The Agency


Joel walked through the revolving door of the Raddison and headed straight for the bar. It was almost empty but for a few businessman in one booth, a smart, business like woman at the far end of the bar and a pair of girls in a booth which was a little out of sight further down the room. He couldn’t quite make them out from where he was standing but he could hear them chatting and laughing. He took a seat at the bar, ordered a Martini. The business woman looked up from her phone and clocked him above her glasses as the bartender placed a glass in front of him. They made eye contact across the room briefly. Joel was fairly certain she was the person he was here to meet but not quite 100%. His instincts were confirmed when she slipped her phone into her purse and rose from her seat, walking slowly across the room to meet him. He stood up as she closed in. She was tall, brunette, stunningly beautiful in a business-like fashion. If she was tonight’s prize he would be happy; but he was keenly aware that she was a mere administrator.

“Mr Clemons?” she asked.

“Yes,” he confirmed, trying not to sound too excited as he offered his hand, “you must be Miss Kramer?”

“Pam,” she said as they shook.

“Joel,” he offered in return as he gestured to the seat beside his. They both sat. Pam wasted no time, pulling her tablet out from her handbag.

“So, Joel; I have tonight’s choices for you here.”

He’d been tipped to the existence of the agency through a man named Pavel, a wealthy Eastern European businessman who Joel had helped buy a small apartment for what, he’d presumed, had been Pavel’s mistress. He’d turned up at their offices one afternoon nearly 3 months ago with a sexy blonde named Petra, stating his need for an apartment in the city. Joel’s agency was small and had never dealt with anyone with as high a budget as Pavel, so he was determined to see the purchase go well. He’d gone home the same night and googled the man to research him properly. In his digging he’d found a picture with his family taken at a London fundraiser: a wife and three small children, Petra nowhere to be seen. Joel was smart enough to know not to ask questions and Pavel was prepared for anything that might be embarrassing such as whose name the deed would be in (his) and such. But Petra was clearly the one making the choice. Petra was stunning and Joel had gotten into the habit of masturbating in the work toilets before they arrived for meetings so as not to leer too much. On completion of the purchase of a small two bedroom apartment in a well to do London borough; Pavel, clearly pleased with Joel’s work, had handed him the card for Pam’s agency saying: “a small token of my appreciation,” clearly no offence taken at the admiring of his girlfriend who Joel badly wanted to fuck. “It may not seem like much, but in time I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate.”

Joel had slipped the card in his pocket and headed to his next meeting after a quick handshake and farewell to Pavel. Later in the evening, at home, he’d fished the card out of his pocket and read it properly: Kings Agency. Memorable Experiences.

They did not appear in any google search and the card only gave an email which Joel had sent a general enquiry to and the response had demanded a £500 deposit in order to continue with his enquiry. Thanks for the scam, Pavel. Joel had waited for a day and then responded with something polite that suggested hesitation for spending £500 on unspecified goods or services. He also managed to drop Pavel’s name into the email, hoping this might get him somewhere. 10 minutes after he’d pressed send, the phone had rung from a withheld number. This had been his first contact with Pam who informed him that Pavel had vouched for him personally and that they could forego the deposit (though it would still be included in his final bill) and move on to the consultation.

Joel had never paid for sex before and was naturally hesitant. But, in the end, the fact that it had been two years since the end of his last relationship and not a single date in between got the best of his curiosity. That and the cocktease that was Petra (and other clients, but mostly her) whom Joel wholeheartedly believed was aware of his infatuation. So he proceeded with the consultation. It was mostly in the form of emails and included a comprehensive questionnaire which sought to deeply understand the needs and tastes of whomever took it. It covered everything from desirable physical attributes to sexual interests and kinks and allowed multiple choice answers which ranged thusly: not permitted – discouraged – allowed – encouraged – imperative. Joel had answered mostly in the positive for almost everything that the questionnaire had thrown at him, making him wonder if they’d realistically be able to find a match. But the truth was that he was up for almost anything and he didn’t want to miss out on anything. When Pam had come back with the quote he’d nearly fallen off his seat, so high was the cost. He’d left it for a day or two, wondering if a significant chunk evi olan gaziantep escort of his annual salary was worth sacrificing just to fuck someone. He’d as good as decided against it when he received a phone call from Pavel one afternoon regarding a technicality in the purchase of his (Petra’s) apartment. At the end of the call he’d asked if he’d enjoyed the pleasure of his gift yet. Wanting to be polite, Joel had made up some excuse about time commitments and logistics. Pavel had scoffed down the phone in a friendly manner and encouraged him to make whatever sacrifice was necessary. “In case you weren’t aware, Kings does not deal with just anyone, they do not advertise; they are an exclusive service that deal discreetly with selected clients. You may not be able to take advantage of this opportunity in the future, if you understand me.” Pavel delivered the clincher after a moments silence. “Besides, who knows – you may find your own Petra.”

Joel had gone home and paid the online invoice after a glass of wine and the process had been set in motion. The agency customised each event to their clients needs to the nth degree. This meant that the occasion could be arranged in any city, in any country (within reason) and scenarios indulged where necessary. Joel went ahead with London as he wasn’t worried about bumping into anyone he knew and needed to keep the cost down to some degree. He’d been told that he would make a final selection on the night and that all other logistics would be taken care of. So much so that a courier arrived two days before to collect an overnight bag from him so that wherever the night may lead, he would have fresh clothes and toiletries the next day.

And so he had walked into the Raddison bar ready for what he knew was the most expensive night of his life and hoped was also the best.

“First, in the booth to your right…”

Joel turned to look and saw a classic Hollywood blonde in a tight red cocktail dress in the booth that Pam had indicated, drinking some kind of fruity cocktail. Her hair looked to be done in a kind of vintage style with rolled curls and red lipstick and complimentary makeup. She noticed him surveying her and sat up straighter on the seat, pushing her chest out.

“28, 5’10″” Pam continued, “British, the hair colour is bottled, no surgery. She has a 60% compatibility with your test results.”

Joel was speechless. “Is that good?” he asked after a moment of gawking.

“We’ve observed that most clients choose something between 60-80%. Sitting in the booth further to your left is choice number 2. 32, 6’3″, Italian, some breast implants. Her day job is a dancer.”

The girl in question must have known she was being talked about because at that moment she stood up from her seat and walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. Joel looked her over and forgot instantly about choice number 1. She was svelte, the longest legs he’d ever seen in his life, long straight hair which he imagined holding her by. A skinny frame and similar facial features. She was the kind of woman that a man like him could never dream of being with.

“She came in at a 35% compatibility.” Meaning, he presumed, that options were limited. “Your 3rd option is in the booth at the far end of the room.” Joel looked over and remembered seeing the two girls on his arrival and hearing them chat and giggle.

“Which one? There’s two.”

“Actually they are a package. The contract is with the dark haired one. She often works with a partner though. Don’t worry, we run the same checks on any sub contracts or partnerships. She’s clean.” As part of the consultation, Joel had learned about the agencies talent vetting process which included sexual health tests before each appointment and evidence of birth control use. It was all reflected in the price; but as Pam had rightly pointed out – this kind of peace of mind was priceless. Naturally he’d had to undergo the same test with a package for a swab and a pinprick test arriving in the post a week ago.

“Tell me more.”

“The dark-haired one? British, 36, 5′ 2”, fuller figured-as you can see-but all natural. She’s popular on the underground fetish circuit.

He could only see so much from this distance, but even from here he could see the buxom nature of the girl along with her jet black curly hair. She was intriguing. The girl sitting next to her seemed at odds: smaller, longer hair; dyed red to match her dress.

“For the dark haired girl at least, there was a 95% compatibility match. The other one we don’t know; but we have an assurance that the partner will match.”

He didn’t need too long to consider.

“Number 3,” he said confidently.

Pam nodded. “Excellent choice,” she said finally and then took out her phone and typed out a short message. Moments later options one and two finished their drinks and each left, giving him one last look at what he could have won as they exited the bar. “Lastly, I’m obliged to remind you that gaziantep evi olan escort safe words must be recognised and respected. Reports that they are not will lead to the agency barring you from any future business and blacklisting you within the industry. Also, though you’ll never be aware, there is security attached to each of our contractors; so non-adherence to the safe word policy or any other concerning behaviour could bring the night to an end sooner than expected.

Joel nodded along as she spoke and couldn’t think of a scenario where he would risk ending the night without getting his money’s worth.

“Well, Joel, on behalf of the agency, we hope your evening is everything you desired and that you’ll consider using us again in the future. I’ll be in touch later in the week to follow up. All you need to do is go over and introduce yourself. Have a wonderful time!”

They shook hands and Pam stood up and left. He took a moment to finish his drink and prepare himself. Strangely, he found he was nervous. Silly, he told himself; especially when he considered that these women were now in his employ and he could quite literally do anything he wanted with them. Still, he had not expected two girls, nor for them to be the kind of girls that now awaited him. Not that he’d really known what to expect. Too much thinking, he told himself. He finished his drink, stood up and walked across the bar to the booths with the two prostitutes he had just bought for the night. The dark haired girl saw him getting closer and made a face to her friend who turned around immediately so that they were both facing him as he arrived at their table.

“Good evening, ladies!” He began. “My name is Joel. What might your names be?”

The dark haired girl spoke first.

“Hi Joel, it’s nice to meet you finally. My name is Emily.”

Emily. She spoke quietly with the slightest twinge of cockney in her voice. Now that he was up close, she seemed as mysterious as she did further away. A big girl with huge tits, cleavage showing through her black top, there to be leered at. She had a small tattoo at the top of her left breast which helped focus attention on her chest. Her makeup was black around the eyes and lips, a pale white foundation in sharp contrast to her jet black hair; a woman full of mystique. He immediately wanted to know what her pussy tasted like but held back on the question.

“Emily, such a beautiful name. And yourself?” he added, looking at the other girl now.

Emily leant forward a little and said with a small smirk, “you don’t need to know her name.”

The other girl smiled along, a giddy excited smile, almost immature.

“How come?”

“Because she’s nobody. She’s nothing,” Emily said, putting her arm around the girl as she spoke and turning her chin with the other to face her as she declared, “she’s just a piece of meat.” The girl burst into a giggle and shrugged her shoulders at Joel who was clearly a little taken a back. “I mean, call her whatever you want, if it’s important to you. If you must call her something. Yes, that’s probably better, come to think of it. That way she really does belong to you.”

He hardened at the thought of owning the girl; her being his property. She had an Eastern European look about her: Polish, maybe Russian, he couldn’t be sure. She had not said a word yet but he could detect an accent from the laughing alone. She had small facial features to match her small frame; but pretty, framed well by thin shoulder length dyed red hair which matched her dress well. She seemed to be constantly smiling in an excited way. Pam had not mentioned the girls age, but she had an almost timeless look to her. If he’d been told that she was 32 he would have found it as believable as 18. Her arms were well toned, definitely a gym girl.

“How about Nikki?”

“This is someone you like?” The girl said, the accent super strong now and not a proper grasp of the language.

“Not really, you just look like a Nikki.”

“Well, the best way to be sure is to try it out,” said Emily. “Nikki honey, why don’t you be a good little girl and run to the bar and get us all another drink.” Nikki saluted comically through another giggle and jumped to her feet. Joel took her hand to help her up, noticing her high heels as she stepped away from the booth. She came up close to him and held his arm as she righted herself on what must have been a tricky balance. “He’s drinking a martini.”

Nikki turned her back to Joel and made a show of bending over in front of him to pick up her small clutch, again struggling to balance properly. As she bent over, he saw the dress ride up a little, just about covering her ass and showing off her legs. It was a smutty display and Joel properly leered at her, tilting his head to see what he could see. Emily enjoyed watching. When Nikki was upright again she kissed her fingers quickly and bopped him on the nose with a giggle as she scuttled off to the bar. Joel saw her gaziantep evi olan escort bayan whole frame now as she walked. She was tiny, like a bird; but toned all over. If it wasn’t for the dyed hair he would have thought her a young tennis pro. The red party dress was made for perverts like him to remember: skin tight, slashed at the very top of the thigh, accentuating her bulbous small ass, shoulders bare; a wisp of a piece of clothing. He made a promise to himself to tear it from her later. The red hi-heels finished the look perfectly.

“Looks like Nikki likes her new name,” Emily said. “Come sit next to me, Joel,” she asked politely, patting the seat which Nikki had just vacated. Joel moved in and shuffled up right next to the large breasted girl. Close enough to smell her perfume now.

“Wow, you smell great!” He said. Creepy in any other circumstance but he was starting to relax now and quite frankly, he had spent so much money that his own behaviour should not be expected to be perfect. Emily looked happy at the remark anyway.

“I’m pleased you like it. I wore it for you. I wore it to please you. Just like I wore this outfit to please you. And I brought Nikki to please you; I put that dress on her to please you.” She was looking him in the eyes as she spoke slowly and quietly with firm intent. She paused and looked him over, blinked extra slow in a seductive manner. “Are we gonna have fun tonight?” She asked innocently; running a finger along his arm now.

Joel raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, that’s my intention,” he said with certainty.

“Are we celebrating something? A special occasion?”

“No, no. Other than the fact that it’s been too long.”

Emily pouted. “What a shame! Healthy young man like you.”

“Well, I look forward to being healthier by the morning.”

Emily laughed at this and Joel leant back in the seat and put his arm across the back. She picked up on this and moved in so she was somewhat in his arm, letting her ample cleavage hang forward a little; bringing it even more on display, as if that were possible. She put a hand down on his thigh and looked at him in the eyes intently.

“Careful, or I may not last the night,” he sort of joked.

She ignored the jest, took her hand away from his thigh and took a breath like an impatient teacher before saying: “listen, Joel, I want you to remember this moment right here, right now.” Her voice was serious in tone and she took a finishing sip of her cocktail in order to pause long enough for her seriousness to sink in. She turned to face him dead on. “I want you to remember us sitting here and me telling you that in the morning you’re going to be a very happy, very content and very grateful boy. You’re going to remember the joke about not lasting the night and you’re going to scoff at yourself for your naivety.” She replaced her hand on his thigh, leant forward so she was mere centimetres from his face and played with his tie as she said quietly, “You’re going to wake up tomorrow and feel like a King. And from tomorrow onwards you’re going to spend the rest of your life insisting that every other worthless bitch you’re ever with treats you the same way.” A moment of silence passed between them, broken only by Joel leaning in to kiss her sexy lips. She brought two fingers to his lips. “Not just yet,” she teased, “besides, if Nikki sees then she’ll want a piece of the action and I’m trying to keep her in her place.”

Joel laughed.

“What? What is joke?” Nikki returning with drinks. She clanked three glasses down on the table and immediately shuffled in next to Joel, sandwiching the man between two female bodies.

“I was just saying how we’re gonna take good care of him tonight, isn’t that right, babe?”

Nikki pursed her lips and smiled at him as if he had no idea how lucky he was.

“Yes, for sure. We put smile on your face. I am…uh,” she searched for a word while Joel and Emily smiled at her.

“Excited?” Joel suggested. Nikki shook her head.

“Worthless?” Emily this time. Not so much of a suggestion.

“Nooo!” Nikki laughed and let the thought peter out. Joel was still new to their dominant and submissive dynamic and was a little shocked by it.

He enjoyed being wedged between them and savoured the dual perfume sensation. They chatted some more, both girls pushing themselves against him as they sipped their cocktails and laughed and joked.

Eventually Emily suggested moving on.

“I thought we were staying here?” Joel said, a little perplexed as well as a little disappointed. He’d presumed he was mere minutes away from having his cock sucked.

“Does this look like the kinda place where somebody has the greatest night of their life?”

She took out her mobile and made a call, delivering a single sentence: “bring the car around,” before hanging up. They finished their drinks and stood up to leave. First Nikki took his arm and then Emily the other and they made their way out of the bar, Joel already beginning to feel that royal feeling that Emily promised. A Limo pulled up outside at the exact moment they exited the revolving door. Joel jumped a few steps ahead in order to open the back door for them. Nikki did a comical curtsey and thanked him as she hopped in. Emily shooed him in after her so that she could sandwich him again. As the door closed behind her she tapped on the glass to signal to the driver and the car pulled away smoothly.

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