Wake Up

Big Tits

As I lay in bed face down, in that state between slumber and awake, my breathing measured, the thoughts floating through my mind. I can feel my arousal increasing ever slowly between my body and the bed. I sense movement and then the feeling of pert nipples raking across my back. The warm flesh of breasts pressing into me and a whispered voice in my ear, “Good morning handsome.”

Gentle kisses on my shoulder with an occasional wetness of a tongue. I start to stir. “Shhh” the soft assuring voice says to me. As I become more conscious, I feel a soft caress on my ass, slowly gliding further down. Fingers probing, searching until they find my scrotum. Feeling my balls gently squeezed and fondled increases my arousal. My hips starting to move. I’m aware of the kissing lower and lower down my body as well as the breasts sliding skin on skin. The hand firmly grasps my balls and holds them tight for several seconds as I feel teeth bite into my back. My hips rise as my body tenses yet my arousal increases. Releasing my sack, I feel the fingers searching again, tracing the length of my shaft under my body. Complying with the request, my hips rise higher allowing the hand to envelop my hardness. Without thought, I take a breath and moan. The bite has given way to kisses. The hand squeezes the soft fleshy head as if a heart beating. Again, I release another moan of pleasure.

The soft voice breaks the silence, “Turn over.” How could I resist, I obey the command. Turning over, my eyes glimpse the beauty before me. Then as if looking eye to eye almanbahis yeni giriş at the devil, a hand slaps me across the face bringing me back to reality. A sharp pain on my chest as my nipple is pinched, reminds me of the rules, no looking. I fought the incredible urge to see. To see the wonderful pleasure that is taking place. “Please.” As I begged. Followed by a stern reply of “No!” and another reminder, piercing into my chest.

My arousal has been left alone since I have turned over. I feel the air against my heated staff. Erect as if searching the air for what aroused it, twitching with anticipation. The pain on my chest is now replaced by the warmth and wetness of a tongue, soothing the inflammation. Then inch by inch the kisses work down my body. My arousal is undeniable as my body twitches and my cock released a flow of precum that drools out like clear molasses onto my stomach. I hear a moan but it didn’t emanate from me. As I lay near paralyzed waiting, I feel a tongue on my stomach tracing, tracing my excitement. Another moan as well as another noise. With my eyes closed, and my mind in an erotic fog, It’s everything I can do not to look or touch. Because I know if I do, it will all end abruptly and painfully. I try to identify the other noise. I gasp as my cock jumps and that wonderful feeling as more precum pours from my hole as I identify the other sound. The sound of something wet being sloppily worked over. My mind racing as now it comes to me, there was only one hand on my body. Just then that one almanbahis giriş hand grasps my tight balls and gently squeezes, eliciting more flow. I can feel it flowing like a river. The tongue lapping it up from the source. More moaning and the wet sounds getting louder and faster.

With my balls securely in hand being pulled tight, my cock is suddenly enveloped by warmth. A tongue playing with the head, suction drawing more of precum out like a straw. I moan aloud, unconsciously my hips rise to the pleasure. Just the slightest bite I feel on my dick, just to let me know where it is. Deeper and deeper my cock disappears. Held there as if trapped in a warm, wet cavern. Then slowly sliding back out, I feel the cool air on the wetness covering my hot cock, all the way back to the top. The tongue circling around the rim of the head, I can feel lips sliding down kissing the shaft. Moans fill the air from both of us. I’m aware of my rapid breathing, my chest heaving at this wonderful feeling being exhibited to my body.

I can also hear heavy breathing and the increased rhythm of something wet being abused. As the sounds become louder and faster, my cock is again enveloped by the mouth, more feverishly now, up and down. The tongue working around and around as the hand massages my balls, coaxing. It’s working. My breathing is heavy, my body is tensing, my cock is harder than I thought possible and I can feel it building inside. As my moans get louder, the wet mouth sucking with all abandon, I whisper with little breath almanbahis adres I have left, “I’m…I’m going to cum.” All I hear a muffled moan and “Mmmmhmmm.” The wet sounds are filling the air, I don’t who’s moaning louder, then all of a sudden the mouth releases my cock with an audible slurp/pop, I hear a loud guttural moan as I feel a flood of liquid splash upon my body. My balls sucked up tight into my body, I let out my own guttural roar that sent my cock into an eruption. My body rigid as my cock spasmed and ejected stream after stream of my pleasure. Feeling it land on my heaving chest, I was paralyzed in my throws of orgasm to care. Pulse after pulse deep from within my body I didn’t know existed. Felt like my dick ripped apart. Slowly I succumb to the withdrawal of my eruption. Still my eyes closed, more from the exhaustive release than by obedience, I feel the tongue on my chest, licking. I hear the sound of slurping. Then my shrinking cock is once more taken into the wet warm of the mouth sucked clean, pulling what’s left on my pleasure through the straw.

In the post orgasmic state of relaxation, I feel movement and the sound of shuffling. As I dare to open my eyes, I catch the faint glimpse of the ass and legs turn the corner exiting the room. “Nice ass,” my mind says. “Who was that?” I mouth only to myself.

Trying to picture in my foggy mind after a night of lots and lots of drinking and dancing. Oh, the rhythmic beat from the nightclub instantly begins to repeat in my head. Everything was a dreamy blur. I just remember being out with a couple friends drinking. Then we went to a club and not much recollection soon thereafter. Faintly, remembering dancing with an incredible dancer, kissing and grinding on the dance floor, do I remember…body shots? What the fuck happened?


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