The Sick Day Ch. 02


For those that posted positive feedback to the first part, here is the concluding chapter of this story. I hope it fulfils your expectations.


Despite being shrouded in a burning fever, George Foley was drawn from the comfort of his sickbed by an illicit promise. Having earlier that morning overheard stepdaughter Lucy’s startling telephone confession, his mind was awash with worrying thoughts. Indeed, a visual interpretation of the recent escapade between the seemingly innocent 18-year-old and his son Josh, which had culminated in a bout of mutual masturbation, had been etched indelibly upon George’s brain. They were stepbrother and sister, after well.

The tragic circumstances of their upbringing, during which both their mothers died at an early age, had dictated that they had become closer than the majority of blood siblings. And together with their stepfather they had formed an unbreakable and inseparable trilogy. As a consequence, the idea of sexual relations between the pair appalled George. Yet at the same time, perversely it excited him. Hence, almost against his will, he found himself creeping towards Josh’s bedroom door. Hastily discarded shoes and socks, Josh’s jeans and Lucy’s t-shirt and white panties littered the landing.

George’s throat ached and his body pulsed painfully all over, each nerve ending on fire. On top of that, his heart thumped painfully against his ribcage and his cock throbbed uncontrollably against his pyjamas. Easing ever closer, he was forced to pass Lucy’s room. A pastel parlour cluttered with cuddly toys and trinkets, with posters of boy bands and movie stars adorning the walls, it was a typical young girl’s sanctuary. George’s heart sank with deep regret at losing the stepdaughter he’d raised as his own from an early age to impending womanhood.

From inside Josh’s room, George could make out the sound of passionate kissing, along with encouraging words spilling from Lucy’s lips as if she were the driving force behind the union. All rational thought lost to the fever, George could barely contain his envy for Josh. With doubtless little more experience than his partially younger stepsister, doubtless this was every teen boy’s dream: a sexy and naïve blonde bursting with hormones and horny as hell. As he edged ever closer, George pictured Josh suckling on Lucy’s firm pink nipples as she threw her head back, moaning.

Then suddenly and unexpectedly George spluttered, hacking from the back of his furnace-laced throat. In the still of the house the cough echoed loudly. Thereafter things just seemed to stand still, until heightened movement in Josh’s room finally broke the silence. Lucy emerged panic-stricken, wrapped hastily in her stepbrother’s dressing gown. Eyes wide, she surveyed her stepfather on the landing, face buried in hands. Seizing the opportunity, deftly, she gathered up the discarded clothes before the unexpected guest had time to ‘notice’.

“Daddy, what is it? What are you…what are you doing at home?” she enquired in a high pitch, cheeks flushed with a combination of desire and embarrassment.

George glanced up with a pained expression, rasping about the sickness. Acting quickly, Lucy ushered the patient back to his room. George consented, the closeness of Lucy’s firm young body to his own feeling good. In his delirium, George’s hand went unchecked as it slid down her spine to cup an arse cheek for support. Still in a state of arousal from earlier, his cock rubbed against the bare skin of her leg whilst the stubbly surface of his cheek brushed a nipple as he clung like a baby craving attention.

But all too quickly she let go, the bed rising to greet his wearisome body and George slumped down disconsolately. Leaning over, Lucy placed a soothing palm on his sweat covered forehead, pursing her lips into a caring smile. Unbeknown to Lucy, as she craned forward the ill-fitting dressing gown parted down the middle, exposing a pair of perfectly formed and pert pear-shaped breasts. The nipples stood erect, seemingly still attentive from earlier with Josh. George sighed wantonly, the pitch mutating to a low moan. “Oh, poor daddy,” Lucy whispered, misreading the signal.

George’s pained expression implored her gaziantep escort bayan reklamları to stay, but she uncoupled and rose to depart, turning away from the patient, eyes widening as the mirror reflected back her exposed breasts. Hastily she covered up, issuing the promise: “I’ll be right back, daddy. And I’ll bring you a nice hot drink.”

George smiled thinly, anxious to learn of the implications of his unexpected intervention. As Lucy closed the door behind, he craned, ear as close as possible. A brief exchange of muted words took place, concluded by the order: “No, Josh, not now.”

A smug smile settled upon George’s ravaged features. Seconds later the stairs were heavy with footsteps, following which the front door slammed. Having railroaded the coupling, at last George was able to relax and allow sleep to enfold him.

* * *

When George awoke, a glass of hot lemon stood cooling on the bedside table. Sweating profusely, mouth fiery and dry, he climbed from the covers, resting his weary body on top, supping gratefully from the glass. Regrettably, each gulp brought a gravel-like pain. Too hot to slip back inside the covers, he opened a few buttons in the pyjama top for ventilation and lay back on top of the bed, feeling sorry for himself.

Half an hour passed, deep in thought, before footsteps creaked on the stairs brought George back from semi-consciousness. A little more fully dressed now, Lucy came to sit on the edge of the bed. Her little white t-shirt bore the legend ‘Princess’ in silver lettering, causing George to sigh in a whimsical manner. Eyes lowering, he observed a pair of airy yellow summer shorts that stopped half way up her thighs. Lucy’s long blonde hair, freshly washed, spilled over her shoulders. The scent that permeated even the vagaries of the fever gave George an instant buzz. A benign smile on her face, Lucy leaned over to place a gentle kiss on his brow. “How are you feeling, daddy?”

George’s mouth formed a pained frown as he sought attention, the resultant cough speaking volumes. “Ah, poor daddy,” Lucy sympathised. “Maybe you need some sleep.”

George’s head shouted ‘no’ but Lucy left the room nonetheless, returning moments later with a bottle of sleeping pills. George thanked her with a half-smile. “I’ll check on you later, daddy.”

* * *

Another hour passed before the door opened once again, George’s left eyelid raising a fraction. Perhaps if he pretended to sleep, this time Lucy might stay longer. His stepdaughter smiled in the manner one does when encountering a sleeper, resting her backside on the edge of the bed. George sighed ‘in his sleep’, muttering incoherent words to maintain the ruse. It must have worked, for Lucy extended a hand to stroke the forest of hairs at his chest that was exposed by his half opened pyjama top.

George’s chest inflated with the motion of breathing as lovingly Lucy caressed, circling his nipples. Her smooth palm flat, she gathered a mass of chest hairs in her tiny fingers, stroking lovingly, whilst her stepfather’s heart raced below. George willed her to continue, though he was sure she would soon see sense. Yet instead of buttoning him up and departing, after a quick thought, Lucy did the opposite, undoing the fastened pair of buttons at the bottom of the pyjama top to expose his torso fully. Clearly she believed he was out for the count, though George’s lethargy meant that the pills remained untouched.

With his stepdaughter in such close proximity – doing that, and looking like that – a rush of blood caused George’s cock to throb, the head protruding slightly through the fly of his pyjama bottoms. Soon he was aware of the air rushing around the partly exposed penis. Lucy, however, seemed unaware. Lowering her palms, she caressed his belly, lowering to finger the wisp of hair beneath his navel. George’s breath upped a notch the lower she stoked, hands getting close to the elasticated strip around his hips, inches from his penis. His brain flooding with excitement, George’s cock grew to semi-hardness, expanding to rest on his navel.

Still Lucy acted as though she hadn’t noticed, and it gaziantep bayan escort reklamları may have been that she didn’t notice the effect this was having on her stepfather, until that was unexpectedly the edge of her small hand brushed the purple tip. Quickly she pulled away, as if having touched a hot radiator. Eyes squeezed tight to maintain the pretence of sleep George could nonetheless feel her eyes boring into his groin, surveying his manhood. “Dad?” she whispered. “Are you awake?”

George continued to feign sleep, breathing deeply and muttering gibberish. “Dad?” she reiterated, a little louder, a little purr vibrating on her lips. “Oh daddy, so big,” she breathed, when finally convinced he was asleep.

In those words, any remaining innocence was betrayed to lust, and it occurred to George that perhaps his little girl knew exactly what she was doing, and that Josh had merely been ‘there’. Either way, what had happened with Josh was undoubtedly the catalyst for this newfound carnal urge. He shivered as a hand stroked his inner thigh and Lucy adjusted her position, fingers squeezing his balls through the thin material of the pyjamas. After ejecting a little gasp, tentatively she placed a finger on the shaft. “Oh daddy, so much bigger than Josh,” she breathed.

Lucy’s words caused George to sigh, which in turn prompted Lucy to retract. He dared not look, even the merest peep, though inwardly he was imploring. Breaking into a deep snoring motion, George tried to bring the moment back. Moments passed as Lucy agonised and George’s heart pumped.

Finally Lucy leaned back in, hesitating above her stepfather’s prone body. Her breath warmed his flesh, causing the hairs to stand on end. A moment passed before she traced a finger the length of the thick shaft that lay upon on his lower belly, drawing back the foreskin lightly. The motion prompted the cock to rise slightly.

Gingerly Lucy took the shaft in hand and began to stroke, easing the foreskin back and forth over the spongy purple head. Doubtless hot, sweaty and fetid, George was astounded that this lovely creature continued to toy so lovingly with the semi-excited manhood of a sick man. Yet, in his sickness, George was hornier than ever before in his 40 years.

Lucy must have been as turned on as he, for as George elevated an eyelid ever so slightly, he witnessed her left hand reach to unzip the yellow shorts, fingers sliding inside. At the same time her right hand maintained its grip her stepfather’s thick tool. Moaning gently, Lucy bit her bottom lip as her moist cunt enveloped three urgent fingers. “Oh God yeah, daddy,” she groaned in muffled tones.

Opening an eye a crack and seeing Lucy’s fingers buried deep in pink moist pussy prompted a tingle of pleasure in George and a thick dollop of precum to be extinguished from the eye. Pleased at her handiwork, Lucy gave a little squeal. Taking her fingers off the shaft momentarily, the teenager dipped a fingertip in the eye, drawing forth a thin string of dew. Slowly she lifted the finger to her lips, tasting tentatively. A smile followed by a little purr of approval spilled from her lips.

Regaining position at her stepfather’s groin, Lucy cupped the two large balls through the light material of his pyjamas, weighing them in her palm and squeezing gently. Instantly her stepfather’s shaft stiffened to two-thirds capacity, wavering between them like a sapling in the wind. Lucy’s fingers moulded each ball wondrously.

Seven inches above, precum spilled out at an alarming rate, snaking down a head that was purple and bulbous. Tracing back up the shaft and drawing back the foreskin once more, Lucy gazed in wonderment, the underside glazed by sweat and smegma. Running a fingertip the circumference of the ridge, Lucy smeared the dewy deposits, this time feeding the fingertips hungrily into her mouth, savouring the taste.

George waited in heightened anticipation, not daring to break the spell by ‘waking’. Not that Lucy seemed inclined to stop. Indeed, she seemed to thrive upon the danger and the taboo nature of the coupling as she had with Josh. Despite his tightly shut eyes, escort gaziantep bayan reklamları George could tell from her breathing and the sickly-sweet aroma creeping below his nostrils that Lucy was masturbating furiously, doubtless beyond the point of no return. “Oh daddy!” she moaned repeatedly. “Oh daddy, your little girl is cumming…”

Risking a peek, George saw her fingers blur between her legs, shorts crumpled at her knees as she stood on them. Her pussy was awesome, pouting pink lips bordered by almost white pubic hair, a testament to her mother’s Swedish ancestry. Glancing up, he saw that her front teeth were almost completely submerged in her bottom lip. Tossing her head back, Lucy squealed as her fingers squelched in her pussy. More gently, the right hand stroked his throbbing cock, each vein bulging. Almost subconsciously George closed his eyes once more.

Despite her own orgasm, Lucy seemed determined to reciprocate. Stroke after stroke brought him closer, his face contorting. Lucy was moaning louder now, no longer fearing discovery, it seemed. It was clear to George who was in control, and he couldn’t imagine any better a way than this. About to unload with a shattering climax, Lucy’s hand slipped from his cock. Anxiously George waited, on the verge, not daring to look.

Then suddenly the bed dipped under Lucy’s displaced weight and George felt his legs being eased apart. Spilled hair caressed his thighs and warm breath spread across the helmet. Oh God, he thought, his own breath held deathly tight.

Lucy’s pursed lips kissed the tip, precum coating her lips. Licking them lovingly, she praised her stepfather in hushed tones before those soft lips dipped further to envelop the thick spongy head. From the snugness of the fit, George knew her lovely little mouth was stretched to capacity. An eager tongue grazed the eye, licking back and forth gently. Yes she was inexperienced and yes he had had more accomplished blowjobs, yet none was from his virginal 18-year old stepdaughter and George very nearly pumped his seed into her mouth there and then, the orgasm rising from his balls as desperately he fought the urge.

Reaching to grip the shaft, Lucy eased the foreskin back and forth as she sucked at the inflamed head like it was a lollipop. Spittle dribbled from the purple helmet to the shaft as her face dipped back and forth. She gagged as the head touched her throat, yet the vigour with which she went about the blowjob told George that Lucy was thoroughly enjoying this new experience. And to be her first filled George with immense warmth. Minutes passed as George savoured every lick.

Lucy threw back her head, sucking in air, saliva and precum and taking a moment to admire the rampant cock before her. “Oh daddy,” she drooled, checking her father’s face for signs of waking.

Opening the fingers of her left hand, Lucy’s pink pussy lips widened. Gripping her stepfather’s shaft once more and shuffling inwards on her knees, she guided the pulsing head towards her cunt. Eyes closed tight once more, George felt the tip slide back and forth the length of Lucy’s slippery slit. “Oh fuck daddy, yeah,” she enthused, all sense of subtlety abandoned. “Oh fuck yeah, Lucy,” his inner voice was screaming.

Back and forth she slid the engorged head, pussy lips parting to bury it inside. Fingers letting go of the shaft, Lucy rocked gently against the partially submerged cock. George could feel the hymen. Indeed the tip of his cock touched it with one of the deeper plunges, before Lucy eased back. Squeezing gently and rocking her hips, she brought her father to a mind-blowing orgasm. At that moment the tip plopped from the tight slit, a fountain of hot seed firing from the eye, coating Lucy’s fingers and pussy.

George grunted ‘in his sleep’, the controlled exhalation belying the intensity of the climax. In ecstacy, the fever was all but forgotten. As he opened an eyelid a crack, he saw Lucy busily pushing the spunk that clung to her blonde pubes inside her pussy, prompting another muted shriek as she came a second time.

After licking clean her sticky fingers, Lucy climbed carefully from the bed, pulling up her shorts. “Oh daddy,” she sighed, leaning over to kiss his forehead.

Just when George thought it was over, the bed dipped once more and he felt his flaccid penis being handled. Drawing back the foreskin and locking her lips on the head, Lucy sucked and licked until it was clean, fitting the cock back inside the fly of the pyjama bottoms. “Sleep tight daddy,” she whispered with a giggle and a skip before departing.


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