and her nipples were hard as iron. Barry looked into his wife’s eyes.

“I love you Diane” Barry said as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, searching, finding, and dancing with her own.

“Oh baby, I love you too!” Diane sighed as she wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled him in close for a hug.

“Melissa?” Barry grinned, “I think my wife would like you to suck her cock!”

Melissa was off the bed in a flash and kneeling in front of Diane. Melissa wrapped her arms around Diane’s legs and pulled her close while looking up into Diane’s eyes. Smiling seductively Melissa opened her mouth and sucked the head of Diane’s dildo between her lips. She took in just the head at first, then she licked and swirled her tongue around the tip. Diane reached down and placed her hands on either side of Melissa’s head, gathering two handfuls of hair and pulling Melissa’s head closer, forcing more of the shaft of her cock into Melissa’s mouth. Melissa sumowebtools moaned around the rubber shaft as Diane fucked her mouth. Diane had her eyes closed now, her nipples hard as diamonds, her breathing shallow and rapid. Diane increased the speed with which she was fucking Melissa’s mouth and Melissa matched her every thrust, grabbing breaths on the out stroke. I could tell that Diane was approaching orgasm.

“Oh Melissa! Oh yes! Oh baby! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Diane moaned as her orgasm hit her. Diane’s knees buckled and she put her hands on Melissa’s back to steady herself. Melissa stood up and held Diane, kissing her on the neck and face, finally slipping her tongue into Diane’s mouth in a deep kiss.

Diane broke the kiss and turned Melissa around laying her on the bed with Diane on top of her. Melissa spread her legs and Diane positioned the head of the dildo at her entrance. Looking Melissa in the eyes she slowly pushed the big dildo into her. Diane smiled broadly as she stretched Melissa open. Melissa gasped and moaned as inch after inch of Diane’s cock slid into her.

“Oh it’s so big! Oh fuck me Diane!” Melissa groaned as she shut her eyes and thrust her hips upward.

My own cock was aching now and glistening with pre-cum. Watching Diane fuck Melissa was more than I could stand as I began stroking myself in time with Diane’s thrusts into Melissa. Melissa noticed this and motioned for me to approach her. I moved next to the bed and positioned my aching cock next to Melissa’s face. She opened her mouth and willingly took my throbbing cock between her lips.

“Oh Melissa!” Barry gasped as his erection slipped deep into Melissa’s mouth and throat. Melissa sucked hard, and then relaxed as Barry slid his rock hard cock in and out of Melissa’s mouth. Holding Melissa’s head Barry set a steady pace, alternating deep strokes with shallow ones in which Melissa would suck on just the head. “Oh I am going to cum soon!” Barry warned as Melissa aggressively sucked his aching member.

Diane was thrusting with a vengeance into Melissa using long, deep, steady strokes. Diane was sweating and grunting with each thrust, her orgasm building as Melissa wrapped her legs around Diane’s back. Barry held tight to Melissa’s hair as he could feel his orgasm start.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssss!!!!” Barry gasped as he climaxed, shooting his hot load of cum down Melissa’s throat.

“Oh baby!” cried Diane as her body shook and shuddered with her climax. Diane closed her eyes and panted as she came again and again, riding Melissa as if she had a real cock of her own.

“Oh Diane fuck me! Fuck me baby! Oh Diane I’m coming!” Melissa cried out, her orgasm completing the trio. Melissa arched her back with her climax; her legs wrapped tightly around Diane’s back, her arms holding Diane as close as she could pull her.

Barry backed away and collapsed on the other bed, completely spent. Diane lay on top of Melissa, her sweating, exhausted body draped over her lover. Melissa still had her legs wrapped around Diane, her arms at her sides. Barry came over to the bed where the girls were laying and settled in next to Diane. Rolling off of Melissa Diane looked at her husband.

“I love you Barry, completely.” Diane gazed into Barry’s eyes.

“I love you too Diane, so very, very much.” Barry kissed Diane on her cheek and lay down next to his wife, holding her close against him. Melissa turned to her side and backed against Diane, spooning with her, the shaft of Diane’s dildo slipping between Melissa’s legs. Barry held Diane as first Melissa and then Diane started breathing deeply, drifting off to sleep. Barry laid there in the dark, feeling every heartbeat of his sleeping wife and contemplating the grand scheme of things. Barry felt like the luckiest guy on the face of the planet. Soon, he joined the girls in dreamland.

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