What Could’ve Been…


All through my senior year of high school, I dated a girl in the junior class. Sue was 5′ 4″ and I am 6′ 2″. I was still a virgin then and so was she. We swapped sexy nudes, sexted about our desires, you know, the works. But despite numerous occasions where I would find a dark back road towards the end of a date night, unbutton her top, unsnap her bra and feel up her nice C-cup breasts and small, perky nipples, and slip a hand down her panties and make her squirm, she never did put out. Shortly after leaving for college, I broke off that relationship in favor of one with a much hotter girl. Rachel had perfect 38DD tits, a dirty mind, and a tight pussy. We fucked like rabbits in heat, with our record being eight times in ten hours. She’s on the patch, which makes everything better; I can cum unprotected in her pussy all day long and never get her pregnant. All of the above is true. Here’s where it becomes fantasy. Two weeks after coming home for summer break, I was lazing around the house, filling out scholarship applications for the next year and eating. I hadn’t had any sex since the girlfriend went back to her home state, so each day consisted of typically two jack-off sessions. That was when the text came in. From Sue. “Hey.” Anadolu Yakası Escort I wasn’t sure what to say back, so I simply responded, “Hey” back. “I have a question… but idk how to ask it…” the text read. “Well,” I replied, “just ask, I probably have an answer” A few minutes went by before the next text came in: “do you still… think about me? …” “What do you mean?” I was confused. Another few-minute pause. “u know… sexually?…” I wasn’t sure what to say. I loved Rachel to death, but to be honest, I had wondered from time to time how good Sue’s lips would have felt around my cockhead, or how tight her then-virgin cunt would have been around my thick 7.5″ shaft. I decided to play it kinda safe, but keep playing the game to see where it would go. “…sometimes…” was my response. There was a ten minute break in between my reply and the next text Sue sent. It read, “…I think about u all the time.” Wow. I didn’t know. How could I have known? I pondered on what she could possibly be thinking about, seeing as how she had never physically seen my cock, but then I remembered all the times that she had wrapped her petite little hand around the bulge in my Wranglers while we were making Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan out, and all the nudes we had sent to each other. I texted back, “is that so?” and just before I hit send, I added, “…like what?” She was fairly quick to reply, “I think about how big ur dick is and how good it would feel inside me… Brad, I want too fuck u…” I was stunned. Here was this girl who, a year ago, refused to do anything more than let me touch her. Now, she’s begging for my dick! I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help myself. “I want to fuck you too. What r you doin tonight?” “After I get off work at 10, you.”Straight to the point. God, this is so wrong, but I let my curiosity and pure lust get the best of me. “You got it. I’ll pick u up.” Send. My brain had officially turned over control to my rock-hard dick. The rest of the afternoon was filled with me talking to Sue, telling her I had to run to town to take care of a few things and grab a few groceries, that I’d be back later and I’d call her when I got home. At 9:30, I got into my truck and made my way into town, parking outside of her job, next to her truck. Around five after, she came walking out, noticed my truck, walked over Escort Anadolu Yakası and climbed in. We just kinda sat there for a moment, unsure of what to say to each other – what do you say in that situation? – until she finally turned to me and said, “Take us out to that old back road again.” That was all the motivation I needed. Letting my dick do the thinking again, I hit the key, dropped the truck into reverse, and backed out of the parking lot. Minutes later, I pulled up to our old spot, miles out of town on an old dirt road that hardly anybody ever drove down. I killed the lights and shut off the truck. I turned my body and looked at her in the dim glow from the radio.As I watched, she slowly reached down to her waist, grabbed hold of the hem of her t-shirt, and eased it up over her head. God, I had forgotten how petite yet perfect her little body was. She kicked off her shoes and let them fall to the floorboard as she scooted in and leaned towards me.I did the same, leaning in and kissing her. The first kiss was just a brush of our lips, nervous and awkward; the next one, she locked her lips onto mine. Slightly startled, I jerked backwards a bit, but she stayed attached to my lips. I leaned backwards with my back against the door, and moved my right leg up til it was running along the back of the bench seat, and she was in between my thighs, lips still on mine.Her left hand was on my right cheek, and her right hand made its way slowly up my thigh towards my rapidly hardening cock, until her little fingers had found the bulge in my jeans again.

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