Washing in the Locker Room Shower


*note: my lover was stuck working in the middle of nowhere all alone. I wrote this story/fantasy to spice up his long days. There is not much character development and goes pretty much straight to the point.*


After a long day painting in the hot sun, you are exhausted – you do not want to paint another square inch of the metal roof. Your skin glistens in the sun from the droplets of sweat covering your body. All you want to do is collapse in your bed with an ice-cold beer in your hand. Sensing your fatigue, I walk up to you and start rubbing your back, kneading away those tight knots.

“Come with me,” I say to you, “I know what will make you feel better.”

Taking your hand, I lead you through the empty gymnasium and into the men’s locker room.

Inside the locker room, I saunter over to the large open shower room and turn on one of the showerheads at full blast. I strip down to my skimpy bra and panties before stepping underneath the running water, allowing myself to get completely drenched. Stepping away from the shower, I walk over to you. Your hungry eyes drink in the sight: my long black hair soaked through the tips, beads of water trickle down my soft smooth skin while the wet fabric of my bra and panties clings delicately to my curves. Without saying a word, I pull your sweaty t-shirt over your head and press my wet body up against yours, taking in the scent of your warm body. My hands reach up to glide through your curls, feeling their softness in my palms. I pull your head towards me to bring our lips together for a seductive kiss.

Backing away, I slowly work my hands down your body; caressing your broad shoulders…muscular chest… flat abs… before reaching into your pants to give your delicious ass a lustful squeeze. I need to see you naked now. Without hesitation, I unbutton your pants and pull them down around your ankles. You step out of them and kick them aside before carrying my soaking wet body over to the shower.

Standing underneath the shower, your aching muscle is thankful for the powerful water stream raining down. While you are getting refreshed, I take your favorite lavender soap and work up a rich lather on your chest. Slowly, I begin to spread the soapy bubbles all over your torso, taking care to clean every inch of your grimy body.

“Turn around – I need to wash your ass.”

You comply and submit your sweet toosh to my loving hands. As I work the lather all around your sexy ass, my fingers start to wander, slipping into istanbul escort the crack. You enjoy the sensation and encourage me to explore further by pulling your legs apart. My slippery wet hand slides up and down between your butt cheeks; the other hand reaches between your legs to gently cup and massage your ball sack. My thumb finds your tight hole and begins to tease it by rubbing in a circular motion. Feeling unsteady from the intense erotic sensations, you place your hands on the tile wall to keep your balance. Your cock is now getting hard as I continue to massage your ass and balls. Releasing your nuts, I press my wet body up against your back while my left hand reaches around your hip and takes your cock. As one hand pumps your cock, the other one continues to tease your hole. You start to moan with delight, making me want to pleasure you more.

I slip myself between the tile wall and your body and kneel in front of you. Taking your meaty cock with both hands, I alternately slide each hand from the base to the top, gently squeezing the head before releasing. I work up a rhythm and your body gently spasms with each stroke. Looking at your beautiful cock, with its delicious looking head begging to be sucked on, my mouth craves to have a taste. I reach down and wrap my mouth lovingly around your cock, tracing up and down the smooth shaft with my tongue and sucking the swollen head with my lips. You dig your fingers deep through my hair as you pull my head to draw me closer to you.

Seeing my scantily clad wet body kneeling and worshipping your cock with my mouth, you can’t help but want to do nasty things to me. You pull me up off the floor and push me against the wet tile wall. Your hands plant firmly on the tile wall, positioning me in between your arms. You lean forward and look deep into my eyes, “alright you naughty little girl, it’s time to give you a good washing.”

You begin exploring my body with your lips and tongue, gently nibbling at various delightful places, making me yearn for more of you. My head is spinning, my heart is racing, and I can’t wait to feel your hot breath between my thighs. I push down hard on your shoulders and you duly lower yourself down. You pull down my tiny panties between your teeth, revealing my cute little pussy. As you look up at me seductively, you tease my pussy lips gently with your tongue. The touch of your tongue sends waves of erotic sensation throughout my body, making my pussy cry for more attention. Your istanbul escort bayan tongue wiggles between my pussy lips in search of the clit. I throw one leg over your shoulder to give you better access to the little sweet pussy that is now aching to be devoured by your mouth. You steady me with one hand on my butt and the other one on the standing leg as your begin to lick me feverishly. Damn you are fucking good at licking my pussy! I grab the back of your head to press you closer to me; rubbing your face with the sweet juice that is now flowing out of my pussy. With each lick and flick of your tongue to my engorged clit, I can feel the impending orgasm building. However, you don’t move in for the kill yet; you want to tease me some more.

You lower my leg off your shoulder and roughly spin me around. Thinking that you are going to pound me from behind, I brace myself again the tile wall, eagerly offering my voluptuous ass for your taking. Instead, you grab my butt cheeks and pull them apart, exposing my little virgin ass, heading where no man has gone before.

“What are you doing?” I say nervously, alarmed by the unfamiliar touch.

“Shh…” you hush, “don’t worry, I just want a little taste…”

You begin rimming my virgin ass with your tongue, gently probing and wiggling at my puckered little hole with the tip. As the pleasurable sensation begins to build, my inhibition disappears. My legs voluntarily ease apart to let you dig deeper. God, how can an act seem so dirty feel so good! Encouraged by my moans, you decide to push it further. You insert a finger in my pussy to get it nice and coated with my juice. You love how wet I am getting. Feeling my hot tight pussy engulfing your finger makes you want to dive in with your cock instead. However, you are not done violating my virgin ass yet. You take the finger that is dripping with my juice and press it against my tight hole, gently massaging it, conjuring it to open up. Submitting to the pleading, the little hole allows your finger to enter; I let out a scream –a cry of both shock and delight. The sensation is unlike anything I’ve experienced before – uncomfortable yet pleasurable. The excitement of feeling something so new and intense turns me on immensely.

With your finger still violating me, you rotate 180 degrees and position your mouth on my hot pussy – ready to be eaten like a ripe fruit freshly plucked from a tree. You insert your thumb into my dripping wet pussy, handling me like escort istanbul a bowling ball before devouring me once again. My delightful moans turn into cries of urgency as my entire body gears up for an explosive orgasm.

“Oh Shane… fuck, I’m cumming… I’m cumming…”

All the build up energy completely drains out of my body and my mind goes blank. My body, overwhelmed by ecstasy, slumps into your open arms.

Getting more aroused than ever, you carry me over to the locker room and gently lower me on a counter top that is about hip high. With one quick motion, you pull me towards you and firmly spread my legs apart. You plunge in deep inside of me, awakening my desire once more; I can feel your cock stretching open my tight pussy. I grab your butt with both hands to pull you in deeper, making sure I am filled to the brim with every last inch of your cock. Damn you feel fantastic, I cannot remember ever needing to fuck anyone so badly!

“I love feeling your tight pussy opening up for me…”

You throw my legs on your shoulders and start pumping in and out of pussy with long deep strokes, taking care to pull it out almost all the way before feeding me again with the full length of it.

I can feel your dick getting harder and know that you won’t be able to hold it for much longer. Your face starts to tense up with a look of urgency, biting your lower lip. Making you this hot makes me feel even hotter. I hold your gaze steady, giving you a lustful smile, beckoning you to release that hot load from your balls. You look at me with those soulful eyes, begging me to milk you for all you’ve got. As you get closer and closer to climax, the pounding gets harder and harder, to the point where you are practically slamming your cock into my pussy. I just love hearing the sweet clapping sound of two wet bodies hitting against each other.

“Harder!” I plead breathlessly, “Shane, fuck me harder…”

I aid with the thrusting by pulling your legs towards me each time you dive in. I want to fuck you so hard to the point where you can’t even remember your own name.

You close your eyes and draw in a deep breath. As I feel your cock tensing up in my pussy, I know you are gearing up for an insanely intense orgasm. You pull out abruptly and slung your engorged cock on top of my pussy. I take your throbbing cock in my hand and stroke it firmly. Almost instantly, your body spasms as your cock shoots out pearly strains of hot cum all over my neck, breast, and stomach. My hand continues to pump your cock, milking every last drop.

Exhausted, satisfied, and completely drained, you slump your body on top of my cum-covered torso. You look up at me, wearing that awesome post-coital blissful expression, and ask “Can we wash each other like this more often?”

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