Two Female Bobbies


Fantasy, not real, the names are not real either!


Okay even I have to admit that what I was doing was incredibly stupid, inanely so. I felt like a fucking retard. No, that’s not fair on them because at least they have some limited thinking ability; this was just dumb.

I was with a friend from work. We were taking two tall trolleys back to the supermarket. It was meant to be our good deed for the day, when as luck would have it, my friend’s van broke down.


“I can take them,” I had said, “it’s not that far and I’ll be back, most likely before the AA gets here.”

He looked at me, stress lines evident on his face.

“Sure, go for it.”

We got out and got them unloaded. They were tall, but easy enough to push. I figured I could push one and pull the other behind me. That’s what I thought, at the time. I followed his instructions but you know how British roads are, you taking a left turning at Albuquerque, Herr Meets Hare came to mind and I offered a grimace at the reference. What should have been a half an hour journey turned into an hour and a half, eventually someone either phoned the police and said there was a weirdo walking around lost with two trolleys and a confused face, or they found me wandering and wondered “what the fuck?”

I don’t know how long they had been following me, but from what I was told later, it had been a while. Behind me blue light strobed, which was their way of saying, “what the fuck are you doing and please pull over.”

I turned around and nodded and jerked my head, inside the vehicle was two women, a brunette on the left and a blond on the right, the brunette nodded in acknowledgment and they sped up a bit further and pulled up next to me. I parked both and stubbed my foot and started hopping around.

The door opened and the brunette got out and I winced, stopping, “Excuse me I must offer my apologies but I’m about to have a six year old temper tantrum.”

“Go right ahead.”

“Call my friend,” I chucked her my mobile and told her the details and she swiped phone and called him.

“Hello is this Andrew?”


I started kicking the trolley and swearing.

“I have an upset man here kicking two trolleys.”

“He didn’t steal them,” there was a pause, Andrew later told me that he had said I wasn’t intelligent enough to do so, she eyed me kicking and swearing at the two things and heard, “on my god damn day off.”

He sighed.

“Did he get lost?”

“Yes,” she snorted.

“It was only meant to take him half an hour.”

The officer sighed.

“Where do you two work?” He told her, “is there someone there that can confirm this?”


She thanked him and told him she would take me there, but he suggested it would be quicker to take me to work, she answered and then thanked him again and switched off the mobile.

I was too busy having a blind rage while the blond sat in the car and watched.


I stopped and puffed and panted, my foot sore and my heart aching from strain. “Can I sit down for a moment?”

She nodded.

She radioed something, turning her back to me and I got a good look at her ass, she looked to be a 39-27-37 with a B cup, roughly was my guess. The blond had bigger tits, the brunette wore trousers, a blue top and had armor over it, she carried everything and when she turned around, still carried that ulus escort dour face she did when she stopped me.

“First of all I’d like to apologize for being an inconvenience,” she studied me. “I have ID if you’d like to see it.”

She nodded and I pulled out my passport and handed it over.


“Yes ma’am.”

She offered a tiny crack in her stoic demeanor.

“Nice photo.”

“Really?” I sat back against the bush, “I was suffering from hay fever, my eyes were puffy and I don’t photograph well.”

She snorted and handed both back.

“You want to take a minute?”

I nodded, still gasping, she smiled.

“So what was the point in all this?”

I sighed. “I was trying to do something nice.”

She nodded.

“Last bloody time that happens.”

She grunted in amusement, or was that bemusement.

“On the bright side at least I didn’t cost you too much paperwork.” She nodded and scratched her chin. “Can I offer something incredibly cliché?”


“I know you probably get this all the time, but it’s not every day that I’m being picked up by two incredibly attractive ladies, let alone officers.”

She studied as if to say ‘are you for real?’

“I did say it was cliché,” I shrugged. “I apologize I’m all done now.”

She snorted.

I finally caught my breath and stood up, “what do I do with these?”

“Leave them,” she shrugged. “I’ll radio them in and get them picked up, we’ll return them to the supermarket.”

I let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

“One good deed deserves another.”

We smiled at each other and she opened the back of the car for me, I got in and strapped myself in and stopped and stared. The blond was gorgeous, she didn’t have on body armor, she wore a white blouse and her heavy breasts, the black and white neckerchief sat over them, my god.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I squeaked.

The brunette smirked, “he’s already hit on me.”

The blond sat up, her face hardening.

“She means I chatted her up,” I raised my hands in defense and got a stern look, she nodded and relaxed a bit. “I’m sorry I can’t help it, but Jesus.”

“What?” She sounded almost bitter.

“You two are shockingly attractive and have made my night.”

The two exchanged a look.

“Let’s get home.”

“You’ve got my number,” I said. “Perhaps I could buy you a drink when you are off duty.”

The blond smirked.

“Stop at that place we found,” the brunette said after a while, the blond nodded and we pulled into a secluded area. “We cannot stay here for long.”


She unbuckled her seat-belt, got out and walked around while the blond watched the whole thing, she opened the door, and reached in, her face was so closer to mine I could smell her breath.

“Oh,” I kissed her.

She moaned into my mouth and reached forwards, I took her hand and guided it to my dick which she gripped, by this point I was already hard, she felt my cock through my jeans and I gripped her hand around it and thrust.

She pulled away, sexual blush evident on her face.

“Shit,” she spat.


“Now I’m horny.”

“We could have a quickie.”

She looked at me, “I can’t do this.”

“Why not?” I studied her, “you are a goddess and I want you.”

“Fuck,” she said again and started undoing yeni mahalle escort her trousers, I got the hint, unbuckled and did the same, my cock popped into view and the blond groaned at the sight of it.

“Wank it,” I commanded, she breathed in, reached through the front seats, her breasts heaved and strained as she gripped it and started jerking me off. I grabbed a breast, felt it’s contours and moaned. “So sexy.”

The brunette now had her trousers and undies around her ankles; she had to take off her boots and step out of them. She walked over to me and the blond slid her hand off my now sensitive cock. I twitched, reached forward and kissed her; she responded in kind before I was pushed back by the brunette.

Her pink pussy enveloped my hard cock and I groaned as she slid down it, I ran my hands up her sides and stroked the sides of her breasts.

“God you are hot.”

“They think we’re lesbians.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” I groaned, she started thrusting against me while I gripped tightly onto her, pulling her back against me and breathing in her perfume. “God, you smell good.”

She pumped me harder.

“Fuck me,” I begged.

I tried to hold off, I really did, but the excitement of being in the car with two female bobbies, both of them very attractive with such sexy breasts and wonderful smells pushed me over the top.

“I’m cumming,” I wailed as I held her back, I ran my hand inside her armor and gripped her tit, she moaned and began ramming me even harder, I was sure the armor was going to bruise me the next day.

I exploded, I arched my back, shooting my sperm deep inside, climaxing hard, and she looked disappointed but sighed regardless. I knew a trick, something I had learned from a drunken woman one night and reached under and helped her own orgasm along. She moaned in surprise and gripped the back of the seat as I began rubbing her stiff clitoris, she thrust me a couple of times before her own small climax hit. She slumped forwards on me, I ran my hands up and down her back, I knew it was the armor I could feel but I didn’t care.

“God you are a beautiful woman.”


“I want to fuck with you again.”

She nodded.

“Michael,” I said gripping the back of her head.

“Jenny,” she puffed, “Or DC Smith.”

I laughed.

“Sexy and funny.”

She grinned, “Most of the guys on the force think I’m an ice queen, they’ve all tried to get into my cunt at one point or another.”

“I don’t blame them.”

She nodded and kissed my neck, “Trouble is I don’t want to lose my job or get labeled a slut.”

“I understand.”

She sat back and studied me, “Are you are serious about this, about us?”

“I am.”

She looked at the blond and her eyes roved to her friends breasts before looking at me and nodded, “You can’t go around talking about this, this has to stay between us three, which means no tweets or Facebook.”

“Done and done.”

“Kara,” I gave her a look and she laughed. “DC Madoff.”

“God,” I reached forward and slid my hand over her breast. “What size are those?”


“Jesus.” I looked at Jenny, “36B smaller than hers.”

She blushed.

“Fuck you are amazing,” I stroked her fuzz with my left hand.

“We should get you back before questions are asked.”

I nodded at the seriousness of her tone.

“I want you telephone numbers,” I gripped Kara’s tit. “Both of you, what time do you finish work?”


“Pick me up from the hotel at 7:30.”

She nodded.

“Do you live together?”

“Yes,” Jenny said. I nodded.

“Brilliant,” I gripped Kara again. “I’m off now for a week, take me home, I’ll pick up my stuff and come to your place and then I’m going to pound the absolute snot out of the both of you.”

Jenny grinned.

“Works for me.”

I looked at Kara and she nodded, I felt her breast, leaned forwards and felt the other one before sliding to the first one and finding and stroking her nipple, she moaned.

“Can I see your bush?”

She nodded and I pulled Jenny against me as I leaned forwards, she breathed in and lifted the rim of her trousers and panties up and showed me.

“Jesus I’m hard again,” I looked at Jenny, “will you suck me off?”

“Yes,” she groaned lustfully.

She got out of the car and moved to the back. With her ass in the air, which I watched glorious as it was, she started sucking me vigorously; I moaned. I felt her breast and she gripped my dick harder and worked me ’til I came. When I was done, she got dressed.

“Is there something wrong with me?”


I reached forwards between her legs and rubbed her pussy, “well there’s something horny about being accosted by two beautiful police officers.”

She snorted, I sorted myself out and they took me back to work, I hung around until 7:30 and lent a hand, as it turned out Andrew didn’t get to work until six and was more pissed off than I was.

I walked out to the car park and saw the two women waiting, they beeped me and I walked over and got into the back.

They were in civilian clothes.

“Jesus you two are attractive,” I grinned.

“You’ve already gotten into our knickers,” Kara said. “You don’t need to keep doing that.”

I reached forwards and kissed her, I then broke that kiss and kissed Jenny on the cheek.

“Your perfume,” I said breathing in it and groaning.

She sighed.

“I’ve missed being complimented, thank you Michael.” I stroked her leg before sitting back and buckling up. I adjusted my dick and we drove off.

“You don’t?”

She gave me a wry look, “It’s normally slut, or hey baby get your tits out.”

I leaned forwards and whispered, “Hey baby get your tits out.”

That got me a look but when we had a clear moment, she offered me a naughty look, she lifted her top up, and pulled her bra with it and her small breast popped into view.

I breathed in and leaned forwards, kissing the side.

“Guys,” Kara groaned, “Not while I’m driving.”

I snorted, kissed it again and kissed Jenny’s lips, sat back and watched with a hard on as she put it away, I moaned.

“I’ve got blue balls.”

“I’ll bet.”

She giggled.

We got to the flat and I let us in, in a hurry. When we got inside I dumped my bag, went to Jenny and started undoing her jeans.

“Sorry Kara,” I moaned. “I need to be in her.”

“It’s okay,” she nodded and started pulling off her top. I had Jenny’s jeans undone and pulled the belt off and chucked it in the living room. I then forcibly pushed her into the bedroom. Kara undid the front of her bra and her heavy breasts bounced free.


She grinned and pinched her nipples as I tugged down Jenny’s jeans and panties, I pushed her over the bed and undid my own. I ran my cock-head through her lips a few times.

“Stop teasing,” she groaned as she gripped my bed sheets.

“Who am I to deny the law?”

She laughed and moaned as I pushed in all of the way.

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