The Morning Text


This morning I awake in the warm rays of the soft morning light shining through the windows. I sense the emptiness in the bed next to me and sigh, remembering that you mentioned you had an early meeting this morning.As I stretch, the soreness in my body brings the memory of last night rushing back. Looking around the room confirms that last night was different for us. The beautiful damask comforter is crumpled in the corner, discarded like an empty wrapper in the trashcan. The lamp is overturned on the nightstand. And the picture of us in Barbados lay cracked on the floor, appearing to mock the smiles on the pretty faces.Yes, last night was different. You were different. Your kiss started with deep passion, but then I felt it change. I felt it transform to a visceral craving that clawed to taste the deepest parts of my soul with your tongue.When we finally came up for air, you pulled back and looked longingly, lovingly at my breast; but that longing turned to demand, and you latched on like a starving cub in the desert, suckling, biting, twisting, pulling. I started to cry out, but I found myself needing you too, craving you to take me.With my nipples locked in your lips, your knee pushed my legs apart unceremoniously, showing your control over me. You were no longer a cub; you were the lion. I closed my eyes and felt you start to pierce my lips slowly.We both gasped at that moment of penetration as my walls stretched to pull you in.But you didn’t linger as you typically do. You took no time to savor that first stroke when my wet, tight canal molds to your hard manhood and no time to recognize that moment when we become one.Instead, you slammed your cock into my cunt with no pretense of romance. My eyes flew open in shock just in time to see a new kind of lustful abandon in your eyes. Briefly, I wondered if I should stop you, but then I ascended quickly.

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