Anniversary Trip


A few weeks ago, for our 10th anniversary trip, my wife and I finally saved up enough to go to a resort in the Bahamas. This was a long time coming, but we didn’t really have any plans to do anything, we were just going to wing it. No kids. No work. No worries. No plans. Just make it up when we got there. Our only plan was that we knew for sure was that we were going to have at least two nights reserved for partying. We were going to get so drunk that we won’t know our own names. Maybe more!

Lucky for us (maybe) we were heading out during the end of the summer. This was also when we noticed that this was also one of the ‘rush’ seasons because everyone wanted to get in one last big bash before settling down to “normal” for the winter. Hopefully the crowds would help provide a good distraction from the ordinary.

Our flight landed around 10:00PM local time, but our bodies were still around 3 hours behind them thanks to jet lag. We each had a few drinks on the plane ride, and we were starting to get buzzed already. Thinking that this could be the first of the party nights we decided to take advantage of the situation. Buzzed, a couple hours behind the curve, and a Friday night — this was starting off well. Dropping our stuff off at the hotel, we had showered and changed, then we went out front and asked the cabbie to take us to the best night club in the area. He laughed, babbled something at us, and off we went.

We could hear the club from down the block. Wading our way up to the bar, we started off with a few shots each, then chased it with a Long Island Iced Tea. Not really sure where to do next, we looked around the crowd and saw another couple at a table in the back, and they looked quite bored. They were just sipping their drinks and watching the crowd. That would usually be us if we were on a normal night out — but this was anything but normal. We asked if they minded if we joined them, and they didn’t, so we sat. They actually seemed kind of happy to get attention. It turns out that they were also on their anniversary trip, but on their 5th and were on their last night in town. To celebrate, we ordered a couple rounds for all of us — we didn’t have nearly alcohol in our systems yet. And if nothing else, we could help spice up their night out clubbing also.

The drinks helped the conversations move along, and we found out their names and where they lived, but after that night, I honestly can’t remember little details like that. At some point, the ladies said that they wanted to go dance, but the funny thing is that neither of us guys were any good at it. So the girls went up by themselves and had a good time of it; we just sat back watching and had a couple of drinks. The other guy said that they had made an agreement during their trip, and that it was working out great for them, just like it had the last couple times they had gone on vacation. He said that for the duration of the trip, they should let loose, have fun, be different, and try to pretend that they were 10 years younger again; and once they got home, they would just forget everything that had happened — no issues, no arguments, no repeats. This was the time to let loose and be carefree. There was an expectation that they were out to have fun — otherwise what was the point in coming out this far? They could have just gone to a motel down the road from them at home. Looking over, I saw the girls had stopped dancing with each other and each were dancing with some other guys. At first I got pissed off, ready to run out there and start a fight, but realized what our new friend said — it’s vacation, let it go and just have fun. This was turning out to be good advise. Downing another shot, I felt the anger go away, and I just enjoyed the view. They were just enjoying themselves, so I would too.

When they got back, I told my wife she owed me 2 shots for dancing with “some guy” for 2 songs. I could tell that she had received the talk from the other wife also, so she took the drinks with a smile. Not to be outdone, the other wife had to take a few also, ordered by her husband. It was all done just in fun. But at this point, we were getting more than a bit drunk, so when the wives asked us to go dance, we actually said ‘yes.’ I easily proved why I never go dancing, but the other guy seemed to be OK. Drunk enough to not care how I looked, I stayed for the start of the next song. I lost sight of the other guy, but his wife and my wife came over to me and started to dance with me. My wife got a bit dirty, rubbing up against me, Surprisingly, the other wife started to rub on me too. Both of them, at once, Casibom I couldn’t believe this! My wife noticed, grinned real big, and waved the other girl to continue alone. The both looked at me, grinned, and she got to it. Dancing kind of slow, grinding her ass into my crotch. I could feel through her skirt quite easily, and I know she could feel my cock getting bigger as she rubbed herself on it. Glancing at my wife to see how she was taking this, I just saw her walk off, then come back a moment later with the other husband. She had started dancing with him, and kind of in the same way. I could tell that she was enjoying herself — the sheer tank top could not hide those rock hard nipples. I saw her hands reach back, her skirt move, and I think she actually just made that guy grab her ass. They danced their way over to us, and I couldn’t believe that we were this close, and dancing with each other’s spouses. And dancing dirty too. Playing copycat, the other wife grabbed my hands and moved them to her waist, then pushed them lower to her hips. I was now grabbing her hips while she was grinding on me. It almost felt like I was fucking her right there.

Taking a break from grinding, she turned to face me, and moved in a little closer. The song had changed and it was a bit slower. Now both the wives were copying each other — and feeding off of each other. My wife made him put his arms around her, with both hands on her ass. Then I had one my hands moved to her ass, and the other to her chest, then it was pushed down to hold her breast. I couldn’t believe this was happening. But it couldn’t last too long, we needed another drink. Finishing the song, we went back to the table for another round. Just for fun, we also added a round of shots to go with the drinks. The girls went to the restroom for a few minutes, and when the came back, they came to the opposite sides of the table. My wife told us that they had made a dare, since the other wife had started the dirty dancing, my wife had to get even. She said it was only fair that she mess with the other husband first, and the other wife nodded. My wife got up, turned around, and faced the other guy. Smiling, she bent over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then quickly sat on his lap, straddling him. She started laughing, told him to calm down, and put his hands on her thighs, just below the hem of her skirt. She started moving around a bit, grinding her hips. I couldn’t believe that I was watching my wife give some guy a lap dance in a bar, only feet from me. His hands kind of moved from where they were, both of them disappearing up her skirt. From the way she was biting her lip, I had a good clue what he as up to. A moment later, she pulled one of his hands out of her skirt and put it up her shirt, making his arm move up, and I saw the shape of his hand appear where her boobs were, squeezing them, and moving them out of her bra. Her shirt was very low cut, so they almost came out the top. Seeing this, he pulled his hand out of her shirt, and pulled down the front of it just a bit to let one nipple poke out — just far enough for him to quickly kiss it before putting it back. His wife had seen enough and she wanted in on the action too. Not wasting any time, she just moved over towards me, and swung one leg over landing squarely on my lap. Arranging her skirt, I could see she wasn’t wearing underwear. While I was still in shock, she leaned forward and she leaned forward and put her face up to mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth, taking my breath away. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my cock, separated only be a few thin layers of cloth. Both my hands on her boobs, and our mouths were locked together. When she let my mouth go, I looked over at my wife, and saw both the women were riding the guys the same way. She got off my lap after a few minutes, and went back to her husband who still had my wife on his lap. She put one of his hands on my wife’s boob and one on hers as she leaned down to kiss him.

My wife came back to me after another couple minutes, I guess feeling that the payback was good enough. After all that excitement, the buzz seemed to be going away — so we had to get more drinks. Seeing how it was getting kind of expensive, our new friends asked if we wanted to get away from the club for a bit. We figured we might as well. There had only been a couple of “dangerous” flirty actions, so I thought that was all that would happen. We wanted to get some ideas of where else to who while out here on the islands. But no, we went to their room, only a block away. They said that they had a couple bottles of alcohol they Casibom Giriş had to finish before they went home, so they wanted us to help them drink them all. Seeming to run out of conversation, but getting much drunker, someone had an idea. I don’t know who, it just wasn’t me. Someone said that a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ would be funny right about now. It sounded like a great idea, so we got to it.

We got on their laptop and got online, in search of interesting questions and/ dares. It started out tame enough. Little stuff like “have you ever been arrested” and name one person you have a crush on in high school, then asked if we had ever flirted with anyone since we got married. The dares started out bad though. The first one was for them, and they had to both go out in the parking lot and flash someone driving by on the road. But then we had to go down the walkway to the ice machine to refill the bucket. Well, as late as it was, there weren’t many people that could be seeing any of this anyway. Then he came up with another one. He said that my wife and him had to take the elevator from the our floor (2nd floor), to the top floor (10th floor); but they had to leave their clothes in the room, and they had to stop on every floor in each direction. She laughed, but started taking off her clothes before he finished talking! And he was taking too long trying to find out how to unbuckle his belt, so she comes up to him, moves his hands away, and takes the rest of his clothes off. She was laughing and covering herself up as she ran down the hallway to the elevator, and he was close behind.

It seemed like they were gone for a long time, but before the other wife and I had finished our next drink, here they came, walking down the hall, coming into the room. They both went straight to the bar, took a shot, and made another drink. They said it was a HUGE rush! None of us were walking or talking straight at this point. My wife came over to me, pushed me back until I sat on the bed, then sat on my lap, wrapping herself around me. She whispered that it looked incredibly hot in the bar earlier with me getting a lap dance. And just as much of a turn on knowing that I was watching her do a lap dance. She had been thinking about it since we left. She said it made her feel a little slutty, but she was only mine, and I was hers. She loves to tease…

Standing up, she wobbled her way over to lean on the wall. My wife turned to the other wife and says ‘truth or dare?’ but before she has a chance to answer, my wife blurts out ‘you have to take the dare.’ ‘OK,’ she says, smiling. Then my wife tells her that she needs to get both of us naked, and for her to give me another lap dance while she gives the other husband one.

With a lot less coordination than usual, the other wife did a bit of a strip tease taking her clothes off. She finished, looked at both husbands staring at the two naked women in front of them. My wife asked if we liked what we saw, and all we could do was nod. Coming over to me, the other wife pulled me up off the bed, and held me close for support while she took off my clothes, but she was also rubbing her body on me a lot. My wife saw that we were done, so she went over to her dance partner, went behind him and heard her say something about liking his ass as she grabbed it and pushed him over to the bed to sit him down. My dance partner came around from in front of them and copied what she did and what I couldn’t see. She stood close to me, grabbed my cock while she rubbed her tits on my chest, eyes closed, just regaining her balance. Then she went behind me, grabbed my ass with both hands, and pushed me to the other side of the bed that the others were using.

Both the wives started the lap dance, watching each other to make sure they were doing the same things. They were free with their hands, so us guys decided we could be too. About a minute into the dance, my wife called the other one over, and they went and got a round of drinks, stopping to huddle and whisper something to each other. I think this was going to be the last one — I think we were about all about to the point of blacking this all out the next day. They told us to scoot further back on the bed and lay on our backs, so we did. The girls came back, getting back into the dancer moves, and climbed up us, starting at our legs over the edge of the bed. My dancer stayed low, rubbing her face on my cock, and just for a moment, stopped moving while she grabbed the side my cock with her lips, getting a mouthful, then licking and sucking on it for just a few seconds. With a dirty grin, she moved up the Casibom Yeni Giriş rest of my body, rubbing hers along mine the whole way, pausing when moving her boobs across my face, letting one nipple go onto my lips on the way. She stopped by rubbing her pussy across my face, slow enough for me to get about three seconds of my tongue teasing her clit. She got up, and moved back down to my waist, straddling me the whole way. I stole a glance at my wife, and she was doing the exact same thing, I don’t think the were any different in their approach. They both stopped halfway down, and my dancer continued the dance right above my cock. I sat up to be closer to her, my hands freely moving on her body. Her face was hot to the touch, and when she moved my hands to her breasts, I could feel that her nipples were rock hard. At the same time, her hand found out that my cock was the same way. She started stroking me, and I moved one hand to her pussy, massaging her clit. Leaning forward, she whispered something to me, I don’t know what, but just that we can’t have sex, she was just warming me up. She leaned back, smiled, and pushed me back down on my back. Moving a bit, she moved my cock so it was laying flat against my stomach, then lowered her pussy down to it — but did not put it in. She just rubbed her pussy across it, getting it hotter and wet. As she was stroking me with her pussy, I looked over, and my wife was doing the same to him. She was closer now though. Reaching up both hands in different directions, each hand grabbed a breast of each of the wives. The other guy saw, and did the same thing, and this got both women even more turned on.

My wife said that she couldn’t take this any longer, and she got off of him, bending down to give him a kiss on the cheek. The other girl got off of me, and just kissed my hand. Walking on their knees past each other, the had to hold each other up for balance and ended up hugging each other. They were just in reach, so I could just get my hands to rub the pussy of each wife. They were both soaking wet. They just held each other while moaning, but when they grabbed each other’s boobs, they realized what was happening and stopped. I don’t think they wanted to though. My wife came over to me, and the other wife went to her husband. Continuing the tease of sex, they did the same dance, rubbing cock with their pussy. This time, it didn’t last long. Turning around, my wife grabbed my cock and I felt her moving her lips on it, slowly burying it in her mouth. With her pussy right above my face, I grabbed her ass and pulled it to me, my tongue exploring her pussy and teasing her clit. Not spending much time there, she turned around as quickly as she could, straddling my hips again, and dropped herself onto me, pushing down onto my cock as far as it would go inside of her. Only a couple of thrusts later, she couldn’t stay upright, so she stopped, moved to get on her hands and knees, then ordered me to fuck her from behind. Grabbing her ass, I rubbed my cock on her pussy. She was squirming so much, and moaning, I couldn’t get it inside of her fast enough. She was so hot and so wet, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I felt her tighten up on me, her muscles contracting while she cumming and yelling into the pillow. That put me over the edge, I could feel mine coming too. I pulled my cock out, and started stroking it, and she rolled over, I wanted so bad to cum on her tits. Only lasting a second more, I exploded across her.

All of us lay side by side across the bed, both exhausted and very drunk, our minds spinning over what had gone on that night. Before I knew it, it was daylight and the front desk was calling for the wake-up call. I did not even know I went to sleep; apparently I was the first one out, the other three dropped off shortly after I did. Our new friends had to leave in an hour, so we quickly got our things together, a little shy. We said a few times how nothing like that had ever happened before. I don’t think anyone made eye contact.

Back in our own hotel, we got a few more hours of sleep then woke up for lunch. Then we could plan out the rest of our trip. With the amount of alcohol involved, our memories of the event are a bit fuzzy, but we reminded each other of the deal we had made. We had some fun, but it wasn’t to be repeated anywhere, nor talked about in any unpleasant terms. Since this was still new, and we were still on vacation, we agreed that it was still OK to rehash what had happened the night before. As we started remembering different things that happened, we found ourselves getting a bit turned on by the memory, the excitement, the danger, and the overall ‘naughty’ factor involved. It was a warm afternoon, so we had the windows open, but that didn’t stop what came next. Maybe it was just a part of the excitement. What came next is another story for another day though.

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