The Anniversary


We’ve been out for dinner. I’m wearing a simple dress with a full skirt, black stockings with seams running up the backs of my legs, and stilettos with ankle straps. You were generous with the wine tonight and I’m feeling very relaxed, but you’ve been careful as you were driving so you’re in full control, as always.

We get home, and you take my hand to lead me up the stairs to our room. You close the door, having put the lights on low, so I can barely see. We kiss, and you undo the fastening of my dress, sliding it off me. You realise that my stockings are my only underwear, and smile.

We’re standing at the bottom of the bed, and you whisper to me to close my eyes. I wait, listening to you move, trying to decide what you’re doing but unable to tell. Then I feel your hands at my ankles, followed quickly by the feel of leather cuffs surrounding them. You turn me round, so I’m facing the bed, and fasten chains from my ankles to the bedposts, spreading my legs wide and making sure that the chains are set so that I can’t close them again.

You stand close behind me, kissing my neck. I can feel your clothes brushing against my back, the roughness of your trousers, the cotton of your shirt, and the cold metal of your belt buckle. You put your arms around me, hugging me, then move your hands to my breasts, weighing them up, then squeezing gently before touching my nipples gently with your thumbs. Just as I’m starting to sway into your caress, you stop, and push my back to make me bend forward over the bed, putting my hands out to support myself. Then you move round to my side, take my right hand and stretch me toward the top of the bed. I watch as you pull a leather wrist cuff from beneath the pillow and fasten it on, before using the attached chain to fix my wrist to the top of the headboard. My arm is stretched out so that I can’t move it, and my body is at full stretch from the hips. You check the length of chain attaching my wrist to the top of the bed, to make sure that there’s no give in it, then place a pillow beneath my stomach to provide support before moving to the other side. Taking my left wrist you attach it in the same way to the top of the bed.

I’m left helpless, unable to move from my position on the bed, which provides you with full access to any part of my body you wish. You ask if I’m enjoying myself, then move to kiss me again, making sure to graze my breast while you’re there. Just as I’m losing myself in your kiss you stop, and move behind me. I turn my head as much as I can to try and see what you’re doing, just in time to see you walking back to my head with a strip of cloth in your hand. ‘Close your eyes’ you command, then put the blindfold in place, being careful not kozyatağı escort to catch my hair in the knot. You move behind me again, smoothing your hand over my bottom, but being careful not to touch anything more intimate.

Then you start running your hands down my legs, holding my thighs at the tops of my stockings. You stand up, so close that I feel your belt buckle against my skin, then move away again, before once more starting to caress my bottom with your hands. This time, when you reach the crease at the top of my thigh you allow your hands to move towards my centre, dipping a finger briefly within me, finding me dripping from the build up of tension in the room. ‘Hold that thought’ you command, and I am aware of you moving away again. I strain to hear where you are and what you are doing, then realise that you’re undressing when I feel your belt laid gently across my bottom, then pulled across so the buckle travels from one side to the other. ‘Do as I say, or it will be used harshly here’ you say, although we both know that I’m not going to disobey you.

Now you’re at my side, and I feel your hands on my breasts again, reaching over and round me so that you can touch both at once. You squeeze them over again, gently at first, then harder, before pinching my nipples, pulling on them till I moan. Then one hand leaves my breast and smoothes over my back, down my spine to my bottom, cupping it gently before finding its way once more to my pussy, dipping in again, but only the tips of your fingers, leaving me trying to move so that I have more of you inside me. Then you leave my breasts completely, moving both hands to my bottom and pussy, one hand pushing into me while the other finds my clit and brushes it oh so gently with the tip of one finger. I’m about to come when you stop, leaving me begging you to carry on.

You move away for the bed, but it takes me a moment to realise, and by the time I do you’re already on your way back, with a vibrator in your hand, although I don’t know it yet, blindfolded and awash with desire as I am. I feel your fingers at my pussy once more, and then you start putting the vibrator in. It feels so big, and hard that I almost come there and then, but somehow it’s not quite enough. Once it’s fully in you starting moving it back and forth, a little further and harder each time. I’m trying to push against it but can’t get any leverage with my hands tied as they are. Then you push the vibrator fully in, as afar as it will go and switch it on to full without warning.

The effect is electric — I come immediately, my limbs straining against their bindings as they tense and relax with the waves of küçükyalı escort sensation flooding through me. I moan, feeling the vibrations send sparks down my nerves so that the soles of my feet feel as though they are burning in my shoes. My back arches as far as it can within my restraints and I feel myself pushing backwards onto the vibrator before I start to relax again.

You give me no respite though; leaving it fully inserted and throbbing deep within me you move away again, and then before it can slip out of my sodden pussy you’re back, using some sort of strapping to hold it in place. I feel your fingers at my clit again, bringing me back towards orgasm, but not quite pushing me over the edge. ‘My turn’ you say. I don’t know what you mean till I realise that you’ve moved onto the bed, kneeling between my outstretched arms. You guide my head, lifting my face up so that my mouth brushes your penis, and command me to lick it. I do so, following your commands as you move within my mouth, sometimes sucking hard, at others relaxing while you thrust, ever further into my mouth until I feel you at the back of my throat. You hold my head hard between your hands as I feel you swelling even more and then you come in my mouth, almost choking me with the force of your explosion. All the while I can feel the vibrator hard against my cervix, bringing me ever closer to my own release.

When you have recovered you move off the bed again, and back down to behind me, teasing my nipples on the way past. You remove the vibrator, ignoring my moan of protest, then briefly caress my pussy with your fingers, before slapping my bottom without warning. I shriek, and you immediately smack me again ‘Be quiet’ you hiss. Twice more you smack me, before moving away once again.

Then I feel the vibrator against my pussy once more, pushing its way inside me. I am wondering when you are going to turn it on when I suddenly realise that it’s a different vibrator. I feel the additional head against my clit just as you press the button to start it up. It’s deeper inside than I’ve ever felt it, and then I feel your hand in the small of my back, pressing down so my back is forced into an exaggerated curve, and my bottom upwards into the air. You experiment with the vibrator, trying slightly different angles until you find the one that has maximum effect on me. You leave the vibrator there, holding it steady until I come.

You turn the vibrator down, so that it’s barely buzzing against my clit, and again tie it in place. No matter how I move, I can’t get the sweet irritation of my clit to stop, and I’m ever aware of the length of vibrator inside me, although at mutlukent escort the moment it’s quiescent. Before long, despite the lesser stimulation I am close to coming again, and then I feel your hands on my hips, moving over my bottom again. Just as I start to come you use your hand to smack me again, the pain mingling with my orgasm and sending me higher.

‘My turn again. You say, removing the vibrator, and taking hold of my hips with both hands. I feel your prick nudging its way inside me, and push back as best I can to meet you. You’re so turned on by watching me that you feel larger than ever before to me. You thrust all the way in in one move, hold there for a moment feeling my internal muscles still twitching with the after-effects of my climax, and then start moving. I feel you move back and forth, every tiny movement feeling huge to my oversensitive body. As you move faster you hold my hips harder, pulling me towards you as you thrust forwards. I can feel you hitting my cervix, but it just turns me on more. This time we come together, and you almost collapse on top of me.

As soon as you recover you pull out despite my protests. These are soon stopped when you once more insert the vibrator, and turn it on to full clit stimulation. Again you tie it in place, then come to my head and command me to lick you clean. Once this is done, I am nearing climax again from the stimulation to my clit, helped by the fact that you have been playing with my breasts while I have been cleaning you. I am so caught up in the building sensations I am feeling in my pussy that I am barely aware when you leave and go to stand behind me again. Then I feel your fingers at my bottom, pushing gently against my anus. I realise that you’ve got lube on them but am too caught up in my rapidly approaching climax to protest. Then you replace your fingers with a vibrator, a new one I didn’t know we had. Slimmer than the others, it is still larger than your fingers, and you start pushing it slowly into my anus, stopping every time I start to tense. Before long it’s fully inserted as well, and then you turn it on low.

Stepping back you watch me move to some unseen conductor’s timing, pushing back against the false cocks in both my holes. You gradually turn the vibrator up, stepping back each time to watch the effect on my movements. Finally it’s fully on, and I start to come.

Just as I think I can take no more, and have come for the last time that night, you turn the main vibrator in my pussy onto full as well. The slow circular movements it makes push against the vibrator in my bottom, making it feel even bigger and driving me up to another peak. You then remove the vibrator from my pussy, replacing it with your prick but leaving the other in my bottom. Soon, you empty yourself in me, then remove the second vibrator, leaving me draped over the bed.

I am hardly aware of you removing the restraints, and gently undoing my shoes before rolling down my stockings. You help me to crawl onto the bed, and gather me in your arms.

‘Happy Anniversary, my wife’ you murmur.

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