The Hot Tub


Master got a new hot tub to share with slave. He had it heating all day. Slave got wine and candles to make the night romantic. She set everything up while master was at work. Knowing when he gets home, she showered and shaved just before that so she would be nice and fresh and smooth for master. She put her hair in pigtails, just like master likes it. She put on her collar and sexy new bathrobe and opened the door for master as instructed. She helped master get out of his work clothes and into something more comfortable. Dinner was waiting for master as she cooked all day for him.

After master eats they go to the hot tub where slave’s job is to keep master happy. Master gets in the hot tub and instructs slave to pour drinks and get in. She climbs in and starts giving master a hand job. Enjoying the warmth and jets slave gets lost in her own world as she continues jerking him off. He nurses his wine and enjoys her work. He decides he wants more, so he pushes her head under the water and tells her to give him head, NOW. She goes to work, holding her breath going fast and deep until she can’t breathe anymore and she comes up for air. She takes a breath and goes back to work. Master enjoys the attention. He is so close, she comes up for air again, and he smacks her. She yelps but goes back to work to avoid further punishment. Master wants to cum so slave uses her mouth and hands to make him happy. He cums but is still mad at slave for stopping so he makes her get out of the hot tub and stand there until she has learned her lesson. Meanwhile master invites his friends over to enjoy the hot tub and the view. Before slave knew what was happening there were five guys in the hot tub and she was still standing there naked and freezing. Master tells her to pour his friends drinks.

As she does that master summons his friends’ slaves. Announcing a competition. The slaves were to try and make each other cum, by any means possible. The last one that hasn’t cum gets to enjoy the hot tub the rest of the night while the others serve their masters and her, except the last place slave girl who will be tied up and beaten by each master in turn for being a useless cumslut. The winning slave’s Master will fuck her well while the losing girls will only be allowed anal. Master tells the girls to start. They suck and finger their competition. Master Robert’s slave was the first to cum and was tied up tight near the tub. The girls kept going, Master Miguel’s slave was next. Then Master Jonathon’s. The competition was now between Master Jake and my Master’s slave. Slave was determined to not let master down at his own party. She does everything she can to get slave Isobel to cum. After a long battle, slave Isobel cums violently. Master is so proud of slave and invites her into the hot tub.

Instructing Master Miguel’s slave to pour her a glass of wine. Slave enjoys her victory. Master rewards her with sex right then and there with passionate sex and allows her to cum all she wants. Master begins beating Master Robert’s slave ruthlessly. Followed by Master Jonathon and Master Robert. Master Miguel and Master Jake are busy fucking their slaves asses, both angry that they lost, being rough with their slaves, this continues all night. Everyone starts going home, the slaves all rather sore and tired from being fucked and serving everyone all night. Master Robert finally unties his slave and drags her home.

Master is proud of slave but she is still has duties. She cleans up and meets master in his bedroom. She thinks she has done well, forgetting about her earlier indiscretions. Master grabs her and ties her to the bed, picks out his favorite vibrator and butt plug along with a chastity belt, securing all of them in place. Once that is done, the vibrator is turned on, she isn’t allowed Belek escort to cum. Master gets his flogger and starts beating her ass. She knows not to stop when master is so close. Master gives her 50 strokes on her ass then unties her and sends her off to her cage for bed. He locks her in with the vibe still on high secured by the chastity belt. It will be a long night for slave.

Master wakes up, remembering what a night he had with his new hot tub. He sees that slave is still sleeping, rather restlessly from the stimulation from the vibrator. He goes to her room and opens the cage, waking slave up. She whimpers but says nothing; she doesn’t want to start her day with a punishment for speaking without permission. Master unlocks the chastity belt, taking the plug and vibrator out. Slave’s pussy is dripping wet. He instructs her to use the bathroom, take a cold shower and clean herself up, she has 15 minutes, GO. Slave gets cleaned up just in time, with barely seconds to spare. Master instructs her to make breakfast and coffee. Slave gets to work on Master’s favorite breakfast, bacon, grits and eggs. Master settles in his game room, and begins playing his game. Slave brings his breakfast to him, with some orange juice and coffee.

Slave leaves master to play his game and eat breakfast, as she begins her morning chores, trying to ignore her empty stomach, she knows better than to ask for food or to sneak food, master always checks everything. She cleans up from cooking, then starts cleaning the floors and the rest of the kitchen. Master calls from the game room, he says he has plans for slave today and her chores will have to wait. Slave is slightly nervous, what could be so important that chores wait?

She was going to find out sooner than she thought, as the door bell rang. Slave, still naked, answered it. Master Jake and slave Isobel were standing there. Slave welcomed them into Master’s house, leading them to master’s game room. Master instructs slave to sit at his feet, Master Jake tells slave Isobel the same thing. The slaves know the two of them together will probably spell bad news for them. Their masters start talking, ignoring their worried slaves at their feet. Slaves listen intently, they wanted to know what their tasks would be for the day. After 10 minutes, slave was pale as a sheet. Master Jake wanted a competition between his slave and Master’s slave. Only this time it wouldn’t be to see who would cum first it would be to see who can follow instructions the best. Master and Master Jake went out to the deck, instructing their slaves to crawl behind them. The slaves chanced a glance at each other, game on. Slave was determined to show that she was still the best, slave Isobel was determined not to let her master down, again. The day started out with simple commands, sit, stand, do jumping jacks, serve master drinks.

As the day went on, and proceeded to get extremely hot, the commands got more and more strenuous, ride master, make him cum, do anal, finger yourself until you cum, wear the most painful nipple clamps, take the cane across the ass for 15 minutes. Both girls were exhausted and stretched to their limit, but doing equally well in the competition, neither one wanted to break. The competition remained even into the night, when their masters moved them down to the dungeon, tying each to the saw horse, with vibrators in their pussies, clamps on their tits, and giant plugs up their asses, they were instructed not to make a sound as their competition’s master whipped them. The first one to make a sound loses. Both slave and slave Isobel were determined to stay quiet. Their pussies were on fire, their asses and tits were in pain. Now Master Jake started on slave’s ass and Master started on slave Isobel’s ass, relentlessly. Neither Belek escort bayan wanted to lose. The slaves had not been told what the punishment was for losing, but they were both sure, they did not want to find out.

After about half an hour Master and Master Jake took a break, got something to drink and turned up the vibrators. They were both equally sure that they were about to crack the other one’s slave. They began to go back at them, harder and faster this time, the slave girls were sure they would not be sitting for weeks after this. Slave lost focus for one second as she orgasmed and she screamed in pain as the next blow hit her ass. Master Jake was ecstatic, Master was furious. All she could think is oh shit! Master Jake and slave Isobel enjoyed their victory and embraced in a loving hug after she was untied.

Slave remained tied to the saw horse, for now, she knew that when she was untied, her fortune would be even more regrettable. Master has not been this angry in a while. Slave has been so good lately, she has remembered her training and respect. However, now she has embarrassed master in front of his friend. Master Jake said that it was only fair that slave Isobel got a reward from Master for winning, slave got a reward last night. Master instructed slave to make slave Isobel cum, while still tied to the horse. Slave hated eating pussy, especially when it was her best friends, it was so degrading. But, slave Isobel won. So slave Isobel laid down in front of slave’s mouth, and slave went to work. Licking and sucking slave Isobel’s pussy. She was sure she could make her friend cum in seconds, she knew all of her hotspots, but after the extend torture, slave Isobel was not about to cum easily, slave had to work harder. She focused on slave Isobel’s clit, sucking it, rolling it in her lips, licking it, going back to her pussy thrusting her tongue in and out. After what seemed like forever, slave Isobel had another explosive orgasm, all over slave’s face.

Master told Master Jake that he could begin slaves punishment. Slave was sure her ass could not take another hit, she was scared. Master decided it was her pussy and her mouth that would be punished, as they were the offending orifices. Slaves mouth was filled with an inflatable penis gag, punishment for crying out. Her face was still covered in sticky cum, Master Jake found it hilarious. Once slave’s mouth was filled, master dragged her over to the hard wooden table that he would tie her to, face up, spread eagle, for the remainder of her punishment. Master told Master Jake to pick a flogger and get to work on slave’s needy pussy. Master Jake picked slaves least favorite flogger, it hurt like a bitch, on a good day. Now on her pussy she knew she would be in more pain than she had been in for a while.

Master Jake went to work, flogging slave’s pussy. Slave lost count after 32 strokes, she was in so much pain she thought she would faint, every time she cried out, Master inflated the gag more, she really needs to learn to keep quiet. Finally Master Jake stops, tired from his hard work, slaves pussy was striped from the beating. She would be sore for weeks. But she was sure Master would not let her get away without his own touch of punishment. But he had to show Master Jake and slave Isobel out, leaving slave in the dungeon, to soak in all of the pain.

When master finally came back, he was pissed. He grabbed a whip, and began working slave’s entire body, there was not an inch he didn’t cover, it wrapped around her legs and torso as he hit her. Her tits were screaming from the combination of the clamps and the beating. Master didn’t stop. Her entire front was red from Master’s wrath. After what seemed like an eternity, Master stopped, it was eerily quiet. Master went Escort Belek upstairs, leaving slave alone yet again. When he came back he told slave that if she was going to let him down like that again that she should remember this beating, and amplify it by 100. He untied her and sent her to her cage. He locked her in and went to bed. It had been a long day.

Master and Master Jake could not let a tie stand. Someone had to win. So the next weekend, after slave had time to recover from the three painful beatings, there would be one last competition between slave and slave Isobel. Neither one wanted to lose, especially as they remembered their punishments after losing the previous weekend. Knowing their masters, both girls were nervous about their last task. Neither Master Jake nor Master would reveal what it would be.

So Friday night, Master Jake and slave Isobel arrived at masters house ready to begin. Each slave was given $300 and a skimpy outfit to wear the next day, they knew better than to be excited about being allowed clothing; that was usually a bad sign. They were to go to the sex shop and buy whatever they thought Master and Master Jake would like, all of it was to be for BDSM. They weren’t told that the loser would get everything used on her on Sunday. So they went to the store and started shopping, buying anything they thought would please Master and Master Jake. Whips, chains, chastity belt with a dildo and a plug built-in, everything. When they arrived home, the butler labeled the bags 1 for Slave Isobel and 2 for slave.

Master and Master Jake decided who made the best use of their $300. They decided

was the better purchase. The slaves were told in the morning and Slave Isobel burst into tears, Master Jake cussed loudly. Slave is so happy that she won! So Master and Master Jake set up the purchases and decided on their order of use. They tied Isobel to a rectangular frame so she can be reached on all sides. They started with a new fishhook gag and collar, continued with vibrating nipple clamps adding 30 gram weights to each, stringing them together and tying them to the D ring on the new collar. Clothes pins adorn her entire torso leading to the clamp on her clit and pussy lips, she was then filled with the new dildo and butt plug. They whipped her with a crop, whip, flogger, and chain. She was a mess when they finally took her down but it was not over, they filled her with the new chastity belt and another new gag. Slave was so happy she won but felt bad her best friend was in so much pain.

Master and Master Jake continue beating slave Isobel’s tits. Her pussy is so sore, they won’t leave it alone, even though the chastity belt. Poor girl. Master Jake is pissed and gong extremely hard on slave Isobel, she should have known better. Master is so happy slave did not let him down. She would be rewarded tonight.

Finally Master Jake and slave Isobel went home.

Master was so happy that slave won the competition against slave Isobel. She was going to love her surprise. Master tied her to the saw horse for the time being, she wouldn’t be allowed to see her surprise until master was ready. He knew she would be extremely wet, wanting to fuck master, so he went to the bedroom and set up the romantic atmosphere they both love so much.

He brought slave upstairs blindfolded, so she doesn’t know what he has planned. Master lays her on the bed of roses, takes her blindfold off, and starts kissing slave all over, nibbling on her tits and neck. She can’t wait to see what else he has planned. He turns on romantic music, turns the lights down, and starts making love to slave. Slow and romantic. It is the best sex slave has had for a long time. Master loves slave’s pussy, so wet and warm. Slave never wants this to end, but then master cums in her pussy and tells her to clean up and get back in bed; she would be sleeping in master’s bed tonight. But that means she has responsibilities, she must keep master happy. If he wants head, she gives him head; he wants sex she puts out. It was going to be a busy night.

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