Train Adventures Ch. 01


Exhausted, I lean back against the restroom door. The events of the last week finally concluded with me accompanying his children on to this train. Relief that they were safely settled into their bedroom suite flows through me. I realized that for the first time in months I have at least 30 seconds to my self.

Checking that I locked the door, I slowly relax and enjoy the plush surroundings. Just a public bathroom on a public train… sure there was a private bath attached to the suite my employer secured for his children, but I needed a moment for myself.

Slowly, I let my hands move up under my shirt. I needed to be touched, even if it was only by me. The delicious torture of working for such a sex symbol drove me insane. In my mind I watched as his strong fit body swam leisurely in his pool, the tiny suit hiding nothing. My fingers moved of their own accord under my wired bra to pinch and caress already erect nipples. Nipples so sensitive, I found myself moaning. Moving away from the door to the ‘fainting couch’ I could feel my body growing moist.

Biting my lower lip, I struggle to control escort şişli the sounds escaping my lips, as I tenderly massage my firm breast and taunt nipples. I tease myself from going further, enjoying my moments of stolen privacy. My nails torment me as I rake their sharp points across my heated flesh. My mind plays scenes of mundane encounters with the hottest man alive.

My body shudders, begging for release. Sighing, I let my hands move downward, across my flat stomach. I struggle with the decision to just remove the skirt. Finally I just reach up under the short designer skirt. My hands glide past the tops of the thigh high stocking, and pause a moment when they reach the soft black silk of the lace thong. I caress myself through the moistened cloth, enjoying the imagined barrier the silk provided. Then slide the offending panties quickly off, slipping them into my purse.

Lying back on the offered couch, I let my manicured nails caress the shaved skin that hid me from my touch. Almost impatient now, I let one finger slip in. With little circles I trace my engorged clit. Teasing myself. escort etiler Testing my self-control. My moisture making me slick to the touch. My scent fills the room, making me hungrier for my release.

I spread my legs, bracing my left on the floor and raising the right to the wall. I let the rest of my fingers slide in. Caressing my clit with my palm, my fingers slowly tease me as they slip into my moist hungry slit. Knowing one will never be sufficient; I let all four enter me. Gasping I feel as I stretch myself. The slight pain brings me closer to the desired results.

Moaning I reach for my purse with my free hand. My fingers driving me crazy, I crave to be filled by the man I have been fantasizing about. I feel myself getting closure, my body shivering from the teasing. I take my only cock from the purse. It is large, almost enough to break me. Close to 10 inches, of cool smooth glass that fits my body perfectly.

Sitting up, I bring my drenched hand to my mouth, and slowly enjoy my taste. I only have to adjust a little to slide the huge cock in me. I feel my body tighten, bayan escort taksim as I violate it with the cold crafted glass. Stretched to my limits, I ride the cock. Starting slowly at first, moving so it was almost out of my hungry body and then letting it slide back in, all the way to the base. I could feel it hitting bottom. Teasingly l take my time, building the perfect orgasm, at least as close as I could get to the perfect orgasm without the perfect man. The perfect man, that I admire everyday. The gorgeous one that sleeps on the other side of the house. The sexy muscular, perfect body that I lust over every moment of every day.

Starving now, I reach down and use my fingers to tease my hard clit. Moving faster on the cock that I am filling myself with, I feel myself getting close to release. I crave it… I need it… I feel my body shudder as it wraps itself tighter around the now heated glass cock. My body screams as it reaches the point of no return. My teeth drawing blood from my lower lip as I struggle not to cry out in pleasure.

My body weak with pleasure I collapse back onto the couch. My hard cock slips slowly from my spent body. I hear as it falls almost silently to the carpeted floor. My fingers slowly massage my clit as I return to the real world. I savor the feelings flowing through my body before I have to rise to clean myself off.

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