Thursday at the Spa


It was always obvious it would be highly self-indulgent and special as we had booked two hotels in one day – but oh my God, was it ever!!!!! From the moment you picked me up at the station, looking so lovely I might add, I knew it would be a breathtaking day.

Firstly though, we had a decision to make – where to have breakfast – or more accurately, where was I first going to abuse and invade your beautiful body – which pub to visit – or so we thought!

We didn’t park in the usual car park but one that’s a little more tucked away……as we park up you turn to me and I launch at you. As always on the drive there I have been caressing your arm and your cheek, squeezing your nipple and even your neck – you try to ignore it but I know you can’t. I kiss you and immediately zero in on your pussy.

I push you back in your seat and lift your dress up exposing your bare pussy and the full swell of your lovely belly. You gasp as I expose you and reach for the lube – I squeeze some onto my fingers and start to massage it into your pussy, cool and wet. I push it into you and feel again that soft plump wet flesh at my fingers – I just use the first few inches of my fingers in the outer part of your pussy, circling, massaging, applying inward pressure. You lean back and spread your thighs wide – I squeeze more lube onto my hand, cover my hand and wrist in it and push four fingers of my left hand into you, my thumb circling your clit in small deliberate movements. My eyes never leave yours, and as you feel your pussy ease gently open you know I am about to enter you fully.

It feels like I hurtle into you, my thumb inside my palm as I plunge headlong into your pussy – as my finger tips reach your cervix I curl them into my palm and I start that intoxicating dance. Your gasp as I first enter you never fails to leave me totally humbled at the profound nature of what I am doing to you.

I move in and out of your luscious pussy in deep, slow movements, each small one causing new intense sensations in your open yielding body. I pull more out with each stroke so you get more movement between your lips, sometimes I pull out completely – only to plunge back in hard and deep afresh.

As I feel you getting close I increase the speed and the intensity of my fist fucking and then you explode into orgasm around my fist, screaming loudly – I only stop after your orgasm has been going a good twenty seconds – you tell me to stop and I stop moving – but leave my hand inside you. I reach to kiss your mouth, my hand still in you – as wonderful as it always is.

I kiss you deeply but tenderly as you come round and gently caress your tummy and the outside of your luscious pussy. You re-arrange your clothes and we get out and walk to the Wetherspoons on Rochester High Street. We order and sit down and I immediately lift your dress up at the back so I have a large handful of very plump bottom in my right hand and a handful of plump belly in my left. I totally love love love holding you like this – you look respectable from even very close up but I have you essentially naked in my hands – indescribably sensual.

We eat breakfast and as we do so a bloke comes in and sits the other side of the restaurant and has his breakfast – that puts paid to another fisting but you unzip me and start to play with my cock. As we are about to go you tell me to slide out, my back to this guy, with my cock still out – I do and you start to suck me off as I stand blocking everyone’s view with my back. It feels like it’s getting busier so I zip up but my cock is wet and has been very hungrily sucked, if just for a short time, and we walk back to the car to drive to the first hotel.

The drive there is quite Taksim escort quick, and we are there before 10am – we check into the Rhododendron room and before we start I give you your birthday which you put on – you look so amazingly sexy in the black and ivory corset and knickers – voluptuous and so so womanly. The corset stays on but I remove the knickers quickly and start on you. Actually you start on me as I very lazily sit back naked in the very comfortable armchair and you start to suck my cock.

As always you do it so so beautifully – sometimes using your hand, sometimes hands-free, your tongue swirling and lashing over the head, your lips rasping up the shaft deliciously, taking me deep into the back of your throat other times, basically feasting on me very hungrily.

We have very specific plans for your beautiful fat arse in the jacuzzi later on so I decide to start upon it immediately!!!!! I start by spreading your bottom wide open, propping it up on some pillows so I can open your cheeks fully, and I start to kiss, lick, and tongue-fuck your beautiful arsehole. I take lube onto my fingers and massage some around your arsehole, not penetrating you at all at first, just applying gentle pressure, my tongue licking, lapping, teasing you there. I make my tongue a little harder and start to push the tip into you a little – at the same time I use one hand to start to play with your clitoris, which is shiny and wet from the deep fisting in the car park at Rochester. I push my tongue in a little further – you gasp as I am now tonguing your arsehole about an inch in – I make my tongue as rigid as I can and push in and out of your arse with it as deeply as I can – all the while fingering your clitoris with one hand and caressing your belly with the other.

I pause tonguing your luscious arsehole a moment and push one finger in slowly and gently but without pausing – you gasp as I push my finger all the way in – I circle gently, slowly and slowly pull out – I kneel on the edge of the bed, rub lube on the head and shaft of my cock, and guide the head of my cock till it is nudging against your hole – a slight push and the head is in. I pause, checking you’re OK, moving the bulbous head of my by-now very very hard cock in and out slightly, feeling the grip of your arse on me. I ask if you are ready and as you say yes I push in till the whole length of my rock hard cock is deep in your arse. We both gasp at how good this feels – I take hold of your hips and start to fuck your fleshy, wide, glorious arse.

I build up a rhythm and am soon really pounding into you – I have hold of your fleshy wide bottom, my cock deep and hard inside you, and I fuck you as hard as I can. You are moaning as it is so so good – I pull most of the way out with every thrust so I am really pounding you hard.

I don’t cum inside you though as I need to feast on your pussy so badly, use some of our toys on you, but most powerfully want to fist you again. After a great deal of inserting one then two large vibes inside your pussy at the same time, and the butt plug in your arse I remove all of them, put some lube on my hand and spread you wide open. I push three fingers, then four into your juicy, fleshy yielding pussy – after all the arousal from earlier you are already very receptive to my fist. I push all four fingers all the way in, almost in a line, straight up so my thumb curls around your clitoris and I feel my hand stretch your cunt.

My eyes never leave yours and as I curl my thumb inside my palm our eyes seem to almost touch and I push in fully. That amazing, profound, telescoping feeling of acceleration and possession takes hold of me and I start to fist you again. Taksim escort bayan I am lying prone between your thighs, my hand buried in your pussy up to my wrist, my other hand under your glorious wide bottom and I start to lick your clitoris, It’s not a gentle slow licking but a wild, starving-man’s lashing at your clit. I am so so inflamed I want to make you cum as quickly as possible. Your breathing soon quickens and as I feel you get nearer I also feel you sort of inch away from my hand as I know sometimes it is so massive you almost do that, like when my attention to your neck gets too intense. So I feel you slightly pull away and my hand underneath your fat bottom takes a tight hold of your flesh and as you ascend that massive wave so quickly I pull you onto my fist and tongue even tighter with that hand under your bottom and you cum in a massive, very vocal orgasm. I stop licking you as you struggle to disengage my tongue but I leave my hand inside you and quieten it till it’s still. Your breathing is heavy, deep, gasping and as I lay with my land inside you I rest my head on your inner left thigh and close my eyes. Complete, utter happiness holds me in its hand as I hold you in mine.

When your breathing returns I gently withdraw my hand and lay on top of you, my arms around you, yours around me and we kiss deeply. Such calm after such a storm.

We decide to go down to have some lunch and then go straight to the spa. So, dressed in swimming costumes and bathrobes we go down for something to eat.

After the light but very pleasant lunch we go down to the spa – the decor is amazing, all white columns and small blue circular pool – at its side behind some more columns the jacuzzi.

There are people in the jacuzzi so we go in the small pool first. Soon enough though the jacuzzi is vacated and so we leave the pool and in almost indecent haste take possession of the jacuzzi – and once there I take possession of you. The water is warm and bubbly and as it is set alongside but back from the pool, when in it we have a view of everyone else but no one can see exactly what we are doing. There are only a couple of people in the pool and they take no real notice of us kissing – you have prepared your costume specially and as you face me in the water I put my hand on your pussy – I tease your pussy lips out of the slit you created in the swimsuit gusset – I tug them out and caress them – feels very rude doing that – rude and extremely possessive – you feel all warm and I slip a finger between your lips and start to finger you. I kiss you and finger you more deeply – I look at you and wordlessly I turn you round so I am behind you.

I ease the gusset of your specially adapted swimsuit apart and start to finger your arse – you push back onto my finger so deliciously rudely and I hold you round the belly with my free hand, the other fingering your beautiful fat bottom. There is some lube there from before but not enough so I nip back to the room for the bottle – and the camera! I return and get in the water handing you the lube, and you nip to the loo to apply….. when you return I take a few photos then get back into the jacuzzi and resume my fingering – there are a couple of people in the main pool but they soon leave. When they’re gone I carefully withdraw my finger and taking my stance behind you in the water find the entrance to your sweet arse with the head of my cock. I start to push in gently but firmly.

There is not quite enough lube for full deep penetration but I manage to get halfway into your arse and start to pump you slowly – arse-fucking you in a public place – the excitement and feeling of doing something very naughty is very strong Escort taksim indeed. A couple seem to be hovering to use the jacuzzi so we decide to check out the main pool upstairs. It is a much larger pool and we actually swim a couple of lengths – I do mine underwater but I had warned you of my fish-like tendencies….

We are the only people at the far end and start to kiss – we are being watched surreptitiously by a couple of elderly women at the shallow end – you can’t see as you are facing away from them. I tug your pussy lips out the gusset again and start to finger your clit – I ease my fingers in between your lips but it’s your arse I want so I reach around your bottom and ease a finger into your arsehole a good couple of inches. In retrospect I think the curious ladies at the far end saw exactly what I was doing. But true to brazen form I took no notice whatsoever.

We decide to go back to the room though as we only have an hour or so left of our “day-let”… we get back and I tell you to lie down on the bed – I tie you to it, hands and feet spread very wide open. I tie you tightly, pulling the restraints till your thighs open wider and your arms pull further – I am going to devour you, I say.

I start to kiss your mouth – but it’s me in full tantalising-torturer mode so I soon move to your neck – I utterly adore kissing and ravaging your neck because of its massive effect on you. I pull your head to one side by pulling your hair over away from my assault – you don’t last long as I am particularly assiduous in my attentions. You gasp and wrench yourself free and I let you breathe – I move to your right hand and kiss each finger in turn, nibbling, licking, biting the fleshy pad of your thumb – moving to the inside of your elbow I nibble lightly, making you writhe. As I approach your neck again you tense slightly but I just breathe my hot breath on your ear – my lips trace down to your breast and I take your nipple deep into my mouth and suck – long, deep, pulling sucks that make you moan.

I lick and kiss down over that glorious full belly of yours I love so so much – I pass your pussy without touching it – that will come later I whisper. I work down to your toes and bite the pads lightly making you jump, and return back up your body following the same path on the other side.

The next thing you know is the buzzing of our large purple vibe – I push that into you fully in one swift penetration making you gasp out loud! I fuck you with it for a few minutes working it in and out of you fully – then you hear a different note and I insert the other large one, the green one, into you at the same time – you are very full and are now moaning loudly. I’ve not finished though and push the butt plug into your arse – you gasp as I abuse and violate you with these three buzzing invaders. I push all three in and out in a rhythm till I decide I want to fist you again. I withdraw all three gently from your most beautiful body and pour lube onto my hand – you were only vaguely aware what I was about to do but as all my four fingers push into you you gasp as you know what is about to happen.

My hand is very slick with lube, your pussy is ready and so I push into you fully and swiftly – you gasp very loudly as I fist you urgently, deeply, lovingly but very hard – as I bend my head to your clitoris I know you won’t last long and I lick at you and lap at you and take your cunt lips whole into my mouth and suck on them. Your orgasm comes like an express train and I am merciless, licking hard the whole time, fisting you ceaselessly as your climax pulses through you in a massive wave – you are very very loud and you break free of the restraints again. It takes you a good ten minutes to get over the massive climax – I have rolled you over onto your knees in about three minutes however and taking hold of your hips hurl myself headlong into your sweet sweet pussy. I pound you so so hard and am cumming really quickly – I fill your pussy full of my seed.

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