The Birthday Present


“I’m off now” I call up the stairs.

Birdy, my wife, races down to great me. “Don’t forget to be home at 4 this afternoon, I have a surprise for you” she says as she plants a sensual goodbye kids on my lips, drawing her ample frame close to my with a hand caressing my ass.

“And, happy birthday” she says with a sultry wink.


The day passed quickly. The usual manic chaos of a school giving way to the quiet, planning and preparation reserved for after hours before leaving for home.

Driving home I wondered what was so urgent and why I had to be home at exactly 4, but what Birdy wants, Birdy gets… I just hoped she wanted to give me a nice physical gift…


All quiet at home as the kids were out but, as I walked down the hall, I could hear muffled noises from upstairs. I’d half expected Birdy to meet me at the door, preferably in some kinky underwear, at 4 but it seems that I had to find her instead.

Following the noises I came to our bedroom, an expansive room with a huge bed, bigger than we needed despite our sizes. Where as I’m tall with a bit of a belly and a need for a good workout each week, Birdy is shorter and a size 18. She has luscious fat around her middle you can sink your fingers into, and huge round tits. Her porcelain white, freckled skin and deep red hair make her a picture of Rubenesque beauty. Her freckles run from her head down over her gigantic 40GG breasts and on to her belly accentuating the bright pink puffy areolae, topped with thick protruding nipples, that draw my attention whenever I get to enjoy the sight of her naked.

The sight, then, as I opened the door was somewhat confusing, and my brain processed it consciously much slower than my rapidly growing, expectant member. From the noises, I’d expected to find Birdy naked, waiting for me and gently stroking herself into receptive wetness.

What I found was my bed filled with Birdy and another woman.

To my surprise I was not angry, or disappointed, and I didn’t feel betrayed. I was turned on. Immensely. The site of my wife and this vaguely familiar women laid on my bed together in a confusing embrace was causing a Ankara Rus Escort reaction in my body that told me I was not walking away from this. My brain took its time to process what I was seeing.

I was fixated by the other woman. A young, brown woman. By her features, I’d guess she was Indian, and beautiful. Her body was not unlike Birdy’s, but bigger. She was taller and larger in every way and, as I processed the scene of barely undulating flesh, white juxtaposed with brown, I realised that I had a full view of the woman’s face because my wife was suckling on her enormous breast.

The onslaught of sensuous smells, sounds and the dim light of winter overwhelmed my senses as my wife drew herself away from the woman to meet me. I watched her as she rolled over towards me, stand up and step, unsteadily, toward me. She was a little shaky on her legs but she moved forward immediately beginning to unbutton my shirt.

“This is Lara” she said, “she’s one of the school mums and we’ve got quite close over the last few months. She’s only 22 and needed some help.”

“I can see you’ve got quite close” I said, looking passed my wife to Lara, get head now resting on her hand causing gravity to draw her ample body gently towards the mattress.

I took in the glorious sight as my wife continued to undress and paw my body. Lara was easily 5ft 10in and a good 300lbs. Her breasts made my wife’s look ordinary. Huge orbs with enough sag for them to have stacked in a sloppy pile, on on top of the other, as she lay there. Her belly, a round, luscious mass of flesh, soft and inviting, thick legs leading to henna-stained feet. Hey other hand rested on the natural dip of her side between ribcage and hip, it too covered in beautiful henna patterns.

My wife kissed me, hard and passionately, but she tasted different. As if pre-orchestrated, Lara caressed her enormous breast as Birdy’s tongue entered my mouth. A gentle dribble of white lactate, the mother’s milk I was taking on Birdy’s lips, seeped down the enormous black areola of Lara’s huge tit.

“Happy birthday” she said in a think Indian accent, “would you like a taste?”

I looked Yenimahalle Escort at my wife. She smiled a sultry smile back and told me “I want you to enjoy every part of her. Lara’s here for us to enjoy together.”

Now naked, my wife pushed me towards the bed. I clambered across it and initiated a first electric touch with Lara’s skin. I almost came right there and then add my fingers sunk a little into the flesh of her belly. My hands explored her body as she allowed hers to roam over mine. Birdy joined us from the other side of Lara’s wanton mass, more forceful, grasping and kneading Lara’s flesh, teaching her hands towards the huge, milk-filled orbs.

Milk tricked gently from the nub of each black, saucer-sized areola and, as my wife grasped the immense tit-flesh, the flow turned into pressurised jets spraying warm milk at my chest. She held up Lara’s mammoth tit offering it to me to suckle. I didn’t need to be offered twice and down my head to draw in the thick, black nub. My mouth filled with sweet, warm milk, flowing enthusiastically from this beautiful young mother’s breast.

I fed hungrily as my wife’s hands explored Lara’s generous body. Lara’s hand roamed over mine, finding my solid member which had nestled into her soft belly. I gently ground against her flesh, my precum lubricating my movements. Lara began to guide me down a slippery trail from her beautiful abdomen to her bare pussy as my wife carressed her huge thighs into opening in preparation for my indulging. Spread wide, her thick legs invited me into her most intimate parts. My wife’s delicate fingers carressed Lara’s glistening snatch as she welcomed my throbbing member in.

I knelt, grasping her gorgeous, ample thighs and nestled the head of my engorged member between the lips of her dripping pussy. With a gentle push I broke the seal, driving my hard rod into the folds of her pulsing sex. Each thrust deeper into Lara’s quivering body caused a jet of milk to shoot from each of her trembling udders. I grasped at her belly gaining purchase as I pumped into her, filling her deeply. Birdy now nestled hey thighs around Lara’s head allowing me to enjoy the full view of Lara’s tongue delving deep into the folds of my wife’s vagina, hey juices flowing down Lara’s face, into her milky tits as my wife carressed and squeezed them.

My hands roaming over Lara’s generous folds, I pumped harder and harder feeling her tense around me. My wife, cradling Lara’s tits ordered me to nurse from her as I came. Dipping my head, I drew one milking nipple into my mouth, again tasting the sweet lactate. My wife squeezed Lara’s huge, brown tits tightly together forcing a second nipple into my mouth, spraying milk deep into my gullet. Lara began to buck, ripples undulating through her body. I pumped harder in reply taking moans of pain and pleasure, muffled by my wife’s pussy, as encouragement.

Trembling and tensing I exploded filling Lara’s with hot streams of semen, her body immediately responding in mind, bucking hard as she came hard, squirting milk and pussy juices from her abused body, moaning hard and intensely lapping at my wife’s own snatch. Birdy couldn’t help but respond, eyes rolling back she exploded. My dreams more than fulfilled as my beautiful wife squirted, coming hard, over Lara’s and my faces. Birdy’s sensual ejaculate mixing with the sweet white milk of Lara on her enormous tits sent me into overdrive again, pumping voraciously. I hurriedly pulled out, drawing a flow of juices from Lara’s pussy, my cock throbbing as I pummeled it into her belly during thick streams of cum over the trembling mess teaching lines across her abdomen and hide tits.

My wife, her intense orgasm subsiding, drew herself around beside Lara and began to lap the mixture of juices from her chest. Lara, panting hard, stroked her hair and her belly enjoying the warmth of my cum inside her. She closed her eyes as my wife lapped at her dark skin.

“Let me clean you up” she says as I move to staffing beside the bed. She turns her head, opening her mouth and finds my rod, still hard and slick for our juices. She draws it into her mouth, cleaning and noshing the member, feasting on her juices mixed with mine.

Sticky and exhausted we collapse together on the mattress, panting and purring as we bask in the act that we’ve just committed. My wife and I, either side of Lara, stroke her body, our hands occasionally meeting and jointly caressing the luscious fat of this beautiful woman.

“Can we keep her?” I ask in a daze from multiple, hard orgasms and now our post-chill.

“I’ve been meaning to speak to you about that.” my wife replies.

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