The Cul-De-Sac Of Virgins Part 2


Sally quietly sat at the kitchen table with her head bowed as she listened to me play the phone recording of her wanking me off for the pleasure of her mates, thinking I was asleep. I tried my best not to laugh as I heard quotes like,”Ann-Marie, will you try and keep your masturbation noises down!””You’re getting me wet with your noises!”And, “You try wanking a cock, your own pussy and filming, it’s not bloody easy!” The film finished with Sis running out of the room, having made me cum.”Well?” I asked as Sally kept her head bowed blushing profusely.”Sorry,” she whispered.I was being too cruel, for in truth, I had enjoyed the whole experience, but I had to confront Sis about it some time or other.”You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” She asked, raising her soulful eyes.”Of course not but you’ve got to tell me a few things in return.”  “Why?” She anxiously blurted.”Because I’m concerned, that’s why I can’t understand why you and your friends are so desperate to do such a thing?””Because we’re desperately bored virgins,” she bleated with disgust, “apart from Jane, thanks to you.””Jane’s not as experienced as she makes out. She was a really lousy screw, the worst I’ve ever had.””But at least she’s not a virgin!” “That’s not the problem, sexual frustration is. If it was just virginity that was bothering you all why is Jane still joining in with your group masturbation sessions?””That’s because…” she started her voice trailing off to a stop.”So what do you do, all sit on the couch watching porn and masturbate?””Yeah, pretty much so.””All there spreading your legs with your hands rubbing your panties.””Yes, okay, I’m not proud of it.””Do any of you touch each other?””No, I don’t!” Sally raged.”Sorry, I’m just baffled why four attractive girls can’t get laid,” I pondered.”Jane and Gemma do,” again Sally’s voice trailed off.”Do what?””Let their hands wander into each other’s panties.””Really, by the sound of things, they hated each other.””No, they’re friends, when we are in each other’s houses they take it upstairs now and then.” My head reeled with a vision of the gorgeous Gemma and Jane naked on a bed in the sixty-nine position until Sis broke in.”They just get each other off with their hands, they don’t get naked or kiss.””How do you know?””We tell each other everything. I think Gemma’s a bit worried that she’ll lose Jane but what they do is through sexual frustration. They don’t start aiming to get into each other’s pants they just get so worked up watching porn, and now and again it happens.””So they don’t meet alone?” “No, never, we’re too close to keep secrets şişli escort bayan from each other.” I wondered about that, but it was true they all were extraordinarily close, maybe that was their problem. My mind boggled, searching for a way to help, “Have any of you tried online dating?””We did and got a lot of attention from locals. Most of them were low brows, too thick, some looked ugly, others just weird and a lot the wrong star sign. ” “Wrong star sign! Are you joking?””We may be desperate, but we still have standards.” “You’ll have to lower them if you want to get laid.””We did, and it was a disaster, Anne-Marie, and I decide to visit ‘old man Jacob’ who messaged us.”Old man Jacob! You can do better than that.””He was safe, and we could trust him. You don’t know how scary it can be.” She pleaded.”So, what went wrong?” “We went to his house, and he was so pleased to see us. He invited us in and then gave us a drink. Eventually, he said, “Let’s get started then.”He asked Anne-Marie and me to kneel facing the back of the couch with our arms on the headrest, making us push our bottoms out. We did, and then he pulled our skirts up and panties down, we thought he was going to Roger us both from behind, but then he proceeded to spank us.””Spank you! I didn’t think you were the sort?””We’re not. It just went that way, he said he needed to do a little spanking to get him going. And so…””He spanked you and nailed you both.””No,” sighed Sally, “he still couldn’t get it up, God I’ve never been so desperate for a seeing-to, I was close to tears.” “Oh god, so he got to spank you, and you got nothing. I’d have been furious. Do you want me to sort him out?” I raged.”No, no, please don’t, his intentions were good.””Sure they were!” I fumed.”It was just a spanking, but for all that, it was something sexual, real, better than nothing.” “Sis, you’ve got to stop this otherwise you’re going to get into trouble, like getting preggers or catching some, er, em some skin complaint. Two of you have committed incestuous acts already.” “I didn’t hear you complaining.” “I was asleep.””Yeah, sure you were.””It doesn’t matter. You and Jane have wanked your brothers off, that’s pretty desperate.” “I think Jane made up her story about tossing off her brother,” said Sally avoiding my words of wisdom, which I addressed to her with a raging hard-on.”That doesn’t matter, it’s the motivation behind the fantasy, any cock will do!” I surmised.”Well, it will!” Sis stressed loudly.I sighed in exasperation and took a moment to look at Sis who was going through a range of emotions.”What şişli escort bayan other silly things have you done in your desperation?” Hoping I had heard the worst of it.”Nothing much, just a little harmless flashing,” Sally blithely trotted out.”Harmless flashing!” I blurted out in horror, “where?”We went on a hike into the country and were on top of the motorway bridge. We just did the usual girl thing.””What do you mean?””You know, just waving at the drivers to see which of us could get the most waves back.”I groaned, “What are you? School kids? Are you that desperate for attention?””It was just a bit of fun until Jane started losing and so to boost her wave back ratio, she started flashing her boobs.””What, tits out?””Well, not at first, she kept her bra on.””Oh, God.””We just got carried away, as soon as we saw she was getting more attention we all got our tits out, even Anne-Marie. The drivers were going delirious, waving beeping horns giving us the thumbs up. It was just harmless fun.”The image of four randy girls flashing their tits for attention on top of a bridge must have been quite a sight for road-weary lorry drivers. “It got out of control when Gemma played her ace card, she got her tits right out.””Bloody hell, I bet that got some attention,” I opined while dreaming away at the image of the big-boobed Gemma shaking her tits for the drivers. “It stopped there? Please tell me it stopped there!””It would have, but you know Jane.””Oh god, what did she do?””Pulled her jeans and panties down!””You’re joking?””No, right there on top of the bridge.””You mad cows, you do know you could get arrested for that?””We nearly did. A car pulled up behind us on the bridge, a police car.””I knew it, then what happened?””We put our tits away.””Of course, I hardly think they’d arrest you, tits out,” I angrily interjected although the image of Gemma standing before a woman policewoman being scolded with her gorgeous boobs out was turning me on no end.”The police just let us off with a warning.””Good, next time they might press charges.””Randy bastards! They really enjoyed themselves trying to make us squirm as they pointed out what we did.””Let that be a lesson, they made you squirm just to remind you of what a silly thing you did.””Ha, that didn’t work. We all ended up wanting to fuck them!”I shook my head as I lifted from the table, wondering what had happened to my innocent little sister? Only a few days ago I had never heard her mention anything sexual. Now it was flowing out of her mouth like a broken sewage pipe. I pushed my chair under the table only mecidiyeköy escort to hear Sally say, “Do you want some help with that?”I looked down and saw a prominent bulge produced with the images of Gemma’s tits.”Behave!”The image of Gemma flashing her tits at the motorists had got my blood up, and as she had been party to watching the video feed of me being wanked off, I texted her asking if we could have a little chat.As it was the day after my cock had been filmed and wanked off, I was sure she knew what I wanted to chat about.I got to her flat early that evening, and she answered the door in her bathrobe.”Sorry, I’ve just got out of the shower,” She explained. Her hair was wet and yet strangely, her feet were stockinged and heeled. “Come on in.”I followed her into her living room and sat on her sofa. “Cup of tea?” She offered.I sat on the sofa, thinking of what to say until Gemma came back in the room. She was in a black corset, fishnets, black silk panties and high black heels. Her ample boobs pushed out from her corset as she posed hand on hip.”Have you come here to fuck me?” She brazenly asked with a big smile. I pushed off the sofa and walked towards her and came face to face. I pulled my trousers down, revealing my prominent erection. Gemma’s face lit up! “Wow, it looks much more impressive in the flesh! May I touch it?””As long as I can play with your boobs!””Deal!’ Broke Gemma grabbing my cock, “Fuck, that’s hard!””He’s pleased to see you,” croaked as she inexpertly stroked my cock with virgin hands.”We’d better get him up then!” She teased.I fell to my knees, pulling her panties down over her fishnet stockings in one swoop exposing her divine triangle. I clamped my hands on her plump ass and went to work on her pussy. This was going to be a screw to remember with her pussy nice and moist. I nibbled her lips while my hands kneaded her firm ripe big ass, and very soon, I could feel her legs trembling.The vibrations were so strong through her body that I only had to stiffen my tongue and keep it still near her nub for her to excite herself. While doing so, I caressed her ass cheeks with the head of my stiff cock occasionally grazing her stockings.Despite her bodily fluids flowing and her muscles reacting, Gemma kept remarkably silent during my administrations. I took a good grip of her ass cheeks and inserted my tongue right up into her, and at last, she gasped. Her pussy flooded into my mouth, and I let my fingers work their way up and down her ass crack.With her legs trembling, I guided her to the sofa, my hands on her stocking tops. I sat her down and birthed myself between her legs. In front of me was my main goal, her big exciting boobs doing their best to pop out of the top of her corset.Gemma looked at me through glazed eyes, and unlike Jane, she was in no hurry to lose her dreaded virginity. 

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