Widow Aunt and Wonders of Goa


Hi all, it’s Ali here.

I want to tell you guys another time when I and my widowed Aunt Sheen went on a short trip to Goa. It is one of the most memorable times I spent with my sexy aunt. This is from back in 2007 when I had turned 18 and Aunt Sheen was a little over 45. She had been widowed a year ago and had two ch****en, a son and daughter, Dee. (I’d already fucked Dee who was 2 years older than me, but that’s for another time). Aunt Sheen had caught me jerking off and seduced me over a year ago. We had been regularly fucking ever since.

A little background… we belong to a strict Muslim family from a major city in central India. We had an extended family and around 50 of us lived comfortably within a huge private and gated community of our own. Despite having over 50 members (8 uncles and their families) we have been quite close knit and have almost no issues amongst us. The warm and loving atmosphere prompted my aunts, cousins and sisters to bond closely with me and eventually sleeping with each of them.

Let me describe myself first… I am 5’10, fair, dark straight hair (which I normally like to keep long) and have an athletic physique from years of playing soccer. Aunt Sheen was voluptuous! She was in her mid-40s, around 5’6″ tall, dark complexioned but with a clear and smooth skin. She had large D-cup boobs, a curvy waist and a huge booty. Her large, round and soft ass was one of the hottest things about her. Picture a perfect Afro-American MILF and you’ll have a good idea how Aunt Sheen looks.

Coming back to the story…


It had been a stressful month for me as I had been studying hard for my 10+2 exams. High school (or junior college, as we call it), had been an intense experience for me and I had learnt a lot from the numerous sexual experiences I had had with a few of my class mates. Now that vacation had started I had big plans for the next 5 months.

It was late April when Aunt Sheen suggested that we take a weekend trip somewhere as it had been a long time since we went anywhere. We had been to almost every resort and motel near our city. Aunt Sheen surprised me when she suggested we take a weekend trip, this time to Goa. I was excited and agreed instantly.

Aunt Sheen took care of the flight bookings and hotel reservations and we were set to leave on Friday evening and return on Sunday night. It was a perfect weekend plan as far as I was concerned. Although people don’t usually visit Goa after March I was glad that we would have more privacy at the popular spots.

Friday evening came and I made some excuse about going out to a jungle resort nearby with friends. My folks were cool about it and I left for the airport. Aunt Sheen had already told me that she would meet up at the airport, despite the fact that we lived in practically the same building.

I reached the airport and waited outside the lounge. It was only 10 minutes left for check-in when I notice Aunt Sheen walk in. She was dressed in an Abaya which fit her body. It was dark in color with small striped running across. She wore a white scarf over her head and had put light colored lipstick. In all, the light colored clothes contrasted nicely with her dark and dusky skin and showed off her huge tits and even bigger ass perfectly.

I joined her at the check-in and stared openly at her big booty. Aunt Sheen already knew I was an “Ass Man” and loved to tease and show off her round, big and shapely ass cheeks to me. I watched her deliberately shake her ass cheeks as she tapped her foot, pretending to be impatient while having to wait for boarding the flight.

We were seated on the plane within another 15 minutes and I noticed that there were very few people on it. We had two seats in the back, with the aisle seat and the ones beyond the aisle also empty. The flight was for just over an hour and was set to land in Panjim by 7. The lights dimmed as the flight took off and I felt Aunt Sheen’s hand on my thigh. I turned around and saw her smiling at me. I figured she was horny, having had to wait for so long.

I opened my legs wider and looked around at the same time. I noticed that the other few passengers were s**ttered about and the last three rows of seats were empty except for ours. I relaxed as I felt Aunt Sheen fumble with the zip of my jeans. Within seconds though she had my fly open and gently took out my semi-erect cock. The cool air felt great on my cock which quickly began to respond to her touch.

I closed my eyes as Aunt Sheen gripped my thick cock in her hand and squeezed it gently. As she felt it grow hard in her hand, Aunt Sheen adjusted herself in the seat so she could lean over the arm rest between us.

I smiled to myself as I realized what Aunt Sheen had in mind. I slid myself upright and Aunt Sheen knelt on her seat, facing me. She lowered her head to my crotch and I had to hold in my moan as I felt her thin lips encircled the head of my cock. I hissed out I felt Aunt Sheen begin to move her lips lower on my cock. I could feel her tongue circling Bakırköy Escort the thick head of my hard cock.

It was exciting and thrilling at the same time as I realized that a passenger could walk by on their way to the toilet any time. I was also aware that the flight attendant might walk up any moment too. I had to struggle hard to not moan out loud as Aunt Sheen began to gobble more of my cock in her warm and wet mouth.

It must have been almost 5 minutes since she began to suck my cock. I felt my wet cock begin to throb in her mouth. I knew I couldn’t hold myself much longer. I put my hand over her head and pushed it down. Although my cock was well over 6 inches long and 3 inches thick, Aunt Sheen had learnt to deepthroat it well enough. I heard her gag silently as the large head of my huge cock rammed against her throat.

I looked over and noticed the flight attendant had begun her rounds and was up at the front of the plane with her snack trolley. I quickly let go of Aunt Sheen’s head and she snapped back up, looking questioningly at me. I signaled to the front of the plane and she immediately assumed her seat properly when she saw the flight attendant was only 5 rows up. I was feeling deflated with the cock-block and was cursing the timing of the flight attendant.

I managed to squeeze my throbbing, hard cock in my jeans as best as I could and Aunt Sheen checked her phone to see if her lipstick was fine. We didn’t get to do anything after that in the short flight as passengers kept coming to use the toilet which was right behind our row. Aunt Sheen told me not to worry and soon we would be there and she would take good care of me.


The flight landed around 7 and we stepped out of the airport around 8. Aunt Sheen told me that she had booked the hotel in Baga, which was around 20 km from Panjim. I suggested we rent one of the motorcycles which were available and she agreed. Aunt Sheen told me she had to use the washroom and left me to arrange the bike.

Within 10 minutes I had rented a motor-scooter and waited in the airport’s parking for Aunt Sheen. It was another 10 minutes before I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Aunt Sheen.

“Wow! You look hot!” I exclaimed when I saw Aunt Sheen was now dressed in tight-fitting jeans which defined her curvy, round and big ass cheeks perfectly. She wore a pink button down shirt which clung to her large boobs. I winked at her and Aunt Sheen put her hand on her hip and pushed her butt out, teasing me.

I gave her a playful spank on her round, large ass cheek and felt it wobble while she laughed.

Soon, we were on our way to Baga. Aunt Sheen sat behind me and had her right arm around my waist. It was a scenic ride and the way to Baga was not crowded at all. As we reached a stretch of road where no one could be seen I felt Aunt Sheen reach out and squeeze my cock hard over my jeans. I was having a bad case of blue balls and moaned out loud.

“Shit! Aunty, my balls hurt! Don’t tease me like that.” I begged her as I focused to ride properly.

It took us around 30 minutes to reach Baga and we found the hotel soon enough. We checked-in and were guided to the room by the bus boy.

Aunt Sheen had booked a suite in one of the finest hotels in Baga. Our suite was on the 5th floor with the living room having French doors all along on one side. These doors led to a huge balcony which gave an awesome view of the sea beyond. I wondered around the rooms and checked them out as Aunt Sheen tipped the bus boy.

“So? How is it, sweety?”, Aunt Sheen asked me, smiling at me.

“It’s awesome, Aunty!” I replied excitedly.

“Let’s have dinner out, shall we?” Aunt Sheen suggested and bent down to unpack her bag.

I looked at the large, round mounds of her ass as they strained against her jeans. As she bent I had a clear view of her ass crack which popped out of her jeans at the back. I felt my cock begin to grow hard and walked up to her.

Without a sound I went and stood with my crotch in her butt. Aunt Sheen felt me behind her and she pushed her plump, soft ass more. It was electrifying to feel the large, fluffy mounds against the tight jeans I wore and my cock was already making a tent inside.

As soon as Aunt Sheen felt my hands around her waist she immediately stood up. I tightened my grip around her large waist and pushed her towards the dressing full-length mirror which was set against the wall to one side.

I pushed my hands around her and began undoing her jeans and Aunt Sheen smiled at me, looking at me in the mirror. I looked back at her with a grin when she began to slowly undo the buttons on her shirt. I unzipped her jeans fast and tried to jerk them down but failed because her large thighs and curvy huge ass made it hard to pull her jeans down. So when Aunt Sheen began to help lower her jeans I had already unzipped mine and had my huge hard cock out.

Aunt Sheen had managed to push her Başakşehir Escort jeans till her knees and now stood with her plump, round ass swaying from side to side. She reached back and began to caress my cock with one hand as her other hand cupped my heavy balls. I groaned aloud when she squeezed my cock hard.

My hands were busy playing with her huge, soft boobs as her shirt hung open. I looked at our reflections in the mirror as Aunt Sheen closed her eyes and stroked my cock behind her. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed a handful of each of her large, round ass cheeks.

Aunt Sheen immediately understood and let go of my cock. She bent lower and pushed her butt out towards me. Aunt Sheen reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart. I immediately got a whiff of her juices and knew she was also aroused immensely. Her nipples were already hard to my touch when I pinched them as she played with my cock.

“Give to me, son..” Aunt Sheen whispered with her eyes closed and waited with her dark, huge ass cheeks spread wide open for me. I could very well see that her black and smooth pussy was covered with a layer of her juices.

My cock was dying to plough in so I did not waste another second and put the bulbous head of my cock against her wet and waiting pussy.

“Sshh… Di it now! Please!” Aunt Sheen practically begged me and I obliged her by ramming my cock half way in.

“Aaaiii! Oh God!!” Aunt Sheen almost screamed out aloud as I pushed my thick, huge cock deeper into her sloppy wet pussy.

“Ssshhh… ooww” Aunt Sheen moaned hard as I gave a hard jerk and finally buried my large cock all the way in her mature, fat cunt.

I began to thrust my cock in and out of her wet pussy with ease and grabbed her round love handles hard.

I set my feet apart and took position before beginning to ram my cock in and out of her pussy harder and harder.

Thwack.. Thwack.. Thwack! The sound of my crotch slapping against her smooth, dark and soft ass cheeks could be heard loudly around the suite now.

“Oohh! Ooh! Ooh! Shhh..” Aunty’s moaning came with every thrust of my cock as she squirmed in delight with having my cock in her greedy pussy after a long time.

I felt her legs stiffen and she pushed her large, round booty even further and knew that Aunt Sheen was about to cum.

“Aaaahhhhh..” Aunty Sheen moaned hard as she began cumming. Her huge, soft ass cheeks jiggled wonderfully as I kept thrusting my cock in and out of her thick, creamy pussy. I was feeling the gush of her pussy juices dripping down my cock and to my balls. I did not relent and continued to fuck her sloppy, wet pussy harder and harder.

It was within 2 minutes that I felt my orgasm building up too.

I already knew exactly what she wanted so I gave one final, hard push and heard her grunt hard with the cock going deep in her dripping pussy.

I swiftly pulled out my cock from her sloppy cunt and spanked her hard on her soft, wobbly ass cheek once.

Aunt Sheen immediately turned around and went on her knees in front of me. She then grabbed my slippery wet cock in her hand and began stroking it. I reached down and found her nipples with my fingers. I quickly grabbed her nipples between my thumb and finger and pinched hard.

“Aaaahhh!” Aunt Sheen exclaimed with the pain but did not stop stroking my cock.

“Mmm…” I moaned and closed my eyes, loving the feeling of Aunt Sheen’s small hands gripping tightly around my throbbing wet cock and stroking me to an orgasm finally.

I arched my back as soon as I felt the first spurt of cum reach the tip of my cock and immediately felt Aunt Sheen engulf my cock with her warm, wet mouth. Aunt Sheen clamped her mouth tight around my cock and began massaging my balls.

It was more than I could take and I released my hot, thick cum in stream in her waiting mouth. My body shivered in ecstasy as waves of orgasm hit me and my eyes closed shut involuntarily.

“Aaahh.. aahh.. aahhhhh!” I groaned aloud as I felt my balls emptying their heavy load of cum deep in Aunt Sheen’s hungry mouth where she gulped down my cum faster than it spurted out.

I was still amazed that she had a fetish for cum and she would prefer me cumming in her mouth or over her, rather than in her barren but hot pussy.

I rested my hands on her bare shoulders as my breathing became slower and closer to normal. I felt Aunt Sheen sliding down my jeans and I helped her get them off. I looked down and saw Aunt Sheen looking directly in my eyes as she sucked on only the head of my semi-erect cock now. The last drops of cum were still dripping on her tongue as she finally let go off my cock with her lips making a loud popping sound.

I had already taken off my shirt and Aunt Sheen did the same. Naked, we walked together into the shower. I followed her and was enjoying the view of her big, round ass cheeks jiggling hard with every step she took. I could see a small stream Bebek Escort of her own pussy juices were running down her legs. I knew she must have had multiple orgasms.

As we stepped in the shower, Aunt Sheen turned around and switched on the water. I joined her as cool water poured from the shower head and watched as she washed her wet and curvy body with water. Aunt Sheen and I enjoyed rubbing each other’s nude, wet bodies under the shower and after around 5 minutes when I couldn’t ignore the hunger anymore I told her we should go for dinner and stepped out of the shower.

I dried myself and changed into a pair of cargo shorts and tee. I was standing in the balcony, savoring the rush of salty sea breeze, the sound of the crashing waves and loved the sight of the colorful lights that shone from the numerous shacks that line Baga beach.

I was lost in the view when I heard Aunt Sheen tap on the glass door.

“Ready to go for dinner, sweety?” Aunt Sheen asked with a smile but I was staring at her lovely body.

Aunt Sheen had showered and changed into a lovely cotton dress. It was cream-colored and contrasted perfectly with her dark and dusky skin. The dress was well above her knees and fitted her tight. You could practically see her nipples through the thin fabric as she did not wear a bra with the strapless dress. She smiled naughtily as she turned around and began walking away slowly towards the door to the hallway.

I watched with excitement as the thin fabric of her dress clung to every curve of her lovely body. Her huge ass cheeks stood out prominently now especially that she wore mid-high heels. I quickly walked up to her from behind and put a hand over her left ass cheek. I rested my hand comfortably on her booty as she bent to pick up her purse and led me out.

We were in the elevator and I hadn’t taken my hand off of her lovely round butt cheek. I was slowly caressing her ass and running my hand over her booty as we stood beside each other, waiting for the empty elevator to reach the lobby.

“Oww!” Aunt Sheen exclaimed when I pinched her ass cheek hard, right before the doors opened and we stepped out. Aunt Sheen was smiling and winked at me as we laughed and walked out of the hotel.

It was around 9 now and with lesser tourists we decided to walk the 200 yards or so to the beach. Once we reached the beach we walked all the way to the end of the line of shacks and I chose the last one for dinner. It looked cool enough with dim lighting and barely anyone else there.

We chose one of the tabled on the beach and Aunt Sheen surprised me when she ordered a beer for me and a cocktail for her. I was looking at her with a peculiar and surprised expression as I had never imagined she was a drinker till now.

“What? It’s Goa, we’re here to relax. So why can’t we enjoy how we want?” Aunt Sheen responded when she turned around and saw the expression on my face.

“Yeah.. I guess you’re right, aunty.” I said simply and smiled.

“Have you ever had a drink before, Ali?” Aunt Sheen asked me next, with a small smile on her face. I knew she knew that I smoked but I had tried beer a couple of times before but was not a huge fan.

“Umm, yeah.. I mean, I’ve tried it a couple of times.” I said and suddenly smiled when I remembered that the last time I had beer was with her daughter, my older cousin Dee, who had seduced me more than 2 years ago.

“Mhhmm… so you’re a man now, huh?” Aunt Sheen said in a flirty tone.

“Well, you know it best, aunty.” I said with a straight face and we both laughed out loud.

The waiter was at the table with our drinks when I decided to order vodka instead.

The waiter served aunt’s cocktail and went to fetch a glass of vodka for me.

“What? You did say to enjoy myself, right?” I said with a naughty smile on my face when I noticed Aunt Sheen looking impressed with my change of drink choice.

“Cheers!” we said and sipped on the drinks. After a few moments of quiet and enjoying the dark, rushing waves that lashed at the beach only a short distance from where we sat, Aunt Sheen suddenly muttered something.

“What? Sorry, I didn’t catch that, aunty.” I turned my head and said, already feeling the buzz from the almost empty glass of vodka in my hand.

“Well.. I want to get drunk tonight. I want to have a really wild night tonight.” Aunt Sheen and gulped the remaining drink at once.

“Say no more.” I said and smiled at her. I bent to keep the empty glass on the low table and kept my hand on her bare, soft thighs. It was barely lit outside where we sat and only the moon shone down. Before I could do anything else, I sensed the waiter walking up.

After the dinner was served, we began eating without a word being spoken. I was thinking of ways to fuck Aunt Sheen while she wondered what ways I could think of.

We finished our dinner within 10 minutes and I was feeling relaxed with a drink and food in my stomach. Aunt Sheen also looked energetic now and I saw her staring at me.

I ordered another round of drinks for us, but this time I ordered tequila shots for her and vodka for me.

Aunty Sheen struggled to down the 2 tequila shots but finally did it after I goaded her. I slowly sipped on my vodka and listened as Aunt Sheen began to talk about her fantasies. It was clear to me that she was not super-drunk but was feeling sleazy.

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