The Teddy and The Panties


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It had been two days since Alison and Katie had made love to each other.

On Monday morning, they’d gone to school together in Katie’s car very dishevelled looking because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other until 15 minutes before their first class started. Alison, being the OCD one with time, had somehow managed to check the clock while she was lying upside down on the floor propped up by the side of Katie’s bed, legs in side splits with Katie’s hands spreading her legs and face buried in her ass. She’d had her eyes closed, face scrunched up in ecstasy, when her brain, through the hidden centre of logic that had been pushed aside by her primal desire, decided to tell her that the sun had been up for an hour or so. Alison couldn’t move or say anything since she was, well, upside down and she’d screamed her vocal cords raw with all that she’d been through that night, so she let Katie continue her measured tonguing. It took a full ten minutes for Katie to finally get Alison off, her friend’s girl gum squirting into her face from below. Alison’s arms gave out at the same time that she came from Katie’s anal tonguing, her body sliding like sloppy jello against the side of the bed until she came to rest on the floor. Immediately she tried to get up, but her arms failed her, so she had lain panting with her eyes closed, face beat red from having been upside down for such a long time. Both Katie’s face and hair had been coated in Alison’s juices, and she was busily observing the fruits of her labour with a proud eye while cleaning herself up when Alison had grabbed her arm.

“We’re late for school!” she had managed to croak before falling back onto the carpet, unconscious once more.

Through the jolt of adrenaline and using all her ingenuity and the last of her strength, Katie had both herself and Alison cleaned up, dressed, and ready in the car in 20 minutes flat. There had been no time for a shower, so as she drove them to school, Alison dozing in the passenger’s seat, Katie could smell the sex and sweat lingering on their skin. For the rest of the day, neither of them saw one another, since their classes didn’t overlap, but both were exhausted from the lack of sleep and sheer physical exertion that they’d experienced the night before. They were silent most of the day, cat napping during lunch, between classes and in class. Katie’s jaw was supremely sore, as were her hands, whereas Alison’s throat was dry, and she had not been able to sit still for more than a minute because the contact of her pussy lips with any hard surface made them painfully sensitive. Their friends noted their strange behaviour, but didn’t think much of it. Probably sneaking around at night with boys, they’d thought.

If only they knew.

For the rest of the day and Tuesday, the two lovers had neither the chance nor the strength to meet one another, though they thought about each other, and the things they’d done, on an hourly basis. Alison fell sick on Tuesday night, and Katie had missed her in their only class together, which was History class, on Wednesday morning. She could think of nothing but her poor Alison as Ms. Ryan called out the absences. Katie raced to Alison’s house immediately after cheerleader practice ended, and found herself at the doorway to her friend’s home at seven in the evening. She was still wearing her cheerleader outfit when she rang the door bell.


Mrs. Valerie, Alison’s mom, invited her into the house when she saw who was standing at the door. “Hello Katie, nice to see you, come on in,” she said with a friendly smile, gesturing for Katie to come in. “Alison’s been sick all day, she hasn’t moved from bed or eaten anything. She’s been calling for you, but there was no one at your house, so she’s been lying in bed and phoning your house every hour. I hope she hasn’t been bothersome.” Mrs. Valerie and Katie had moved to the kitchen as she talked where the ladies sat down on the kitchen chairs as Mrs. Valerie offered Katie a mug of hot chocolate. Katie flashed a smile, and Mrs. Valerie, thinking that it meant her daughter hadn’t alienated Katie’s and her family with her dogged pursuits, returned with one of her own. As it was, Alison did not Betturkey have many close friends, though she did have a large group of them. Her mother worried constantly about the way her daughter liked to spend more of her time reading and swimming than socializing. She knew it was unusual for an eighteen year old girl, especially one that was as pretty and likeable as her (as all mothers thought about their daughters, although in this case it was true).

“Don’t worry Mrs. Valerie, my mom and dad don’t come home until late at night, and my sisters are probably out with their friends at the mall or something. It’s no bother at all.” With a relieved hand, Mrs. Valerie waved Katie to go to Alison’s room. Since Alison was an only child, her parents spoiled her rotten most of the time, although she doesn’t take advantage of it often like some of Katie’s friends. This was the reason why Alison has the entire basement all to herself, with bathroom and a small living room accompanying her bedroom. Alison had decked out the place so that it was nice and comfortable; there was a couch by one wall and a small television opposite. An enormous bookcase full to the brim sat against the third wall. A door next to the staircase led into the bedroom area, where it was adorned with many, many stuffed animals. Katie knocked on the door to the room before opening it slowly to let herself in. She’d been here a few times before, although mostly they had gone to her place to hang out. Now she stood in the soft, yellow glow of the single lamp which stood in one corner of the room. Gently closing the door behind her, Katie walked up to Alison’s sleeping form; she was lying on her side, one pretty foot poking out from under the blankets, one arm wrapped tightly around a stuffed teddy bear, short hair in disarray around her head. It was the cutest thing Katie had ever seen.

Katie kissed Alison on the cheek, then pulled back the blanket and crawled into bed with her. She snuggled up against her friend’s back, her soft thighs brushing against Alison’s mostly naked butt. She was wearing nothing but a tank top and panties in bed. Alison’s body was burning up, and Katie noticed that her friend was also shivering. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, and she was muttering something incomprehensible in her sleep. The only thing she could make out was a name, and when she leaned closer to hear, she realized it was her own name that Alison had been repeating in a slow rhythm. Katie’s heart nearly broke at the sight of her friend, who looked so pale and fragile. She hugged her close to her body, trying to take away some of the heat into her own. Alison stirred, muttering, “…And chocolate ice-cream… mmm…”

“Hey sweetie,” Katie said, turning Alison over so that she could give her another hug.

“Mmmm… Katie, what are you doing here,” she asked, eyes squinting in the light. Was this a dream? Alison wondered. How many times had she longed for the cheerleader’s touch, her soft hands, the way her lips made her feel when they brush up against hers? She’d lost count sometime yesterday.

“Checking up on you, silly. You’re really hot. Did you want something to drink?” Alison nodded weakly, and Katie turned to grab the glass of water from the nightstand. Alison greedily gulped down handfuls of water, relishing its coolness against her parched throat. When she’d had enough, Katie replaced the glass.

“Feeling better?”

“Yes, much better.” From where she was lying, Katie couldn’t tell if Alison had begun to blush or if it was just the lighting on her face.

“Is there anything else you want?” This time, Alison caught her friend’s eyes before turning away, almost squirming. Not only was her face red, but she was positively glowing. Thinking that she wanted some time alone, Katie started moving away to sit in the chair by Alison’s desk. Alison caught her by surprise when she took hold of her hand and dragged her back to bed.

“I do want something.”

“What is it?”

“I’m still thirsty.”

“Thirsty for what?”

Alison covered her face with her blanket, muttering something underneath. Katie bent closer to hear. “Thirsty for you.” Alison couldn’t believe she’d just said what she’d said, but there it was. Her overwhelming sex drive was taking over control from the rational part of her brain, even as she was sick and sporting a high fever. Maybe it was the fever talking, but she couldn’t stop herself nonetheless. Katie couldn’t believe what a nymphomaniac Alison had become from just one night together. She’d worked her magic flawlessly. Here was this shy, pretty girl, begging to taste her fruit.

Katie smiled down at her friend with a twinkle Betturkey Giriş in her eye. “Me? I didn’t bring anything for you to drink. Maybe I should go ask your mom if she has some juice or something.” Katie loved that Alison wanted her, and was too embarrassed to talk about it openly. Her mischievous side wanted to make Alison say it again, to tease the words out of her with feinted ignorance. Hardly had she sat up did Alison pull her down again, this time on top of her so that she could kiss her. Their hands roamed each other’s soft bodies as they made out, French kissing with a repressed aggression that had them both hot and bothered before long.

“Please,” Alison begged, her big brown eyes boring holes into Katie, “I want to taste you.” Her hands caressed Katie’s bottom from under her short skirt, sending chills down her legs. How could she deny this request?

“You’re still too weak though, you can barely move as it is. Can you even sit up?” This prompted Alison push herself up in defiance, but the strain on her body caused her to fall back upon her pillow. “See, you can’t even sit up. Besides, what would happen if your mom walked in on us? Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Alison pouted like a petulant child. “It’s not fair.”

“Okay, okay, just relax. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” Katie said soothingly, smoothing down Alison’s hair. Katie had already started getting wet thinking about the dirty things she could do. It didn’t take her long to figure out how to best satisfy Alison’s desire. “Wait here, okay?” she asked, getting up from the bed. She went outside to shut the door to the basement, then she shut the door to the bedroom. There was no lock to the handle, so this was the best she could do, hoping that the noise from the stairs would give her enough time to recover should someone want to check up on them, although there should be no reason to. After all, she was just a sweet, innocent cheerleader visiting her sick friend. What could go wrong?

When she had everything ready, Katie went back to Alison’s bed. Her friend had an expectant look in her eyes, which made Katie grin from ear to ear. What a naughty girl Alison had become. Katie slipped her red thong off her delicious hips, waving her toned butt in the air to dislodge the thin material from her legs. With a high kick, she flung it onto Alison’s bed, at the same time giving Alison a glimpse of her wet sex. Katie threw the covers off Alison and crawled up to her, getting as much contact as possible with her lover’s body as she slid her way up. Higher and higher she went, until she was straddling Alison’s face with her knees on either side of her head. Droplets of Katie’s juices clung to her vulva. She reached under her skirt, wiping up some of the fluids so that she could dab it onto Alison’s lips like lipstick. Katie did this several times, the kinkiness of the act exciting her immensely. Alison wasted no time at all as she greedily licked the succulent secretions from her friend.

This went on for several minutes until Alison got impatient; wanting more than just a taste, she pulled two pillows under her head to increase her elevation, which allowed her to make direct contact with Katie’s honey pot. “Uuuggghhh!” Katie moaned as she felt the rough surface of her lover’s tongue spreading her lips before hitting her love button, which turned the slow drip of her pussy into a gushing fountain. Alison lapped at Katie’s sex ravenously, her hands now underneath Katie’s bum, spreading her flesh so that she could penetrate her more deeply. Before long, Katie was grinding down hard into Alison’s face, lost in a sea of pleasure. “Oh shit, keep going sweetie, don’t stop don’t stop oh gawd I’m almost there,” Katie moaned, her hands clasping the headboard of the bed to give her leverage as she rocked her body to the rhythm of Alison’s tongue. “Oh my gosh, I’m cumming!” She covered her mouth to muffle the yelp that came as her orgasm wracked her body, stars exploding before her eyes. Alison drank down the nectar as it dribbled down her face, wetting both the pillow and her hair. Alison opened her mouth wide to suck Katie’s entire sex into her mouth, swallowing quickly so as not to waste any of her lover’s honey. With a final twitch, Katie’s orgasm subsided, her juices draining down into Alison’s mouth.

Katie crawled down to lie against Alison’s body, gently kissing her lover and sucking up the excess honey that was covering her face. Alison pulled Katie in close, mashing her mouth into her friend’s as their tongues intermingled, her lust once more taking over her. Katie had to come up for air multiple times as Alison groped at her aggressively, grabbing Betturkey Güncel Giriş her breasts to massage her nipples through her thin shirt, silky smooth legs rubbing suggestively against her thighs. “Was that tasty?” Katie asked, her sultry voice beside Alison’s ear. “Was that what you were thirsty for?” Alison nodded vigorously. Her legs were wrapped tightly around Katie’s waist, her hips grinding gently against Katie. Alison’s body language said it all. Katie knew exactly what Alison wanted next, and she planned on delivering.

Giving Alison one last kiss, Katie spun around so that she was directly above Alison’s pussy. She was wearing a pair of fairy-pink lacy panties today, the colour of the fabric contrasting perfectly with Alison’s lightly tanned skin. Katie put her mouth on top of Alison’s lips, sucking gently against the crotch of the panties, making her friend squirm as she felt the sensation of Katie’s lips rubbing against her. Noticing that Alison’s panties were soaked, she said, “Baby, did you wet yourself? I guess I’ll have to take that off for you then.” Alison giggled, and Katie proceeded to pull the panties off with her teeth, dragging them all the way off Alison’s shapely legs. She kissed her way back up, from Alison’s ankle, to her knee, up the inside of her thigh, ending with a peck on her clit before moving down the other leg. Alison loved the tickling sensation caused by Katie’s kissing. She repeated this twice, each time getting a stronger response when she kissed her lover’s little nub.

Deciding that Alison was wet enough, Katie turned around again to face her, this time lifting one of Alison’s legs up with herself in a sitting position, one leg underneath Alison’s bum, so that they were linked together, pussies touching. From here, Katie pushed her throbbing pussy into Alison, slipping and slide against her lover as their hips moved in unison. “Oh fuck, your pussy feels so good,” Katie said, watching their glistening lips slide together. She could actually feel Alison’s clit rub up against hers, and neither of the girls wanted this incredible feeling of intimacy and sensuality to end. With one hand on each other’s hips, and the other propping themselves up for leverage, they ground themselves into a whole new world of ecstasy. “I’m cumming!” Katie yelled, their hips moving so fast that the bed creaked and groaned violently under them. Alison began whimpering as her first orgasm came; Katie could feel their thighs getting soaked from her lover’s girl cum. Still bucking wildly, Katie rode her way to her first orgasm as well, and the girls came one after another, each watching the other’s face as their mouths opened in silence and their hands clenched the bed sheets. The girls lost count of how many times they’d cum, as they tribbed against each other for what felt like an eternity. Finally, they fell back on the bed, writhing in the afterglow. The bed was a sticky mess, and it didn’t help that they were covered in perspiration. Katie managed to lie down beside Alison again, and her lover lifted her shirt and unclasped her bra so that she could take one pink nipple into her mouth, suckling it sweetly. “That was so great! I can’t believe I came so hard,” Katie exclaimed, and Alison said, “Mmm,” in reply, her lips still on Katie’s breast. They laid there like that for a long time, letting their bodies adjust to their newfound ways of using them.

Alison was resting in Katie’s large bosom, her head held close with her arms wrapped around her lover. “Are we… girlfriends?” Alison asked. Her question caught Katie off-guard, and she had to think before answering.

“It depends. Do you want to be my girlfriend?” To this, Alison nodded, and Katie, being the ever-so-generous one, replied, “Okay, you have my permission to be my girlfriend.” Alison grinned, a happy smile all over her face. “Silly.” Katie lightly tickled her side, making her squirm and giggle.

“But what about Jack? Aren’t you his girlfriend?”

“Don’t worry about him. He only uses me as leverage so that he could sleep with as many girls as possible. He’s not important.”

They rested for half an hour, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies. At last, they had to get dressed. Katie noted that Alison seemed to look much better after their little romp (or was it a big romp?), and she merrily went on her way home, satisfied in body and soul. Katie promised to come visit her again tomorrow, and in this Alison could take comfort. She spent the entire night thinking about how odd it was that they had become girlfriends, but her heart glowed with a happiness she’d never known before. The way Katie made her feel, it was something she couldn’t deny. They seemed to click together so well, like two pages in a storybook. Alison shifted in her bed, curling up against her sheets.

Alison could still smell Katie’s sweet scent on her pillow as the night gently took her away, and when she looked, she saw a red thong sitting on the head of her teddy bear, next to the glass of water.

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