Took Virginity of my Girlfriend


Hello everyone. I am Samir from India. I am from Chandigarh. After reading all these stories I thought of sharing my personal experience.

So without wasting much of time lets go to the story. Me and my girlfriend Anusha were working in the same company and same department. The first day when she came to our company and she was being introduced I never thought at that time that we will come so far. I saw her and enjoyed looking at her figure. She had a figure which was much impressive. It all started between us suddenly.

Her name is Anusha (name changed). She is someone who is very talkative and has got a sexy figure. Anyone who meets her will fall in love with her.

We both started dating each other and going out. Hugging and kissing whenever we were alone. Even in some public places like theater and parks we use to enjoy each other, share the intimate feeling, touching and seducing each other.

Once my parents had left for my native place. It was only me and my cousin who were left alone. Since we both were working we used to leave early. I informed Anusha about the same in office in our lunch break. We, as usual, went to have our coffee. There we planned the next day.

On that day I said to my cousin that I will be going to office little late so you can leave. As soon as my cousin left I immediately called Anusha and she was already on her way. I directed her of how to come to my place. As this was the 1st time that we were spending time alone at my home. So I made all the preparation before she reached my home.

As soon as the bell rang I went and opened the door. Anusha was standing there looking at me very seductively. I took her inside closed the door and hugged her immediately. Then I made her sit on my sofa and made her relaxed.

For some time we were speaking to each other. Then I said to her that I want to see you in shorts. First, she said no for it but then I convinced her. She went to the other room changed porno to shorts and came out. I was so impressive after looking at her. I went near to her and started smooching her. Our smooch went for almost 15 to 20 mins.

I kissed her on her neck and then gave her slight bite on the ear lobe. This aroused her and again she started smooching me for almost 30 mins. This time we were exchanging our saliva s a lot. She started sucking my tongue.

I slowly started pressing her boobs which were perfectly on the shape and her nipples were very erect. My cock started touching her love hole from outside her shorts. Then I removed her tops and her boobs were looking beautiful in her black bra.

I pushed her little bit away and was staring at her boobs. Then went near her and removed her boobs from her bra and started pressing both.

Then I again gave her kiss on her neck and started sucking her boobs one by one. I was madly sucking it like anything. She was getting mad because of that and slowly started moaning.

Anusha was playing with my hair and she was pushing me to suck both the boobs one by one. I gave very hard bite on her nipple and she shouted loudly saying that please do it slowly.

After that, I started licking her armpits and with one hand was pressing her boobs. Anusha came into more mood and then she removed my shirt. Then she pushed me to the chair which was kept beside the sofa. She started kissing me all over and licking me from my lip to my stomach.

I took her hand and kept it on my already hard cock. She removed hand immediately. I again did the same and this time she was holding it with the jeans on it.

Then again she came to my face and started kissing me. This time she was more wild in her kissed. I started pressing her boobs and was pressing my cock more in her hands.

I slowly put my hands inside her shorts and was pressing her bum. She was pressing my cock and I was with one hand pressing her boobs anime porno and with other hand slapping her bum.

Then I removed her shorts and she was in her white panties. Her panty was so much wet that it was so much visible on her panties. She was with all the shy and with all the mood hid her face on me and was slowly biting and licking me all over.

I slowly inserted my one finger in her love hole and she became mad as soon as my fingers touched it. I felt the wet part in my fingers.

I removed my finger and kept it in my mouth and smelled it. The smell was so good that I wanted more so I made lie on the sofa and removed her panties. She covered it then with her hand. I removed her hand and directly went down and started sucking her pussy.

I inserted again my finger in her pussy it was so tight. She started pushing my head between her leg more and she was becoming out of control as I started eating her pussy. She was continuously making noise and was also pulling my hairs. With one hand busy in pussy I started pressing her boobs with the other hand. She was making more sound of ahh ahhha ahhh ahhha.

This went for almost 15 mins until her juices started flowing. She was jerking more as I was in full speed doing in and out of finger in her pussy. I understood she was nearing her 1st orgasm. I sucked more and bite slightly on pussy and was eating it. She shouted more loudly and her juices started flowing continuously. I drank all her juice till the last drop and was licking more. She was completely tired and was just lying and pulled me up to her.

I kissed her on her forehead and started sucking her lower lip. Then removed her hand and kept it on my cock which was waiting for the touch.She kissed me very hard and then started moving her hands up and down on my cock. The I removed my jeans and shorts and was completely naked before her. She touched it and then started again the up and down movement arap porno and kept doing that and started kissing me in my chest and was biting me.

I made her sit on the sofa and took my cock near her mouth. She kissed it and started smelling it. I asked Anusha to take it in mouth she 1st resisted but then she got convinced and started sucking my cock. She stopped for the 1st time in every 1 min.

Then she was in her full swing she was sucking cock and with her 1 hand she was touching my balls and with one hand she was pressing it hard on my bum. I was in 7th heaven when she was sucking although being a 1st time of her she was slow and at the same time she licking the top of the cock in between.

I started pushing her head more on my cock and was mouth fucking her. After some time I was about to come I removed my cock and came all on her face. As it was her first time I did not want to come in her mouth.

Then again we started kissing for some time and then I made her lie down on the sofa and took a pillow and kept it under her bum. Then took my penis near her love hole and started teasing her. She was feeling the heat and was waiting for me inserting it.

Then I slowly inserted the tip of my penis and her pussy was so tight as she was still a virgin. Then went near her and kissed her for some time and again fingered her for some time.

After that again I kept my penis on Anusha’s beautiful love hole. I pushed slowly and she was in her pain and was saying to do something I kissed her and sucked her tongue and suddenly pushed my complete cock. She started biting my lower lip and was biting very hard that the blood started flowing from the lip, and for some time I was continuously kissing her.

After some time her pain started reducing I started my movement of in and out. And then I increased my speed and she was moaning a lot. That made me increase my speed and I banged her for almost 30 mins and then we both were at our verge of coming. Both of started some feeling and we both came at the same time.

I came inside her pussy and then she started kissing me. Then we tried in two different positions.

I hope you loved my story. Share your feedback or comment.

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