Addicted to Attention Ch. 07


Cat was showering with Des and Ken so I put the kettle on to make us all a morning mug of tea. They all sat down, looking forward to a day of unwinding from the stress of business activity, in holiday mode at last. Unlike me, Des enjoyed letting his concentration wander when on holiday. I vowed not to spoil that for him today by trying to discuss any money making schemes that might be on my mind. What he regarded as stress, I normally revelled in. Today, I had promised not mention anything remotely connected with business. Cat and Ken wanted to wash and clean our BMW as it was still so grubby from the trip. I brought the convertible alongside and started to vacuum the interior.

“Just relax or swim, but absolutely NO WORK!!!” Des interrupted my thoughts. “Why don’t you go out exploring on your new Jet Ski? It’s got plenty of fuel in it. Try it out!”

“Go on Barb.” Cat urged, looking up from her tasks. “It’ll give you a chance to unwind. You’ve already done more than your fair share of work lately.”

“You’ll put me off my work if you stay around here.” Added Ken with an ambiguous grin.

Their words rang in my ears as I walked toward the water. We all had our strengths in our unique family. I had almost forgotten how to cook and clean over the last three months that we had been living together. Cat had eagerly taken over the running of our household leaving me to organise, plan and run all the financial aspects of our enterprise. The men, in addition to their commitments at the bank, ran all our maintenance or building duties. They also handled all our photography projects and supported me in legal matters. Now they were asserting themselves, today I had promised do nothing but relax.

I started the Jet Ski, looked longingly at the others as they all toiled away making sure that there would be nothing left for me to do, waved and took off. Although I had decided not to take any sort clothing with me, not intending to go too far away, I had never been right around the lake before at the far end beyond the town. The lake was tranquil and fairly deserted so I made the decision to take full advantage of my free time. There was a wooded area at the far end of the lake, rich in bird life, that our young friends had described as being worth a look. Access was only by four-wheel drive track or by water and they had mentioned a waterfall nearby. I decided to take a look at it without bothering to return for my clothing first. I felt some anxiety at the thought of going right across the lake in my vulnerable state of nudity but my newly increased sense of adventure triumphed over any doubts about venturing into the unknown. The throbbing of the motor between my naked thighs had made me orgasmic and reckless. As I neared the wooded area I turned off the motor and drifted into shore. I found a tree with a large branch overhanging the shallow tranquil waters of the lake, perfect for a quick stopover to explore. Tying the Jet Ski firmly to the branch I walked around the shore, noting signs of makeshift campsites where large stones had been arranged in a circle for fire. The evidence of human presence made me curious as I walked among the trees feeling at one with nature, hearing the various birds and insects buzzing and chirping. It was a Garden of Eden type of setting, so peaceful yet visually stimulating. There were occasional cleared areas where the sun shone through the trees, warming my naked body and making the experience seem even more daring. I imagined that the local population made good use of this area as there were clearly defined tracks leading to a stream with a small waterfall, further on. I felt alone, away from the water and vulnerable here in the woods.

I imagined what might happen if a group of strange men came across my path and there was nobody around to hear my cries for help if they should decide to take advantage of me. Every sound brought fresh awareness of the curiously uncharacteristic risk that I had taken. I faltered then sat down on a fallen log, the roughness of the bark next to my genitals further stimulating my sense of vulnerability. I closed my eyes and let my imagination race. My senses were screaming for my eyes to open but I kept them firmly closed and just listened. When, some time later, I felt that I had conquered to urge to retreat to the safety of my new Jet Ski and race back to Rome I opened my eyes and walked slowly onward. The sound of the waterfall complemented the other sounds of wildlife perfectly, evoking a supreme feeling of inner peace when I heard it at first. There was nobody about, calming my immediate fears of being discovered. After exploring the entire area around the small waterfall I made my way back to the Jet Ski, resolving to bring the family here at some future time. Des was really getting into his nude photography now and this setting was picture perfect. In fact there was no real danger, mid week in this secluded beauty spot near a quiet back country town, but it was time to move on.

I rode slowly around the shores stopping occasionally, drifting for ages, then carrying on. I had no way of telling the time but the sun was higher in the sky when I opened the throttle and made my way back home. Cat came running to greet me, her face beaming with pride as she pointed to the BMW and the convertible, gleaming like new and still parked together. I had been away for three hours. She and Ken had detailed the cars until there wasn’t a speck of dust to be found within either of them. Des had tidied around the property, rigging a rope from one of the large trees to form a swing and the boathouse was now ready for guests. I walked into the house to find the table laid out ready for lunch. They had even waited for my return before eating. I apologised, as I sat down, but they dismissed my words saying that I deserved my time out on the lake.

I took Cat out on the Jet Ski after lunch while the men went into town for milk and newspapers. I had asked them to find newspapers from nearby cities too as I wanted to check out the entertainment scene available. With 5 more weeks to spend here I have to admit that midweek was still a bit too quiet to fully excite my new sense of adventure. The weekends were great, the changing holiday population providing Cat and I with the attention we craved. It would be nice to see what opportunities existed within easy distance by car from Maple Lake just the same.

There was a little more activity on the lake around the town area now as the afternoon wore on but the area where I had seen Tony and Melissa mysteriously vanish was quiet so we pulled in the little cove to investigate. It was a deserted spot with bushes near the lakefront to shelter the activities of anyone behind them. Ground level, as we lay there, offered a wide view of any approaching craft, making it a perfect lover’s retreat for our young friends. We got back on the Jet Ski and returned home when we saw the BMW drive onto our property, anxious to see what the nearby cities offered in entertainment. Apart from restaurants and the bowling alley, Maple Lake had very little else in the way of nightlife. When our family had been evaluating business yesterday, we had been discussing the various ways to promote the bowling alley. We had it in mind to change the name of the centre in order to attract a wider interest among the population for attending mid week and over winter. The business was geared largely to children by day and young adults by night but during mid week and off-season Gerald lost money by remaining open. He barely covered his overheads most weeks. On the plus side, the bowling alley was situated on prime lakeside land with room to expand the buildings to at least double the present size as the patronage increased. I wanted to explore the nearby larger towns such as the one where Tony and David had lived before renting our other lakeside property. Knowing there were at least three, according to our earlier conversations with our young friends, moderate to large cities nearby I planned to investigate the options. It was with this in mind that I had told Des and Ken that Cat and I were in need of some excitement. “Nothing to do with business at all.” I promised Des.

Cat and I scanned the newspapers eagerly, noting the variety of night time entertainment available nearby. Cat found the perfect advert, guaranteed to interest both our men. We left the paper open at the right page as we passed it to them. Then we carried on reading another paper until Des found the right advert.

“I know!” He exclaimed. “Why don’t we drive over to Rose Valley tomorrow night? There’s a nude revue bar holding an amateur night with a contest that might appeal to you girls? Unless you’re chicken of course.” He added with a challenging expression.

“It should be exciting Cathy. How about it?” Ken said.

I said that we would think about it if they made it worth our while. Cat immediately told them that we expected the sexual performance of their lives that night if we agreed to enter. She looked at me and winked, knowingly.

Wednesday evening we set off in the BMW.

Cat and I had dressed up in our favourite lingerie with uplift half bras’, no knickers, just light suspenders and stockings. We dressed for sophistication in gowns that were sexy and alluring, yet not out of place at a royal gala. We spent time carefully applying makeup to our faces and our bodies in the way that Rick had taught us. We then added jewelled accessories to our pierced nipples and also to Cat’s clitoral ring to highlight her smooth vulva to an erotic effect. Des took his camera of course and Cat and I were full of nervous excitement, the way we always felt before Kent’s shows. It had only been a week since the last time we had performed one of those but we both missed the attention already. This time we would be going on stage, taking off our clothes in front of the audience in a slow and sexy manner, probably to music. Cat and I had practised this as we anticipated the problems of removing our clothing in a suitably alluring way.

As we left the parked car and walked to the entrance, the added weight of the accessories attached to my breasts and the cold night air on my exposed vagina added to the sexual excitement that was building within my body. Cathy too, was flushed with anticipation as we entered the reception area. It wasn’t a sleazy back alley type of operation but a sophisticated nightclub, with dining facilities and topless waitresses dressed as French maids serving a mixed crowd of older, affluently dressed patrons. The menu was up to the best of standards and the seating arranged so that the stage was readily visible from even the furthest corner booth seating.

Cat and I chatted as Ken ordered an entree meal and drinks, so we turned to watch the show. The girls were providing a classy show, moving well as they disrobed slowly. They ultimately spent about ten minutes or so, totally nude among the patrons. They were among the most daring and erotic poses that I had ever seen at such a public venue. Cat and I took careful note, anxious to please the audience when it was time for us to have our turn. The audience applauded at the conclusion of each girl’s show and the girl would then move to the tables that requested them. The patrons were largely businessmen, holding up monetary inducements to the girls to give them a close-up look at their bodies. Cat and I gazed in wonder as the older men induced the girls to display themselves, inches away from their eyes, often playfully smacking away any roving hands that tried to squeeze their buttocks or breasts.

“I guess this is legal nowadays?” Cat cautiously inquired of one of the waitresses, pointing to a stripper at the next table. She was shamelessly exhibiting her body with one foot resting on the tabletop and accepting the tips that they offered.

“No problems!” The young girl acknowledged. “Just as long as the clients don’t actually touch her.” She smiled at Cat and I, indicating Des’s camera. “With the girl’s approval, there’s an adjacent room where photography is permitted in a more private setting. It’s got security cameras in there to discourage unwelcome attention though.” She warned as she moved on to the next table.

It was a lucrative source of income for the girls I imagine, between acts. In the first few weeks that Cat and I had been modelling, we had more than a few requests for us to do lewd poses for amateur photographers but we had discouraged most of them because security had been lacking in the places we had been asked to pose. I was most impressed with the operation here though.

“Are you guys still going to enter?” Des asked with a sly grin. “It’s a bit different to staying onstage.” He reminded us.

“I’m game if you are?” I turned to Cathy. Let’s show these girls a thing or two.”

“Way to go!” Des replied as he noticed Cathy nod her head.

There was obviously a real demand for the girl on show at the moment and we noticed that at least two patrons booked her services for a private show in the next room. We watched two other acts before the advertised ‘Amateur Night’ event commenced. The room was filled by now with eager patrons as three other amateurs got to their feet and made their way to the backstage area amidst subdued cheering and encouragements. Cat and I walked through the crowded room to a building enthusiasm, the cheers got louder as it became obvious that we were going to participate. We could feel the excitement building amidst our nervousness as we steadied each other’s confidence.

The strippers in the dressing rooms eyed us over and gave all of us tips on moves that they felt would be easy for us to perform. They said it was a good crowd tonight with generous tips available if we did well. The prize was $500 for the best act. Seven participants walked into the dressing room in total, All the others were far more nervous than Cat and I. We drew straws for the order of appearance and Cat was third to appear, while I drew the last spot. We could see the stage from the dressing room through glass panels, which were mirrored on the stage side. The two ladies that went onstage before Cat weren’t game to undress completely, only stripping down to thongs before running backstage in tears, flushed with embarrassment at their failure to complete the act. The audience was disappointed but I knew that Cat would easily change that.

“Knock em dead, darling!” I squeezed her arm as she moved out to the stage. Oddly, I had never watched her perform alone before but I was proud of her as I saw her moving while she smiled into the mirror, knowing that I was behind it.

She removed her dress and bra with her back to the audience, winking at me with an excited expression. Once she was totally naked she moved out on the catwalk spreading her legs and posing to a really appreciative crowd. Earlier disappointment evaporated into eager excitement as she sat, totally nude now, on the end of the catwalk slowly removing her stockings. She was mindful of all areas of the audience as she spun facing the other side of the room to remove her other stocking, lifting her leg high in the air as she did so to accentuate her jewelled vulva. She leapt to her feet and walked slowly back toward me twirling her nylons around her head. She bent over, stiff legged and feet apart, in front of the mirrored window, as she slowly added the stockings to her pile of clothes and folded them neatly on top. I could see arms waving in the audience, hands clutching money, signalling their desire for her to join their table for a close-up.

She had been on stage for only six or seven minutes but she had the audience spellbound as she walked through the crowded tables, posing seductively as we had seen the professional strippers do around the room. There was tremendous applause as she made her way back to the stage clutching a large number of bills in her hands. She was a star, bubbling with excitement and pride as she dressed herself and then described the thrill of making her way around the room.

“Look!” She held out her tips for my approval. “We don’t get that at our fashion shows.” She was beaming with pleasure.

The next three girls all stripped fully but declined to go out around the audience as Cat had done.

Finally it was my turn. I had the advantage of a warmed up audience eagerly urging me to remove my clothing. They were applauding with a real enthusiasm as I left the stage and made my way around all the tables. Cathy was right, the experience of circulating around the crowded room wearing nothing except high heeled shoes was quite exhilarating. I posed at the tables, opening myself up by spreading my legs wide to allow the patrons a close up look at my smooth vagina and accepting the money that they had offered with a grateful smile.

I included Des and Ken for a special show as I discretely slipped them the money I had taken up to that point. I had many businessmen give me their card as well, urging me to give them a private show afterward. I politely declined, explaining that I was only a guest here for tonight.

By the time I reached the last table my left hand was clutching even more tips than I had passed over to Des. I gave the patrons at the last table a close look at my clit ring, which appeared to fascinate the ladies at the table even more than the men. Although my state of arousal was now evident, I answered their questions with candour before excusing myself to go back to the stage. I added more tips to my growing pile of notes from their table although I had declined their invitation to join them for a drink. I stepped back onto the stage, wetter between the legs and conscious of a fast approaching orgasm, flushed with success. I picked up my clothes, fumbling for longer than necessary, in the same position that Cat had used when placing her stockings earlier. I looked, between my legs, at the audience and gave them a warm smile and waved as I stood up again. The reaction was encouraging and I was filled with a strange sense of sadness that my time among them was at an end. I could have happily spent the rest of the evening, out among the audience in the nude.

Cathy received the first prize. The manager came over to our table to congratulate her, telling us that it had been difficult to choose between the two of us. He said that there would not be any tab for our table that night and noting that we were visitors from out of town, he gave us his card begging us to come again anytime for a paid gig. He sat with us for some time and we told him we were models for Kent’s lingerie firm and we were on holiday at Maple Lake for a few weeks. Although we told him very little, he had been full of useful information to us regarding the entertainment industry.

As we left that night we had his card, a substantial amount of cash and lots of interesting new ideas. Of course, we had all enjoyed the night tremendously. Ken was the driver since he hadn’t been drinking alcohol for the last two hours. Des and Ken always alternated duties whenever there was alcohol to be consumed. They had a great time all the same, noting the set up of the revue bar and extracting from Bill, the manager, discretely of course, information on the legality of the operation. They had told him that we were fairly adventurous and didn’t want us getting into trouble with the law over the contest activity. He had assured them that everything the girls did at his establishment was perfectly legal nowadays and pointed out the limits of what was allowable.

I had found the experience exhilarating, not as sleazy as I had first believed. The strippers I had met backstage didn’t appear to be well educated but they looked after their bodies and did not seem to be on hard drugs. They simply enjoyed the same thrills as Cat and I, while making really good money. Some of them married well, to wealthier men than they might otherwise expect, given their social standing. Prostitution was discouraged, they were well paid and kept all their tips. Many of them travelled, always finding work if they were young and attractive enough.

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