Viking Wars Pt. 01

Solo Male

It was a dire night, the winds howled like wolves on this chosen night. Hersir Ulf a brute man of no more than 33 in age was in the river washing away the blood of the enemies he slayed hours earlier. He had long, wavy black hair, lightly tanned skin and a build that made many of woman swoon.

A man of his own mind. Ulf did not take kindly to orders but he was selected at 17 by the High King Bjorn to be his hersir. His welding of his sword was almost majestic. He was a warrior to be reckoned with. Men high and low feared to be at the receiving end of his blade.

Born a bastard he had no one but the Vikings to teach and care for him. He was found by the High King’s maiden as a babe. Starving and barely alive. Forgotten by a young mother, impregnated by a radningar during a raid of her homeland. Keeping his seed would mean dishonor to her family.

No woman had ever caught Ulf’s attention until the day of talks. His King’s enemy from the West, High Lord Rune had his newly wed wife Asta by his side at the battlefield. She was young and full of beauty. Far too beautiful for the likes of Rune.

Ulf was almost distracted by her presence. The wind carried her scent of amber and vanilla to him during the negotiations. She smelt just as she appeared. She had yet to lie with her newly wed husband for he had to leave to war shortly after marriage.

Ulf had heard the rumors but could not believe she had yet to be ploughed by a warrior like Rune. There was to be another talk the next full moon. Asta would be there in her finest of cloth undoubtedly. Ulf had bedded many of women. All with beauty but none like Asta.

He reasoned with himself to not kill Rune and take Asta for himself before she was defiled by Rune. Bjorn forbid it but words would never stop him from doing as he pleased. A woman like Asta needed to be bred and cherished.

Nevertheless, there was still a storm brewing between the two houses. If talks would not bring peace the war would continue on. Ulf would not have the time nor strength to bed Asta.

“My bruv! You were a sight on the field today eh!” bellowed Bjorn.

“I will not be taunted by you King.” chuckled Ulf as he sat at the Great Hall table adjacent from the king.

“I am glad to see you well Ulf. Have some food. You must be famished dear.” said High Queen Astrid.

“Thank you sweet queen.” Ulf smiled gently while grabbing bread.

“Have you thought of taking a wife to breed? You need a son my boy.” said Bjorn while stuffing meat in his mouth.

Ulf hated when the king brought up a family. It was an irritant for him. Either way he had to sit through the conversations without peace for a while.

“My King I do not wish to be bothered with the likes of a wife, I have too much to care for as is.” said Ulf sourly.

“Sweet Ulf, don’t speak that way. You will find someone soon enough. There are many waiting to be by your side.” said Queen Astrid.

As the three continued eating Thane Knud came barreling through the Great Hall doors.

“High King Rune is here my King. Shall I let him pass?” asked Knud breathing heavily.

“By the Gods Knud, I nearly shat myself with your entry!” said Bjorn holding his chest.

“Let him pass, it is time Ulf.” said Bjorn adjusting in his chair.

Ulf looked displeased at the thought of negotiations starting so early but he had no choice but be prepared for if the talks went south. He had his sword cleaned and sharpened right before he came to the Great Hall. He still had a taste for blood and violence. He loved the feel and weight of sword whilst in battle.

He had very little time to continue to fantasize when King Rune and the gorgeous Asta by his side came through the doors. She looked even more beautiful tonight. Her skin glistened by the fire. She had a beautiful blue gown on that was decorated with gold embellishments and gold clamps throughout her waist length fish tail braid with loose curls framing her face.

Her brown eyes were warm and welcoming. Her full lips were enough to make a man go mad. Her breasts were perky and large even though she had a small frame. Her skin was a beautiful caramel tone. She was from the Southern lands.

All it’s inhabitants were beautiful. Even the men were a sight to behold. Peaceful people with a love of nature. They were kind and naïve. Their lands taken by Vikings many moons ago.

Asta was a gift from the ambassador there. A wager of peace. She had no choice in the matter. She was too precious to be manhandled the way Rune usually liked to do. Her beauty captivated Rune so much so he was almost afraid of her.

He was afraid to touch her for he did not want her frame to be stretched by the possibility of impregnating her. She was too much of a rarity to ruin so soon. But he had began to get impatient with his own fears.

Asta was a kind woman. Even so she was a woman now and women have desires. Her desires were Ulf. She had just aged to 19 that summer. She was shaken by Ulf’s swordsmanship on the battlefield. She had found herself wet while watching him.

Ulf Kadıköy Escort looked even more striking to her after battle. He stood at least 6ft 4in tall. He was chiseled like that of a Greek God. His masculine features and battle scars made him more handsome. He was a real warrior and man.

“Please sit Rune, we have much to discuss.” said Bjorn holding out his hand gesturing them to sit.

Ase smiled politely and met eyes with Ulf. She blushed from his flustering. Ulf could feel his cheeks become flush with embarrassment. They all sat down and drinks were brought to them by the house maidens.

“How was your trip here dear Queen Asta?” asked Astrid.

“It was rather peaceful Queen Astrid. The scenery was colorful. We do not have such sights in Martkwin Islands. Only beaches and water.” said Asta politely.

“Now Rune we both suffered great loss do you agree?” asked Bjorn swiftly.

“Yes Bjorn, I concur. I had just discussed with my Thane Njal gathering more men should be top priority. Granted we are in of no need as of now.” said Rune backpedaling.

With the talks about to begin Ase interrupted.

“I hate to interrupt my King but I wish to walk King Bjorn’s garden. I hear they are most beautiful at nightfall.” asked Asta quietly.

“Of course my love. That is if King Bjorn allows it.” replied Rune with a confused look.

“My home is your home tonight Queen Asta.” said King Bjorn.

“Ulf will you please escort the Queen through the gardens? And take her to the willows they are quiet peaceful this time of year.” said Queen Astrid softly.

“As you wish my Queen.” said Ulf as he stood.

Him and Asta headed to the doors. Asta smiling as she turned away from her King. She was grateful that Queen Astrid would suggest Ulf’s company. Ulf held the door for Asta. Breathing in her sweet scent.

They headed through the courtyard towards the garden in silence. The cool air and scent of honeysuckles filled the air. Asta’s eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Ulf was taken by her untouched beauty.

“You are a fierce warrior Hersir Ulf. Any man shall be terrified to be on the opposing side of your sword shall they not?” she said while looking up at him.

“Queen you are too kind. I am but a man with swordsmanship nothing more.” said Ulf humbly.

“Don’t play coy with me, you are a real man. Not like my husband. He sits behind his Hersir Toke and gets fat whilst he batters his body for him. He has always been a coward.” she said with a look of hatred on her face.

“Queen should you not talk of your King in such a way. Words against one’s King can have you killed.” said Ulf flattered.

Asta stopped by the weeping willows and turned towards Ulf.

“Tell me Ulf, when you look at me what do you see?” asked Asta with curious eyes.

“Eh, I shall not answer that Queen. That would be a disservice.” said Ulf breaking eye contact.

“Please Ulf save such words for a child. I am no child.” said Asta.

“That you are not.” said Ulf under his breathe.

Asta shoved him lightly and laughed.

“What does that mean eh?” questioned Asta.

“No harm Queen, I just meant you are a beautiful woman any man with the gift of site can see and knows this to be true.” quickly said Ulf.

“I see you stare at me Ulf do you wish to bed me?” said Asta playfully.

Ulf coughed and pulled up his bottoms clearly uncomfortable with the question. Asta stepped closer to him looking even smaller than before next to him.

“Do I scare you Ulf?” whispered Asta.

“You do not scare a warrior like me. I do not wish to disrespect the King in a time like this. Not in the time of talks Queen.” said Ulf with a serious tone.

“Ulf may I dare ask something of you and you be truthful with me?” asked Asta while grabbing Ulf’s hand.

“You may always Queen.” said Ulf.

“You are to serve the High King and make sure his guests are at ease correct?” asked Asta.

“I am Queen.” said Ulf looking at Asta inquisitively.

“Well as a guest, I would like you to teach me.” said Asta boldly.

“What Queen?” said Ulf confused.

“Your ears do not deceive you Hersir, I do not want to give my most precious gift to a thief such as my husband. I want to be taught the ways of a woman.” said Asta blatantly.

“I shall not do such a thing Queen. No matter how much I want to bed you that is not my place it is your husband’s.” said Ulf reluctantly.

“There are stories of you at the brothels Hersir. Stories of the way you bed a woman. How you treat them with the faintest of touch.” said Asta with admiring eyes.

“I am but a man Queen. I get my pleasures and move on.” said Ulf with doubt.

“No! You are a warrior that does not just bed a woman you how do the Westerners say? You make love to the woman you bed.” Asta said with doe like eyes.

Asta pulled Ulf’s hand to her breast and placed it in her garments. Her nipple was already hard. Her breast fit perfectly in his large hand. He squeezed her breast and stepped closer to Asta.

Asta Kadıköy Escort Bayan rose to meet Ulf’s gaze on her tiptoes. He looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her supple lips. She tasted like that of fresh picked berries and fresh wine. He was lost in her taste.

Ase was a temptress undoubtedly. Her soft skin was enough to drive Ulf mad. Ulf broke their kiss.

“Queen I do not wish to be the reason the talks go badly.” said Ulf.

Asta placed her finger over Ulf’s lips to quiet him. Their lips quickly met again. This time their kiss was more passionate. Ulf couldn’t restrain himself. He picked Asta up and carried her to the shack that was hidden behind shrubbery by the willows.

It was a small shack with a bed, eating quarters and a small living space. On occasion maidens would go there to nap throughout the day. A few candles were still burning, lighting the room with a yellow orange hue.

Ulf gently laid Asta onto the plush bedding and continued to kiss her passionately. Letting his hands roam her small frame. He pulled the top of her dress to the side and exposed her breast. He looked deeply into her eyes, grinning as his tongue traced ever so closely to her hard nipple.

Asta moaned lightly, arching her back at the intense sensation. He quickly took her nipple into his mouth gently sucking it than nibbling it. Asta was already drenched below. She already climaxed just from his foreplay.

“Bed me Ulf! Plant your seed in my womb! I beg you! Take me!” begged Asta.

Ulf smiled and leaned back removing his top with the help of Asta. His bare chest was massive. His arms strong and muscular. His abs were hard and chiseled. Dark hair was scattered on his chest. He was a real man.

Ulf removed Asta’s beautiful gown. Her bare body beneath him was gorgeous and delicate. Her tan skin was a site to treasure in the candle light. Her nude body was image that was forever burned into Ulf’s mind.

Asta’s womanhood was bare, no hair in sight. Her skin was soft like silk. Some queens would remove their pubic hair if their Kings preferred it. Her scent was sweet.

Ulf teased Asta further by tracing his finger between her breast, down her stomach and finally to her womanhood. Asta’s eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. She could barely breathe she was longing for more of his touch.

Ulf took his thumb and began caressing her clit. His thumb was quickly covered in her honey. He had never seen a woman so aroused and so wet. It was as if he summoned a waterfall. Asta suddenly felt aware of her body’s reaction to him and closed her legs on his large hand.

“No, there’s no need for you to be embarrassed Queen.” Ulf said while pushing her legs apart once more.

Asta smiled and relaxed again. She stared into Ulf’s dark eyes seemingly giving him her stamp of approval for him to continue.

“Are you sure Queen you want me to defile you?” asked Ulf in a stern tone.

Asta nodded her head while biting her bottom lip. She was speechless. She was nervous and scared but didn’t want to displease Ulf. With that he untied his trousers. He stood up and kicked them to the side.

His cock was massive. It was thick and had pulsating veins. He was a solid 9 inches when fully aroused. Asta’s eyes widened at the sheer site of his member. Ulf kissed her again to calm her.

“Don’t fear Queen, I will be as gentle as I can.” said Ulf reassuringly.

“Don’t, I want you to ruin me. Ruin me so that the King will never bed me.” said Asta in a distressed tone.

Ulf didn’t need to be told twice. He placed the head of his cock at Asta’s wet entrance. He pushed lightly to align himself with her. With expert ease he slammed the entirety of his cock into Asta while quickly covering her mouth. Asta’s scream was muffled in his strong hand.

Asta felt herself rip to accommodate Ulf. It burned but felt fulfilling. He instantly hit her womb. She was certain he tore through her. Tears rolled down her temples. She began to breath in a hurried pace. Ulf pulled all but his cock head out and slammed back into her. She squealed again in his hand.

Even with her being a river of wetness it was barely enough to help. Ulf had never felt a woman so tight. It felt like Asta’s womanhood had a fists grip on his cock. She was so warm inside. Like a fire. He could barely keep himself from filling her with his seed with the first few strokes alone.

He knew he’d have to pace himself to keep from breeding her within just a few moments. He knew she’d be in pain for a few days. Most women were after laying with him. Even if he was gentle. His girth was too much for many to handle.

Asta began to relax and felt pleasure with the pain of Ulf’s large member. She wrapped her legs around his strong waist pulling him deeper inside of her. Ulf began a slow, steady rhythm.

Ulf removed his hand from Asta’s mouth and began to kiss her again. Their bodies were intertwined like honeysuckle vines wrapped around the oak trees in the gardens. Their passion was Escort Kadıköy intense. Neither had experienced lust so strong.

Back in the kitchen maidens began to whisper. The maiden Gyda had sneaked a peak into the shack on her way to take a break. She witnessed some of Ulf and Asta’s fooling around. She was giddy with excitement at the scandal.

King Rune’s second best warrior Bard barged into the kitchen on the maidens gossiping.

“What is it that you whores find so enchanting that you keep up with the squawking?” asked Bard in an annoyed tone.

“Nothing my lord, just silly tales of our youth.” said Gyda standing at attention.

“It didn’t seem like tales to me. I heard you say something about the Queen Asta eh?” asked Bard with an inquisitive glare.

Gyda and the other maidens glanced back and fourth at one another searching each others faces for an answer.

“Speak whore! I’m asking you a question!” yelled Bard while slamming his fist on the table. Causing the women to jump in fear.

“I was just speaking of the Queen’s lovely gown my lord. That is all.” said Gyda staring at her shoes.

Bard lunged at her grabbing her by the throat, staring into her soul with his dark eyes.

“Lie to me again wench!” said Bard through gritted teeth.

Gyda started to cry and scratch at his hands hoping he’d release her. Bard loosened his grip on her neck to allow her to speak.

“I saw her laying with Ulf in the servants resting quarters.” said Gyda in a ragged voice.

“Let’s go! NOW!” growled Bard.

Back at the shack time stood still for Ulf and Asta. Asta was now on top of Ulf. Slowly grinding on his throbbing cock. His hands caressing her hips and ass gently. He leaned forward, sucking and teasing each of he nipples softly.

Her juices were flowing freely, coating Ulf’s cock and forming a small puddle beneath him. He could feel his climax building. Each pump of his cock inside him drawing it nearer.

“Fill me Ulf. Fill my cunt with your seed. I want to bear you a son.” gasped Asta.

Ulf groaned as his balls tightened. He grabbed Asta by the hips and pinned her down on his cock. His seed spewed into her. Asta threw her head back in ecstasy. His hot semen filling her to capacity.

Back in the dining hall Bard raced in furious with Gyda’s hair clutched in his hand dragging her to the table. Bjorn jumped up angrily.

“What is the meaning of this you tyrant! Release our maiden this instance!” yelled Bjorn.

Bard pushed Gyda forward causing her to trip over her dress and fall to her knees.

“This wench saw the Queen and that bastard Ulf in the shack together!” said Bard furiously.

“What?” yelled Rune.

“There must be some misunderstanding. Ulf would never do such a thing.” stated Astrid laughing nervously.

King Rune shoved his chair back and marched towards Gyda blood boiling. He reached down and grabbed her by her shoulders yanking her to her feet.

“Take me to them!” he yelled at her.

With that all four of them headed out of the dining hall.

Asta rested her head on Ulf’s chest. Breathing in his masculine aroma. He smelt of musk and sandalwood. His chest had several large scars from years of battles and grappling. The largest was inches from his heart.

5 years ago during a fierce battle with a Viking Hersir named Erik that usurped his High King Frode. Slaughtering him and his heir to the throne. High King Frode was Bjorn’s uncle, so it was only natural for him to seek revenge.

Ulf and the other warriors fought relentlessly. They were almost overrun until Ulf found Erik’s lover and used her as leverage. Erik complied with every request only to be beheaded and damned to Niflheim.

Ulf bedded Erik’s lover for 2 years before she left him for a rising High King in the West. He had no interest in gaining recognition or usurping King Bjorn. In turn she quickly left him.

Thane Knud came barreling into the shack startling Asta and Ulf. Both of their hearts pounding.

“Get up! Get up! The maiden! She told! She told! Please dress! I’ll keep an eye out!” screeched Knud.

Thane Knud rushed out of the shack. . Asta and Ulf gathered their composure and quickly dressed. Luckily for them both King Rune had to gather a few of his men which gave them extra time. They hurried out of the shack and rushed over to the rose garden adjacent to the shack.

Ulf stood a reasonable distance from Asta. She perched herself up against the cement rails that overlooked the pond. Just as they got in place King Rune, King Bjorn, Queen Astrid, Bard, Gyda and several of Rune’s guards were at the shack. Bard kicked the door in to find no one there.

“My love what’s the commotion for?” called out Asta in a tender tone.

“ Where have you been?” asked Rune more confused than ever.

“My dear, Ulf took me here to show me the beautiful rose garden and waters. It is very beautiful Queen Astrid. I admire it.” said Asta smiling.

“Thank you so much Asta. It’s very calming. Especially with all of this war going on.” said Astrid in a reassuring tone.

Ulf was beginning to get uncomfortable. His groin was drenched with Queen Asta’s juices. He kept his usual unamused facial expression. But inside he was grinning ear to ear. He loved taking risks. And this had his adrenaline pumping through his body on overdrive.

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