A Noble Fantasy


The knights were atop their steeds in presentation to the Queen, about to fight for her honor. Sir William, strong, with his dark blonde hair tied behind him, handsome in face and wearing the colors of red and white; Sir Geoffrey, looking smaller in stature but dark and evil as he wore the colors of black and white, his skin and hair dark as well. Their introductions made, Sir William, dressed in the colors of good must be the victor in this battle. Sir Geoffrey, although quite good looking, was said to be a cheat and would do anything to win.

Introducing the knights to the crowd was the Master at Arms, Sir Marcus, very handsome in his own right. I gazed upon him atop his horse and felt unquestionable lust for this man. He circled the jousting field, the breeze in his hair spreading it out behind him. When the horse came to a stop and the air no longer held his flowing hair, it was long enough to rest at his waist! I watched him; all I could think of was to bury my hands in his hair, to kiss his full lips and press our naked flesh together. Alas, I knew he’d have nothing of me as I was only a spectator at the fair but that certainly did not stop my shamelessly wanting him.

The spectacle continued with the knights, although not in full armor, jousting with one another. Their lances held high and proud, would knock one or the other from their horse. The crowd was wild in their chanting – when Sir William was in his area, “Might for Right” could be heard from the crowd. When Sir Geoffrey was in his area of the field, the crowd yelled “Cheat to Win”! Over the next few minutes, the knights’ skills were tested with the lance and the sword. A fight erupted and Sir William challenged Sir Geoffrey to a fight to the death – a joust will full armor – the survivor being the victor. I would be sure to attend the next part of this show!

The show at the Renaissance Fair took a break to allow guests to wander the grounds, sample the roasted turkey legs and mead then purchase memories from the vendors. I continued to sit on the bleachers near the jousting field and daydreamed of being naked along side Sir Marcus with my hands tangled in his hair! The thoughts of me next to him, hot and sweaty with my hands in his hair, his head on my chest, his mouth covering mine – all these thoughts excited me tremendously. Within minutes, Sir Marcus and Sir Geoffrey came walking towards the bleachers.

“Sir Marcus,” I called out.

“Yes, m’lady?” he answered as he walked closer to the bleachers.

“May I have a photo of you? Your hair is magnificent and I would very much like to feel it against my skin.”

“But of course, m’lady” he said as he came closer to me.

He took my hand in his, asked my name and kissed my hand as any strong knight would do. I knew this was all part of the fair experience, but my body reacted as though it were real – butterflies in my stomach, lust in my heart and heat between my legs!

He stood behind me, more than a foot taller, a hand on my shoulder, my hand in the other and the picture was taken. I turned and thanked him but he requested one additional picture. I turned back toward the camera as he reached behind and brought his hair to rest on my chest as the photo was snapped!

“Sir, I thank you very much for the attention and the photo.” I said.

“M’lady, it was worth the time and effort just to see the fire rise in your cheeks. Will you be attending the final stage of the joust this afternoon?” he asked

“Nothing would keep me away!”

Long before the show was to start, I took a seat in the front row so that he would be able to spot me. The show started as the Master of Arms road onto the field, his hair flowing behind him, his horse’s hooves kicking up the sand on the field. He rode around the field, passing by me without so much as a nod. My heart sank as I realized his behavior with me really had been part of the “experience”. It appeared he’d not even remembered me, my hand in his, his soft hair on my chest or the fire in my cheeks.

He faced the Queen and began his speech, yet he stumbled on his lines! As he struggled to come up with his next sentence, he turned his horse toward the crowd and looked straight at me; his eyes bright, his smile wicked. He turned back, faced the royal stage and continued his soliloquy, stumbling over the porno words only another time or two.

After the show was over, the dust settled and the dead removed from the field, he came to me as I sat on the bleachers, finishing the Pale Ale I’d gotten earlier.

“Are you here with anyone fair lass?” He asked.

“No sir,” I began, “and you?”

“Today I wander the grounds of Lyon alone. I would honored if you would accompany me as I walk.”

“It would be my pleasure, good knight, to be of service to you in any way that you desire.” I said confidently, with a wry smile.

His eyebrow rose, his smile widened, he looked at me quizzically, as if he were trying to decide exactly what I meant. I reached out and touched his chest lightly.

“I’d love to have your hair touching me as I touch the tip of my tongue to the back of your neck, down your spine….” I teased and stopped.

He studied my face for a moment, turned and took my hand. He led me behind the fence near the jousting field, grabbed both my hands with his, brought them over my head, pushed me against the fence, his hands pinning me, his body pressing into mine, my back pressing into the fence. He leaned down to me, his full lips touching mine tentatively at first, then more urgently. His lips kissed my neck, my chest, my ears, my lips; his tongue darting between my lips. We kissed for only a few moments, our tongues tasting one another, exploring the other’s mouth. As it ended, I felt as though I was going to fall to the ground, my knees felt so very weak; my skin felt as though it were on fire.

“I’d wanted to do that since I saw you earlier and felt the heat in your body as we had our picture taken. You’re a very sensual woman.” he said.

I heard the noises of the fair, the people; the smell of the horses mingled with the smell of roasting turkey legs. We could be discovered at any time, but that did not stop me from pressing my body to his!

He let go of my hands, allowing me full access to his body. He leaned down to again kiss my neck and my chest as I ran my hands over his sides, onto his back, holding him against me, enjoying the heat he was putting out. His arm wrapped around my back, holding me close against him, the difference in our heights becoming quite apparent as I felt him lift me off the ground slightly, only my toes touching the ground. His free hand came around to my breast, cupped it, massaged it through the fabric. I felt the nipple harden as he rubbed and pinched it through the material. There was nothing I could do, nor did I want to do, other than enjoy his touch and moan in appreciation.

I reached between us, able to feel his hard cock against my soft stomach, anxious to feel it in my hand. I brought my hand to his cock, rubbed it gently along its length, stopped at the head, wrapping my hand around him through the fabric. His movement stopped for just a moment as he enjoyed the feel of my hand touching him, teasing him. His hand left my breast and took the hand that stroked his cock. He turned and led me away from the fence, further into the trees. It was darker and cooler in here as the tops of the trees shaded the ground from the sunlight; the smell of the wood damp but fresh and inviting. He took off his cloak, spreading it on the thick, green grass; he sat down upon the cloak and motioned for me to join him there.

I gathered up my skirt, straddled his legs and perched upon his thighs, my feet flat on the ground. We kissed again, our lips firm against one another, our tongues tangled, my hands, finally, entwined in his hair. I’d never felt a man’s hair so soft, so silky, so long! His arms around me, he rested his hands on my lower back, pulled me to him, gently scooting me further onto his lap. I straightened my back, pushed my breasts into his chest, pressed down on his lap, rocked my pelvis and felt his cock under me. I continued to rock as I kissed him and my hands played in his hair, his arms held me tighter every moment, pulling me further into him until I was sure I wouldn’t be able to take another breath.

I broke away, scooted back on his legs just a bit, unbuckled the worn leather belt that held his blue and black costume in place and tossed it to the side. I pulled at the soft blue cotton tunic as he lifted himself slightly so that the material would come out from under him, off over his head, tossed to the growing pile started by the belt. I pulled off the next piece of his costume, a black cotton shirt, and threw it onto the pile of leather and cloth already on the ground.

His skin was so warm, so soft, so touchable. I ran my hands over his chest, shoulders, sides, back – everywhere I could reach without having to move. I trailed my tongue along his neck just below his ear, down his neck, onto his collar bone, further out to his shoulder then back over to his collar bone; to the hollow in his throat, kissing him here, then trailed my tongue again over to his neck, his earlobe, just behind his ear, all the while I continued to caress his hair, pulling the band out from the back which was holding his hair away from his face, letting it fall around our shoulders, the silken strands touching my skin, increasing the temperature of my already hot skin.

As I kissed him again, I felt his hands pull on my vest, under the stretchy lace. His strong hands caressed me, moved up over my back onto my shoulder blades, around to my sides, coming around to the front, sliding up to my breasts again. He pulled the vest over my head and tossed it to the pile. I sat on his lap, clad only now in my black lace bra and black linen skirt, my skin on fire, my pussy growing hotter and wetter. He planted small kisses around my neck, on the freckles of my chest; his hands on my back, he unhooked my bra, let it fall and threw it onto the pile, too.

My soft, round breasts finally free of their imprisonment, were held in his hands, his thumbs and fingers surrounding the nipples – rolling, pinching, pulling. He leaned down and took one breast into his mouth, biting gently on the nipple, my back arching in response to the pleasure felt. He sucked my breast further into his mouth as he continued to tease the other nipple with his fingers. I felt that I would spontaneously combust from the fire I felt inside of me.

I leaned back on his legs just a bit to allow my hand between us. I reached between and felt his cock, hard again, between my legs, yet imprisoned in his costume. I pulled the bow on the drawstring of his pants, loosening the waistband, my hand touched the hot flesh of his cock. A deep moan came from his throat as I touched him. I leaned back just a bit further, my breast still in his mouth, his teeth still clamped onto my nipple, biting just a bit harder as I moved away. His cock was a burning rod in my hand, I kept him there, stroking, squeezing, pulling, my palm coming to the head of his cock, squeezing his cock into the circlet of my thumb and forefinger, moving it further down the shaft.

I was overcome with the need to have his engorged cock in my mouth. I moved back far enough where he had to let my breast out of his mouth. I pulled his loosened pants away from his body, leaned over and took him into my hot, wet mouth, holding the shaft with my hand, licking his cockhead like and ice cream cone, ’round one way, then back the other. He leaned back, his hands behind him supporting his weight, his head back, hair over his shoulders and onto his chest as well as on the cloak behind him. I licked my hand, placed it around his cock, let him slide in and out of my hand as he slid in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicked the head every so often, his moans music to my ears. As I continued to suck him into my mouth, I reached down into the costume, firmly grasping his balls, massaging them gently, my fingertip pressing firmly on his perineum, massaging there as well.

His breathing soon was heavier, his moans louder, his balls rising into his body. I moved his cock in and out of my mouth faster, faster, faster, all the time sucking him gently when he was in my mouth, my hands continued their activities on his shaft and his balls. After a few more minutes of ever increasing speed, I was sure he was about to explode – but I didn’t want that just yet. I stopped suddenly, his displeasure displayed as he groaned and brought his head forward. I looked up at him, his swollen cock still in my mouth, my eyes locked on his, a smile coming across my face and his eyes widening in reaction to what I was doing. He put his head back again, surrendering to the feelings.

I held his cock in my slick, wet hand, slowly massaging him from the base to the head. As I did this, my tongue lapped at his balls, licking them gently, nipping at them lightly with my teeth. All was done very, very slowly even though I could feel his hips rising to meet me, wanting to thrust harder and faster, but I would not let him off that easily!

I picked up speed, only slightly, and changed position to put his cock in my mouth once again. The feel of his cock in my mouth was wonderful – like his hair, it was soft to the touch, smooth and silky. Yet because of the excitement, he was hard as a rock, sliding in and out of my mouth first slowly, then more quickly. I could tell he was getting close to his release as his hips moved higher, his breathing became heavier and the muscles in his thighs began to quiver.

I held him at this pace for just a moment longer, looked up and found his eyes on me as I dined on him. I held his gaze as I took his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster, faster and faster until I knew he was about to explode. His eyes closed, his hips thrust one more time and remained high as he shot his hot load into my mouth. I drank it all down, hungry for more and continued to suck his now sensitive cockhead, to get every last drop, causing him to spasm each time I sucked him.

His elbows buckled, he fell back onto the cloak he’d laid out for us. His chest heaved with his breathing, eventually slowing down a bit. I sat up straight, still on his thighs. I let him rest only a moment. My small hands grabbed his, much larger than mine, and pulled him to a sitting position, his hands placed behind my back and I kissed him full on the mouth, the taste of his juices not yet completely gone from my tongue.

As we kissed, I pressed my naked flesh to his, rocked my pelvis to massage his cock. I continued for just a few minutes when I felt him harden underneath me again. He pushed me back a bit, enough to tilt my body away from his slightly, to get his hand in between my legs, to feel the dampness there. His fingers, firm but soft, spread the bare lips of my pussy, his thumb finding my clit immediately, he caused me to shudder with delight. He pressed, he rubbed, he toyed with my clit as my breathing became heavy, erratic. I let him do with me as he pleased but only for a short time – I wanted his cock inside of me.

With his fingers inside of me, he found that secret place of extreme pleasure, I reached to touch his cock as he was hard and needed more attention. I pushed his hands away just as he was about to send me over the edge, grabbed his cock, guided it inside of me and mounted him so that I could ride him as he’d ridden his steed earlier.

He grabbed my hips, rocking me forward and back. I held onto his shoulders as he pushed himself further into me, still rocking on his cock, my clit rubbed constantly as he moved me around. I could tell I wasn’t far from the ecstasy I’d been wanting when I first saw him. He opened his eyes, looked at me and I held his gaze as we were soon overcome by waves of pleasure; he held me still on him as we kissed deeply, both breathing heavily, jumping when I flexed my interior muscles, giving him another squeeze from inside.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, long enough for the breathing to return to normal, long enough for us to realize just exactly where we were and that the noises of the fair continued. He glanced at his watch, then looked at me.

“I’ve another performance.” He said.

“And here I thought you just did!” I said as I laughed.

“That,” he started, “was no performance. That was amazing.” He said as he helped me off of him and rose to get dressed. He smiled broadly, the smile of one who’s been satisfied, yet not satiated.

“You look like you could do this even longer if you had the chance.” I said.

“You’ll be back to the faire next year?” He asked, smiling. “I’ve got to go.” He said as he leaned over to kiss me one last time.

“Hey,” I said, “thanks for the photo and the memories to go along with it!”

“You’re welcome m’Lady. I enjoyed the fire in your loins as I did the fire in your cheeks when first we met. I anxiously await another meeting in Lyon next year.” He said as he walked away, his hair floating in the breeze, his scent lingered on my skin.

Although I am certain another maiden will capture his attention, I shall remember this year each time I see the photo. Perhaps another trip to Lyon should be taken next year…

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