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theyRule’s note:

I wasn’t planning to write a story that long but it grew on the way. I considered making this a series, but could not decide where to divide it.

I enjoyed writing it, hope you enjoy it as well.


“I think we have to socialize. I mean, many of our friends left town and we’ve been too lazy to make new ones.”

This was Marvin’s habit. He always started to declare things as such, whenever they appeared on his mind. He talked as if he had been thinking about that for a long time but in fact, it just occurred to him.

And that morning, while they were having breakfast with his elegant wife Beth, he stopped eating and started talking.

Beth never ignored her lovely husband, she listened to him as always; this time, she thought he had a point.

“I guess you’re right. What do you have on your mind?”

“We have lots of neighbors. All fine people. We only greet each other and that’s it. Why don’t we get familiar with them? Barbecues, pubs, even sports. We can do many things with them. Most of them are at their forties, just like us. What do you think?”

“Which ones? I don’t like the ones across the street, for example. He is a show-off guy and his wife never greets me. Even their children are not normal.”

Marvin smirked “Yeah, I don’t like them too. What do you think of the ones next to them? What was his name? Aidan? Aldan? Something starting with ‘a’?”

“No, they’re OK but they always have parties and I don’t have such an energy. Once we start seeing them, we won’t have any privacy. They will call us to some event every day. I suggest we start slow.”

“Well, madam. You’re as smart as you’re beautiful.”

They were perfect for each other. They liked to stay in a zone where they both would keep their nice and gentle attitudes, while having innocent fun whenever they could. Beth would not say no if they left the ‘gentle part’ out of their bedroom a little bit but she couldn’t tell him that, of course. The sex wasn’t rare but it wasn’t frequent either. It wasn’t wild but it was lovely. But it definitely wasn’t enough for her.

“How about our next-door neighbors? I like them. What was her name? It reminded me a country. Sweden? Svetlana?”

“Oh, Marvin. You’re hilarious. Danika. Of Denmark I guess.” Beth enjoyed his goof very much.

“Yes! And Chris. He invited me to go diving with him a few months ago. I’m still on ‘rain check’ status. See? He offered but did not insist. Just as you preferred. Some relation we can control.”

“Yes. And she’s a very nice-looking woman, I think we can start with them. Friends in the neighborhood sounds good. I’m getting bored when you’re at work or away. Since I resigned, I couldn’t get used to being alone all the time.”

The next morning, Marvin told Chris that they were invited for an afternoon cocktail on Saturday. And he accepted gladly.

They had great time, Danika complimented on Beth’s cooking, Chris taught Marvin how to make a couple of fake cocktails. They talked for hours without getting bored and both couples were happy about the time they spent together.

In the following weeks, this became some kind of a routine. They invited each other to their homes and they got along very well.

Danika was sitting at her armchair, having her coffee when she said “I can’t believe we wasted almost two years without getting close to them. I really liked them.”

Chris was connecting his new amplifier while listening to her.

“Right? Previously, I tried to invite him to diving once but he told me he was too busy those days. And he agreed to come with me last time we met. He’ll join me, starting on April. He’s got PADI Advanced open water certificate, so he can be my buddy in most of my locations.”

Danika pouted her lips and stared at him.

A few seconds later, Chris noticed the silence and looked at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“So, you will destroy our Saturday meetings. Bravo!”

“Babe, you and Beth can find many things to do together. My planned schedule is only for two months, then, we will go bi-weekly at most.”

“I suggest you do not forget your promise. You’ve been warned.”

Chris smiled. “We were saying, new friend?”

“You may be right. I like Beth. So sincere. Also, she’s very beautiful, don’t you think?”

“Yes, a good-looking blondie. But you know. I can’t concentrate on other women when you’re sitting here like that, my scarlet witch.” Chris looked at his wife in admiration, to her incredibly beautiful face, that resembled those Slavic beauties.

“Scarlet witch? Was it that Melisandre in the GOT?”

“No, that was Red Witch. You’re Wanda.”

“I like Wanda. She’s hot. In fact, the other one is also hot.”

Chris was the classic never growing man-child. He could never sit at home. He had to learn new things, travel, buy stuff. He loved Danika and he couldn’t get enough of her. She was the only thing in his life that could make him feel insecure.

Danika was very travesti istanbul beautiful too, almost perfect. But she was also a very hot woman at the same time, especially because of her personality.

She loved to try things in the bedroom and managed to surprise lucky Chris every time. And she had a way of persuading him naturally.

When it was about sex, she was unpredictable.

When she was feeling raunchy, she didn’t care if she had Chris or a stranger in front of her. She loved to make that person uncomfortable, she liked to see her power over those people. She never cheated on Chris but she made many men suffer this way, in such times.

When she wanted to have sex with Chris, especially when she had something different in her mind, she loved to prep him first. She made sure that Chris had no will power left to resist her when it was time to have sex. Up to that point, she only cared about what Chris was feeling. Sometimes this preparation lasted for days.

When she thought it was time, things changed. She only cared about what she wanted. At that point, she was selfish and this made Chris addicted to her even more.

The only downside of this was her changing moods. After she selfishly got what she wanted, it took a long time for her to be that ‘loving wife’. She became cold, distant and this made Chris sad. But during that period, if he was around, she victimized him again and again. So, nobody would pity him about his sadness.

His diving months made her crazy because she loved sex and wanted it in her life all the time. She loved those preparation days and her seduction games even more. She felt like her toy was being taken from her.

He worked hard during week days and he was going to be away every weekend. That meant no sex or tired, boring after-work sex. And, definitely no chance to psychologically torment him and enjoy those preparation schemes.

Anyway, she had a new friend this time and she was going to have a good time. If they could find common interests with Beth, it could be great.

Until April, they kept on meeting on the weekends, they went to concerts or theaters together. Danika and Beth got along pretty well.

They didn’t have many hobbies or interests in common but they didn’t need them. They could talk for hours.

The first weekend Marvin and Chris left for the diving trip, they met at Danika’s house. After a general gossip about their neighbors, Danika started to talk about this diving schedule.

“What do you think of that? I mean, who goes away every weekend for two months?”

“I know you don’t like it but it’s really good for Marvin. All his other friends spend time on boring stuff. Thanks to Chris, he will finally do something refreshing.”

“Ok, I get your point and I can’t argue that’s a good thing for both of them. But, Beth. It’s not fair for us. That means no naughty stuff for two months!”

Hearing those, Beth acknowledged the level of dismay Danika was feeling. And this subject was a bit unsettling for Beth.

Not because this was a very wrong topic but she wasn’t used to discuss things in her ‘private matters category’ with anyone. Not even with her closest girlfriends.

Besides, Marvin and Beth didn’t have sex for the last three months. She always thought that this was the normal for their age, in a marriage like that. Apparently, this wasn’t the case in their neighbors’ marriage. She didn’t want to disclose her own situation, so, she tried to go along with the subject.

“I’m not saying you’re wrong but you know, fallowing a land enriches it; this inactive period could energize the desire in you, don’t you think?”

“In my case, I’m a steep land and fallowing causes erosion on me. I’m always energized and deprivation makes me unstable.”

She was younger than Beth, she was 32 years old while Beth was 41. Beth was never concerned about such things, not as much as Danika was but she always wished for more too. She couldn’t help herself and giggle this time.

“You’re blunt, Danika. I’m not used to talking about such stuff. But I get your point. Who doesn’t want more, right?”

“That’s my girl! I’ll fix you an afternoon drink then!”

The next week was as Danika presumed. Chris hardly managed to wake up the first two mornings and fell asleep early at nights. It was already weekend before she could corner him.

While Danika was chasing Chris, Beth tried to sound Marvin out about their sexless intervals. She gave up when he said “Oh, baby. I’m at your service whenever you want. I miss it too. But this diving thing tired me a lot. I guess I’ll get used to it in one or two weeks, OK?”

It wasn’t nice to request such things or make it happen artificially, talking about it like that. Apparently, he wasn’t lacking it. She gave him a loving kiss and let this go.

That weekend, Danika and Beth spent most of their time together. On Thursday afternoon, they went to another neighbor, Emily. A few other women from their ‘community’ were there as well. istanbul travestileri They didn’t know there was a community there. Once a month, most women came together on week days, when husbands were at work and spent time on complimenting about each other’s cakes, dresses etc.

Both Danika and Beth missed working but they had to quit during the pandemic period, due to the downsizing trend. They still weren’t used to that housewife role.

They both got bored until one of the women started to gossip about another neighbor who wasn’t there.

“They were a great couple but he found out that she had been cheating him. With one of his coworkers. That’s why he left the house and she didn’t come here.”

When she finished her words, the room was full of ‘tsk tsk’ sounds, many idioms with the word ‘shame’ in it, questions to learn more details. Suddenly the boring atmosphere became vivid.

When they left and were walking to their houses, Danika said “Wow. I’d hate to give them anything to gossip about us. I think we made a mistake leaving early.” They both laughed at that comment.

Beth invited Danika and they had coffee before separating.

“What do you think of that? I mean about cheating and the whole tragedy after getting caught?” Danika was looking out of the window when she asked that. Then she looked at Beth to watch her when she was thinking about it.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of a marriage they had; so, it would be wrong if I made a comment. But in any case, there have to be wrong decisions in that story, right?”

“Yes, you’re right. You are always that considerate. I think you’re very beautiful on the inside as well. You’re unique.”

That compliment made Beth blush. She looked like she didn’t believe it, Danika was being nice.

Danika saw that and made her point clear “I’m serious. I’d snap you in the blink of an eye if I was a guy.”

Beth liked herself but this was a bit too much. She wasn’t used to get such compliments much, especially from a woman. She had witnessed a few guys do that to get her in bed but those words coming from a person without an agenda was flattering. A bit too much.

“Stop that. You’re exaggerating. Are you trying to entice me?” She laughed. But she stopped when she saw that awkward expressionless look on Danika for a second. She started talking when she noticed Beth’s reaction.

“I was serious about the compliment.”

“What was that?”


“I thought you looked at me, how can I say it, angrily? Distant?”

“Just the opposite, I’m sorry if you misread my expression. I was admiring you. That was what I was thinking. And I’m in a stressful mood these days. Fuck you, Chris!”

Beth was startled.

“I don’t understand. What’s happening?”

“I have times like this. Since Chris is away, this is one of them. I feel depressed, less confident about myself. I’m used to his attention and I crave for it in such times. I’m not an attention seeker, don’t get me wrong. But out of nowhere, I start feeling an urge to confuse people, like I’m feeding on their confusion. Maybe I did that to you without knowing. I do that sometimes, like a habit. When I see someone I value, making them uncomfortable as I did right now, helps me feel better. Did you really think I was enticing you?”

She did. Not when she used that word. When Danika looked at her like that. She didn’t want to say it, that’s why she said ‘angry or distant’. She thought that Danika was admiring her a bit too much at that moment.

“No, I was joking.”

“I’m getting rusty then.”

“But I’m a woman, what did you expect?”

“I mean, don’t you find it intriguing, to reassure yourself that you’re too charming, that even women could get confused about you? Or make them feel uncomfortable without knowing the reason? Is it just me thinking like that?”

“No, everyone wants to be adored. I’d love to make other women envy me when I’m in a mood that you can call ‘sensual’. But I never thought that they would be attracted to me in such times.”

“Let’s not limit this to being attracted only; even if you were drawn to something you think you shouldn’t have, if you thought that you were experiencing sensations which are alluring and wrong at the same time, I think this is something great. Natural, lively and energizing.” She had a very lovely smile on her face, the way she was speaking made this conversation look ‘casual’ for Beth. She assured herself that she could be comfortable with Danika, she was just different in some ways.

“In that case, yes. You made me feel uncomfortable. I feared you were playing with me the way you described. So, no. You’re not out of your game. But, why me?”

Danika smiled; she was happy to hear that.

“It’s not easy for me to talk about this. Maybe we’ll talk later.”

She paused a bit then something she thought brightened her up.

“Why don’t you get your pajamas and stay at my place tomorrow, after they hit the road? We can watch stuff and istanbul travesti talk. If we drink enough, we’ll get to that subject too. Don’t worry, I won’t make you uncomfortable again.” She smiled wickedly and joyfully.

Beth didn’t even think before answering “Yes! Great idea. I loved doing that when I was young. I’ll bring food and something to drink.”

The next afternoon, Beth was standing at the door, with her cotton pajamas and puffy rabbit slippers when Danika opened the door in her nightgown and high heeled slippers.

“Hey, you said pajamas! I’d dress my hot stuff too if I knew you would do that!”

“You’re right, come in. I’ll change. I couldn’t be sure what you were going to dress.” She had that lovely grin on her face again.

They watched a movie, ate their food, drank a lot and kept talking.

They talked about their firsts, college years, everything. Then Danika asked “Have you ever cheated anyone?”

“Wow, you got me drunk and now trying to get information? Was that your plan?”

“No, I just wonder. After yesterday’s gossip.”

“I didn’t. As I said, I didn’t have many boyfriends before marriage. You?”

“Once, before I met Chris. Haven’t you even considered doing it?”

“Why are we talking about such things, again?”

Danika smiled.

“I’m not trying to make you reveal your secrets, don’t worry. I wouldn’t disclose them if you told me but I want to talk about something else.”


“About yesterday. I guess you have some idea about my wild side but you don’t really know me. It’s about my sex drive. It’s a bigger problem than you’d assume.”

“What do you mean?” Beth wasn’t feeling any comfortable as this conversation kept going. But this didn’t mean that she wasn’t curious.

“It’s something different than liking it very much. Not just sex, I need sexual events in my life. I’m glad that Chris almost never makes me feel deprived about it but when he does, I start to feel perturbed, even disoriented. Not like a lunatic, but I lose my concentration at those times.”

She thought a bit and continued.

“I can stay without sex long but I can’t stand without having the possibility of sex in my life. I like to keep strangers’ attention at bay at such times. I know it’s dangerous but I can’t help it. I like the game, I like playing.”

Beth hoped she was exaggerating this a bit.

“Deprived for how long? How often do you think is sufficient?” She didn’t want to ask what their sex frequency was, it wasn’t her business.

“Depends. But, normally, a week without sex is not a normal thing for me. We had a month without sex once but we teased each other all the time and I didn’t feel deprived then. When none of these are in my life, even small things start to confuse me at those times.”

“Please don’t tell me you’re considering an affair because of that diving thing.”

Danika was startled to hear that. She looked at Beth, thinking for a short time “No, not at all. I came close a couple of times, though. I’d never want to do that to Chris. Of course, unless I think that he doesn’t desire me anymore. I know he can’t handle it if I have an affair. He can’t even stand when I admire other men.”

“Good to hear.” Words were assuring but Beth had a feeling that Danika could have trouble restraining herself if an opportunity arose.

Danika wanted to make her point clear “He’s very excited about this diving thing with Marvin and he’s neglecting me too much. And, I feel my resistance to the outer world is weakening. Can you understand?”

“Yes, of course. But still, I’m not sure why we are talking about that.”

“I’m telling those for you to understand why I did what I did yesterday. That’s the ‘little sexual games’ I was talking about. Teasing, making someone feel something about you, without any hidden agenda or a goal. Just the teasing, toying is fun enough for me.”

“You’re right, this is a dangerous game.”

“I know. If you do it with someone who could want to get results, it is. That’s why I can’t do it to a man. Probably that’s why had an intention to do it to you yesterday. That was harmless.”

Beth nodded; she understood her motivation. She agreed that what she did was harmless. She wanted the thrill of it, so she was trying to find ways to stop that urge.

Danika continued.

“I just thought that if you were being neglected or bored of a dull times as well, we could try and find ways to make these two months bearable. In my case, also to fill my void about this feeling. Apparently, you don’t have a problem as such.”

Beth could have relaxed hearing that but she still wasn’t sure what Danika had in mind. If that was about spending more time together, finding some hobbies, that would have been more than fine. She needed such things as well.

But parts of this conversation told her that she had something on her mind and it was nowhere near a hobby. Beth had no idea what she could be suggesting. She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear it.

She timidly said “Of course, I’d love to spend more time together, to keep your mind busy in such times. What do you have in mind? A new hobby?”

“I have an idea but I’m almost sure that you will get it all wrong and feel uncomfortable again. I’d say let’s forget it.”

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