What a Girl Wants: A Maintenance Spanking


“Spank me sometime?”-CherryI have never been one for subtleties. I like getting straight to the point, and I like getting what I want. Why waste time beating around the bush? Life’s too short. These are the phrases I repeat in my mind. That’s my philosophy.Sure, it’s blunt, but it’s a method that works for me. When I want something, I go for it. What I wanted was to be bent over a man’s lap, feeling his strong hands on my ass. To enter a submissive state. It is where I feel most natural.This is how I quickly drew the attention of my target. My target was an attractive man in his late forties named Joe. Almost twice my age, yet he didn’t look a day over thirty-four, or at least that’s what people tell him. He had a nice lean body and piercing blue eyes. He had a full head of hair, and a full beard that he kept trimmed nicely and evenly. I would be lying if I said my mind didn’t drift to thoughts of feeling that full beard on my pussy lips as he licked me until I came… but that is a story for a different day.He was amused by me being so straightforward. He told me he would oblige me and give me my “maintenance spanking”. I asked him what that meant, and he simply said, “Sometimes, you just need something. For some, it is a spanking that is needed. A maintenance spanking.”We chatted back and forth and set our expectations.Joe: “How do you prefer to be spanked? Bent over a chair, over the knee, or across my lap?”Cherry: “Any works, Sir. Whatever you decide is best.”Joe: “You will be across my lap then. Would you prefer to do it on the couch or on the bed?”Cherry: “Either, Sir. I am fine with whatever you choose for me.”Joe: “The bedroom will be more comfortable.”Cherry: “Yes, Sir. That is where it should happen.”We made plans to meet up at a Ankara bayan escort local bar and chat over drinks.”Meet me at 6:00. I will be waiting outside for you, and I expect you to be on time. Tardiness is unacceptable.”I felt a mix of emotions from that statement, excitement, anxiety, a bit of fear even. Maybe a bit of defiance? Boldness was in my nature. Obedient wasn’t usually a word used to describe my submissive role. I enjoy a power struggle and watching someone slowly lose their composure. To make a man angry, makes him hungry. Hungry for me and the gift of my submission that he so craves.I decided I would not talk back, this time at least. I typed “Understood, Sir,” and sent the message, to which he called me a good girl. If he only knew.I began the process of preparing myself, wanting to look my best. Applying my makeup, spraying my favorite perfume in all the right places, and slipping into my submissive mindset.I wore a short black skirt, a crop top, and my leather jacket over top. I debated wearing my sheer black thigh-high stockings, but decided against it as it might be a bit too much to wear them out in public.When I was finished getting ready, I shot him a quick text that I was leaving and would see him soon. As I drove, I realized there was no way I would be there on time for him. I honestly feared I would anger him, and that he would give up on me before I was even given a chance. I was kicking myself at the thought of losing him before I even got a chance.My heart raced as I willed the traffic ahead of me to accelerate so I could get to my destination faster. I kept glancing at the time in my car. Each minute ticked by, and I became more aware that I would be late. There was Escort bayan Ankara no way I would make it in five minutes, four minutes, three minutes, two minutes…I texted, “There’s a lot of traffic up my way, I will be there in less than 5 minutes. I’m really sorry.”He quickly responded, “That’s fine. For every minute you are late your ass will pay the price. 1 minute is 1 lick of the paddle.”I continued driving. I was so close but it seemed like some supernatural force was making the time go by faster. One minute felt like one second. It was now 6:04.My phone buzzed and I picked it up. “4 minutes… 4 licks.”My pulse quickened. I pulled around the corner and saw the car that might be his. I finally parked my car and quickly sent him an arrival text as I started walking. I turned the corner, heard the beep of a car locking, and watched him step out. I quickened my pace, remembering his last words: “4 minutes, 4 licks.”When I was in hearing range, he reminded me. “That’s four licks.””I know… I’m very sorry,” I held back the urge, newly forming habit really, to say “Sir” at the end. We were out in public after all.”There was a lot of traffic. I’m not usually late, I promise,” I stammered.”You should have planned for traffic, shouldn’t you?” he replied sternly.”No…” I said, confused at first, mishearing him.”Yes, you should plan for traffic in your driving time.””Yes,” I corrected myself. “I should have.”He seemed to sense my fear and nerves, and relaxed his stance and smiled at me. “I’m just playing. I’m not mad. But you’re still getting four licks.” He chuckled and held up four fingers.”I know,” I said, putting my head down.At our table, we chatted about our lives and music. We also quietly talked Bayan escort Ankara about our roles and what we expected to get out of this encounter. After a drink and appetizers, he asked me if I would like to get another drink, or if I would like to skip right to the spanking. I knew my answer very early on. He paid the check and we left for his home.*****He showed me into his home and instructed me to take my jacket and shoes off. I removed the choker I was currently wearing so he could replace it with the new collar that I hadn’t worn yet. It was a black collar bedazzled with crystals on a chain leash. I felt it suited me and I was excited to try it on. He fastened it snugly around my neck and grabbed hold of the leash. Giving a gentle tug, he tested its strength. I adored the feeling of being collared and leashed. It is one of the best ways for me to feel submissive.He wrapped the leash around his hand and said, “Come.” I followed.He led me up the stairs and to his bedroom. He walked me in and stopped about halfway to the foot of the bed.”Stay,” he ordered.I waited obediently for him to gather his implements. He retrieved a briefcase and revealed to me what was inside and offered me to choose what would be used on me. There was a small paddle, a large wooden paddle, a leather riding crop, and a handmade whip. I pondered what each tool would feel like against my flesh. I was both intrigued and a bit fearful. I chose the small paddle and picked up the riding crop, but he advised me against the riding crop, saying it wasn’t meant for beginners. I set it back down.He sat on the bed and instructed me to lay across his lap. I happily obliged and spread myself across him, arching my back so that my bottom was at the perfect angle for his hands to strike me. My skirt rode up, showing just a little bit of cheek, but he quickly flipped it up so that all of it was exposed for him.With my skirt lifted, my ass in my cute pink panties was at his disposal. He pulled at the fabric, bunching it to expose more of my skin. His hands roamed over my butt and thighs.

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