Ask , Ye Shall Receive


The weather that summer was extremely hot. I mean, usually it’ll hit around 35 or so (Celsius, that is) on a hot day, but for about two weeks in July it was topping 40. All my friends and I could do was either hang out in air-conditioned basements or head to the local pool for a dip in the mercifully cool water.

One day, I’d headed out with my friends Dave and Julie. Julie actually *liked* the heat for some strange and unknown reason, so she decided to tan on the pooldeck while Dave and I, the sane ones as we called ourselves, jumped headfirst into the deep and and got some relief from the unrelenting temperatures.

Now, I’m not that bad looking. I’m about 5’8″ with dark hair and blue eyes, but my figure is, shall we say, generous. I tend to assume that I’m relegated to the friends-only zone by guys, and I don’t really mind. But Julie. Julie is hot. She’s about 5’6″ with long, curly blonde hair and bright green eyes and her curves are all in the right places, so I wasn’t really all that shocked to hear the whistles and such that greeted her bikini-clad form as she lay down to soak up the sun.

Dave is rather cute and a good friend of mine, and we were messing around in the pool when he ended up grabbing one of my tits, by accident. I asked him if he was trying to cop a feel, and he blushed so cutely that i just had to embarrass him some more.

“You know, a cute guy like you… you don’t have to do it by accident. You can just ask and the girls will let you do whatever you want.” I laughed at his stunned expression and dunked him under the water.

I was still laughing when he swam up between my legs and lifted me out of the water, then threw me in. I coughed and sputtered out the water I’d swallowed and then a full-scale war was on. God, it was fun… until Julie told us to stop acting like five-year-olds because she was trying to rest. Dave and I rolled our eyes at each other and swam over to the far side of the pool to chat.

We were talking about nothing in particular … classes we’d be taking in the fall, our summer jobs, gossip about our friends, but I could tell that he wanted to say something else.

“Alright, spit it out, already,” I said. Did I mention that I can be painfully blunt, Bycasino sometimes?

He turned bright red and kind of stuttered a bit, eventually getting out, “D-did you… I mean… what you said before… did you um… mean it?” If it were possible for someone to die from blushing, I swear to God, Dave would have done so right then.

“What did I say before?” I asked. Yes, I’m clueless. “I say a lot of stuff, Dave, you’re gonna have to narrow it down for me.” I smiled at him to reassure him I wasn’t teasing.

Dave took a deep breath, looked down at his hands swirling around in the water, and said, “Did you mean what you said before about me… being y’know… hot. And um… the girls doing what I asked… and stuff?”

The lightbulb went on, and I realised he must be like every guy i knew and secretly half-in-love with Julie. “Well,” I said, “it would probably depend on the girl. Who did you have in mind?” And then he did the last thing in the world I would have expected.

He looked right at me and said, “You.”

I can’t even imagine the look on my face at that moment, but i do know that my jaw literally dropped because he asked me if i was going to say something or if I was just going to catch flies. “I-I’m … stunned.” I finally managed to get out.

“Stunned in a good way? Or stunned in a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me way?” He half-smiled when he said it, but i could tell that he was holding his breath for an answer.

“Well, why don’t you try asking me to do something and see what happens?” i answered.

We both just stared at each other, there in the corner of the pool surrounded by strangers, until finally he asked, “kiss me?”

I took a deep breath and bit my lower lip, then slid over to him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and pressed my lips against his. He tasted a bit like chlorine from out earlier dunkings, but then my tongue parted his lips and entered his mouth and i tasted *him* and I wanted as much as I could get. I think I surprised us both with how passionate I got, sucking on his tongue and pressing my body tight against his, tangling my fingers in his hair and moaning against him.

I broke the kiss and said “Does that answer your question?” Bycasino giriş

We grinned at each other and he said, “It certainly does. Will you kiss me again?” I laughed and immediately placed my lips back on his, but this time it was his tongue that entered my mouth first and he pressed me back against the side of the pool. My legs seemed to float up around his waist all on their own, and I pressed my sex hard against his lower stomach, causing us both to moan at the feeling.

When that kiss ended, we both blushed a bit, then laughed and kissed again softly. Then I noticed over his shoulder that Julie seemed to be getting up. “We should go over and talk to her. I don’t want her to think that we’re mad or something.” Julie can be a bit… sensitive sometimes, and I generally try to avoid her moods as much as possible.

We swam over to her side of the pool as she sat down on her towel and opened a bottle of water to drink. I leaned with my elbows on the ledge and chatted with her and Dave swam up behind me and joined the conversation.

When Julie turned to search her bag for a sandwich, Dave leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Can I play with those gorgeous tits of yours? That one feel I got earlier was so good… I want to do it on purpose.”

I smiled to myself and turned my head to him and said, “The way you kiss, you can do anything you want.” I laughed and turned around, making up a joke when Julie asked what was so funny.

She and I kept chatting, but I was kind of vague in my responses because of what Dave was doing to my breasts. He was squeezing and stroking them pinching my nipples and otherwise just making them feel like heaven.

I jumped a bit when Dave put his hands inside my bathing suit, but I covered it by splashing Julie and telling her that it really was nicer in the water than it was up there on the deck. She had no idea how much nicer. Dave just laughed when I said that and pinched my nipples again. Julie squealed at the water hitting her and laughed while she dried herself off.

With her preoccupied, Dave leaned in to me again, and whispered “Can I touch your pussy?”

I actually turned around at that, I was so surprised, and because his Bycasino güncel giriş hands were inside my suit, I ended up pushing it to the side and releasing one breast.

Now I was blushing as well as shocked and he just got this big grin on his face. “Mmmm… that’s even prettier than I imagined it would be,” he said… and he actually leaned down and licked my nipple before pulling my suit back over it. “Later on, I’m going to ask if I can see and lick both of them, but for now I’m still waiting to hear about your pussy.”

I looked over my shoulder, but Julie was busy talking to some guy and wasn’t paying attention to us. “Yes,” I said, “to both questions.”

As his fingers moved my suit aside and slid over my pussy, he whispered to me, “holy fuck, you’re so fucking hot.”

I blushed and laughed. “You have no idea,” I replied. Then I put my hand on the waistband of his trunks. “Can I touch your cock?” I asked, adding “turnabout is fair play.”

He blushed and grinned back, “Yes, but if you do, I’m going to have to ask if I can fuck you.”

I laughed, “well, if you ask if you can fuck me, I’m going to have to say yes.” Then I slid my hand into his shorts and stroked his hot, hard cock, surprised that it was so warm in the cold water.

He backed me up against the wall, again, and I lifted the leg of his trunks so that his cock popped out. He brushed the head along my slit a few times, driving me crazing and making me beg in hurried whispers for him to put it in me. Then Julie asked me something.

I jumped and turned around, blushing and answering her while mentally damning her for ruining my fuck. But as I was talking to her, I felt Dave move my suit again, and I once more felt the head of his cock sliding along my pussy. He bumped it against my clit a few times, and it was all I could do not to whimper, it felt so good.

I asked Julie to go and get me a Coke, and Dave asked for one, too while sliding his cock slowly inside me. It felt so amazing. He fucked me with such long, deliberate strokes that I thought I was going to go crazy, and then he started pinching my clit and I had to clench my teeth in order not to scream. I came around him, spasming and squeezing his cock with my pussy, and I felt him cum inside me. And then Julie was back, and he was sliding out and replacing my bathing suit and we got out to have our drinks.

“Can we do this again tomorrow?” Dave asked, looking at me?

I smiled at him and said, “definitely.”

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