The House Boy Ch. 01


Hello! Well, first thing that needs to be said. To any of my regular followers who may have clicked on this to read, look at the category before reading any further. I think there’s a good chance the content regarding this story might not appeal, as this certainly isn’t the regular category (or categories) I post stories into. I might be wrong, but I thought I’d just be polite. But, as I’ve said, I like to experiment but I’m sure this will be a surprising move to many.

The influence behind this story is films produced by ‘Fraternity X’ and ‘Sketchy Sex’, films that involve a bunch of young men enjoying the company of each other. Many of them involve one or two young men being fucked by many others. The story won’t start off like that but I give away in this very first chapter what might happen during later chapters.

This story builds slowly through the first couple of chapters, but as this does end up being a multi-chapter story, there’ll still be plenty of sex in the future. But I just don’t like writing simple stroke stories. Well, to start off with anyway.

As with all my stories, there’ll be an element of romance, some drama, hopefully a surprise or two along the way. All editing is done by the author so the grammar isn’t always perfect, though Microsoft Word generally does catch any glaring spelling errors. I’m a quick typist so sometimes my brain isn’t as fast as my fingers!

Hope you enjoy. Comments and feedback appreciated as always.


The eight young men were gathered in the living room, spread around the three large couches, forming three sides of a square, the large LED TV on the wall making up the fourth side. The eight men were between the ages of nineteen and twenty-four. In the middle of them was a coffee table. Resting on said table were a few drinks, mostly cups of coffee, and six sheets of paper.

Written on each piece of paper was information regarding the young man applying to become their ninth and last housemate. The eight men were looking for a particular sort of young man to join their household. This was not a fraternity. Such things were not common in Australia, simply because most universities were within the large cities of each state and most students did not need to leave home unless they were after specialist subjects. But some still chose to leave home to take part in the whole university experience.

Of the eight young men, Tom was the oldest at twenty-four and the ‘father’ of the house. He’d lived in it since he was eighteen, his first year at university, and was still studying to this day. Many young men had come and gone, but three others had been there only a year or two less than himself. The six applicants to join their household would be the only first-year student if selected to join them.

His eyes were still taken by one particular applicant. Each piece of paper had a photo attached. It wasn’t a selfie, it was more akin to a passport photo. To call the applicant cute would be an understatement. He noticed one or two others look at the same photo, review the application, and meet his eyes, an almost imperceptible nod of the head that they could read his thoughts and agree.

After much discussion, Tom cleared his throat and held up the application form he approved. “I think we should call him, bring him in for an interview, and see if he’s what we’d all want and need.”

Tom smiled to himself as his seven housemates agreed immediately.


Steven pulled his car up to the kerb, switching off the engine and looked at the house. There was a gate and long driveway before it led to an enormous house. At least two stories high, a modern design with plenty of windows, he assumed to allow plenty of natural light. Large lawns that appeared mowed. Trees that would provide shade in the summer heat. It looked like the sort of property that would cost a cool million and more, considering its location in the city.

Stepping out of the car, he walked to the gate and found the intercom. Pressing the ‘call’ button, he explained who he was and was allowed in, the gate opening electronically, swinging wide as he walked up the driveway then the path towards the front door. He knocked and waited barely a few seconds before the door opened.

From his height of barely five-six, he had to look up into the eyes of the tall, broad man who stood in front of him, an easy grin forming as he offered his hand. “Hello. You’re Steven?”

“Um, yeah,” he replied quietly, already feeling a little intimidated. Too many memories already of days at high school, surrounded by fellow students, all who seemed to tower over him, even some two to three years his junior. Still, he was polite enough to take the offered hand. “Yes, I’m Steven. Are you Tom?”

“That’s me. Come on in. Good to meet you.”

Following Tom inside, he followed him down a sort of entranceway, turning into what looked like the main living room. Sunlight filtered in through the windows, the couches istanbul travesti were cleaner and looked far nicer than he’d expect in student housing. Bookshelves were full of either books or mementoes. There was an enormous TV on the wall.

“Take a seat,” Tom asked, “I’ll get the others. We’ll have a chat about your application and let you know what we think. Don’t worry, we won’t bite.”

He blushed at the insinuation as Tom disappeared, hearing him shout upstairs that he’d arrived. Within a couple of minutes, he found himself surrounded by eight young men, introduced to each of them, having his hand shaken by each before they sat down. He would have used the words ‘strapping young men’. All of them appeared far taller than himself, much broader, all of them handsome or just very attractive. They smiled as his eyes met his but nothing more than that.

“So, Steven, why did you send in your application?” Tom wondered, sitting next to him, with another broad man to his other side, “It says you live in the western suburbs. You could easily live at home and commute to campus.” He cleared his throat, feeling a little nervous. Tom chuckled for a moment. “Mike, get our young friend here a drink. I think he’s nervous.”

“Sorry, it’s just… Home life is… You know, and…”

“It’s okay,” Tom assured him, patting his thigh for a moment, “You’re not the first applicant in recent years that’s arrived with butterflies in their stomach and a whole bundle of nerves otherwise.”

Mike returned with a glass of water. His hand was still shaking slightly as he took a gulp before placing it down on a coaster. “I found your advert on the university website,” he explained, “And although universities here are completely different to the States, the fact I want to get out of home makes the possibility of living here a godsend.”

“How bad is your home life?” Chris asked.

“It’s not that it’s awful, but my father is ex-military and rather domineering, I have twin brothers only fourteen months younger, who don’t make my life any easier than my father, then a younger sister, who I do adore. Mum stayed at home until we were at school, now she’s working too. But part of me just needs to escape.”

“Would living with eight men bother you?” Justin wondered.

“No, why would it? I mean, I would have assumed if there were dormitories, they’d be single sex, and I know ‘fraternities’ are for men, ‘sororities’ would be for women.”

He went over his application with all of them. He turned eighteen recently. He was five-six, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, not particularly tanned, fit and healthy enough though rather slim. Didn’t weigh that much as he focused on endurance rather than strength. He liked to think of himself intelligent considering he’d aced all his exams and finished top of all his classes and subsequently his entire year group in high school.

They asked him more questions, mostly about his past, his personal interest, his life at school, which he admitted was difficult at times, and also more questions about life at home. When he earned a couple of chuckles at one or two stories, it helped him relax and the nerves to slowly vanish. Even if he didn’t end up living in the household, he hoped that maybe he’d make one or two friends. He didn’t have many male friends. Too many of his fellow students at high school had been… Well, they’d been mean. Add to that his father, brothers and… Well, he was left believing that he’d earned a little sympathy, at least.

“Okay, guys,” Tom announced, “I’m going to talk to Steven about a couple of personal issues. But what do you guys think?”

The other seven all shared glances and eventually grinned in his direction. “We like him,” Jim announced, “He’s got our vote. But I guess it will depend on the other questions you’ll ask.”

Once they were alone, Steven took another sip of water before he sat back. Tom turned slightly so he was facing him. He felt rather small compared to Tom. The slightly older man was at least six inches taller, and a few inches wider at the shoulders. When his hand rested on his thigh again, he shuddered. It was a light touch but something unexpected.

“Stevie… Do you mind if I call you that?”

“No, it’s fine,” he replied, feeling a slight blush form.

“Stevie, I need to ask one or two rather personal questions as, to be honest, this could impact on our decision. Understand what I mean by personal?” Nodding, Tom continued. “Okay, are you a virgin?”

“Um… No, I’m not. Managed to convince a girl to sleep with me somehow.” He paused and actually laughed. “That sounds awful. No, she was actually a really good friend. We were both single, lonely, rather ignored, to be honest, when we hit eighteen. Neither of us had interest from anyone else, so we attended our end of school formal together, and then agreed to lose our virginity. It was awkward but also nice because at least it was with someone I genuinely cared about… Though istanbul travestileri I wasn’t in love with her, nor she with me. We were best friends.”

“She was your best friend?”

“She still is, but she’s chosen to study in Melbourne. We’ll keep in contact, but although I did enjoy sex, there was something missing.”

“Okay, so on your application, under sexual orientation, you said you were bi-curious. You’ve had sex with a woman. Have you ever been with a man, or are you simply curious?”

He felt himself blushing again, about to admit a secret no-one else knew except one person. “I haven’t had sex with a man.”

“But?” Tom asked softly.

“My other best friend… We experimented together. I did feel an attraction to him. I’m still not sure if he felt anything for me in return, or if he was humouring me. It started out with masturbating together while watching porn, but to be honest, I spent more time watching him than what we were watching. I enjoyed watching him stroke his cock and loved watching him cum.”

“Ever do anything more?”

“Um… It did turn to masturbating watching transgender porn. I suggested it as… Well, I found women with penises titillating. My friend seemed to enjoy it too. And while watching that, we started to… um… masturbate each other. Doing that resulted in us switching to gay porn. That’s when I realised I had desires. I’m still not sure he ever felt the same way I did. I think I was just a release for him, he got his best friend to stroke his cock, perhaps experiment. It was always on his terms. When he had a girlfriend, it all stopped. Soon as he was single, we’d do it again.”

“Do you think he used you?”

He gave that some thought before he sighed. “In a way, I do. But he’s still my best friend. And I wouldn’t trade what we shared for anything. But I’m not sure our friendship will last. I know he’s felt more uncomfortable about it as time passes by.”

“You ever kiss him?”

That question made him laugh. “God no. It was nothing like that. He would have freaked out. Stroking his cock was fine. Kissing was intimate. He wasn’t interested in that.”

“Have you ever kissed a man?” Steven met his eyes and blushed, shaking his head. “Would you like to try?”

“You want to kiss me?”

“Do you have any idea how cute you are, Stevie?” He felt himself blush even more. Sure, he’d been called cute more than once, but whenever a girl called him that, it was a little deflating. He would have preferred ‘hot’ or ‘handsome’. Would have left him feeling more like a man. But hearing a fellow man call him ‘cute’ left him feeling funny again.


“Would you prefer adorable? Your cheeks are very red right now.”

“Um… I’m not really used to… You know, compliments.”

“How’s this for a compliment, Stevie… We had twenty-five applications to take the last room. We whittled it down to six very quickly. You’re the only one we asked to come visit.”

Steven met his eyes in surprise, wondering why his application had caught their attention. “Why?” he had to ask.

“We agreed that you’d be perfect, and we loved your picture. We all agreed that you’re very cute and wanted to meet you.”

Tom wasted no more time, leaning forward, a soft kiss on his lips. Steven found himself leaning forward to kiss him back, his heart thundering in his chest. When he felt Tom’s tongue requesting entrance, he opened his mouth to accept it, feeling a large and strong hand pulling him closer, another hand on his cheek. As Tom explored his mouth, he couldn’t help the whimper that escaped him.

When Tom pulled back, he almost whined that he stopped the kiss. Opening his eyes, he was pleased to see the smile that was waiting to greet him. “Well, I think that answers more than one question.” His eyes then moved down, the grin slowly starting to broaden. “And I think you enjoyed it too, Stevie.”

He looked down to see the tent in his trousers, feeling himself blushing again. “I did,” he said softly.

“Stevie, I’d love for you to move in, and so would the guys upstairs. But so there are no surprises, I will have to explain what one of your roles in the household will be. We’ve chosen you specifically because you are young, you’re absolutely fucking adorable, and you’re the type of young man we all love to enjoy. To put it very simply, you would be our house boy.”

“House boy? What’s that?”

“You would provide sexual relief for us, Stevie. But it won’t be a one-way transaction. We will care for your needs in return.”

Feeling his eyes widen in surprise, he felt Tom’s hand on his back to prevent him moving back. “Don’t make your decision now, and please don’t freak out.” He took a couple of seconds to recover his composure. “Now, rest assured, it would never interfere with your studies. But we have had similar young men provide services before. The last young man who was here eventually moved out at the end of last year with another housemate travesti istanbul as they started a monogamous relationship. As you’re free and single, we would like to think you’d enjoy sexual relations with the eight of us, and who knows, maybe even more men. The whole point of university is to broaden your horizons and enjoy different aspects of life. Adding to that you consider yourself bi-curious, well, what better way to satisfy your curiosity?”

He had to catch his breath and calm his heart rate before he asked, “Are you serious?”

Tom smiled, gently taking his left wrist and placing it in his lap. Steven could feel his hard cock underneath the fabric of his shorts. “Stevie, I’ve been hard since I opened the door and saw you. I’m not the only one who would love you to move in. Rest assured, we won’t just leap on you and gangbang you the day you move on. We’ll give you time to settle in, but you will also sign a contract when you do, stating what you will be here to provide.” Tom lifted a hand to stroke his cheek again. “But you will be cared for in return. I promise you that.”

Taking a deep breath, he asked, “Can I think about it?”

“Of course you can. We’d love an answer right now but I certainly understand it’s a big decision to make.” He paused before asking, “How does the idea of a man making love to you make you feel?”

“Butterflies,” he whispered, “And something I’d love to try,” he admitted.

“Think about that with your best friend?” He lowered his head as he had fallen in love with his best friend during all their time together. Tom seemed to notice. Next thing he knew, two strong arms had pulled him into a hard chest. “Trust me, Stevie, we all know how you feel about that sort of thing. Fall in love with someone close who you know will never return those feelings.”

Steven left the house a few minutes later, promising to let Tom know his decision as soon as he could. Returning home, he avoided speaking to his father about it. Waiting until the house was empty except for his mother, he sat down with her after breakfast and explained the household, even showing her the contract he’d be signing. She read it over, and he knew when she got to certain parts regarding the expectations regarding any sort of sexual exploits.

When his mother turned to look at him, she smiled, taking his hand and squeezing it. “You’ll always be my baby,” she said softly, “And I know this is who you are at heart, sweetie. I’ve known probably longer than you have. But your father… And your twin brothers…” She trailed off and sighed. “If this is what you want to do, sweetie, you have my support.” The smirk almost made him laugh. “A house full of young men?”

“Eight of them.”

“The only thing I can ask is that you’re safe when it comes to sex, sweetie.”

“We’ll all be tested when I move in. Once we’ve got our results back, Tom explained that… Well, they’ll only be having sex with me most of the time.”

He felt himself blushing so brightly, his mother actually chuckled at his reaction. “Sweetie, I’m aware you’ve had sex already with Suzy, but even then, I thought you were still bisexual. I’m more than aware you masturbate and what you’ve watched. I’ve just been waiting for you to tell me that you’ve had sex with a man, as I knew it was going to happen eventually. You’re far too cute to be ignored for too long. I’m fairly sure you’re what they call a ‘twink’ in the community.” He stared at her in surprise, his mother leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I’ve prepared myself for the day you’d finally come out to us, sweetie. But for now, this will be our little secret, okay?”

“Okay, Mum.”

“When will you move in?”

“I guess Tom will tell me when I let him know I’ll sign the contract. I won’t need to take much as the room is full furbished. Just my clothes, laptop and a few personal items at most.”

“Call him now, sweetie. Do you want to move in?”

“I’m nervous,” he admitted quietly, “He was really hot, Mum. They all were. I mean… When he kissed me…”

“It felt right?” He nodded immediately. “Does the idea of sex worry you?”

“No. It’s not that. It’s the fact there’s eight men and they all apparently want me.”

“I think that although they’d want you, they’d also look after you, sweetie. They certainly wouldn’t want to make your time living there horrible. They’d want you to stay. And you know what they say, variety is the spice of life.” That made him laugh and he felt a little relieved. “All I want is my little boy to be happy.”

“Okay, Mum. I’ll give him a call.”


Tom would admit the house was rather excited to greet their new housemate. They’d gone so far as to clean his room in preparation for his arrival. Sure, there was a cleaner that came to the house three times a week but the eight young men wanted to ensure the young man felt welcomed immediately but also comfortable in his own space. They’d have to introduce him slowly to life in the household once he was settled.

When the intercom buzzed, he told Steven he could drive his car and park it with the others. Opening the door, he watched the car move up the driveway, Steven appearing a couple of minutes later with who he assumed was his mother.

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