The Alleyway


Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.

This story is based on true events.

My name is Emma and I’m currently in uni. I’m was waiting for my roommate to get home. Mia was a stunning dark haired girl and I was lucky to get her as a roommate. I was very sex free and it turns out she was even more sex free than I was. She was the first girl I ever fucked. After a few nights together and a few drinks she told me she was bi. After a few more drinks I soon found myself naked between her legs.

After that we would fuck each other weekly. We even used toys on each to help us experiment. We also encouraged each other to try new things and new people. My first time trying anal was because she told me to try it.

We also had a bet system going. When one of us asked for a favour or got helped out in anyway they would need to do a forfeit. These forfeits could be anything we wanted and we normally used them for our own pleasure. The last one she owed me I made her make out with a fat girl who was trying to hit on me. That ended with Mia getting fingered for a bit before she could get away. That meant the forfeit that I now owed her would be a bad one.

“Creeps out again.” Mia said as she walked into the room.

“He’s out every night.” I told her.

The creep was a homeless man that stayed in an ally opposite our block of dorms. He was harmless we think but he did like to grab his cock and offer any of the girls a good time when they walked past.

“Did he offer you a good time?” I asked.

“You know he did.” She replied.

“Maybe if someone took him up on his offer he would stop asking so much.” I said.

“You offering?” She asked.

“No way.” I told her.

“You do owe me a forfeit.” She said.

“Not that though.” I said. She got a sly smile on her face as she made her way to her bed.

“Your forfeit is to go outside and if he asks you for a good time you offer him a blowjob.” She said.

“No way.” I said.

“You know the rules you can’t say no.”

“But this is too much.”

“He might not say anything to you and that will be it.”

“And what if he does?”

“Well then it’s only a blowjob.”

“He will be all dirty. And he might be dangerous.”

“He will be dirty, but I will be here and I can come help you if he tries anything.”

I went quiet and thought about it for a minute. I could go out there and he might not say nothing and it would be over. I then thought about if he said yes and I would have to go down the ally and suck his homeless cock. For some reason I felt myself get wet thinking about that.

“I will make you pay for this.” I told her.

“Worth it.” She laughed.

“I will call you and you stay on the phone. If he tries anything you come running.” I told her.

She agreed and sat by Pendik Escort the window so that she could watch. I got up and checked my reflection in the mirror. My dirty blonde hair was already in a ponytail and my slim, toned body was hidden in some sweats. I left the room and made my way down. Once I was outside I called Mia.

“You best get used to fucking fat girls.” I told her as I placed my phone in my pocket.

The street outside was lit and I could see the guy at the edge of the ally. He was fairly young, maybe mid 30s and he might have been ok looking if cleaned up. He spent most of his night with a cam on beer so he might have been on the streets due to alcohol or he went to the drink after. I crossed the street and walked closer to him.

“Fancy a good time?” He asked as I got close. One hand grabbing at his groin.

“Maybe.” I told him. He seemed stunned to hear that kind of reply. He froze for a second and I thought I might be able to get away with doing nothing.

“What you have in mind?” He asked, dashing my hope.

“A blowjob.” I told him.

“You want to suck my cock?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said. Again he hesitated before he motioned me to follow him down the ally. I shot Mia a look up at the window. She smiled down at me. I followed the guy down the ally and made my way to the small nook where he had his bed made up. There was some lights down the alley and I could see pretty well. Inside the nook was a pile of blankets he used as a bed.

“Why do you want to give me a blowjob?” He asked, standing to one side to let me in.

“My friend dared me.” I told him honestly.

“Oh.” He said shocked. “You don’t have to do it.”

“You don’t want a blowjob?” I asked him.

“I did not say that.” He said.

He was wearing an old button up shirt with the bottom few buttons missing. He had a pair of faded jeans on which he started to unzip. The light was good enough down here that I could see everything clearly. When he was fully unzipped he looked at me, when I said nothing he pushed his jeans down. He had no underwear on and his semi hard cock flopped out. He grabbed it and stroked it as I watched him. With a few tugs he got it fully hard.

“Wow, that’s a big cock.” I told him. It was a big cock, maybe over 8″ and thick. It had a large tip and thick veins. His balls were also large and heavy. He had a thick bush of pubes, by far the hairiest cock I had seen. The cock itself looked clean.

“Thanks.” He said still unsure about what was happening.

I was a fan of massive cocks so the site of it turned me on even more. The fact that I was about to give a random homeless man a blowjob in an alley had already turned me on. I got to my knees on top of the blankets and leaned in with my mouth open. As I took the tip of his cock Kurtköy Escort in my mouth I felt him relax.

“Ah fuck.” He muttered.

“What?” I asked him, taking his tip out of my mouth.

“I thought you was trying to play a trick on me.” He said.

“The only trick will be the ones with my mouth.” I told him cheekily.

With that I leaned in and took the tip back in my mouth. Even though it looked clean it had a slight dirty taste. As I sucked it I must have cleaned it as the taste faded. I enjoyed giving blowjobs and sucking on big cocks was the best. This was one of the biggest I had sucked and I was loving it. He was living at as well as he leaned back against the wall for support as he gazed down at me. As I sucked his cock I reached up and used one of my hands to work his shaft and the other to play with his balls. Then felt as heavy as they looked and he groaned softly as I squeezed them.

As he enjoyed it more he reached down to hold the top of my head. He then started to slightly thrust as I blew him. When I did not react he held my head a bit firmer and pushed a bit harder. Again I let him do what he wanted. I had a weakness for big cocks and for guys that like to use them to take control. Him slowly starting to face fuck me and me dripping wet.

“Let me see your tits.” He said as he looked down at me with half his cock in my mouth.

By this point I was so turned on I would have done anything he wanted. I pulled back and let his cock go with a pop. I only had my jumper on with no bra. I pulled it off in one montuno to reveal my slim and toned body and perky boobs.

“Fuck I’ve not seen a pair of tits in ages.” He muttered as he stared at my exposed breasts. I gave them a squeeze for him before I went back to sucking his cock. As I did he leaned down so that he could grab my boobs for himself and gave them a squeeze.

“I forgot how good they feel.” He laughed as he gave my nipple a pinch.

Being topless in an alley sucking cock only turned me on more and I started to make the blowjob extra sloppy. I soon had spit down my chin dripping onto my boobs.

I stopped as I heard talking coming from the street. The nook we were in was close to the street and I could hear people talking as they got close.

“We could cut down the alley, it’s quicker.” I heard a male voice say. I started to panic, if they walked a few steps down the alley they would be able to see me topless on my knees clearly sucking a homeless man’s cock. I moved back, going for my jumper. He grabbed the back of my head and stopped me. I looked up at him as he shook his head. I settled back down on my knees. As I did he used his free hand to grab his cock and sun it at my mouth. He used the grip on my head to pull me forward and slowly forced his cock into my mouth. Maltepe Escort He slowly fucked my mouth as we heard the couple carry on speaking.

“That’s the alley that creep sleeps in.” I heard a female voice say. That creep was currently fucking my face, the sounds from that seemed to echo down the alley.

“He won’t try anything with me here.” The guy said.

“Nah, I would rather not see him.” She said.

With that I heard their foot steps fade away. I relaxed as they left, he used that to force more of his cock into my throat. The noise coming from my mouth increased as he fucked my face hard and deeper. I gave him full control and he used me for his pleasure. He fucked me like that for a while before he slowed down a bit. When he did slow it was because his cock tensed up and I felt him getting ready to cum. He slowed down more as I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as he came and he filled my mouth to the point where some spilled out and down my chin. It felt like I had swallowed a cup full before he stopped cumming. He carried on slowly fucking my mouth until he started to go soft. He pulled out and slumped back against the wall.

“Thank you for that.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” I told him. I meant it aswell as I enjoyed it almost as much as he had.

I put my jumper back on and left him half dazed in the alley. I looked up as I left and saw Mia looking down at me. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that I had been sucking his cock for over half an hour. My pussy was so wet I could feel it on my thighs as I walked back to my dorm room.

“That sounded so fucking hot.” Mia said as I walked in.

I wasted no time a kissed her, shoving my tongue in her mouth. I could still taste his cum so I knew that she could taste it as I kissed her. As we kissed we stripped each others clothes off. Once we were naked I pushed her onto the bed and I straddled her face backwards. I sat down and pushed my pussy down onto her mouth. Her tongue went straight to work and it felt amazing. I sat and enjoyed it for a few minutes before I leant down and put my face between her legs. Her pussy was almost as wet as mine.

I was so turned on that I came after just a few minutes. I let out a loud moan into Mia’s pussy as I did. She slowed down her licking but did not stop. My orgasm faded and yet I felt another begin to build. I licked her pussy harder and she slowly worked her speed up to match mine. Her legs began to squeeze my head and I knew that she was close. I licked harder and I felt her cum. As she came she pulled my pussy down onto her mouth and licked hard as she rode her own orgasm. This made me have my second orgasm in minutes. This one was so hard my vision went black as I collapsed down onto Mia. I lay there exhausted as she slowly stroked my thighs and ass.

When I came too I turned round and cuddled Mia. We fell asleep still naked and covered in each others juices. That night I dreamed of big cocks and alleyways.

Thanks for reading my story. If you liked it please let me know.

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