With Clarity

First story;

Feedback appreciated

– isa xx


Ethan holds the brunette girl’s heart in his hands, and yet, he doesn’t seem to realise it.

She pushes his hair out of his face so that she can just see his eyes and somehow it makes her forget about everything else. Delilah sits over him. He’s tangled in satin sheets with a crooked smile on his face. It makes her feel okay, because he moves his head just enough so that his lips can melt into her own. The kiss feels lazy and luxurious. They inhale together, exhale, inhale, in and out, out and in, until not even the trees outside can remember what happened in the park yesterday. Even as Delilah kisses him, she can’t help but think she wants more- more like she can’t get enough, and never will be able to get enough. Because that’s more than what Ethan is willing to offer.

She liked the way he had hair the colour of dust, that seemed to grow without a plan. She also liked his smile, a grin that came out of nowhere and left the same way. She liked his freckles, the small scar that nicked his cheek and she liked his tattoos. There was a lot to be said about him.

“Del.” Ethan’s breathing is becoming ragged and his lungs are borderline painful. “Are you sure you want this?”

“Hmph?” It’s a small mumble. Not something he hears easily. But his breath is on her mouth again. Her heart is racing and she is making his own hurt even more. They’re both clinging on to some kind of cruel reality, the kind of reality that only exists in storybooks, that only Delilah truly believes in. She’s pulling him closer and he wraps his arms around her. “I, I want you.”

To which he nods. It’s all so easy to give in. It’s easy to trust in her. It’s all so easy, easy, easy.

Delilah draws slow circles across his body with her fingers. She traces a line up to his chest and his breath stops. There’s slow kisses. Her hand slowly lifts up his shirt. He’s in her ear, kissing and teasing. Sweet nothings. They keep going. Ethan’s hand is a little too far up her shirt. Her fingers are a little too close to the waistband of his jeans.

He is so easy with her, so light in his yet weighty touches. She doesn’t know where he finds the balance, but she is grateful for it. Delilah thinks that maybe he is only careful because he thinks she might break, and though she wants to shout that she isn’t fragile she is grateful for his thoughts of care.

“I love you,” He mutters out lowly, as the brunette reaches out to squeeze his thigh. She’s not sure he truly means it the way she does. The contact wasn’t even skin to skin, with Delilah’s warm hand lying on top of his torn jeans. But they were only one later of clothing apart. One barrier apart. “No matter what.”

Delilah’s thoughts ran rampant through her head. Ethan doesn’t get to march back in, she had told herself that time and time again. He doesn’t get to fit himself through the gap, the space she had reserved, made for him and left empty, then come back whenever he liked. Except no one fit that space like he did, the way he could.

So she kisses him and he kisses her back.

Ethan and Delilah are kissing, touching and kissing. Her handiwork has Ethan’s shirt on the hotel floor. He’s pulling at her dress and Delilah doesn’t resist. Her red dress is on the floor now next to his shirt. She’s wearing a pretty lacy black bra and matching panties. Thankful for her choice, she blushes as she takes his pants off. bursa escort Her hand smooths over Ethan’s fly. She pops open the button and drags down the zipper. Delilah can feel the swell of his cock as it presses up against her hand.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god-” she whispers to herself, her fumbling hands feel more unsure than she has ever been. She tugs, earning gasps from Ethan as he bites out, “Fuck, Delilah. I don’t know if this-” he mumbles the rest incoherently through clenched teeth. She’s sure he is becoming more nervous.

It seemed that wholeheartedly, the two of them were spouting out nonsense in their minds. Ethan was muttering out nonsense, head screaming, “She doesn’t get to do this, just twist you around her fingers like putty.”

But the truth was she did. She didn’t even have try, just like the way Ethan didn’t try to always, always come back. The two of them could destroy each other if they wanted to. Ethan knew Delilah was already on the verge of destroying him. He had sworn he would never be the one with the broken heart.

She crawls on bed bringing her creamy body closer to him. Those thighs looking a million times more delicious as she straddles him and sways her hips. Delilah had not, most certainly not, thought of him pushing her against the wall. Ethan begins moving careful hands along the dips and curves of her body. His lips methodically finding just the right spots in the crook of her neck that make her knees weak.

Her fingers grasp at the smooth wall only to be denied leverage and then slide down again. He leans in close so his chest is to her back and she can feel the vibrations of his racing heartbeat against her back. Delilah’s soft breaths become harsh when a finger slips between her thighs. Ethan snickers into her neck and that only adds to her growing arousal.

She found it odd how he didn’t even need to ask if she’d like something he did. Although he does, Ethan’s hands move in soft motions, always silently asking for permission. To which she gives something of a nod. Like she always had. She smiles. The click of her bra coming undone sounds around the room and she tosses it aside. Her breasts are now right in Ethan’s frame of vision.

His eyes move down to her chest, that lovely, lovely chest of hers. She leans forward and his eyes move to travel down the dip of her waist-perfect sized for his hands to hold her- and slowly make their way toward her hips. Delilah’s sheer panties hug her ass and pussy and he’s thinking of how good she’d taste right now. Ethan hooks one finger under the lace and pulls her lingerie down. Slowly.

They’re both naked now. Naked. She hasn’t looked down yet but she knows Ethan is just as bare as she is. She doesn’t need to be told. His hands caress her body. She whimpers when he toys with her by slowly rubbing her. Slowly one finger, now becoming two, warming her up and his other hand trailing over the curve of her ass and her backside soothingly.

Moments and moments pass before neither of them can take this teasing further. Ethan’s hand pulls away only to replaced with his cock. She knows, and he knows, he wants her to beg. But all her trembling lips can manage is a meek plea of his name. Her body jolts for a moment before melting into a rhythm with him. And so she relaxes and lets Ethan continue to move. Slowly he sets a pace of his hips meeting her.

“You’re so beautiful.” He moans a little and she goes to reply bursa escort but she finds she leaves her voice behind. Her heart swallows his words and there she keeps them. Her body is also collecting all the things about him: the way his hips move, the slight moan he utters occasionally, the way his grips tightens the closer he gets.

Ethan unexpectedly pulls out and sits her down on the bed. She kisses his lips. She kisses along his jawbone and leaves a trail of kisses down to his chest. Ethan lets out a small whimper. She finds it rather cute all the same. Delilah tells him and Ethan’s cheeks flush with colour.

He plays with her soft dark curls and tugs on her lips. As Delilah inhales the musky scent of Ethan’s skin, her pussy is quivering with excitement. And it seems that he is more than truly happy with that.

She takes his length in her hand and pumps it a few times experimentally. His head moves down to her shoulder and he grunts sporadically, a shiver moving down his spine. Ethan curses under his breath.

The girl’s fingers drag away and it seems that he is losing what little control he had over himself. She moves her hands to his shoulders. Delilah felt him pause. Ethan draws out long breaths against her skin, slowly and delicately as he enters her once again.

Each of his strokes are demanding. She grips on to his shoulders harshly, not daring to let go. She moves with his body and spreads her legs further apart. Her fingers trail from his shoulder to graze his cheek. Ethan pushes his face to her chest and moves closer to her breathing in her vanilla scent.

Ethan’s fingers dug into the curve of Delilah’s hips, delicate as bird wings. She draws him in deeper unravelling herself from underneath him. Delilah moans and he’s sure he’s made her reach orgasm.

His breath is strained with pain and lust. Disbelief mars his actions as he caresses her. Fingers shake as she traces along his jawline and all over the back of his neck. They were both sober as fuck as it seemed. Delilah was not the least bit intoxicated and this was really happening.

Running on instinct, Ethan latched his mouth on to the column of his lover’s neck tasting salty skin. He groaned at the feel of Delilah’s warm body trembling in his arms, how she tilted her neck for him to leave bruises upon her flesh and make his mark.

Somebody pinch him.

“Mmmh,” Ethan’s high pitched curses through clenched teeth and bitten lips urged Delilah do to more, to pay no attention and fuck all the consequences. She peppered kisses along his chiseled chest, inhaling the musky scent of his skin. She left two love bites on the hollow of his leg, close enough to his crotch to make his cock twitch, torturing the man above her and looking innocently above.

“Fucking hell,” panted Ethan, his voice straining with aggravation. She palmed his growing began to suck noisily on his thigh. “Just give me head already.”

“And why should I?” A rouge blush stains her cheeks and he runs a hand through her hair.

“You’re so good and…” He trails off, his impatience seeming almost childlike to her. His staggered words rush through her ears as he twirls a lock of her hair around his fingers. “And I haven’t… I’m so close.”

“So fucking close.” She lets out a small laugh. Time stood still after that. Before Ethan could take his next breath, suddenly there was a wet heat around his clock and tongue slowly bursa eskort skimming the underside of his length. It was slow enough to drive anyone insane, and when it finally reached the end, it swirled around the head. Ethan’s next breath was a strangled moan and Delilah was looking up at him. Her eyes were irresistibly trained on the squirming mess before her.

Delilah plunged him whole and full right in to her mouth, consuming him as far back as her gag reflex would allow. She groaned, tasted him as the hilt smashed the back of her throat. Ethan moaned. He was in bliss as Delilah continued to suck his length. His fingers were tangled in a mess of her hair, he was shaking as he looked down at the girl below him.

She knew Ethan was teetering on the edge. He was about to unleash everything out but that didn’t stop Delilah from the sin she was committing. Instead she sucked again, harder, and Ethan doesn’t even try to hold back. He exploded in her mouth. She was perfectly content to milk him dry of every last drop and taste every last saltiness that fell into her mouth, promptly swallowing whatever she could take. Delilah was trying to savour the moment. Quite literally.

With a heavy pant, she dislodges herself from Ethan’s crotch. She shrugs his hand off her head in the process and lies back on the bed. Both of them frozen. Unable to believe what had just happened. She tugs on the pillow, breathing hard and face wet with tears. It seemed that the tattooed boy was on her mind like it’s was going to be last time she’s ever going to see him.

Against his judgement, Ethan wraps her in his arms, tight, afraid she might let go. Ethan grins impishly and Delilah wants to roll her sore eyes but she is too tired to do that. “That was so good… Jesus, am I sober?”

“Painfully so,” Delilah laughs at Ethan’s reaction, she wipes her eyes. Her chest heaves, as she untangles her legs from him. Ethan reaches for the sheets which had fallen to the floor. “With clarity.”

Ethan mutters something under his breath that Delilah can’t hear. He tugs on her wrist to get her attention. Without any words, Delilah looks up to meet a pair of soulful hazel eyes and in that moment, Ethan reaches upwards to plant a warm surprise kiss on her cheek. It was a small peck, a goodnight kiss of sorts. Delilah’s stomach fluttered. Her stomach fluttered at the smallest gestures. They were sweeter. The big gestures sent her spinning and made her thoughts swirl around her brain until she couldn’t think anymore. They made her toes curl and let the butterflies roam free in her ribcage.

Delilah’s hands hooked up underneath his jaw and she stroked her thumbs over his defined cheekbones, while Ethan got a fistful of her dark locks which he used to drag her closer till he had a lapful of her in his arms.

They kiss until their mouths hurt and they break apart with twin smiles on their faces. They didn’t bother with driving home that night, content to share another’s heat as the world kept turning outside the fleeting moment between them.

Delilah squeezed her eyes shut. Feeling Ethan’s head on her shoulder and his heart beat on his chest made her smile. Just a little, because he had began to snore ungracefully. Loudly, peacefully and undisturbed. He was beautiful and he was here and it seemed that she didn’t know what to do with herself.

She opened her eyes and turned. Not much, just enough. Through her half lidded gaze she could see him. She could see Ethan and his floppy hair, his tattoos and she could see his freckles. Ethan’s freckles dotted his brown nose and cheeks like tiny little stars.

They were her favourite. The last thing on her mind before she faded into peaceful oblivion.

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