Witness to My Daughter’s Debasement

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I had decided to play hooky from work. By God, I told myself. I deserve a day off. My back-log of projects at work was in control, the boss was out of town and I had needed to get the brakes fixed on my car for a couple of months anyway. So that morning, after sending an email explaining I wouldn’t be in, I took the car to the mechanic and had them drop me off back home while they worked on it. Ann, my wife, was at work. Lisa, my daughter, was at school. I had the house all to myself. For a husband and father a little time alone is like gold.

After a quick sweep of the house to verify that I was home alone, I made a bee-line to my daughter’s room. Ann had told me that last weekend she had happened across a portfolio on Lisa’s desk. It contained a several 8 x 10 pictures of Lisa’s friend Tish in skimpy lingerie and tight swimwear. Lisa told her that Tish was trying to break into modeling and had lent Lisa her portfolio to hold onto so her parents didn’t find out. Ann promised to keep it a secret but told Lisa to keep it put away.

All of this would have been fine, if I never knew any of it. But Ann, who can’t keep her mouth shut, told me about it the next day. The knowledge of that portfolio in our house had been driving me to distraction ever since. I can’t begin to tell you how hot Tish is. Athletic, but voluptuous with long wavy blond hair and dark brown eyes she had been a regular masturbatory fantasy since she started showing up at our house up to use our pool. I was now aching to toss off to those sexy pictures.

(Yes, it was a pathetic goal, but at forty three your horizons are limited.)

Unfortunately I didn’t know where those pictures might be. I looked under her mattress, in her desk, in her bureau; nothing. I started digging through the mess of crap Lisa has on the top shelf of her big walk-in closet. I went through stacks of DVDs, CDs, clothes I’ve never seen her wear. It occurred to me, and not for the first time, that our little girl has life too easy.

When my fingers felt the slick surface of a batch of glossy photos my heart quickened. I pulled down the stack and found about a dozen pictures of… my little Lisa.

In each picture my happy, sweet, 18 year old daughter was topless or completely nude and smiling beautifully at the camera while posed in a variety of cliché but sexy centerfold positions. She was standing with her back arched. She was on her hands and knees. She was stretched out across a bed. But when I reached the photo of her sitting on a chair with her legs spread wide, every detail of her glistening labia open for view, I could go no further. My morbid curiosity had turned sour and the rock hard erection straining against my pants shocked me into disgust. I dropped the stack of photos and stood in the closet rubbing my eyes, as if I could unsee what I had seen.

I don’t know how long I stood there, but a noise out in the hall caught my attention. I pushed shut the closet doors and slapped at the light switch quickly as I heard the footsteps and voices enter the room outside.

Crap! I thought.

I desperately tried to formulate a plan. But it was painfully obvious that I was trapped and totally screwed if someone opened the doors. I heard Lisa’s and some guy’s voices on the other side. The closet had double doors that were slatted, not solid, so light and sound came through to me as I stood poised in the back of the closet. With no other option, I listened in.

“…cut school. We have all day, what do you want to do?” I heard Lisa’s voice ask.

“I got plans,” the guy said insolently. “But first I want a little something from you.” I heard a zipper and something sagging into the bedsprings.

Holy Shit! I moved closer to the door. I didn’t want to know what was going on, but I couldn’t hold myself back.

“What am I going to get out of this?” asked Lisa.

“I got plans,” he said again.

I peeked out between the slats into the room. I could see them clearly, in profile. He was sitting on the bed with his pants around his ankles and she was standing directly in front of him, fully clothed, hands on her hips, looking down, contemplating his semi-hard unit.

“Come-on baby,” he chided her. “Just do this. I got something planned that will blow you away.”

“Weeeell, OK,” She said with ironic hesitation and got down on her knees. She swept her long, straight chestnut-brown hair away from her face, tossed it over her shoulder and looked him in the eye before lowering her face to his lap. She took his member in her hand and began licking up the underside with long, wet laps of her tongue.

“Oh baby,” said the asshole on my daughter’s bed.

His cock had stiffened fully. She paused to look up again but with a hand on the back of her head he firmly guided her mouth down to the swollen head of his manhood. As his dick pushed into her mouth he groaned lustily. She began bobbing her face up and down on his cock and he lay back across the bed to enjoy her attention.

“That’s great babe,” said the douche-bag with his Bomonti Escort cock in my daughter’s mouth. “Take it deeper”.

“Mmmmff,” grunted Lisa around a mouthful of cock and she began struggling to work as much of him back into her face as she could manage. I heard her choking back her gag reflex as he pushed her head further down onto it at each stroke. He had a long schlong, easily 8 inches, and I almost gasped aloud as she began taking him fully back into her mouth and down her throat.

“Fuuuuuuck,” groaned the fucking piece of shit as he fucked my daughter’s throat.

He began bucking into her face more rapidly as he built to climax. She gasped for breath around his prick and struggled to keep up. Finally he grabbed her head with both hands, rammed his cock fully down her throat one last time and went stiff as a board before releasing his load in a twitching, moaning spasm. He seemed to come forever as he shook and thrashed on the bed with Lisa’s face clasped tightly to his pelvis. Her throat blocked, Lisa began to thrash and try to pull away as her lungs gasped for oxygen.

Finally he let go of her and she collapsed backwards onto the floor, desperately gulping air. I was shaking all over in my closet. My skin was clammy, my breathe was shallow and my cock had a painful, raging hard-on.

“Shit!” She thundered. “You almost killed me!”

Shit, I thought. I almost let him!

“Hey, you know you can trust me babe,” He replied. “How long we been foolin’ around?”

“A couple of weeks,” she said.

Shit! They’ve only been going out for half a month and already he is bouncing his balls on her chin.

“And who taught you to love the taste of cum?”

“You,” she said with a smile.


“And who turned you on to eating pussy?”

“You did,” she said coyly.


“And you liked eating my cum out of Tish’s pussy didn’t you?”

“Yeaaaah,” said with a big smile.


“And who fucked your ass for the first time last weekend?”


This asshole is turning my daughter into a total slut!

“Don’t you forget it. I’m looking out for you babe,” he said as he stood up from the bed and began pulling his pants up. “Do you trust me?”


He pulled a joint out from his letterman jacket and lit it. Lisa got up and sat next to him on the bed. He passed the joint to her and let out a heroically large cloud of marijuana smoke. They sat in silence for a few minutes, sharing the reefer. Oddly, the fact that my daughter smoked pot was the least distressing thing I’d learned about her today. I wished I could get a couple of tokes on that thing to calm my nerves.

“Well…,” she said. “I trust you, but I am sooo horny and I’m curious what you are going to do about it.”

“OK,” he said with a goofy stoner smile. He took his cell phone out of his jacket and texted something to someone while Lisa waited for him to finish his reply.

“OK!” he said again, putting the phone away. “Remember when we were telling each other our sexual fantasies?”

“Yeah?” she said, suddenly looking nervous.

“What was yours?”

“The one where I’m at home and a gang of burglars break in and take turns fucking me?” she said hesitantly.

He stood again and smiled at her. “Why don’t you put on something you won’t mind getting torn off? I’ve got some burglars I need to meet outside.” He patted her on the head, put on his jacket and walked out of the room.

Lisa sat there stunned for awhile. Then a nervous smile broke out on her face and she began to undress. I watched breathlessly through the horizontal gaps in the slats. I tried not to get turned on, but found myself eagerly inspected her tight young body, her firm but smallish tits, her perfect ass, her dark, well trimmed bush. She reached towards the closet door, and I almost panicked, but she was only reaching for the chair next to the closet where her robe was balled up. She pulled on her robe, lay back on the bed, put in her iPod headphones, turned on her music and waited in pretend cluelessness.

Lisa fidgeted impatiently on the bed as she waited. Before even a minute had passed she was slipping her hand into her robe, teasing her clit and lips with anticipation. Then the door to her room slammed open with a boom that caused me to jump back into the dark recesses of the closet.

As I gingerly moved back up to the door to get a look I could hear Lisa playing her part for the boys. “Help!” she cried. “Please, don’t hurt me” she begged.

I peeked out. Five young men in ski masks surrounded my daughter on her bed. They were already grabbing for her flailing wrists and ankles, easily taking control of her limbs, stretching her out between them.

One, who sounded like her asshole boyfriend, laughed at her, saying “we’re gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before you slut!” He reached over and yanked open her robe, exposing her to the crowd.

“No Please!” she mock-begged as Bostancı Escort they reached down and started fondling her tits and pussy. “Not that!” she pretend-pleaded as they pulled her off the bed, tore off her robe and placed her on her knees.

They arranged themselves in a tight circle around her. I couldn’t see much, but I could tell that cocks were being brought out and shoved into her mouth as the intruders jockeyed for position. One guy would pump a few stokes in her mouth, then another guy would cut in to slam his cock back to her tonsils, only to be pulled back so another could take a turn. Soon she was taking them two at a time; her full lips stretched thin trying to reach around so much cock. While this was happening a couple of guys pulled her up onto her feet, leaving her bent over, ass sticking well up in the air while others plugged her mouth with their members. They took turns working her cunt and ass with their tongues while they invaded her orifices with well-lubed fingers.

As the ten hands probed and massaged her body; as cocks slammed into her face; as tongues traced around her labia and teased her clit; as fingers buried themselves deeper into her pussy and ass; I saw her young muscles grow tense, I saw her skin bloom scarlet, I saw her knees buckle as she came. She bucked and twisted as the orgasm washed over her, pushing her pelvis backwards vigorously into the half-exposed face of the “burglar” eating her cunt. Laughing, he pulled his face back from her pussy; his ski mask and face soaked with her juice.

“Whoa, I think she’s ready!” laughed the son of a bitch whose face was drenched with my daughter’s cum-juice.

He got into position behind her and in a smooth motion plunged his manhood balls-deep into Lisa. Lisa trashed a bit and was able to get her mouth off a prick just long enough to gasp, “Condoms!”

“Don’t worry babe, these are my bros. I can vouch for them. They won’t come in you,” said her boyfriend behind his mask. With that he gave a lurid wink to his comrades that sent a cold chill down my spine.

What the hell are they up to? I thought.

“Yeah you can trust us,” said the wet-faced bastard who was throwing a vigorous fuck into my lovely daughter’s cunt. “I’ll prove to you I won’t cum in your pussy.” And with that he pulled his hard cock out of her vagina and began pushing it against her sphincter.

Lisa shuddered as the head popped into her. The guys cheered him on as he pushed it deeper and deeper into her squirming ass. A guttural moan emanated from deep in her throat as the last inch entered her.

“Come on, lets put her were we can all get at her”, said one of the fucks waiting to violate my daughter.

The man in her ass took the lead, backing her up to where he could sit on the edge of the bed and fuck her up the anus. I could see her clearly now. Her face was contorted into a grimace of pleasure and pain as she strained to accommodate the full anal penetration she was getting. One of the other guys stepped in and started mashing her tits together around his cock, hoping for a tit fuck.

“Bitch’s tits are too small for a good tit fuck” said the piece of shit who was trying to tit fuck my daughter.

“Here you go” said the ass-fucking-guy as he reached behind her knees and spread her legs to reveal her soggy pussy squirming above her dick-filled asshole.

Lisa looked terrified as the guy let go of her tits and pulled her legs wider. The guy behind her lay back onto the bed and she flopped back on top of him. Lisa squirmed and moaned as the second man slowly penetrated her pussy until finally both men were fully buried deep inside her.

I watched in fascination as my svelte little girl took two cocks into her pelvis. I could see her abdomen bulge from the pressure of two dicks working her in tandem. They began fucking her slowly in unison as Lisa panted, gasped and shuddered between them. Another dude stepped up, tilted her head back and slid his meat into her mouth, curtailing her whimpering grunts. As her every hole was being rammed with man-meat the two remaining guys guided her hands to their pricks, where she began stroking the offered penises in rhythm with the three cocks pumping her internally. She began to match their rhythm, grinding her body back into the fucks being driven into her. Her legs began jerking more wildly with each push and once again I saw her skin flush as her body tensed and thrashed in a vivid orgasm.

As she came, the dude in my daughter’s ass couldn’t hold it anymore and he came too. I watched his pelvis jerk and clench, jerk and clench as he unloaded streams of semen deep up inside her ass. The sight of a sweaty, climax-flushed young woman writhing beneath them really turned on the other guys as well. In short order, the guy she was stroking with her left hand popped off, spraying an unusually large load across her little tits that ran in syrupy strands down her sides to drip on the poor fucker now stuck beneath her.

“Quit Esenyurt Escort dripping your fuckin’ jizz on me dude!” he protested.

Close by his head, Lisa’s head rested, tilted way back, chin up, mouth and throat open as a dude knelt over her and ran his cock in and out of her face. On each stroke, he pulled his cock fully free and then ran it in to the hilt, slapping my lovely progeny in the face with his balls on each stroke. But on an out-stoke, as he watched Lisa’s writhing body get bathed in sperm, he suddenly tensed up and blew his load, soaking Lisa’s face, mouth and neck with another load of spunk.

“Christ man! What the fuck?” complained the man still under Lisa as more semen spattered onto him.

“Don’t come in me!” gasped Lisa thickly through a mouth thick with sperm. I saw the guy deep in Lisa’s pussy tensing up. As he pulled out he was already spurting. Strands of spunk rained down on her belly and tits.

Only the man Lisa was jerking off with her right hand had not come. “Wait, I want you to see this,” he said and pulled her up by a handful of hair at the back of her head. He pulled her over towards closet; towards me! But it was the full length mirror, mounted on the wall beside the closet that was what he was pulling her toward.

“I want you to see yourself.” he said. I recognized Asshole Boyfriend’s voice.

Oh my God. She was such a sight. Still flush from the action, her hair a mess, her skin slick with sweat and sperm; I could see her perfectly as she stood in front of the mirror, regarding herself with blank blue eyes.

“You’re filthy. Clean yourself up,” he snarled at her. She reached for a towel but he told her she couldn’t waste their precious “seed”, she’d have to eat it all. The other guys laughed. Lisa obeyed, scooping strands of sperm from her body and slurping it off her fingers while watching herself in the mirror. Asshole Boyfriend stood by watching and pulling his own pud when he suddenly croaked, “I’m coming!” and brought the tip of his cock to Lisa’s lips. She got on her knees again to take his cock in her mouth and let him pump his semen into her.

My mind was reeling. How the hell was I suppose to cope with this!

“Come on Bitch. You ain’t done yet.” he said and, again grabbing her by the hair, dragged her out of the room, followed by the other guys.

Finally the coast was clear. I waited several minutes to be sure that someone wasn’t about to come back into the room, but nothing happened and I could hear low voices coming from downstairs. I decided to make a break for it.

The stench of semen and pussy and sweat and ass was much stronger outside the closet. The reality of what was happening to my daughter hit me with renewed force. I went to the hall and darted across to my office. If I could get to my phone I could call 911 and clear these assholes out.

But in the office one of the douche-bags who had just been fucking my little girl was sitting in my chair, chatting on the phone, no pants on, with his feet up on my desk. He noticed me enter and I froze, the gig was up!

“Hey, the show is downstairs dude,” he said and motioned down with his thumb.

I was genuinely confused. “Huh?” I said.

“The pussy? The fucking 18 year old pussy you just paid 300 fucking bucks for, dude?” he said rolling his eyes.

He didn’t know who I was! But what the hell was he talking about? In a daze I drifted to the stairs and snuck down part way. Peeking around the landing I saw a large group of men milling around my living room. It looked like over a dozen middle aged and older guys crowded around our coffee table. I searched the crowd and didn’t see anyone I knew. I recognized a few of the faces from around town, but no one I knew well enough to say hello to. Cautiously I came down the stairs and mingled in. No one noticed me; they were all focused on Lisa. She was on the coffee table, tied down on her hands and knees, her eyes blindfolded, her ears covered by my wireless headphones turned loud enough to squawk audibly. There was my only child; blind, deaf, helpless.

Asshole Boyfriend was speaking, “Now that you’ve all paid up, I’d like to introduce you to the young pussy you’ve all been so eager to fuck. I’m passing around her driver’s license as proof she is really 18. You guys are welcome to fuck her in any hole you want. You can use a condom if you want but it’s not required.”

“She on the pill?” asked one of the crowd.

“Nah. But I’m breaking up with her before the weekend, so I don’t give a shit. I prefer my chicks a little fresher than this used up skank’s gonna be after you guys are done with her, so I’ll be kicking her to the curb.”

There was general laughter. I was too dazed to react.

“Well, get started,” urged Asshole Boyfriend; the fucker who was pimping my daughter.

Guys stepped up to her face and pussy and immediately began grinding their fucks into her front and back. Her sweaty body moved in time with the action and her tight muscles coiled like serpents beneath her glossy flesh as she accepted one fuck after another. She seemed to struggle as she realized they were shooting their loads into her pussy, but she was secured tightly and she could do nothing but accept all of the jism being poured into her. I watched in mute agony as I watched one old creep after another step up to use my little girl as a cum dumpster.

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