Two Disabled Workers Ch. 02


Reading chapter one will help understanding of this chapter. Strong sexual content.


As my fingers worked in and out of Ginger’s vagina, she arched her back as I hit her G-spot. The extra pressure of the tampon added to her pleasure. She started her cum and it lasted for some time and she finally pushed my hand away saying she was getting too sensitive. We kissed some more and she checked my fingers to see if they were bloody and they were not. Her hand found my paralyzed leg and she rubbed it. My hand found her prosthetic shoulder and I traced the scar line down from where it exited the prosthetic socket and across where her breast had been. I leaned down and kissed the line all across her chest. Ginger pulled my head to her tightly as I did so saying she could not believe I was doing that.

I looked up into her eyes and said why not, it was part of her and a very sexy part at that. She finally accepted that I was not repulsed by looking at that missing part of her body. I moved my head back down to where I had been pulled off and continued my way over to her beautiful 36 D breast with the pointed nipple and areola sticking up and out from her chest. I took the whole end of it into my mouth and sucked hard. This brought loud moans from her saying please don’t stop yet. As my lips sucked around her areola, my tongue moved rapidly across her nipple. It grew even harder and larger in my mouth. Her hand had pulled my paralyzed leg open and she was pulling on my full balls during this.

After a couple more minutes of some not so gentle sucking of her breast, she came. It surprised both of us and she remarked that it had never happened before to her. She had to always stimulate her cunt (her word, which she said she liked) to make herself cum like that. I told her good, I liked making my lover cum different ways. After she had calmed down some more I asked her if she would like to come to my place for the night at least. I told her I thought she would like some of the things I had to show her. Ginger thought that sounded great and I told her to pack some things for her period and clothing would be optional the rest of the time. She laughed and said that sounds very good. I also asked her to leave her arm here, she grinned and said ok.

I helped her off with it and then watched her get ready. She was good with only one arm and hand, but I also watched her struggle with some things, but made no offer to help. She knew I was doing that and smiled at me several times. After she got ready she helped me get my brace back on doing the buckles then helped me with my pants. The thin material, baggy t-shirt she had on was drooping sideways around her neck and it pulled down over her missing shoulder and breast just covering that area. I could also see her nipple sticking out on the other side, pushing the material way out. She told me she had never worn it before in front of anyone but loved how it looked on her. I told her thanks and she was right, she looked very sexy in it.

I struggled to my feet having to use my arms to lift myself from the couch. I had no strength in my legs to do like a normal person did. I had my crutch in my right hand and used my left to be sure that the drop locks on my left leg brace were in place. I put my arm through the cuff on the left crutch and we headed to the car. I waited on the porch while Ginger locked the door and then she watched closely as I got down the steps and to the car. I opened the door for her and put her stuff on the back seat. I closed the door and crutched around to my door. I put the crutches on the back seat and sat on the driver’s seat lifting my legs into the car. I use a hand control and we started towards my place.

Ginger watched as I drove, pushing the hand control forward to apply the brakes and pulling down on it to give the car gas. I did this with my left hand and had to use my right hand to steer so I said I was sorry I did not have a free hand to use on her. She laughed and said you can make up for it later. When we got to my place I pushed the garage door opener and the door opened. When we got into the garage I opened my car door and pulled a wheelchair that was close by over to the car door and locked the wheels. I moved my rear to it and then lifted my legs from the car to the foot plate. I moved around to Gingers side and opened her door and helped her out. She leaned down and kissed me saying she loved the chair.

I told her I was using it more and more and I hoped she would not be embarrassed being out with me in it. She said absolutely not and I looked very sexy in it, please use it as much as you like. I led her into the house and showed her around. It is a two bedroom ranch style that was built to be totally accessible for someone in a wheelchair. The bathroom had a roll in shower with a bench fastened to the wall and the kitchen had lowered counters in some places. There was a very secluded back patio with hot tub and the area had a roll out awning.

I fixed something to drink for us and we sat out there talking. Just before Ginger sat down, I pulled her in front of me and pulled her mecidiyeköy eskort top open even more and kissed her chest again along the scar of her mastectomy. She pulled my head into it more again and said she could feel me doing it and it was like she still had a nipple some places. It felt very good now she said. I pulled the shirt up over her head and arm and she undid her shorts and let them fall to the ground. I took my shirt off and she removed my shoes and when I put my hands on the wheels of my chair and lifted myself, she pulled my trousers off. She asked if I wanted my brace off and I said up to you. She thought for a few seconds then sat down without removing it from me.

We talked about tonight quite a bit, what had happened sexually so far and how we were about being crippled. Both of us were very relieved that we both loved our conditions and could enjoy it with each other. We even thought about having more done to make us even more crippled. Ginger had pulled one leg up on to the chair with her, and she knew that opened her up to me being able to see her very engorged, purple labia. Her lips were very long and large. I knew I wanted to eat her badly and how might she feel about shaving some or all of it for me. My legs were spread and I knew she could see my hard on and hairy balls good. We were both looking at all of each other we knew. I knew if she ever asked me what was the sexiest thing about her, it would be her amputated arm, shoulder and breast.

She asked me what limb I thought she should have removed next. We went through each one that was left talking about the pros and cons of each. She said if it was either of her legs, she would have the whole thing gone, hip and all. If it was her remaining arm, it would be just like the right one, all of it down to her chest wall. Then she said would I please take her to bed and use my thick cock to fuck her cunt good. She did not want to be a virgin any longer. I wheeled to the bedroom and then said let’s take a shower first.

She said good idea and I need to get rid of my tampon. She sat on the john and pulled it out then looked at me and said are you sure, I am bleeding heavy right now and I said no problem, I love it. She got my brace off of me and we got into the shower. As we sat on the bench I asked her how she felt about getting rid of some of her pussy hair. She said good idea and I asked her how much of it and she said all of it. I asked if she wanted me to join her and she said for sure. I got back in my chair and got a battery operated hair trimmer, some disposable razors and shaving cream.

Back in the shower I got on the floor and between her legs and used the trimmer to get rid of a lot of the hair. I then did myself before we got wet. Next I shaved her and she was dripping blood towards the end. I ran my hand all over the area and she said it felt great. I got back up on the bench and Ginger asked if she could shave me. I told her sure and that I would help stretch the skin in certain areas. We got the job done with none of my blood spilled. I agreed with her that it felt fantastic. After rinsing, she took me in her mouth and sucked good and then she asked me to douche her which I did. We dried and she took the towels into the bedroom and put them on the bed.

She then asked if I minded putting my brace back on and if she could be on top for the first time. I said sure and she helped me get it on explaining it had always been her fantasy for it to happen this way. I got in bed and we kissed and I rubbed her breast good. Ginger did not wait long and said she was more than ready to do it. She straddled me and took hold of my cock directing it to her vagina. She slipped down on it and took all of it quickly. I am not that long but on the thick side. I have a long foreskin and she pulled it down as I went in. As soon as it was all the way in she started ridding me. I was able to thrust back at her some. I had her stop a couple of times so I would not cum yet.

I noticed that after only a few times in and out of her cunt my cock was very bloody. She sure felt good that way. I reached up and took her breast in one hand and used the other to find her clit and rub it as she slid down on me. This rapidly caused her to orgasm big time and she took me with her. Feeling my cum squirt against her cervix pushed her even harder and prolonged it for her. She soon collapsed onto my chest still having spasms in her cunt. I could feel our juices running out of her as I got soft and then slipped out. We stayed that way for several minutes and during that time I used my hand to massage her empty shoulder area. She told me how good my brace felt against her leg as she rode my cock.

She finally lifted her head and grinning at me said it was a good thing no one could see us right now as she thought it probably looked like someone had been murdered with all the blood on us. I laughed with her and said but it sure felt good. I gave her a towel to put between her legs and she headed to the bathroom. I wiped myself off and got to my wheelchair and joined her in the shower. We washed off good and escort bayan as she was washing me I got hard again. Ginger got a happy look on her face and asked if she could use it again and I said sure hop on.

She faced me with her knees on the bench squatting down on my hard on. I held on to her and she moved up and down on it. She soon came and just kept on going. I thought I would last a while this time having just shot a load in her. She was looking in my face and said she could become addicted to this very easily. I told her I hoped so. Your cock head hits my G-spot almost every time she moaned. I said good, enjoy it and she did, her cunt clamped down hard on my cock and she rammed herself down as far as she could get me in her and just came and came. I felt her vagina spasm over and over again around me and it soon sent me gushing into her cunt. I was surprised at how fast it hit and how much I had left.

Her one arm was locked around my head and we were soon kissing and doing a tongue dance with each other like the world was coming to an end. I was still hard and buried in her and thought I could feel her cervix moving like it was trying to suck my sperm into it. I mentioned it to her and she stopped and “felt” for a while and then grinning, said she could feel it also. We went back to kissing and I could feel cum and blood running down my balls on to the shower floor. The whole thing was the most fantastic feeling I had ever enjoyed with someone. It made me feel very special that I was her first one and that she enjoyed it so much.

Ginger soon said as much as she hated to, she had to get off as her knees were sore. I helped her off and we both laughed at the bloody mess we had made. I told her it was a fantastic way to share something so special with her. She turned the water on and hosed me off saying she thought she might have to do that to me some day. I grabbed for her but she got out of the way. Soon she had me rinsed off and handed me the shower wand and I rinsed her good. I asked her if she always had such a heavy flow and she said once in a while especially if she had masturbated a lot because she was so Horney. She thought the added orgasms might have stimulated her uterus to flow more.

Ginger added that her shaved snatch sure felt good against mine. I agreed and said I was looking forward to eating it soon. We washed each other and I inserted a tampon for her while she had one leg up on the bench. We dried and I transferred to my chair and we got out. She put on some panties with a Kotex pad. We headed back to the bed after she grabbed the towels. We got them all together and put them in the washer. Nothing was on the sheets. After holding each other for a while we fell asleep as it was almost 2 AM.

I was awakened with sunlight brightly lighting the room thinking I was having a wet dream. I then realized that it was Ginger sucking me very good. She had pulled my foreskin all the way off my cock head and was using her tongue while she sucked. I put my hand on her head letting her know she had me awake. I wondered how long she had been doing it. Our eyes locked and she kept at it. I warned her she had me close and she speeded up a little sucking harder. I soon came letting my head fall back and moaning how fantastic it felt. She kept at it being sure I was empty. She moved up by me licking her lips to be sure she got it all.

I pulled her to me kissing her passionately enjoying the taste of my cum in her mouth. Laughing as we broke she said another first for the list, I loved doing it and wondered what it would be like she added. I told her if that was her first time, I did not know what it would be like when she became an expert. I moved my mouth down to her beautiful breast and then over to the mastectomy scar area. My hand was rubbing the area where her shoulder used to be. Ginger had pulled my paralyzed left leg up over her hip and was rubbing the very atrophied thigh and then calf. We stayed that way for some time until my pee hard demanded relief. As I started to get up Ginger asked me to not put my brace on today and just use my wheelchair. I kissed her saying it would be my pleasure.

I let her go first in the bathroom, her pad was bloody and tampon was soaked. She replaced the tampon and I asked her if she had a belt for the napkin and she said yes. I asked her to use that and not the panties if she did not mind. She laughed and said very sexy. My hard on had gone down enough that I could pee and I felt better. We headed to the kitchen for some brunch. After that we went out to the patio for some sun since we were both still naked. The sun felt good but we did not stay in it long. I put the canopy out and we enjoyed sitting outside and talking.

I asked her about her comment that she might have her left arm off like the right was. She said yes she had given it lots of consideration. I told her I would like to see her use her feet as hands and she agreed to show me the rest of the day. I suggested we put a light string or rope around her left arm to remind her not to use it and she thought that was a good idea. I went into bayrampaşa escort my junk drawer and got some and put some around her waist and tied her wrist to it along her side. I told her if she had not sucked all the cum out of me this morning she could try getting me off with her feet. She laughed and said later you will be back up, I promise. I asked her if she had ever done a man before and she said no. I followed that up with have you ever gotten yourself off with your feet. She blushed and said yes by using a dildo, holding it with her toes. That I wanted to see I told her. Anytime she answered.

I soon asked Ginger if she wanted to try and fix dinner that way tonight. She said with my lowered counters she did want to try. She then asked me if I wanted to be an amputee or paraplegic. I told her that was a hard question to answer. I liked my paralyzed left leg the way it was and thought it would be nice for both of them to be the same way. But then again I had thought about getting rid of my right leg and hip lots of times so who knew what would finally happen. Being around her now, as sexy as she was with the missing arm, amputation is sure on the top of the list right now. Do you have a favorite way for me to be I asked? She said no, whatever makes YOU happy is fine with me.

I transferred out of my wheelchair to the lounge she was on and we got on our sides and cuddled together. We were each on our left sides so that put her empty shoulder on top. I started kissing her empty shoulder area and then using my hand to massage the whole area including her breast. She got her hand behind her and even though she was lying on it, and it was tied down, she managed to find my balls and play with them as I played with her. We did that for about 30 minutes then decided a 30 minute power nap would be good. We went to sleep with my hand holding on to her nice big breast and she had a hand full of nuts.

After we woke up it was time to think about dinner. I was going to grill a steak and we went into the kitchen to see what else we might be interested in. Ginger opened the ice box with her foot and we got some potatoes out. There was stuff for a salad and some garlic bread. Ginger took a while to get the potatoes and put them in the sink. It was lowered so she was able to wash them ok and then got them in the oven. I enjoyed watching her struggle and she enjoyed me watching her. She said she was very glad she could do this with someone else around. Every once in a while she would automatically try and use her arm and the string caught her. After she got the potatoes in the oven and it turned on, she came over to me in my wheelchair and used her foot to rub my very hard cock.

We went back out on the patio and she told me how much she liked seeing me in my wheelchair without the brace on. She added there were times she wanted to see me walking with crutches but the chair was what she liked most. I told her I liked her without her prosthetic arm most of the time, but like she wanted to see me in my brace sometimes, I was the same with wanting to see her with the arm on once in a while. I told her I fully understood her limitations with it but wished she could use it more than she was able to. She agreed she also wished she could use it more but at the same time, NOT being able to use it made her much more crippled which was a big sexual thrill for her.

I also told her I had a brace for my right leg if she wanted me to wear it and that I had an extra wheelchair if she wanted to try using it. We could even go out that way if she wanted. I added I would not mind wearing shorts for if we did. She asked about pushing hers with only one arm and I told her that the wheels could be linked together so they both turned at the same time and with some practice she could learn how to make it work. I asked her if she had ever thought about being paraplegic and she said yes, back before her arm was amputated. She had not thought about it much until she met me though. She wondered how she would manage with only one arm.

As we were talking she put her foot up between my legs touching my cum leaking hard on. I finally asked her if she wanted to make me cum that way and she said later but not right now. She just enjoyed touching me. When she thought I was getting close, she could see my balls pull up, she would stop and use her feet to rub my atrophied left leg all over. Her feet were very soft and felt fantastic. The mental thought of what and why she was doing it added to the extreme pleasure she was bringing me. I kept watching what she was doing and when I looked up she had a big smile on her face.

After several minutes of this the timer went off on the oven and I said guess it is time for dinner. I wheeled over to the gas grill and got it started and Ginger went into the kitchen. When I got there she was getting stuff for a salad out on to the counter. She asked me to cut up some of the cucumber and radishes for her which I did. She washed the lettuce and put it back on the counter. She asked if I had a tall chair she could sit on and I did not. I told her there would be one the next time she was here. I asked if a bar stool type with a back on it would do and she said it would be just the thing. I tore the lettuce up and put it in a big salad bowl and added the stuff I cut up. We both wanted different dressing so none was put on now.

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