The Relationship Coach

I’m trying very hard to enjoy my sandwich, but the inane chatter of the booth behind me is ruining my appetite. Two young women are dissecting and discussing every article of clothing being worn in the restaurant. Everyone who walks through gets criticized and critiqued, and no one lives up to their standards.

Finally they run out of people to belittle, and their conversation turns to their love lives. One talks about how her boyfriend cheated, and the other thinks her boyfriend might dump her soon.

“Why? I thought you guys were doing good?”

“We were. But he just doesn’t seem interested anymore. I wonder if he’s cheating too.”

“You mean he’s not interested in sex? With you? Is he blind?”

I’m suddenly very interested in what she looks like. The voice is young, and I’m picturing a high school cheerleader.

“I know, right? What an asshole,” she says, then her voice changes. It’s less confident. More vulnerable. “But sometimes, I get the feeling that I’m not doing it right.”

“Doing what right? Sex?”

“Yeah, I guess. He’s my first real boyfriend. I slept with a few guys before him, but it was always pretty bad. Trey and I have been having sex for the last few months, since my eighteenth birthday, and it’s been nice. He has a nice dick, and if feels good, but sometimes I just freeze up. I feel really self-conscious.”

“Have you talked to him about that?”

“No. I’m scared to bring it up.”

“Shit, I gotta go. I’m sorry, I want to talk this through with you, but I have to get to work. You ready?”

“No, I’m going to finish my fries. I’ll text you later.”

“Ok. Bye, Kaitlyn.”

I take a minute to finish my sandwich, and then decide to give it a try. I get up from my booth and walk over to the booth behind me. Kaitlyn is leaning forward against the table looking at her phone. She’s wearing a white v-neck shirt which shows an amazing amount of cleavage. Her head is tilted down, and her mass of wavy blonde hair obscures her face.

Even without seeing her face, I can tell she’s out of my league. I’m twenty-five, and just about average everything. Average height, average looks, brown hair, brown eyes. The only thing I have going for me is my face, which I’ve been told is very trustworthy. That’s made me pretty good at my shitty sales job, but not much else.

“Hi,” I say, sitting down uninvited.

“Do I know you?” she says, curious but not rude. She pushes her hair back and she has a stunning face, with big blue eyes and a wide mouth that would look great with my dick in it.

“No, not yet. I was in the booth behind you, and I couldn’t help overhearing. I’m not trying to pry, but I happen to be a relationship coach, and I wanted to offer my services. I hate to see a young couple struggling. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

“Oh, wow. I didn’t even know that existed.” It probably doesn’t. “Yeah, that would be fantastic.” Really, she bought that?

“Wonderful. When would you be free to set up your first appointment?”

“Would it be both of us? Or just me?”

“From what I heard, I think it would be best to do a few sessions with just you. We can include your boyfriend later if we need to.”

“Ok. I’m free now. I don’t have any more classes this afternoon. Or we could do something next week.”

“Now’s perfect. I had a cancellation this afternoon, so I’m available.”

“Oh, wait. How much is it? Daddy said I need to stop buying things without looking at the price first. I’m not sure why that matters, since I’m going to buy them anyway, but I should probably ask.”

I struggle for a minute to think of an answer. What I’m imagining is something I should be paying her for, but I can always use the money. “It’s usually $500 per session, but since you’re filling a last minute cancellation, I’ll settle for a fifty percent discount.”

“Wow, half off. That’s a really good deal. Thanks. So where’s your office?”

“I used to have an office, but I found that working from my home or the client’s produced greater results. It’s a more comfortable setting. Would you prefer my home or yours?”

“Yours would be better. I live with my parents, so they might not give us enough privacy.”

“Good point. Ok, let me give you my address. I’m going there now, and I’ll get a few things set up, and you can come over whenever you’re done.”

“Ok,” she says as I stand up. “I’ll see you soon.”

I rush back to my apartment and pick up the dirty dishes and bottles in the living room, and wipe down the kitchen and bathroom. I can’t imagine she’ll see the bedroom, but I make my bed and pick up my dirty clothes anyway. I’m just lighting a candle on the coffee table when there’s a knock at the door. I was afraid she’d realize I’m probably full of shit and not show up, but I get the feeling she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

“Kaitlyn, come in,” I say when I open the door, and I stare at her swaying tits as she takes in the apartment. Now I can see she’s wearing a loose blue skirt which leaves the bursa escort bottom half of her long, smooth legs bare.

“This is nice,” she says.

“Thanks. Why don’t you get settled on the couch. I’ll get you a bottle of water, and then we’ll get started.” I return in a few seconds with two bottles, and sit in the chair facing the couch.

“So, tell me what brought you here.”

“Oh, I drove in my car. It’s a red Mini Cooper. It’s parked out front. I hope that’s ok.” I wait for her to smile and say that’s a joke, but that’s really her answer.

“Yes, that’s fine. Why don’t we get started with you telling me about your relationship.” She spends the next ten minutes telling me about Trey, who sounds like a dumbass, and how they got together. I interrupt her before she can tell me more about why Trey is so hot.

“In the cafe, you said you were having some problems with intimacy.”

“No, we’re actually having problems with sex,” she says. Dear god.

“Um. Right. You mentioned being self-conscious. What exactly is your concern?”

“Well, Trey is a football player, and he’s really in shape. I have some extra weight, and I’m afraid he thinks I’m fat.”

She’s not stick thin, and I can tell her stomach is not perfectly flat, but she’s in no way fat. It’s hard to tell with the skirt, but it looks like her ass has the perfect amount of roundness. And of course her big round tits look unbelievable.

“I understand your concern, but I assure you that you’re an extremely beautiful and sexy young woman. If he’s not happy with your body, then he’s not worth your time.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” she says, and I don’t correct her on the title.

“But, Kaitlyn, his opinion of your body isn’t nearly as important as your own opinion of your body. I think the first thing we’ll need to do is something called exposure therapy. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. If we’d had time to prepare, I would have had you wear a bathing suit under your clothing, but what you have will be fine. Now, stand up and take off your shirt and skirt, but leave on your bra and panties.” I’d rather see her completely naked, but I don’t want to scare her away. Baby steps.

“Take off… I can’t take off my clothes in front of you.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Your nervousness is preventing you from enjoying life and sex to its fullest. This is important for your development. You need to be relaxed and comfortable with your body. Remember, I’m a professional, and I’ve seen hundreds of people nude and nearly nude. Nudity doesn’t have to be sexual. You won’t be exposing any more of yourself than you would be at the beach.”

“Ok,” she says reluctantly. “I guess that makes sense.” She stands and grabs the hem of her shirt and quickly pulls it over her head. I’m not sure how I keep my face still when her glorious tits come into view. Even covered with a light blue bra they’re magnificent. They’re full and round, and I can imagine burying my face in them, or burying my dick in between them.

Then it feels like time slows down as she hooks her thumbs in the waist of her skirt and pulls it down. Her matching light blue panties come into view as her skirt slides down, and my eyes take in the curve of her hips and her long, smooth legs. Her breasts hang down as she bends over, and they swing and sway as if the bra doesn’t exist.

My pants feel tighter and I try to casually reposition myself. I swallow hard, and when I try to talk nothing comes out but a croak. I clear my throat and try again.

“That’s great. Kaitlyn, I’m proud of your courage in overcoming your fear and hesitation. Now, sit back down and let’s continue.” I watch the bounce of her tits and she sits down, and I snap my eyes to hers as she settles on the couch. “At the restaurant you mentioned freezing up during sex. Can you describe a typical sexual encounter where this might happen?”

“Ok. I live in the dorms, and he has his own apartment, so we’re usually at his place. We start on the couch, making out. First it’s just kissing, but then we start rubbing against each other. He’ll usually put his hand on my shirt and feel one of my boobs, then slide one of his hands inside my shirt. He has roommates, so that’s usually as far as he’ll go in the living room. Then we go into his bedroom and rip each other’s clothes off. He’ll suck on my nipples for a little bit, and then push me on the bed and stick it in. And then, you know…”

“Then he finishes, and it’s over?” I ask.

“Yeah, and then I clean him off.”

“How do you do that?”

“With my mouth. I never did that with anyone else, but he said it’s good for some reason? I can’t remember what he said, but I know he likes it.”

Holy fuck, that sounds amazing. I’ve never had a woman do that for me. My cock is now completely and painfully hard.

“Yes, it is good. Not only is it beneficial for health and hygiene, but it promotes closeness between partners. It builds trust and affection.”

“Oh, good.”

“You didn’t bursa escort mention freezing in any of that. At what point would you have frozen up?”

“Right. That would have been after he put his dick in me. While he’s fucking me.”

“Do you remember what you’re thinking about when you freeze?”

“Well, it’s hard to think too much when he’s pounding away at me with his big dick, but usually I’m thinking that I don’t want it to end.”

“Does it end too soon sometimes?”

“Too soon for what?”

“For you to have an orgasm.”

“Oh, I use my vibrator for that. Trey said most women don’t have an orgasm during sex, but that’s what masturbation is for. I know how to get myself off.”

“You’ve never had an orgasm during sex?”

“No, never. Is that not right? Do you think something’s wrong with me?” God, no, but it sounds like something is seriously wrong with Trey.

“Not necessarily, but we’ll do some tests. Do you think that might be why you freeze? Because it will make the sex last longer?”


“What about oral sex?”

“He sticks it in my mouth sometimes, but he says I’m not good at it, so then he’ll flip me over and fuck me from behind.” Now I’m picturing her on her knees on my bed, ass in the air, waiting for my cock.

“What about when he goes down on you?”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“When he performs oral sex on you.” She shrugs. “When he uses his mouth and tongue on your pussy.”

“Oh, wow. No, there’s no way he’d do that.”

“Hmm. Where else have you had sex besides the bed?”

“Once on the couch when we knew his roommates wouldn’t be back for a few hours.”

I wait for more, but there’s nothing. This guy sounds like a colossal dumbass. From everything I can see, and I can see quite a bit, he should be worshiping her body, anywhere and everywhere he can.

“Ok, I have a few more questions. First, you said earlier that he sucks on your nipples a little. Do you wish he’d do that more? Does that feel good?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“So you’d want him to kiss his way down your neck and chest, down the top of your breast until he gets to your bra. You’d want him to tease you through the fabric before he pulls down the bra and licks around your nipple without actually touching it. You’d want him to squeeze and rub and massage your tits, and then put his mouth on your nipple, sucking and biting and licking. Is that something you’d want him to do?”

“God, yes,” she says, a little breathless. I can see her hard nipples poking out of the gauzy fabric of her bra, and she’s squeezing her thighs together to get some friction. Now we’re getting somewhere.

“Does he ever put his hand between your legs?”

“Just to line himself up. But otherwise, no.”

“Do you think it would feel good if he did? He could slide his hand down your stomach, and lightly caress outside your pussy while he’s kissing you. Then he could dip one finger inside, and feel how wet and ready you are. He could tease you with that one finger, not going deep enough, and not quite touching you where you want him to. Then he’d lightly graze your clit, just once. Then twice. Then his finger would be back inside you, and he’d add a second. While he’s fucking you with his fingers his thumb would circle your clit, then caress it. Then a little harder. Then a little harder.”

“Uh-huh. Then what?” Her breathing is shallow and her eyes are half closed. Her hands are twitching like she’s dying to touch herself.

“I think that might be enough questions for today,” I say, and she groans in frustration.

“Are you sure?” she whimpers.

“Yes. But there’s one more thing I usually do in the first session. It’s a physical examination of your erogenous zones.”

“My what now?”

“Erogenous zones. The parts of your body that are particularly sensitive to sexual arousal.”

“You want to touch my body?”

“Let’s be clear. It’s not that I want to touch your body. But as part of your therapy, it’s important for me to stimulate certain areas to make sure you have normal rates of arousal.”

“How would you do that?”

“Today I think we’d focus on your two main zones: your pussy and your tits.” Maybe I should be using more medical terms, but her body is driving me nuts. “First I would-“

“Are you going to stick your fingers inside me?”

“Um. Yes.”

“Ok, let’s do this,” she says, and stands up. She reaches behind her and I watch with an open mouth while she unhooks her bra and slides the straps off her shoulder. Her naked tits come into view, with areola an inch across and pale pink. Her nipples are hard and prominent, and my mouth waters. I want to step up to her immediately and fill my hands with her tits and pinch her nipples, but I resist.

She pulls down her panties, and her tits do the same dance they did a few minutes ago, hanging and swaying. I’m hard as steel, and determined to be inside her before she leaves. She straightens, and I can see that she doesn’t shave bursa eskort or wax. She has a nice little trimmed patch of pale blonde hair, and I want to stick my face in it.

“Sit down on the edge of the couch, and lay back,” I say, and she does it willingly. I kneel in front of her and put my hands on her knees to push them apart. “I’m going to test your responsiveness. Tell me what feels good.”

“Uh-huh, yes,” she says as I slide my fingertips lightly up her inner thighs. I barely reach her pussy and then move my hands back down. She groans and lifts her hips a little, seeking out my touch. When my fingers trail back up her legs I move one hand to lightly graze her soft blonde pubic hair, just above where she wants me to touch. I run the fingers of my other hand up and down her slit.

“Right there, that feels good,” she moans as I slide one finger inside her. I move it slowly in and out, spreading her juices all over her pussy lips, getting them nice and slick. Her breathing is getting faster, and her hands are gripping the couch cushions as hard as she can.

I add a second finger and start pumping in and out of her, and she starts crying out with every thrust. “Ah. Ah. Yes. Yes.” Her hips move in rhythm with my fingers, and her eyes are squeezed shut.

“Does that feel good, Kaitlyn?”

“Oh my god, yes.”

“I’m going to test your response to oral stimulation of your nipples, ok?”

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to suck on your nipples. Is that ok?” I graze my thumb over her clit and her hips jerk up.

“Uh-huh. Fuck. Yes.”

I’m not sure if he’s saying yes to my question or to my fingering, but I’ll take it. I don’t think she’d stop anything at this point. I grab her tit with my left hand and groan. This is the biggest and most beautiful breast I’ve ever touched, and it’s amazing. It’s smooth and soft, except for her nipple, which is incredibly hard. I roll it through my fingers, and she moans.

I lean forward, which isn’t easy with one hand still pumping in and out of her pussy, but I don’t mind. I’ll put up with any body contortions to get my mouth on her tits. I kiss and lick it first, and then suck in as much as I can. She arches her back and cries out. I can feel her pussy spasm around my fingers, and I stop thrusting while she rides out her pleasure. I keep sucking on her tits until she relaxes back into the couch.

I straighten up, but continue feeling up her boob. “You scored very high on that test for arousal, but we’ll need to repeat it several times to make sure it’s not an anomaly.”

“Ok. Yeah. Good,” she says with a lazy smile.

“Now, we have two more tests today, and this next one is oral stimulation of your labia and clitoris.”


“I’m going to lick your pussy and clit until you come on my tongue.” I take my fingers out of her and stick my middle finger in my mouth, sucking her juices off. Her eyes widen as she watches. She tastes fantastic, and I need to get my mouth on her pussy. “Have you ever tasted yourself?”

“Yeah, but only when I clean his dick with my mouth. I’ve never tasted it by itself. Should I?”

“I highly recommend it. It’s good to know what your partner tastes while he or she is tasting you.” I shift forward so my jeans-covered erection is pressing against her pussy as I stick my forefinger into her mouth. She moans at both the pressure and the taste, and sucks hard on my finger. I imagine my cock in her eager mouth, and I almost come in my pants. I need to figure out how to work blowjobs into her “therapy”.

“Are you ready for your next test?” I pull my finger out of her mouth and she nods. I scoot back, but keep one hand on her tit. I’m not letting go of that unless I absolutely have to.

I start with a few kisses to her inner thighs and she whimpers. Then I get my first taste from the source, and I’m lost. The smell is intoxicating, and the flavor is addicting. It’s sweet and delicious, and I stick my tongue in as far as I can.

“Ooh,” she moans, and she grabs my head. Her fingers twine through my hair and her fingernails scrape lightly over my scalp. I go back to long licks on the surface, but stop short of her clit, and then deeper and deeper into her, trying to get every last drop of sweet nectar. Her hips roll underneath me, and I run my hand up and down her ass. I want to touch every inch of her, and having my face in her pussy, one hand on her tits, and one hand on her ass feels pretty fantastic.

I move my mouth up and trace a circle around her clit, and Kaitlyn gasps.

“Yes, right there. I want your tongue on my clit.”

I’m not about to deny that request, so I lightly lick her clit a few times, then increase the pressure. Her breathing is faster, and her fingers tighten in my hair. I move my hand from her ass back to her pussy, and push two fingers into her. I kiss her clit and then lightly suck on it. I suck a little harder, and at the same time pinch her nipple, hard.

Kaitlyn cries out, and I feel her pussy spasm around my fingers again. While she writhes in pleasure I reluctantly move both hands, but continue to lick and suck lightly. I unbutton my pants and push them down to my knees, finally letting my dick free.

Kaitlyn pushes her blonde hair back as her breathing starts to slow down.

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